How Early Can We See Christian Theology Written Down?

Posted By on August 20, 2019

where did that theology come from? Because
it’s, we’re getting away from the boys, you know, creating it in the third and fourth
century down the pike, because the theology is pretty thick right here in this oral tradition
right at the beginning. Where did that come from?
Bock: Not only is the theology thick at the beginning in the first century, and of course
the argument is is that Jesus taught that to the apostles and that’s what they passed
on and you can make a good case for that as well. But it also is thick and consistent
as you move through the first two centuries. If you look at the writings before we get
to the establishment of the recognition of a canon in the church, the idea that there
are these 27 special inspired books, even in the period where a canon’s not functioning
and the church is having to teach its theology without being able to say, “Open your Bible
to Romans or open your Bible to 1 Corinthians,” in putting all that together they might know.
You know they might know one gospel. They might know a couple of the epistles of Paul.
There is a consistent theology that’s running through all those writings that we can now
look back and trace and we can see there is a core. There is gist that is consistent that’s
running from the 30’s out to the time of Erroneous and we’re starting to get discussion
of the canon. And it shows that there was a core theology that was being passed on

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