How Can we Know if the Core Theology Taught in the Modern Church was Passed Down from Jesus?

Posted By on September 2, 2019

how do we know that the core theology, the beliefs
that we’ve been taught in church actually came from Jesus down through the apostles,
down to us accurately? Start either at the back or at the front. How would you, how would
you describe this? Bock: Well, what we’re talking about is
the quality of the tradition that was passed on orally. We’re living in an oral culture.
We’re not in a predominately written culture. So things are passed on word of mouth ah,
person to person, community to community if you will. Now what will happen in the classroom
with that reality is, is they’ll say, “Well our sources, our written sources are actually
much later than the events. There are 40 – 60 years down the road if we’re talking about
the gospels. That’s a big gap. And in that gap all kinds of things can happen. Now the
problem with an oral history is is that there are no sources to look at. There’s, there’s
no evidence to look at. We have to think about how orality works in the ancient world. And
so the argument is there were all kinds of things that were happening, all kinds of developments,
all kinds of changes to the story and this becomes this big um; how can I say this? This
big canyon of activity that’s going on in between the events and what we get to. And
so you can’t trust the sources to actually get back to the events. There’s this gap
that you have to deal with. Ankerberg: Yeah, cause if Jesus died about
30 and your first gap and then you can say what’s the first New Testament book that’s
on the, on the newsstands, you’ve got this gap of,
Bock: Exactly right. Now most people will, most conservatives will date the Gospels in
the 60’s, at least the synoptic gospels. They’ll date John in the 90’s. Ah, most
ah, other scholars will put the date of the synoptic gospels in the 80’s and 90’s,
so you’re dealing somewhere between a 30, to 50, to 60 year gap between the events and,
and the recording. That’s a lot of time. There are a lot of things that can happen
in there. And in fact, the claim is a lot of things did happen in there.

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