How Can Psychology Destroy Christianity?

Posted By on September 24, 2019

Tom: Thanks, Gary. You’re listening to Search
the Scriptures Daily, a program in which we encourage everyone who desires to know God’s
truth to look to God’s Word for all that is essential for salvation and living one’s
life in a way that is pleasing to Him. Our topic for this first segment of our program
is “Psychology and the Church.” We’ve committed a number of programs to addressing this subject
because of really, Dave, the disastrous impact this pseudo-science of psychotherapy has had
on Christianity, particularly the evangelical church. And, the most, in my mind at least,
the most serious consequences, it has undermined the faith of believers in the sufficiency of the Word of God.
Dave: Right. Tom: What do you think? Dave: Well, Tom, I put it like this. If Christian
Psychology has anything of any value to offer, then the Bible is lacking. Tom: And you said Christian Psychology? Dave: Yeah, right, Christian Psychology. Of
course it comes from secular psychology, but now we’re talking about in the Church. Now,
although you have a Christian psychology, well, that’s got to be good. If Christian
psychology has anything of any value to offer, then the church was without it for 1900 years.
Jesus didn’t know about it, Paul didn’t know about it, the heroes of the faith they
talk about in Hebrews 11, who triumphed over all kinds of adversity, they didn’t have
it either, so that doesn’t make too much sense. In other words, we used to rely on
the Bible, because Peter, 2 Peter chapter 1, he says it very clearly, “According as
His divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness through
the knowledge of Him, who has called us to glory and virtue,” and so forth. Tom: So, the Bible does make that claim, there
and in other places like 2 Timothy. Dave: Oh, it does. Jesus said, I am the true
vine, you’re the branches, abide in Me and I in you. Freud never knew anything about
that. Psychology has nothing to do with abiding in the vine and bearing fruit. Tom, all through
the Bible, going through Galatians 2:20, probably most of the people out there listening know
that verse by heart. Paul says: “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not
I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life that I now live in the flesh I live by the faith
of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.” I think we quoted that last
week. Well then, if Christ is living in me, I don’t think He needs help from psychology.
And when I referred to Christian psychology, you can go into any library, any university
or a city library, and pull the books off the shelf, all the books about psychology,
textbooks and so forth, they are not written by Christians, and look in the index. You
will not find one listing for Christian psychology. Why? Because there is no such thing! There
is no Christian who is the founder of a school of psychology known as Christian psychology.
You have Freudian, Jungian, Rogerian, Trans-personal, you know, humanistic, all kinds of psychologies,
not a listing for Christian psychology. Then what is it? It’s simply trying to get from
the world what the Bible, apparently, lacks, and that is not biblical, it denies. So Tom,
as you began, and I have pontificated too long on this, you said, “What does it do?”
It undermines the confidence of Christians in the Bible! If the Bible is sufficient, why
don’t we go to the Bible? Well, because it doesn’t have all the answers, that was back
then you know, and this is modern society. So, you are exactly right, Tom, that’s what it
does. Tom: Dave, it’s a reflection, I think, of
Satan’s grand scheme, which we find in Genesis chapter 3, verse 1, right there: “Yea, hath
God said,” I mean, this whole program, it seems to me, is to undermine, not only the sufficiency
of God’s Word, but God’s Word itself. Because, in that verse in chapter 3, verse 4, he rejects
what God has said: No, you shall surely not die. Dave: Right. Tom, you put your finger on it,
that is the strategy. I’m writing a book now where I have to deal with atheists, and
I deal with people who claim to be Christians, but who are still evolutionists. These are
top scientists, they believe in theistic evolution, and so forth, it doesn’t fit the Bible. But
why do they do this? Because they: Oh, well, science, we need some help from science. You
need help from science about the universe? I thought God created it! He probably knows
more about the universe than anybody else does, but psychology came in under the banner
of science. And you know, you’ve mentioned in the past programs, a detailed study, a
3-year study with 80 scholars to determine whether psychology is a science or not, and
they determined, these are not Christians, they determined it was not and could not be.
But anyway, so we get the idea, well, but we ought to be scientific. And you remember
what the Pope said, when was it, about five years ago, John Paul II, he challenged, or
chastened his theologians because they had a real big mess on their hands from Galileo
when they had an aged and ill, practically dying Galileo on his knees in front of the
inquisition, saying: You will either say that the sun does go around the earth or you’re
going to the gallows of the stake, or whatever! And so he says it with his lips, but he doesn’t
mean it in his heart. It wasn’t until 1992, that John Paul II, in the Vatican admits:
Yeah, Galileo was right after all. So, he doesn’t want that embarrassment again, so
he says, From now on we want our theologians to check with the scientists first. No, this
is what happened to bring psychology into the church. It’s a fraud, it’s not science,
but, well, the Bible needs some help. So, they’ve gone into psychologies, PhDs. I
remember, Jerry Falwell put out a newsletter announcing: They are going to have a psychological
head, psychological counseling and become curers of the soul, and get a degree in psychology
from Liberty University. Tom: They have clubs there, Dave, psychology
clubs, and so on. Well, you know, we’ve mentioned this before, but that’s one of the most attractive
items for drawing students to your university. It’s basically an easy subject, I mean, it’s
all about talk, it’s hardly a rocket science, I mean, it’s not science at all. And the
more students you get the more money you get. Accreditation, you need psychology to be accredited,
and so on. You know, you can follow the money trail, certainly on that. But Dave, I want
to go back to sufficiency. Dave: We’ve said this before, Tom, but just
a quick quote from J. Vernon McGee, you remember. If this trend, you know, it’s kind of beginning
and we were talking to him, if this trend continues in the church, Christian psychology
will be the destruction of the evangelical church. And that’s what’s happening, and
yet, Tom, it’s like Christian schools. I try to tell Christian schools, do not take
the accreditation route! Who is accrediting you? Well, it’s not Christians, these are
godless people. Yeah, but we’ve got to meet the state’s standards. I don’t think you
do! We’ll meet the Lord’s standards and our students will be better than anyone else,
just like Daniel. So now, we’ve got to get the imprimatur of science on this. And Tom,
as you know, and I don’t think we have mentioned it, or we certainly haven’t emphasized it. Gary: For more information about “The Berean Call,”
call us toll free at our order number: (877).882.4253 or visit our website: End

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  1. psychotherapy is pseudoscience?
    How is Religion qualified to make such an assessment when it's practices and system of beliefs is far from Science and Scientific methodology? 

  2. How can he say psychology isn't a science? Christian psychology might not be a thing, but a lot of psychologists happen to be Christian. Who cares what the job title is? God can use any career to bring glory to him, whether you're a pizza maker or an aircraft designer.

  3. The Bible has psychological answers but we don't understand the metaphors because of evangelical literalism.
    This is a non issue really but consider that there are many errors in the logic here. The bible was not "the bible" in Hebrews 11. It was not so for a few hundred yeas after this point.
    Secondly short changing Jesus as "not understanding psycology" is absurd. We know that "The the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart (mind). Heb 4:12.
    This is as psychological as you can get.

    Other examples of such ideas? What was the name of the fruit in the garden? Not an apple but an idea of the ego.

    It is not the book, It is the source of the book that is infallible. If we believe that God can reveal all things we would not worship the idol of the bible but seek relationship with the source of all wisdom.

    There is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
    Luke 8:17

    Ask, Seek and Knock.

    Let us crucify the flesh (ego) and submit to the will of God (put the Christ spirit on the throne of our mind)

    Revelation 21:5
    He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!" Then he said, "Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true."



  4. As far as Carl Rodgers goes he had one strength. He despised the medical model. I met with the  man a time or two in conferences.  The The Mental Health Consumers Association loved him & despised NAMI.

  5. I am no sure why these do not say as much against psychiatry as psychology.  I believe psychiatry has proven to be more deadly that psychology. The medical model sucks & the medicine it produces is plainly evil.  It shortens the lives of those that by into it by an average of 20 years.  The DSM is plainly a political exam.  There is no evidence based practice in it.  The DSM is neither scientific nor statistical, it was and remains to this day a political scheme to make the drug companies cash cow to give daily milk from the public & the insurance companies & the taxpayer.

  6. Though these speak out about psychology pseudo science they should speak out as strongly against psychiatry as psychology.  I have seen more lives ruined & more people in the grave because of the evils of psychiatry than psychology.  If I were mentally ill I would sooner go to a Shaman than a medical psychiatrist. At least the witch doctor understands the roots & herbs & minerals that God to His GLORY has stocked this world with when He created it.The treasures of nutrition & herbal medicine are largely ignored by psychiatrists & instead they use these horrible unnatural drugs that destroy human health while relieving their symptoms a little & draining the pocket books of insurance companies. 

  7. "If Christian psychology has anything of any value to offer, then the Bible is lacking."  The error in this thinking is the idea that the Bible is all sufficient, but if I want to build a ship, do I consult Genesis 6?  I think you would do better to see a shipbuilder, despite the fact that the Bible can teach you how to build a boat.  The Bible is sufficient for godliness.  Therefore, I don't consult a Christian psychologist to address a problem like family discord, but schizophrenia is a disorder that requires clinical assistance.  98% of pastors will refer such a parishioner for professional help, because they have tried to help and are unable to do so.  This is because it is a disorder of an organ of the body, namely, the brain.  Mental illness is rarely found in the Bible, so in historical context, the prophets and apostles knew what mental illness was, yet the Bible offers no help for this disorder any more than it offers help for cancer.  God can miraculously heal either condition.  Christians are competent to address sin and relationship problems, but not clinical problems.

  8. The problem with any religious person becoming a doctor is they do not rely on science as they should. They treat with a zealot's conviction. It happens time and time agn. They do not go together if you believe the bible is the way to live by.

  9. Psychology is the study of behaviour and mental processes. It is based on what can be scientifically tested. I believe it can be used for good, if you go into it with the lens of God, I think it can complement a spiritual walk. Only God knows and the person who has a relationship with him if they should study it i believe.

  10. psychology – the study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context. Christian psychology – the biblical explanation of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context. Everyone has a theory of the human mind and its functions. Christians are no exception. I study the Bible daily to understand what the Bible says about the inner being. Is that blasphemy?

  11. Psychology is not owned by the secular scientist. God created science; a means, especially for me, to grow in the knowledge of God, and even to better understand His Word.

  12. When you sight Liberty University, you are talking about people who love God and love His word!!! To accuse them of being persuaded by money….this WHOLE video sickens me! “Christian Psychology”…..God used it to counsel me and comfort me , to help me open up and see myself more authentically. I wonder if you would go and see a doctor if you were physically ill??? I bet you would. WHAT? You don’t believe that God’s Word is enough to heal you??? No, you understand that the scientific discoveries about your body have equipped doctors to understand better how God designed your body to work and because of this knowledge, they are able to fix you when you are broken (at least some of the time). You’d be insane not to take advantage of that God given understanding and be made well. So, YES, there is a lot to sift through in modern psychology, a lot of atheistic and man centered hogwash to sift through but there is also a lot of scientific understanding of the brain and lot of understanding of patterns of behavior and how shame and relationship dynamics play into “mental illness”. When you say that taking advantage of psychology or Christian counselors undermines scripture, you don’t even know what you are talking about. If you find a good Christian counselor, they will point you to scripture! The things that they find that work, you will find were already present in scripture. What on earth would you do with somebody who had clinical depression that was created by a chemical imbalance in their brain??? This is scientific just like your heart doctor’s understanding of your heart! How can the church help a schizophrenic or somebody with a split personality disorder? These people need counselors who understand the brain. Who understand what causes a person to split personalities….they have come to understand some of these issues and are trying to develop enough understanding to develop treatments for these people. The premise of psychology is definitely a good thing. HELP people! Bind up the broken hearted and set the captive free. We NEED Christians in this field of study so that they can bring grounding to it and help weed out the unbiblical conclusions that Godless psychologists may come to.

  13. Normally I agree with these gentlemen, but I don't agree with their total assessment about psychology. First, let me state that I also agree with their general assessment on psychology with one caveat and that is we can use some of the counseling techniques to get people to realize their faulty thinking. As a psychology major in college and then several hours in a masters program, in counseling, I must contend that Christians are not doing an adequate job of helping their own with problems in daily living. If we would look at some techniques that psychology and counseling we would see that they can help people with getting back on a stable track spiritually. Dr. Laura is a prime example of what I am talking about…common sense advise to people are hurting because they refuse to see how faulty their thinking actually is. Dr Laura would never admit that God is relevant, but I hope I have made a point about using techniques rather than the basic premises that psychology is purporting. The church has done nothing to help people in this manner and to me, it is a disgrace that so many people go without help in the church because they appose counseling techniques that originate in the field of psychology.

  14. As a Bible believing counselor in a secular health clinic I've come to see myself as a gardener. People come in confused, full of doctrines of demons, stuck.They think they know what Christianity is but most are really practicing churchianity. I lay a few biblical seeds as the Holy Spirit guides, pray for them and either in therapy or if not then than hopefully later the seeds will bear fruit and the person will be ready to consider the truth of the true Gospel. The minute the Holy Spirit tells me I'm no longer needed in the Kingdom as a counselor I'll leave without a second glance. Hasn't happened yet though.

  15. The Bible doesn't talk about personality disorders or child abuse or depression. I was getting no help at all before You Tube. I lost my career because of psychological abuse a lot of it from the church.

  16. Paul also didnt have trigonometry, or medical surgical science either. Psychology is the study of human behavior. The Bible is the first "psychology" book ever written. You are speaking about the stigma of the word "psychology" because worldly academia has adopted it.

  17. The argument that psychology wasn’t known about prior to Christianity can’t be right. Jesus character in the book of Thomas said to know thyself. He and others knew what the Pharisees and scribes were up to. He knew how they completely reversed the ancient Kemet wisdom for the benefit of themselves and how Rome stole all the wisdom out of Alexandria and other libraries and schools for knowledge for themselves. Heck they tell you exactly what they’ve done in the Old Testament and how they destroyed the Tower of Babel which wasn’t a tower but a metropolis of all sorts of technologies and wisdom that they stole and reassigned to certain people in their group to take credit for after reverse engineering was done so they understood how it worked.
    They’re still doing it today through the patent scams. They want the technologies for themselves and keep knowledge away from everyone else so they appear to be like God’s. They’re doing it with the weather and other things also. These people know non other way except kill and steal what they want.


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