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Christians have come out in force in Hong
Kong… singing hymns… “Sing Hallelujah to the Lord!” and using their faith to join millions of others, protesting an
extradition bill. That bill that could allow Hong Kong authorities to send people to mainland China for trial. Welcome to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. Joining me is Cardinal Joseph Zen. He’s going to talk a little bit about the extradition protests in Hong Kong. Thanks for joining me. I know you and many other religious leaders have come out very strongly against the extradition
bill. And many Christian groups have been very active
in protesting it. Why do you think Hong Kong’s Christians have been so motivated to join these extradition
bill protests? You see, in Hong Kong the Christian religions had very strong point in education. So, we Catholics, we have more than 300 schools. That means we have 25% of the school population
in our schools. We don’t have university because the government
was very exclusive. So, many people pass through our schools. Many influential people in Hong Kong are Christians. Even Carrie Lam is Catholic. She is also, yeah. Actually, she got baptized just shortly before coming back from Britain. So, they have influence in society. For example, the barristers, many Catholics. Also, in the government like Anson Chan. He was number two in the government. So, it should be natural that the Christians
have a part. But, the official church in Hong Kong have
always been rather, how to say, traditional. That means reluctant to come out for any subject which can be called political. Still, some people have the prejudice that we should not join the politics. Now, that’s ridiculous, because we have ecumenical council in the
’60s. There, in the official document it says politics
is part of life. Politics means the things which belong to
the society, so everybody should join. It very clearly says that. Here, I’m really wonder why so many priests have such a resistance to go into politics. Anyway, people say, “Under the British, you had such good relation with government. Why now you always fight the government?” We say, “It’s not our choice. They are fighting us, and so we have to defend ourselves.” Then we have to defend the freedom of people. They were very clever to promise one country
two systems. We take their words seriously, but now they went back on their words. Now the situation is terrible, terrible. This time, it’s more clear the participation
of the church. You feel in many ways it’s the duty of Hong
Kong’s Christian to come out and stand up. Sure, sure. We have to come out. You see, we are responsible for the people, so they must see that our teaching about human
rights, we believe in those values. So, I don’t think we can be neutral to all
this. Unfortunately, the organization of the six
religions is rather conservative. Many times they try to say some things which
are neutral, impartial. “Oh, now there is a division in society. We hope everybody can be restrained and come to discuss and to revere harmony.” That’s an empty invitation according to many because this situation is a really much worse than we can manage only with good will. We have to fight. This ties in very much to the situation Christians are also facing in mainland China. Now, in mainland China, there is no religious
freedom because there’s no freedom. People cannot talk as they like. There’s no freedom. Okay, now you say, “Oh, they have solved the problem of poverty. Many people now.” Okay, that may be true, but you cannot just feed the people. You are not running a farm. You are running a society of human beings. They have their conscience, but they are not allowed to say anything. Hong Kong Christians are concerned that could happen here in Hong Kong. Yes, sure. I think at this moment we may say it is the only thing which remains
for us to be different from the cities of China. With this legislation, anybody can be brought to China because they have only to present some so-called prima facie evidence. That means even faith evidence is enough. They can force the government to hand those
people, because the evidence is to be judged at their
court, not here. Terrible. Many say it is worse than the so-called Article
23. The National Security Bill. Because that is a law in Hong Kong. The cases are to be judge in Hong Kong. But now, according to this legislation, the cases will be judged in China. You cannot trust. At this point, do you think if the Hong Kong government withdraws the extradition bill that will be enough? I think now the urgent problem is to solve this issue about this extradition law. But, I think given all what happened these
days, we need much radical thinking about the actual
situation, because it’s really bad. They have so much unjustice. Now they are harvesting a disaster. So, I really hope it’s not only about this
law, which should be withdrawn. Otherwise the people will not believe in what
they say. That’s the minimum they can do. Then the second thing they can do is have an independent commission to inquire about what really happened on the day 12th of June, and to know clearly the responsibility of the young people and of the police. Then the whole thing happened because the
whole system is wrong, because we are feeling so much helplessness. You see, this Umbrella movement or this Occupy Central movement, we put so much effort, peaceful effort, to demand that they do what is being promised
in the basic law. To let us have a real democratic election, but we are not given. They are closing all the doors. So, we have to go back to that. Then, after that, they did so many things we had just to bear. They disqualify some democratically elected
legislators. They bring to the court people who peacefully made some demands to the government. We just accept all that peacefully. But, at a certain moment, there’s so much anger in the people. We have to thank those three promoters of the Occupy Central movement because they preached peace, nonviolence all the time. I think the whole world should admire how we can have a march of one million and more than one million people with no incident at all. You see? Really, they have to face their responsibility. They took advantage of our peaceful nature. I think in this moment, we are very much worried that the young people may not be able to be so patient. The government is provoking them to violence. The police, we don’t recognize those police as Hong Kong police. Terrible. They look like the public security in China. It’s incredible. You’ve been a religious leader- I am a retired bishop. You see, because what we are doing is according to the teaching of the church. Now, the bishops, they have retirement from the office, but not from the duty of preaching the doctrine
of the church. So, I have still the duty to preach the doctrine
of the church. I think what they are trying to do is against
the human rights, against teaching of the church. And your religion is what motivates you to
stand up. Sure, sure. Yeah. Actually, the human rights belong to human
beings. It’s not exclusive to believers. Then, we have also a church who happens to see clearly such doctrine, especially the recent popes. We have so many wonderful documents of the
church, encyclicals, teaching about human rights. As somebody who has been a religious leader
for so many years, what advice would you give to people standing
up to tyranny, both Christian and nonChristian alike? Actually it is a duty for people who are so
privileged to know very clearly this doctrine about human nature, about the human rights, about how the society
should be run, what is the authority, what are the duties of those in authority. So, we must share our knowledge, our conviction, our values with the people who are less privileged. Thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been a pleasure.

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  1. You can be chinese without being a China citizen !!! There are Singaporean-Chinese,  Malaysian-Chinese , Indonesian-Chinese , Taiwan-Chinese , American-Chinese & etc.  Free Hong Kong from communist China!!!

  2. "They taught us how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible."
    Jomo Kenyatta

  3. I feel for the Christians in Hong Kong and mainland China. Be strong. God is our strength my brothers.

  4. There is a paradine shirt goes on by the power of yahwe the God of ISRAEL father of Jesus christ. in the spritual realm and it begins to manifest in the meterial world. The welth of china Malesia Singapore. Australia is being transfered to Christians Who worship God in sprit and in truth. And the wealth of Arabia is being transfered to african Christians arabic Christians and to Israel. Christians means those Who follow christ

  5. Creating many infidels in china i see … Christians have no concept of human rights … They only serve a delusional master. Their master is no better than the CCP. THERE CAN BE 2 ANTISOCIAL MASTERS.

  6. I do not see the point to the protests if the people are not willing to go to war against the Communists. Protests will accomplish nothing.

  7. https://youtu.be/MK90z3CHYLs
    A member of CCP may be the guy saving you on the street on of these days.
    This is a a RACIST channel.

  8. Sad to hear the Chinese old man 's comments as he forgot Hong Kong was obtained from the Opium Wars created by the White Jewish Anglo American Empire through Wars and deceptions.

  9. leader of China's trying to turn Hong Kong into a society that is surveillance the same as China everyone will have a recognition scan and they will be watched in judged on points on how you walk how you live how you shop it's disgusting it's pure evil and he's going to take the Bible away because the Bible talks about this it's it's what God calls the mark of the beast

  10. "And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and THE GATES OF HELL WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST IT."

  11. I fully understand why my mother lost FAITH in Australian Christian Care Organizations
    The Australian Christian Lobby have my phone number & address. Yet no human has made contact.
    Could you PLEASE ask The Australian Christian Lobby to Call ME.
    Thanks Geoff

  12. They should go vegan to start clearing bad karma, hit the economy, and it would tip the scales on so many levels.

  13. Tyrants have always feared catholics. And rightfully so; if you kill us we grab the relics of the martyrs and build a church on them and we will grow in number. If you leave us be, we will force your government into copitulation. If you arrest us, we'll go hapilly and spread our religion within your prisons. If you burn our bodies, smash our bones, bury us in unmarked graves or trhow us into the ocean, weve joined gods elect. Only the lukewarm have something to fear… true catholics grin at the sword.


    How can an AUTOCRAT/DICTATORSHIP win the hearts and minds of the "people" who HAVE BEEN BROUGHT UP in an atmosphere of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY??? The Pro-Beijing crowd in HK will never win the hearts of the majority of the people of HK! Buying into HK freedoms will never INSTITUTE THEIR ACCEPTANCE in the longer period of time, (20-50 years)…

    CHANGE the communist/socialistic government of today's communist China, and then assimilation WOULD NATURALLY HAPPEN in the case of Hong Kong's population, as well as that in Taiwan… This is a call to the communist people of China… MOVE for the ABOLITION of the Chinese Communist Party and the People's Liberation Army!

    HOah! Deus Vult!Semper Fidelis! (Let there be a Chinese "Lech Wałęsa" in the Chinese "Solidarity" of mainland China… a counter-revolution is in the offing!)… Vive, Cristo Rey, et Spiritus Sanctus! Men of the Catholic Faith in China and Hong Kong, expect our intense support throughout the world! Viva, Ecclessia Catholica Traditional! Ready to do battle…

  15. lol,look at those naive comments,I just wonder how many of these people have ever been to China?I once lived in hunan province for 2 years,before I went to China I was just like u guys,always thought that how terrible China was,cause 90% of the videos about China on YouTube I watched were full of smears and criticiz es.

  16. China should love Christians…. Come December… Billions and billions of dollars flood Chinese manufacturers with money… Because of Christmas.

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  18. I see an extradition to Beijing in Cardinal Zen's future. All one needs to do is examine how Catholic cardinals were persecuted in East Europe under communism. Freedom of thought, exercise of conscience is not tolerated under communism. Another one of the many societal cancers that are intolerant of even mild expressions of personal liberty.

  19. The Priest is a very good speaker for them. One country with two systems. You have few more years and mainland China will take over. I am so sorry Hongkong 🇭🇰! May our GOD The Father Yahuah, The Father of all Creation may have Grace and Mercy on you all. All of us here on 🌎 Earth. "The national security bill" is keeping you all safe for now, but what will happen in few years? This island is saying so much about the mainland, can you imagine what really is happening inside its big prosperous country? I Wish you the BEST and Prayer for you, HongKong…🕊💝

  20. It is the DUTY OF ALL CHRISTIANS TO STAND WITH HONG KONG. I am Irish American Catholic and I stand with the people of HONG KONG. The rights to LIFE < LIBERTY, & PROPERTY are rights given by GOD. Laws exist not to give us these rights, but to protect these God given rights. FIGHT HONG KONG — free people around the world see you and they stand with you — you are not alone!!!!!!!!!!

  21. This is not new to us Christians… because government always think that the church should not interfere with the political will of the people… we the faithful still part of the government and we should be part of the political issues of the state and of the society..

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  23. The Christians joined the protest because they are worried that they will be extradited to China and ends up like the Falun Gong. It’s not about the well-being of the hongkies. Everyone who protested have their own agenda.

  24. Good Luck with your attempts to preserve some type of Freedom but mainlinad China will br planning and waiting for the opportunity to strike again…..they are not going away and they will not forget…their eyes will be watching…..God Bless

  25. If people in Hong Kong believe in God, Chinese government from China can control the people in Hong Kong. I hope Hồng Kong people will win.

  26. Catholics protesting oppression by one entity in order to freely practice oppression of another…. FFS.  Sad as it is, control over organized religion is fair… #HISTORYOFRELIGION ….. See the internet for the story of how hundreds of millions of humans die over skygod shenanigans…. CONTROL OF MEN VIA RELIGION…AN INVENTION OF MAN….   Wake up and get the fist out of your ass and realize that your not a puppet.  Time for religion to be abolished… Spirituality is one thing, religion is a whole other.

  27. God bless Cardinal Zen, he's one of the good Catholic prelates. God bless Hong Kong for standing up to Communist China.

  28. Every communist should be given the Nicolae Ceaușescu treatment. Sic semper tyrannis. (Cross-Posted forever on Dissenter)

  29. American's mouth piece…
    American's puppet…
    Serve only American's interest…!!!
    Christians are taking Americans as God…!!!
    Sick minds,Sick people…

  30. There's no God. If God does exist why then did he allow his followers to suffer. If your christian God is omnipotent ask him to convert all the communists to democrats. Wasted so much time devoting yourselves to the God who does not respond to your prayers.

  31. Using the God name can do whatever devil works they want? Using the God name to cheat the whole world. Bullshit!

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  33. Clearly for me.
    Hong Kong is NOT Chinese. I never been there. But I am doing a research and learning more about this incident that isn't from yesterday.
    The language is different , the writing is different, Hong Kong has it's own flag.
    Hong Kong is a Christian land not Buddhist and much more.
    Hong Kong has 2000 years of existence.
    You should fight for what is true and fight for your identities!
    I am brazilian and i know I have nothing to do with this but, I really do hope that one day Hong Kong becomes fully independent.

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    Where they have freedom they convert and destroy ethnic culture.

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  40. God Bless YOU Cardinal and people of Hong Kong all Catholics God and Our Lady of Fatima is with You and Our Lord Jesus Christ will overthrow any Evil in the World remember What Our Lady said in the end my Immaculate heart will triumph Communism is Evil and straight from Hell


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