Hindu Theology, NOT Mythology

Posted By on November 29, 2019

Namaste! I’m back with a quick PSA for you guys. You’ve probably heard the words theology
and mythology used to describe religious beliefs or stories. But did you know that there is
a crucial difference between these words? Theology is the study of the divine. This implies that the beliefs are relevant
to practitioners and are a legitimate part of a religious system. Mythology is a study of the stories and myths
of a certain group of people. This implies that these were once believed, but are not really credible anymore. Basically, when you use the word mythology
you imply that the stories are not real or are not relevant to people today. After knowing the definition of these two
words, you can conclude that any modern day religion should be respectfully referred to
as theology and not mythology. However, I often hear people refer to Jewish,
Christian, or Muslim theology, but Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and Sikh mythology. This implies that the Abrahamic faiths are
legitimate religions but the Dharmic ones are just mythologies. You cannot possibly have any interfaith dialogue
if you give special preference to one group of religions while dismissing others. Regardless of whether you regard another religion’s
beliefs to be important, they do hold importance for millions of people around the world. Referring to one religion’s beliefs as theology
and another religion’s beliefs as mythology is unfair and insulting. So remember that it’s Hindu theology, NOT
Hindu mythology. Thanks for watching, have a blessed day, and

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  1. thanks for clearing it. i also want u to make a video on telling ppl especially hindus that PAAP ≠ SIN as sin is a christian concept eg: paap = bad karma (actually it doesn't mean bad karma but to give u a slight idea) while sin = an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. also moksha ≠ salvation. there are so many words which ppl confuse with. like dukh ≠ pain, Concept of karma which doesn't exist in sanatan dharm

  2. Thank you for clarifying the difference. This really answered my question. I never liked the term 'Hindu Mythology'. Hindu Theology sounds more justifiable

  3. Excellent point.
    It should be tattooed in everyone's brain on the
    planet. And the first step would be to update school textbooks poisoning
    impressionable minds worldwide by peddling the century old white
    racist/supremacist propaganda. And India would be a great place to begin
    educational reforms.


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