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[Quoting From Hindu scripture ] my name is Chaitanya haridas by profession I am a lecturer but I also
do cross religious studies actually I have prepared a question but that question is not so relevant to the
topic today and because this question was it with me
for many years so I’m going to change the question that relevant especially
respected doctor Zakir Naik, you have mentioned about the Vedas the Upanishads and …
the some of the Upanishads, but I like to quote, the quotation here from srimad-bhagavatam
, CANTO three chapter 11, text 35 which says the meaning is in
the beginning of the first half of Brahma Kalpa where lord Brahma appeared then brahma’s life
there is a milia called Brahma kalpa the birth of Brahma… the birth of Vedas
was simultaneously with the brahma’s birth, so here it mentioned that Lord Brahma takes
birth after the birth and the vedas appeared when he takes birth so in a way
… literature’s lord brahma’s age is three and eleven trillion and forty
billion years and if we go in that calculation I think many of us here, we will dead
alert but this is the quotation from srimad-bhagavatam, another thing I why I
mentioned this because dr. zakir mentioned that the vedas says that the
lord don’t have a form by the same Vedas also mentioned the lord have form I will
quote another verse from Brahma samhita chapter five text number one he says the supreme personality of God.. Krishna is
the supreme controller means eternal blissful and full of knowledge ..here refers to the form the
transcendental form which is given in the Vedas I think when we do a research
on the particular scriptures I prefer that we has a whole idea that the Vedas
also mentioned about the the form and I have many other quotes we say that …
the Lord has been realized in different forms, from which vedas are you quoting brother, this is the
srimad-bhagavatam, srimad-bhagavatam was not part of the Vedas, vedas are fours-the Rig-Veda,
Sama-Veda, Yajur-Veda, and Atharva-Veda yes I agree
instead brahma-samhita is the commentary by Brahma don’t quote the commentary, quote the
text if you follow the commentary of the Quran the commentary of Quran written by human beings you
quote the text as far as Vedas are concerned there were many vedas today there are the Rig-Veda,
Sama-Veda, Yajur-Veda, and Atharva-Veda we have also have 18 puranas and the
eight Upanishads , 108 isha upanishads.. Brother, you asked the question
let me reply, you asked the question let me reply okay
as far as the Hindu scriptures are concerned the Hindu scriptures are
divided into two types Shruti and smriti, Shruti is considered
to be the Word of God revelation from God in it you have the
Vedas you have the Upanishads then you have the smriti
smriti is considered to be written by human beings , there you are the itihas,Ramayan
and Mahabharat, bhagvad gita is part of Mahabharata then you have the manusmriti
so between the two scriptures the Shruti is superior than smriti if there is a clash
between shruti and smriti, you have to follow the shruti and not the smriti because shruti
is higher same way with the Quran we have the Quran then we have the hadith
if the hadees which is not sahih (authentic) it clashes with the Quran then we keep
the Hadees aside what we have to believe in Quran and the sahih hadith, authentic
saying of prophet Muhammed (saw) there are certain sayings which people
manipulated so when such manipulated Hadees comes
what we do we reject it so now I am quoting veda, Veda is the highest
no smriti can go against the Veda if it goes against the Veda we
reject smriti we follow the Shruti this I’m talking from Hindu scholars as far as the Vedas are
concerned the Vedas speak if you read Dayananda Saraswati the founder of Arya Samaj correct, in the
Vedas it only talks about God, what is God, no image I know there are other scriptures like manusmriti and
itihas in which it talks about God having image but the lowest scripture cannot overrule a
higher scripture when there is a conflict you have to follow the higher
scripture that the reason I have quoted you Veda
so if you get me a quotation from any book which is smriti, it cannot
overrule the Shruti point number one point number two even
if you get me quotation if there is a contradiction in the Veda, why follow
the book which has contradiction you take out one contradiction the Quran
Quran says in surah nisa ch. number 4 verse number 82 do they
not consider the quran’ with care that if there were contradictions in it it
will never be from God if there is a contradiction then that book is not the
Word of God , doyou understand, so we are students of comparative religion what we
have to do I am here to talk about similarities I know there are many
things which are differences in Quran and the Bible, Quran and the Veda
I am here to promote peace and harmony not animosity therefore Quran says come
to common terms as we ascend you I know there are many things which I don’t
agree with the vedas I’m not going to tell you about that why because that
will create animosity so my theme what I told you let us agree
to follow what is common, what is different will discuss tomorrow so let
you and I agree if you consider vedas to be Word of God
I consider Quran to be the Word of God let us agree to follow what is common what is common is
hundred percent words of God according to you and me but if you selectively don’t follow passages of
your scriptures, why be selectively, you tell me anything from the Quran which I
don’t follow I will say sorry and I’ll start
following I don’t came to be a very hundred percent Muslim but Alhamdulillah
as far as what’s my capacity and try and follow everything of the Quran you point out a
single verse in the Quran whether you believe the Quran the Word of God or not you point out a verse
in sha Allah I will follow, so the same way when I am doing the same thing with the Bible
with the Vedas if the Christian believes the Bible to be the Word of God if the Hindu
believes vedas to be the Word of God you have to follow,
I know there are contradictions but I am NOT here to talk about the negative
point of the scriptures I challenge anyone to point out a single contradiction
in the Quran there is none as far as the age of the Vedas concern according to
swami Dayananda Saraswati the Veda is 1310 million years old but the majority of
the scholars today’s of Hinduism said the Veda is approximately 4,000 years old
today the scholars say we don’t know to whom the way veda was revealed in which
part of the world it came there are differences, Quran; everything is authentic yet the scholars
believe even though we don’t know what is the exact age of the Veda
even though we don’t know where and which part of the world came the first
time even though we don’t know which say came to yet the Hindus as a
whole they believe they veda to be the most sacred because they believe I
respect I may not agree everything of it because I respect and try and take
out the commonalities so as I told you the vedas talk about “na tasya pratima asti
“There is no image of Him (GOD).” UPANISHADS talk about that, vedas has
talked about that, so if you get me scripture which is lower does not
contradict it cannot overrule the vedas and if you tell me that there are
verses in the vedas are talking about then there is a contradiction so you as
a Hindu you have to try and find out why this contradiction is it
no Book of Almighty God if it says it is true form can have any contradiction
same thing we believe Quran mentioned injeel’ the wahi which was given to be
jesus (as) is the Word of God but the present Bible I can point out hundreds of contradiction I
don’t to do it , I know I’m student of comparative religions to what I say the present Bible is not
100% of the Word of God it’s a mixture it contained the Word of God
it even contains the word of the Prophets it even contained the word of the Historians
it even contains pornography I’m sorry to say that it contains obscene
things so for me as a student of comparative religion I am NOT here to criticize the
Bible I am talking about commonalities let’s come to common terms if I am trying to
criticise this that will bring animosity there are certain passages of the Bible I cannot
read to you even if you give me a million dollars I cannot read even if you give me a
million u.s. dollars to me and say read this passage in front of the audience I cannot because my
religion doesn’t allow to read obscene things in front of the audience you understand, na, but I am NOT
here to degrade the Bible I am talking talking about common things
the same things with hindu’s scriptures, as far as Quran is concerned the language of the
Quran is so sublime you can read anywhere in the world you can read to your
wife you can read to your children you can read to your father
but certain passages of the Bible I cannot so here brother, I’ve come for
communal harmony and based on that I have done research on the Hindu
scriptures on the Jewish Scriptures on the Christian scriptures unfortunately
people of the most of the religions they blindly follow what is mentioned by the
church what is mentioned by the temple what we have to do is we have to ask
them [ quoting from the Quran] …… but you are a
truthful so that is the reason what dr. Zakir Naik said in Islam is zero, chapter
number, verse number if I say alcohol is prohibited, it carries no weight
Allah says in surah Al-Ma’idah, chapter number 5 verse number 90, alcohol is prohibited so
based on this brother I am going to get the Hindus the Christians the Jews the Muslims together
to come on a common platform and at least agree to follow what is common in the scriptures so
that Universal brotherhood will increase hope answer to the question but Dr Zakir Naik
I think you’re limiting the knowledge that is in the vedas, vedas
contain all the knowledge that is what vedas means so if you say I will
only take the smriti not the shruti so that is limiting because in the
way that we are taught okay we are, I’m saying that’s not one word in the Vedas
say Hinduism so but already you have talked about Hinduism,
Hinduism comes in the few thousand years ago only word there Sanatana dharma
so I’m… I will come to it… you asked me question I’ll reply but every question
requires and answer which take few minutes I’m not saying don’t follow smriti but if there
is a contradiction between the smriti and the Shruti the Shruti carries more weight for example you go to
a doctor who’s a specialist heart specialist who’s been DM in cardiology
and a general physician MBBS who’s talking about heart, who will you believe suppose a mother has
a heart attack, after MBBS MD after Mdsdm his DM in cardiology will you follow him or will you follow MBBS
doctor for heart specialities? suppose a mother has a heart
attack, who will you follow the one I have faith with sorry the one who
will have faith you, who will have faith more as a logical person a DM of heart speaciality or a
MBBS doctor? even I can’t….. …… not can’t and if you
don’t know both of them , no my knowledge …. whether he said, he had experience but you have
tw people you have come first time to a country and one DM and one is Mbbs
who will you take your mother do; the one who DM, correct so similarly when there is
a contradiction between Shruti and smriti, we have to follow shruti that
was the Hindu scholars said not I anywhere in the world so you have to
tell Hindu scholars are wrong now now coming coming to your word every time
you are asking a new thing, I have to clarify you said the word Hinduism is
not then the Hindu Scriptures correct Jawaharlal Nehru, pundit Jawaharlal Nehru in
this book discovery of India he says the word Hinduism is not there any Indian literature until the
Arabs came to India this word Hindu was given by the Arabs the Arab give the word Hindu because people who live in the
land of the Indus even today when I go to Saudi they call me Hindi Hindi Hindi
so Hindu is the geographical definition the word Hindu was given by the Arabs
people living in the land of Indus , so Hindu is a geographical definition for
the people living in the land of the Indus Valley by geographical definition
of I am a Hindu by geographical definition I am a Hindu
and a Muslim Indian Muslim Hindu Muslim but if you say Hindu means those who believe in worshipping idols
then I’m not a Hindu according to swami Vivekananda Hinduism is a misnomer the right word should be vedantist
because they follow the vedas Hinduism is a misnomer it was a word a
title given by the Arabs when they came to India and today also they are stuck
on even today when I go to suadi they call me Hindi Hindi yes I’m a Hindi
and I’m proud to be a Hindi but I don’t believe in doing idol worship so coming
to Hinduism this is a misnomer the right word is a vedantist or we and say
sanatan dhrama I agree with you and Sanatan dhram believe that God is one and God has no images
show me one person who’s of pure follower of sanatan dhrama who says that God has image that
means you have not studied sanatan dhrama have you studied sanatan dhram I’m still studying, that’s
why I said, still studying … you havn’t also passed Mbbs yet you have not pass MBBS also Quran
says Quran says in surah in the chapter number 16 verse number 43 and
Surah Al-Anbya chapter number 21 verse number 7 If you don’t know ask the person who is an
expert so I hope I answered the question brother, for next question you can go
beyond the queue behind the other non-muslims thank you

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  1. Brilliant speech . Even audience were happy and smiling after getting satisfactory, logical, scientific and true answer .May Almighty Allah reward Dr Zakir Naik a happy prosperous life and jannah in here after . Ameen .

  2. This Jakir sucks Muslims in the name of Allah

    Plz do research on every single word spoken by Jakir in several videos then judge Jakir as per using ur intellect don’t blindly follow him as he is in favour of Islam….He is expressing nonsense to gain ur attaintion

    I had find some research on Kalki Purana and other things…
    surprisingly I find the same logic and true with below statement of Frank Fernandes which denying the words of Jakir

    This is a research made by Frank Fernandes, Scriptures expert

    When I was in 8std I was one of the fans of Dr.Zakir Naik but when I did research on his topic like similarities on Hinduism and Islam where he quoted verses of RigVeda book 2 hymn 1 verse 11 , book 3 hymn 30 verse10 , rig veda book 9 hymn 67 verse 30 where the word Allah is written and it is a name of God but when I read this verses i found nowhere there was a word Allah in the original rig veda sanskrit version then he said muhammad is kalki avtaar where as per historic evidence muhammad was only son of his father where as kalki avtaar will be the fourth son of his father and many other things he said but kalki avtaar here is having one wife while muhammad had 13 wives so this clearly states that he is a falsifying the hindus

    Analysis The Origin of Species ”The Origin of Species” – It says that Charles Darwin went on an island by the name of Keletropist on a ship named as HMS Beagel, and there he found birds pecking at niches. 1. There is no such Island named “Keletropist.” 2. Birds do not “peck at niches.” Darwin did spend several years sailing around the entire world as ship’s naturalist in the HMS Beagle. One of his stops was the Galapagos Islands, where he found a number of finches (birds) that lived (not “pecked”) in different ecological niches. Dr. Naik apparently is dimly aware of this story, but his description shows that his recollection is fuzzy at best, hardly of the caliber expected of a serious debater.

    Darwin’s Finch Depending on the ecological niches they peck, the beaks kept on becoming long and short. This observation was made in the same species, not in different species. 3. There are actually fourteen different species of Darwin’s finch. Not one. Darwin’s observations on the different finches were not made until after the Beagle’s voyage was ended. So he cannot have made this observation “in the same species” as Darwin did not even realize they were all finches until he brought his specimens back to England where they were classified by a professional ornithologist. Within each of the species, beak length was not variable. The comparison of different beak lengths can only have been made between different species. 4. The differences were more than just beak length. They included color, size, mating behavior, songs, and preferred food. In fact they were so different that Darwin did not even realize they were all finches. Thomas Thromtan Charles Darwin wrote a letter to his friend, Thomas Thromtan, in 1861 saying, “I do not believe in ‘natural selection.’ The word that you use, I don’t believe in “Theory of Evolution” because I haven’t got any proof. I only believe in it because it helps me in classification of embryology, in morphology, in rudimentary organs. 5. An internet search fails to find that anybody named “Thomas Thromtan,” or in fact that anybody with that surname exists. A search of Darwin’s published correspondence (which includes his notebooks, diaries, letters and autobiography) fail to uncover anyone with that name. Such a letter does not exist.

    6. Darwin published the “Origin of Species” in 1859. Two years before Naik claims this letter was written. The book is recognized primarily for doing two different things. First it was a vast compendium of evidence for the factual occurrence of evolution. Secondly, it announced a theory to explain the fact of evolution, “Natural Selection.” Scientists immediately concluded that he had succeeded in demonstrating that evolution had occurred, but it took many years before they accepted that his theory to explain it was correct. Darwin could not have used the words, “I don’t believe in the theory of evolution because I haven’t got any proof,” since that is exactly what his book was immediately and universally recognized to have provided Missing Links Charles Darwin himself said that there were missing links. He did not agree with it. He himself said that there were missing links. 7. Darwin’s admission that there were “missing links” does not mean that he disagreed with it. He did not disagree with it. In fact, he even predicted where the human “missing links” would be found (Africa) and he was right. Galileo's Sentence The reason is because that if you analyze the church. The church was against science previously. And you know the incident that they sentenced Galileo to death. 8. Galileo was never sentenced to death. Galileo was sentenced to life imprisonment on June 22, 1633 and then that sentence was commuted to house arrest. He died more than eight years later on the evening of January 8, 1642 of old age. Naik goes on to make the same false statement two more times, but we only count it as one factual error. "Enemy of My Enemy" They sentenced Galileo to death. Why? Because he said certain statements in the astronomy, etc., which went against the Bible. So they sentenced him to death, for which the Pope apologized now. So when Charles Darwin came up with a theory which goes against the Bible, they did not… they did not want any sufficient proof. An enemy of my enemy is my friend. So all the scientists… most of them… they supported the theory because it went against the Bible, not because it was true. 9. As already mentioned, most scientists did not support Darwin’s theory for many years after he published his book.

  3. In all questions dr Naik has only one logic that sruti is higher than Smriti. But he is wrong about one simple thing. He is only quoting parts of whole phrases. Secondly he is analysing Hindu scriptures in the light of his limited wisdom. Anybody who wants to argue with me first search for " Sanatan dharma" in YouTube first. Naik is the shameless hypocrite that gulable halfwits will praise.

    We don't only follow our scriptures as a rule book. It's a ever evolving wisdom. By meditation it's possible to realise God while living, that's how you get the wisdom from God.

  4. You say you follow 100% of your Quran. Then what about sex slaves? War captives? Murdering people in the name of God, and raping their wife? Dogs as haram, female genital mutilation, marrying a child of 9 years of age, Read yourself in Quran and see.

  5. Sanatan dharma is a ever evolving wisdom by the rishis who by meditation realised the truth. It's not the work of a single person who claims God spoke to him.

  6. Zakir naik ne chapter no. 15/25/30 yeh sab bata kar logo ko convert karna chahte hai jo quran me nahi likha gaya wo khud making kar ke logo ko pesh karta hai jo veda me nahi likha gaya wo bhi chapter no. Bata ke logo ko murkh banate hai, yeh ek no. Ka kameena hai

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  8. Dr Zakir Naik nothing know about Vedas
    Vedas are there only from the creation but its sages have witness
    the divine knowledge from the god
    Ved Vyas is the first person who converts it in the written form in 4000 year ago

  9. The second thing is that the Bhagvat Geeta is a part of Mahabharata but Ved Vyas is not the writer of that part where bhagvat Geeta starts he just witness what god said to Arjun that’s why it starts from “Dritrastra uvach”(means “dritrastra said”) he just witnessed what is happening

    Bhagvat Geeta is not the smriti it’s a 5th Ved

    Can dr Nayak tell us that Allah can take a human form or not if he can take a human form than how he pritend himself just like normal human beings or the divine one

    I respect Quran also because as dr Nayak said Muslims have beliefs in it so I respect their beliefs

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    . he is big looser he is rubbish molla …

  11. Zakir Nayak- is speaker of what is written in the Isalamic 'holly book Quran'. I have faith in 'Allah' as well in Hindu God. I strongly believe that Muslim brother should not pay so much attention to what he says rather – what you feel good do that. Example he says there is only one God, that is Allah himself and according to his reference it's written in the Quran. If you follow Gita chapter 18 Verse 66 : Krishna says to Arjun to leave all religion and surrender to him he is only God. But Hindu never glorified it rather if you ask Hindu you will rather find them lenient towards goodness of all religions. That's is the demand of time. Please Muslim brother learn 'learn humanity' be equally happy in Christmas and Diwali. There no religion who says don't be happy if you neighborhood is happy. These days Muslim's are treated as 'terrorist' rather they face condition to prove however they are not in Australia, UK, US, because they believe Muslims can easily be convenienced can do anything on the name of ' zihad' and 'Allah'. Let's be Indian where we respect every community/religion thought. Trust me there are thousands of People like Zakir Nayak in every religion. Who preach or inspire to kill people of Bangladesh during the holly Ramazan. Don't bow to them use your own commonsense. Rest I leave that on you to choose a path which will take you to the almighty.

  12. See,It's all edited to suit Mr Zakir Naik, say out of 10 videos,they can choose the best 2 ,he he and where all, Zakir Naik s answer is below par it will not be uploaded, very funny way of projecting a person !!! That's why, every time, the person, who is asking the question, looks damn dumb , for eg in the current video, the person asking the question, looks damn dumb, with stupid questions, I believe in Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, take the best of all and don't say Islam is the best as propogated by Mr Zakir Naik, see all his videos to know more about Mr Zakir Naik s wrong propogenda !! Having said that, listen to his videos , for, understanding, some aspects of all religions but don't make the mistake of following only Islam and don't do the irreversible act of eating a live animal !!! The first sign of bad karma starts with digesting the animal !!! Wink !!! Cheers !!!

  13. Lord Ganesh wrote the Bhagavad Gita. Lord Shiva blessed Lord Ganesh to write the Bhagavad Gita. That is why Bhagavad Gita is the highest and not the Vedas.

  14. Dr Zakir I will say on you example I will choose the Doctor with MBBS if he or she is more serious and helpful than the doctor with PHD or more experience than him. It depends on circumstances mr. Zakir. At least give example which at least satisfy your answer. On example thar you provided I might select the doctor Phd or more experience also the doctor with MBBS. This kind example plays the mind how people think and circumstance comes around.

  15. But how can Zakir Naik be sure that Allah wrote the quran? I mean, was he there at this time?
    How can you believe in something that could have been written by anyone?

    No religion is logical. Thats no knowledge, these are only speculations. That‘s why you say „believe“ and don‘t „know“.

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    Worlder best Hindu jemon swami Vivekananda, swami Dayananda Saraswati, raja Ram mohon Rai, justice ranadey era sobai ek ishwarer parthonar Katha bolechen , murti pujar govir ninda korechen o nijeder k bedantobadi bolechen.
    Afsosh Jara Hindu Dharma grantha poreni ba murkho tader moddhe tumi onotamo Hindu vai, islamer vul khujona vai, here jabe tomra, r hereo Jara sotto k manena tara kafer / jahannami,gota world here gache r tumi Kato baro khatarnak khiladi hou na keno , tumi hole Manus, r tomar karone islamer kono khati hobena, tai Islam k janar chesta karo vai,
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  27. I give it to zakir for his memory and intelligence, found so many mistakes in his speeches, when he is challenged by intellects and he gets frustrated, the ego comes out and he makes more mistakes, I’m not religiously biased as I don’t follow religion

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  29. Joker Naik he met every 1 prophet, Allah, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Jesus dis joker was a great friend of all of them he passed time in heaven nd hell nd return to earth nd opened peace TV NW hidding in Arab wow great everything he knows

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    Donot deceive the people's .
    Do not try to save Islam and Mohamed .
    Islam is encouraging all sins to do every one .
    Surely mohhamed is the greatest sinner in the Quran but Allah saves mohhamed into Quran .who will believe this .
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    Shortly you will leave Islam .
    Pray Father Son Holyspirit

  32. What is the real name of Hinduism? Here is the shocking truth. There is no such thing as Hinduism. The word Hinduism is not found in any of the Brahmanic scriptures, such as the Vedas, the Puranas, the Upnishades, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and the Bhagwada Gita etc. This Brahmanic ideology's real name was/is "Varna-Shrama-Dharma" . Varna means "color". This means, the Aryans were a fair-skinned colored people. "Shrama" means, labour /work . "Dharma" means, the duties, and the social norms given by the Brahmins to the working classes (ie, castes) people of the Aryan race, namly the Kshatriyas, the Vayasias, and the Sudras. And the Brahmin stands at the apex of the societal pyramid and reserves all the power, privileges, benefits, and all the freedoms. Thus, the full definition of Varnashrama Dharma is, " the duties & the social norms given to fair-skinned Aryan working castes by the Brahmins." this forms the basis of "the Bramanical Social Order." The Mulnivasi Bahujans were outside this social order; therefore, they were called the "out-castes," the "mlechhas" (ie., outsiders). During medieval times when the Brahmin Shankra Charya was arguing and fighting the Buddhists, he changed the name "Varnashrama Dharma" to "Sanatana Dharma" meaning "ancient religion". The Brahmins wanted to hide the "racial & casteist" nature of Varnashrama Dharma, due to widespread positive influence of Buddhism. Brahmins, as a counter strategy, started to taunt and criticize the Buddhists by calling their religion "a new, and a heterodox (rebellious) religion; " whereas, calling the bramanical religion as the ancient and the pure one. The new religions, Jainism and Buddhism during those time were called "Shramanic" religions, meaning: "religions of the working class people." Jay Buddha, Jay Muhammad. Bol pachasi: Jay Mulnivasi


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