Hi-Fi Myths, Mistakes and Beliefs Vol.3

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hi guys welcome back to a no dialogue the dialogue on analog music reproduction well finally we're back with a new episode of high five myths mistakes and beliefs vol 3 are you ready let's take a look okay as most of you already know each volume observes five main topics where we discuss the details the the conceptions the ideas going around five main topics sometimes beliefs sometimes true facts it's not only a matter of dismantling ideas connected to hi-fi but also reinforcing them sometimes and Eila analyze and better so it's it's not as I said a form of disruption of destruction but it's also a reassessment of certain aspects regarding HiFi reproduction okay so let's jump to our first topic let's get to it okay so our first topic is vinyl consumption or we could call it vinyl we're out what am I talking about well there's a strong conception belief in this case that if you listen to much your vinyl records they are going to wear out after years of usage now this is true it's true if you repeatedly listen your records in the same session like for example I'm gonna listen to the same song ten times and I'm gonna do that for a month and most importantly actually most importantly if the tracking force is too strong is too high of your cartridge that's the main key point that's why a lot of people in the asked like in the 60s 70s 80s did not have proper um tools in order to understand if the tracking force was too strong and usually to get a good sound you would push that needle you were consuming wearing out your your vinyl records actually yes because if the tracking force is too hard you're really pushing the grooves there so if you instead use the recommended tracking force of the manufacturer of your cartridge producer or in general you you follow some indications which do not go above I don't know usually it's around 1.5 to grams it depends there are other cartridges that reach three grams which require that but obviously when we're going above 2 and 2.5 grams there is gonna be some suffering of the grooves but again if you do not repeatedly listen that same track no problem guys the same record is gonna go on decades and decades there's no wearing out or at least very very very little not enough to somehow compromise the the sound of the of the record of the playback which instead may occur actually on CDs because they they realize that this may happen after like 50 years or so the plastic that those silicones that silica that is creating the the disk itself the silver disks but also the plastic of covering the CD itself in most cases if it's not of high quality is gonna start to decay so it's much more probable than in 1 million years were gonna be able to play a vinyl record than a CD or you can be sure about that even though evening because analog you just need to somehow track it even with a piece of paper you can get sound out of a vinyl record yes there are videos on YouTube where there are guys putting a cone of paper on it and you can hear the music coming out well instead in a million years CDs if you don't have a CD player you're stuck with a piece of glass ok let's proceed okay so let's get now to topic number two new is not always better and I'm referring mainly to high five gear as for example a television or a refrigerator or a microwave you're always gonna think new is better and you're probably right but if we're talking about music audio high five year that is not always the case absolutely if you guys know what to look for in the vintage selection in the past productions I would say mainly of the seventies and eighties you're gonna find top notch here also because if we're talking about analog especially as you can imagine digital is now in the future so instead if we're talking about analog that was more in the past now we do not have the necessary proper gear to reproduce that except for turntables which are relatively easy to do especially belt driven turntables but if we're talking about amplifiers tube amplifiers former preamps cassette decks reel-to-reel recorders obviously but also other things that we are still using today the ones produced in the 70s and 80s are very very good I know they have 4050 years on their shoulders that's true but if you properly maintain clean set up send to a lab you will have optimal results at a fraction of the price of a new piece of gear like for example if you get a cool good quality amplifier I'm sure if you go through the top models which were high-end back in the 3040 years ago and you restore it and properly set it up today it will be as good or even better than newer models produced today oh boy okay let's proceed topic number three remaster does not mean better oh no that is something that during mainly the 90s I went through a lot because you kept on seeing these new CD versions where this where this lettering on remastered oh yeah remastered we were all chasing that how stupid of us and sometimes they're still doing it today remaster if it's a true remaster if people know what that means it means that they took the master tapes hopefully the session tapes otherwise that's too easy the session tapes would be the best to do a new mix otherwise they took the master tapes and they did a digital eyes it obviously in order to Requa lies all the hisses up pops clicks all the and the change in speed whatever you can think in order to have a perfect file and also compress the darn thing in order to have a good pumping volume so that's the problem with remastering they have been doing this year by year decade by decade since the the birth obviously of CDs where they had to do it the first time first the converters were not optimum after a few years they were but unfortunately the loudness war started which loudness or if you don't know what that is google it but it's mainly a compression you know to squeeze the dynamic range but if you squeeze it at that point you have higher volume it's louder that the the sound is louder and that's what people want or at least that's what they think they want the producer wanted unfortunately today so when you see remastered again be careful because even if it's done correctly keeping the the curves how they should be the dynamic range everything is done properly they're just doing a flat transfer you never know if it's as I was saying a flat transfer or if instead they're changing a few things like the speed they find different different aspects that they want to correct because that's what an engineer does but then you're gonna change the the sound the original sound of that album so I mean for example I mean there are fantastic reissues by a done by Steve Wilson of famous albums where he changes I would say pretty dramatically the sound and in most cases enhancing specific things that were a little on the side so that's in most cases I would say that's a good mastering process but a lot of people don't do that they correct hyper correct disrupt destroy change dramatically what was the original conception the original sound of that album hands hands I would always try to go to the first digital versions or audio file versions where people are careful of this or as you know it go back to the original can't go wrong there okay let's pass to our next topic cop number four topic number four regards the misconception I would say of that music is selling less that piracy is overcoming that was big 10 15 years ago mainly in the 90s where digital became big and the the file exchange became huge bigger and bigger now it's obviously massive and nobody is trying to stop that anymore it's just ridiculous there's no more dear DRM in that there in the different online or digital or CDs or whatever sales they took that out because it's it's useless you can't you can't stop it and actually some enlighted people understood that that's a good way for promoting your music and someone is gonna buy it afterwards but we always have this kind of nostalgic scene that um music sales back in the 60s 70s 80s were huge were massive while instead today that is not the case well it is true it is true and in fact in a moment we're gonna see a few aspects a few percentages some numbers on the sales just to have an idea but we must remember something in the past people were selling millions of Records now a good a good musician a popular musician is selling only hundreds of thousands of records let's take a look at the numbers now before proceeding so actually the only country that more or less kept that standards is the US all the rest dramatically brought down what we all know as the golden record the platinum record or the diamond record and her I'm sure you heard this the certifications established in every country the most famous is the one by the Recording Industry Association of America there we are and um in when it was introduced in order to obtain a gold record much award you had to say or they have them achieve five hundred thousand sales and the same in singles because singles were big in that time then rapidly that change it actually and they brought that up obviously I'm gonna have to read a few of these information I don't know it all my mind this was rapidly corrected in not in the seventies where they brought the to have a golden record you had to sell 1 million albums and 1 million singles and instead platinum which it's huge you had this you had to sell 2 million records well that's a lot guys now you're gonna understand how much and diamond diamond sales was 10 million now I'll tell you what's going on in the other countries which in the past were more or less online following these indications these numbers but now things have dramatically changed because we don't have that sales anymore per band per singer / artist okay so for example I'm gonna go through some information of a few countries Argentina for gold 20000 platinum 40000 Australia 35 gold cemani platinum I don't know let's see Brazil 40,000 gold 80,000 Platinum Canada 40,000 gold this is now and 80,000 platinum for example we also also have the diamond diamond is 800,000 let's see France 50,000 for gold 100,000 for platinum 500,000 for diamond Germany 100,000 or a a little more higher for gold 200,000 for platinum and 750 thousand for diamond Japan 100,000 for gold 250 for platinum 1 million for a diamond but again we're far from what was happening there Italy 25,000 for gold that's nothing 50,000 for platinum and 500,000 diamond boy guys were far in Italy from from the the stats in the US let's go directly at this point United States as I said remain more or less what we were talking about you need five hundred thousand for a gold record and 1 million for platinum which is good and again still remains 10 million for diamond the downside in this is that they're counting also streaming that's not that fair I think because if you're if you're counting obviously sales not just free streaming it's downloading streaming ok where people purchase that the digital file but that's not so uh it's I wouldn't I wouldn't associate that they should be completion be present both but they should be different differentiated not all mixed because we want to know how many physical copies you're buying of that album practically none but again okay that's that's something else but it's it's good to keep that in mind so and they said when we were back in the seventies things for the US were almost double but for the other countries now we have a dramatic change in the standards for achieving that award that certification so what is happening piracy yes streaming yes less sales no not less sales actually were more people now if you think about it we were I don't know I don't know how many back in the 60s 70s were probably two billion three billions I remember milliards annoyed in Italian terms melee oddity well now we are seven billion people in the world so things change dramatically in that in that sense so we should have more sales but we don't what is happening it's very simple what's happening we have dozens thousands of artists we don't even have that before in the rock pop jazz session we only have a few people who were publishing him the same we could say for books we only had a small number of issues of releases per year obviously if only for example I'm just gonna mention I don't know let's think it let's imagine in the 60s were issuing 50 records everyone is gonna buy I don't know half of that of course you're gonna sell millions in millions of that at the same album and that's not happening today that's for sure we have millions and millions of albums of bands of singers and all the different genres I mean obviously the the a one single album is never gonna sale as much as in the past because we have more artists smart very simple okay that was just a reflection on the hi-fi industry although LP sells are going up and we're happy about that we're gonna talk about that in another video okay last topic this one is more for the analog buffs vinyl editions of a record of an album are not always better are not always the best that's for sure oh boy as you all know I love analog I also appreciate digital but in some cases digital is definitely better I just want to mention two examples I had in the past months where completely destroyed my faith in vinyl in that case the fantastic album Californication of the Red Hot Chili Peppers don't buy it on vinyl I got the special edition remastered burning Rudman etc etc etc boy that was bad guys there's no dynamic range there the city is much better it's all those albums that were meant to be digital unfortunately and I think in that case well in most cases it's better to keep digital also another fantastic album which I love viscerally love is the album the first album self-titled by the Audioslave ooh that is fantastic guys I don't know if you know these albums there they have a few years on their shoulders they're fantastic again I got the finally the LP version no guys stick with a CD much better well okay guys thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed this video please post your comments on all these topics I want to know your point of view I want to know if there's other reflections connected to these topics and remember music is born analog it is

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  1. Vinyl edition of Californication done in Bernie Grundman Mastering has much more dynamic range than any digital release of this album.
    CD/HDTracks is DR4 and the vinyl is DR11!
    In my opinion it is very poorly chosen example of digital sounding better than analog;)
    Have you heard Steven Wilson – Hand Cannot Erase on vinyl? The hi-res digital sounds much better than vinyl release of this album IMO.

  2. Thank's for all Infos.đź‘Ť Yes, I love my old amp from the 70th. It's a TA 2000F Pre and a TA3200 Power Amp. For a new one like this you have to spend a lot today.

  3. I’ve listened to No Doubt’s “Tragic Kingdom” cd so many times that it got worn out and couldn’t play anymore.

  4. Certainly right about alot of the topics discussed here some of us know some of us think we know and some of us know it all and here's my 2 cents on the topics what ever the format equipment is going to make a difference for instance I prefer moving magnet cartridges for sound/ for CDs I own 3 transports my Cyrus cd I with OB transformer is my optimum player if the others sound bad I compare vintage amp pre amp 40 YEARS OLD ACOUSTAT on with modern BRYSTON 4B SST 2 AND BELIEVE ME I LOVE THE SOUND ON THE ACOUSTAT I have other amps too BUT IN ORDER TO HEAR THESE TRUE TRIPOLOGYS YOU CANT BE TONE DEAF IF THE RECORDINGS BAAAD! ITS BAAAAD! AND THATS THAT! LOVE YOU MAN!

  5. Really?I love the Audioslave vinyl record. Could it be the pressing? I have the Music on Vinyl 2010 re-issue. Sounds fantastic.

  6. I think the studios and record labels f##ked up the CD, if a CD is well recorded and mastered, it will sound fantastic, it’s a shame that the people giving us music on CD choose to jump the fence where it was the lowest…. remasters, I totally agree with you, but I also think that the Hi-Fi dealers being often very snotty and know it all types scared of a lot of costumers in the 80s and 90s that would like well recorded music played over a good system, mp3 made the system redundant.

  7. I remember when a Billion was a much bigger number that it is today. 1000 x times more but I will look up the CDs. Thanks for the tip.

  8. I was also very disappointed with the Californication. At that time we did not hear any album more often. But the vinyl could not make me feel nostalgic. Now I hear the CD from back then.

    Again a very interesting video thank you!

  9. Worn out records are much more possible due to sticking dirt on the diamond. This stuff can weld together to a really annoying hard stuff that destroyes the grooves. It`s astounding how hot such a stylus can get when not be cleaned properly! And, going back to 1970ies Vinyl culture: People with an eliptical stylus had much more responsibility for the maintainance of their cardridge, while coneheads had more "Headroom" in their accuracy of cleaning and setting up their cadridges and tonearm parameters. It`s not without sense that DJ Cardridges have a conical needle. It`s just because being a record in a Discothek was a pure torture for the poor vinyl. And i am concerned, that a Record that came from a Discothek immediately came into the heaven of music when they died at last, because they had already hell on earth lol….
    (I often explode inside when Friends see my group of 6 audiophile Turntables, and say: "ok, so how good are you in scratching and Teccno? " ) Wow.. scratching is the last thing i would do with my poor Records. I even have a bad conscience, if i don`t clean the Record before i play it! Scratching is a pain in the ass for me and i thank the gods of Walhalla that CD-Scratching was invented!

  10. No flash player required today .
    No sane man will repeat the same track over & over unless he works as a radio presenter as they always do . 
    CDs rot when they are not being used ,that is a fail for me .

    I do not know anything on the Red Hot Chilly peppers so they must of recorded it wrong in the first place .
    Sounds like this album is to be avoided as it is controversial .

    Music should be born Analog in this case ? 

    I do not have any CD player fitted anymore . all records & tapes now after all this format war is now giving back HI FI , well almost .


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