Here Comes A Curveball

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a man for your soul spiritual things and that’s what That’s what matters and that’s what will make it good. Then you’ll have fellowship with each other turn to 2nd Timothy chapter 4 With me tonight Verse 1 2nd Timothy 4:1 The Apostle said I charge thee therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ Who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom? Preach the word and father bless your holy word Lord you’ve inspired it now Lord anointed it go out to the hearts of the people make It go to those who have ears to hear let them hear it will not return void Satan cannot stop that word. It will accomplish that which you please and it will prosper in the thing Whereto you’ve sent it in Jesus name Amen Now the Apostle Paul is about finished his laughs about over on this earth. I Hear a lot of people today you’d be amazed at how much in the last just in the last five years The people that are coming out against Paul They’re trying to tear your New Testament up and say that That the Lord Jesus Christ when he was here taught us how to be good people He taught us how to treat each other. He essentially gave us a example of how we ought to live And that’s the message they get and they say that Paul created his own religion and you hear this from a lot of people as far back as 200 years ago some of the Great fathers of America. One of them said that Paul was one North worst corrupters of Christianity that ever lived the man who said that denies the virgin birth in the blood atonement and salvation by grace through faith and yet he has the audacity to – to criticize the Apostle Paul folks. Paul was an apostle he was handpicked chosen of the Lord on the road to Damascus and God had a life laid out for him. He had a course for him to run he told Ananias He said I’ll show him how he must suffer Great things for my name’s sake. So the ministry of Paul definitely Headed in the direction of suffering. He was not a rich man, and he was not he didn’t live a comfortable easy life He told him plainly in the book of second Corinthians chapter number eleven He said this of the Jews five times received I forty stripes save one Frass, I was beaten with rods Once I was stoned thrice I suffered shipwreck a night and a deep I have been in the night and a day I have been in the deep in journeyings often in perils of waters and perils of robbers and perils by mine own countrymen in Perils by the heathen in perils in the city in perils the wilderness in perils in the sea in perils among false brethren in weariness and painfulness in watchings often in hunger and thirst in fastings often in cold and nakedness and decide these things that are without That which cometh upon me daily the care of all the churches Now why all this what is why does he even mentioned this? Well, the Apostle Paul says in verse number eighteen seeing that many glory after the flesh I will glory also for you suffer fools gladly seeing you Therefore are wise If you suffer a man bring into bondage if a man devour you if a man take of you if a man If a man exalt himself, if a man smite you on the face I speak his concerning reproach in verse number 16 he said let no man think of me as a fool because he said I will speak as a fool and reason he said that is because they were bragging the church at Corinth was all about men and it was all about Bragging was all about following men. It wasn’t about following Christ So the Apostle Paul comes along and tells the Church of Corinth all that He’s been through in a kind of a generalized way. But here’s what he says in first Timothy He says I am a pattern for them that should hereafter believe on Christ. So what does that mean? he’s telling us that in this world will have tribulation and sometimes life can get very hard and it can it can throw you a curveball and You have to be prepared. Mentally. You have to have a strong Mind and a soft heart with God and a strong mind to this world You have to you have to gird up the loins of your mind. You have to make in your mind You have to determine and decide this world is not going to beat me to death But soften your heart toward God so you can receive something from the Lord and he talks to you So the Apostle Paul comes down to his last days. He said in verse number 6 He said I am now ready to be offered in the time of my departure is at hand He said I fought a good fight. I finished my course. I’ve kept the faith. He’s the three big things He fought the fight we are soldiers. We are soldiers folks and a lot of people don’t like that. They don’t like the fight They like that they like to back away But the truth of the matter is you’re gonna be required to fight now Lee we live in a generation today 2018-2019 rather this generation today that you’re living in you’re talking about out here folks. These are no longer pagans No, no, there are barbarians It’s barbaric and you know that if you know anything you’ve seen the way they live I often think about what the Bible says about lot and Peter said that lot and you know lot set in the gate He was an elder he was he was one of the ones who helped to make decisions and Peter said that the filthy conversation of the wicked Vexed his righteous soul, and of all people in the Bible to set up as an example of righteousness Lots not one that I choose Yet he didn’t belong to the Lord and he had one of the greatest intercessors praying for him that ever lived Abraham I’d like to have Abraham praying for me wouldn’t you? You better believe it Abraham and he that was civil as its nephew But the Bible says Peter said this he said the filthy Conversation in other words the way these people live out here and folks I live like dogs I don’t know you have you noticed in it unless you’ve got your head buried in the sand somewhere. It’s getting bad out there It’s vile and filthy and corrupt and so I’m glad thank God we can come into a house of the Lord and come together as God’s people and Find some fellowship and strength of each other knowing that we have Koinonia and what meanthat’s fellowship of the saints They come in agreement and we come an agreement We fellowship around the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ every one of us tonight relates to the cross in one way or another Amen if you don’t relate to the cross you’ve never been to the cross We relate to that cross in one way or another because it was at the cross that God slew me and then he saved me a Man, and I and put the grace of God will appreciate as long as I’m in this world and then when God’s done with me I’ll finish my course and the Apostle Paul said I am ready to be offered a man and that’s the way to live The truth of the matter is a wise man one time said a long time ago He said you’ll never start living until you know what it is to die And what’s you learning what it is to die out of that you’ll find life a man So Paul said I die daily The Apostle said Paul said that I die daily died of what he preached the cross He said the world is crucified to me at the cross It was the Apostle Paul who opened up the doctrine of what the cross meant Christ died on it But Matthew Mark Luke and John and not the ones who opened up all the theology of the cross It was the Apostle Paul who did that? So you watch these Hut stirs who talk about Paul being a one of the worst perverts of Christianity that ever lived hogwash Lord of Mercy these people who deny the deity of Christ They deny it and yet they will have the gall to judge Paul and you’re living in a generation like that These people today and so the Bible says I am now ready to be offered We all to live every day like it’s our last one I’m serious every day like it’s our last one because you may not see another day So what are you planning your life around? Are you planning your life around tomorrow? Or are you planning your life around Christ today? Paul said for to me to live is Christ and to die is gain a man Today have you talked to him today? Have you saw this face about what his will is in your life? Are you living pleasing in this sight is? Christ your strength and when I’m when things begin to come unglued Is it is it is it Christ that you go to the Lord Jesus Christ? I’ll give you something y’all go home and google this sometime well a Google might not be the best thing to do you’ll get you a Bible programmer concordance and When you get it look up the Lord Jesus Christ not those three words Lord Jesus Christ, that’s the full title the name of the son of God Do you know who used that more than anybody? By far more than anybody Paul Over and over and over again The Apostle Paul says the Lord Jesus Christ the Lord Jesus Christ the Lord Jesus Christ I ran a search on it in my Bible program the other day and it’s something like 3 or 4 to 1 Against everybody else by far. He used the Lord Jesus Christ more than any of them. Why do you do that? Because he knew him that’s why He knew him in the fullness of his full identity He knew his Lord. He knew his Jesus and he knew him as Christ he knew him He said I know whom I have believed a man Folks salvation is not being good Salvation is not treating each other good Salvation is not taking some catechism up here and say I believe this I believe that I believe this I believe that you know The apostille Post aaalac Creed. I believe this I believe that I believe this I believe that well then we’re Christians. No you’re not Christ is salvation. The person of the Lord Jesus Christ is salvation. Not a bunch of stuff You believe he that hath the son hath life. Well, how do I know? I have the son preacher call upon his name from the heart from the depths of your soul and you know, it’s fire you have you noticed how Have you noticed how that the brainwashing that goes on today in? The barbaric society that we live in is so shallow Everything is shallow and everything is instant fix you notice that push a button and you expect immediate Satisfaction. It’s so shallow. Why because very few people know how to get in touch with their soul very few people know how to know how to look deep deep down inside Of who we are and folks that’s where you meet Christ You don’t meet him on the surface in the peripheral and abundant bunch of stuff you believe you meet him in the heart for with a heart man believeth unto righteousness and with the mouth confession made inner salvation You know, I probably Would have been better off at times if I if I was a quitter but I’m not a quitter you either are you aren’t I’m not a quitter and And and and God knows that I’m not a quitter. The Apostle was not a quitter He stuck with it to the end you Need to make your mind up tonight. Are you gonna stick with Christ to the end the Lord Jesus Christ? Are you gonna stay with him as long as you’re in this world? Listen, I’ve watched preachers march through here. I’ve listened to them shout and preaching carry on and Folks that is a nothing but a that Barnum & Bailey show how they livin How long are they gonna stick with it? Who’s watching them? That’s your preaching preacher your preaching is not Screaming and yelling and pounding and sweating here. Your preaching is the life you live and that’s everything because people say don’t preach to me unless I see how you live and whether you care for me or not Paul did He said I have fought a good fight and then I finished my course and I’ve kept the faith He’s talking about this person Buddha. Buddha was a person Buddha came from the old Brahmin religion that dates back thousands of years but got Tama Buddha was a teacher and So he abaya being a teacher essentially took Brahm ISM which develop into Hinduism and he had his own strain of it and He became the great Buddha the great teacher and so men follow him because he has great wisdom He knows things that nobody else knows and he can they delight in you and show you Your and he can show you the world to come all of that hogwash There’s only one surfer There’s only one that can show you the world to come It’s the Lord Jesus Christ For he is the one who is the door. He didn’t say I’ll open the door. He said I am the door And I marvel in so many times in the New Testament He doesn’t talk too much about what he does. He talks about who he is and In plainer words if you get him you get everything else That’s what I’m trying to say to you tonight If you truly believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ, you’ve got the riches of God. You’ve got the wisdom of God. You’ve got God’s salvation You understand that he’s the Shepherd of the sheep the great Shepherd of the sheep the chief Shepherd of the Sheep the Lord Jesus Christ is everything we need this is where Satan fights us because he wants to diminish the the Effectiveness that Christ will have in your life. He wants to diminish it and endless and he’ll have you focused on your work I’m doing a good work for God. We’re going to keep doing it and I’m gonna tell you what’s gonna happen It’ll blow up in your face. It’ll drop and die for you told you in John 15 without me ye can do nothing a man So, it’s Christ and he’s all there is the Lord Jesus Christ. What do I get up? You know how many times I’ve quit pastoring in the last 43 years. You’ll be amazed I’ve told my wife on time we’d leave out of here and I say I’m done to this place I’m finished Ask her So I’m finished don’t I’ve had enough of this and What happens? Well, I get off in the corner somewhere and I get my Bible and I start reading and the Holy Ghost begins to move on my soul and Then every once in a while, I hear him say softly to me now. What are you mad about? What are you hurt What one time he said to me? I know you’re mad Why why am I mad Lord you’re mad because you don’t think you’re getting the attention. You ought to be getting Never said that to you some of these preachers that do well if he said that to them Neither he that soweth or he that water if anything, but God that giveth the increase Well, God couldn’t get it done without me you kiddin I’m his hands, and I don’t know you’re kidding me We’re not in kindergarten in here. You mean God has no hands apart from you. Where did you hear that? Where did you hear that? He worketh all things after the counsel of his own will God no more needs you than he needs a dead dog You need him? Hey, man We need him tonight We ought to be full of love for the Lord Jesus Christ. We ought living and that’s one things that true. I do love him and that’s one of the reasons I keep going because I love him I Love everything about him. He’s good God he’d been good to me. He’s gracious and merciful He reached down into pure darkness folks when he saved me I know you’ve heard me say that a thousand times, but you don’t know how dark it was in my life I do and He reached into the darkness when he found me Praise God tonight. I’ll never forget that. I’ll never forget where he found me. I Listen to all these preachers today, you know, and I never hear testimony out of somebody You know what? I’ve never heard a clear-cut testimony out of a bunch of preachers What’s the matter you too proud? What’s wrong with you? If you’ll tell the truth, somebody’s sitting out there might get some help But don’t you don’t think for a minute that you’re the only one that’s ever going through something like that We got people at church been abused as a child Sexually abused People in the church have been beat to death as a child Children in the church that have been abandoned as a child Children in the church that go through a horrible divorce. I Knew a little girl. That was so Stressed out because of a divorce that she buried her tea into the door Into the padding in the door. You don’t think it hurts these kids That’s the kind of thing. You see if you live long enough. That’s why I’m so against divorce. I Am so against it let’s go back here in the cell food sit down both sides been fornicating. I’ll still tell them make it work Make it work make It work stuff doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There’s a reason for it Find out what the reason is find out what your marriage won’t work. Find out. What’s what’s what’s eating Europe. What’s eating your marriage alive What’s destroying your family? most marriages destroy Because they got their eyes on each other or their eyes on money or their eyes on the world still eyes on the Lord Think about it for a minute here are two born-again believers. They both love the Lord Jesus Christ and they can’t stay together There’s something wrong there Hey, man Something bad wrong. I’ll finish my course by the grace of God. I’ll keep the faith And I’ll be ready to be offered And I’ll just go on until I can go on and I can’t go anymore And that’s why that’s what I want. God to do. I want him to take me out of here when I’m done When I finished my course I’m gonna tell you tonight. I have no desire to Go somewhere in rock on the front porch Or go out here and stand in the creeks and the rivers and then and the and the lakes out here and fish all day Long, I’d go screaming mad There’s nothing wrong with rocking. There’s nothing wrong with fishing. But if that’s your whole life You’ve gone and you got problems now How many of you ready to pick up that job on against how many you know what that job on is about? Let me know who’s used to jawbone Samson did a few things, right? He’s like Solomon there’s some good things about Solomon some good things about Samson It was a lot bad about Solomon and a lot bad about Samson He picked up that jawbone and bought he ever wear the Philistines out with it. I Remember about 3540 years ago I was in a revival meeting and a local one of the one of the local men of God here pastor We were having some kind of meeting about something we wanted to do here in Knoxville. I forget what it was It might have been Powell people against liquor how many of you remember that Hatin right been going a long time now essentially was the one that Spearheaded it, you know kind of started it So what you say, it was people against liquor Can you believe that there was a time in Knoxville, Tennessee when the churches got together and they tried to fight the liquor crowd? Say you’re kidding pretty sure no no, I’m serious as I can be I’m deadly serious We had a meeting up near the building local pastors came together and we met – about demonstrating and about marching around and about doing this and doing that and We talked about the what we were going to do about liquor in Knoxville Tennessee now liquors nothing they’re shutting down your restaurants and to put in brewery and liquor into the place now I mean he spend they just added beer over here to the at the ballpark a man If I have that bunch over there on the hill, I’d learn how to play football for him be selling beer sorry, I Had to say that If you’re a die-hard UT fan, yeah, I’m not mad at you But all they felt that’s such a great thing and they were talking to him after the life to the ballgame the whole oh it Was so wonderful. We had homebrew liquor. I mean beer out here the first time they’d ever sold beard at the TT bottle game and They said very little about about Brigham Young University or Georgia State I’ve never heard of Georgia State they come out and over in they beat UT and then Brigham Young That’s a Mormon college out there and in the I don’t know is it in Salt Lake somewhere? I didn’t there they come in here and beat UT If you’re a fan of the Lord Jesus Christ You’re gonna be one miserable person But if you love him you’re going to love him And you’re gonna love him. So the second fan the good the bad the times when you’re lacking the times you don’t So if you want to run Paul down go run him down to somebody else Because I have the greatest respect and love for the Apostle Paul He has taught me so much in his epistles. He has said so much In his epistles and that we certainly needed the New Testament is not an accident folks the New Testament is the mind of God a Man a man sunday morning. I’ll be teaching Sunday School I’m gonna be getting into some things to show you how Important that you Testament is and how it fits in the Canon of Scripture and how it opens the door into the future It’s important. We learn these things we’ll be talking about that Sunday father bless your word. Thank you for the time we’ve had to come together tonight and Jesus Name bless Eversole and hear you’ve heard these special prayer requests and Lord. I know you can heal father I know you can in Jesus name brother to

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