Hellboy 1 & 2 Theological Analysis | Destiny – Not our origin, our choices

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Hellboy 20:19 is upon us and apparently
I hadn’t really seen the first two I’d seen pieces of them so I needed to go back
and dig into these movies before this brand-new one which is your favorite
Hellboy 2004 or Hellboy 2 the Golden Army let’s talk in the comments welcome
to Durbania I’m Durban and this is my theological analysis for Hellboy and
Hellboy 2 the Golden Army there will be spoilers ahead in this conversation I’m
excited to see the new one like I said in my intro I thought I’d seen these
movies before but like I had only seen pieces of them like as I was watching it
there was chunks that I had remembered and whole chunks I’d never ever seen
before so it was really cool to go back and watch these movies and just get it
fresh in my mind what I really love about Hellboy one and
two put together it is an excellent picture of destiny and asking the real
question what makes a man is it his origins or is it the choices that they
make what I love about the first Hellboy is the new agent dude isn’t that really
my favorite character his outro narration at the very end is exceedingly
good because he asked that very question and the clear answer to both these
movies put together its in the choices it’s not the origin or the start it’s
the choices that are made throughout the life that’s what makes a person and I
thought that was a really powerful message that really shines through both
movies and is a great picture when you take both movies and you put them
together so when you dive into Hellboy 2 the Golden Army what’s really
interesting is the background lore behind the Golden Army so they show us
this book as they’re you know telling the story of the Golden Army and how it
came to be that man when they were born they had a hole in their heart and what
they tried to do was fill that hole with as much stuff as they could but it was
all the wrong stuff because that hole that hunger that thirst inside was never
satisfied so it becomes greed it’s all about consuming how much can i consume
trying to satisfy that ceaseless vacuum on the inside and in trying to satisfy
that mankind became more and more savage and more more wanting to dominate the
world and reigned supreme over the world they raged war against the elves and the
magical races and just shed so much blood because of this hole that was in
their heart and then because of that you have this wise king of the elves who
under the advice of this troll they built this Golden Army lots of bloodshed
under the golden armies of the wise kings and you know what I’m breaking
this crown in the three pieces I’m giving mankind of peace in good faith
because mankind can have the cities we can live in the forests and we can live
in peace and you don’t have to live constantly trying to dominate us or
whatsoever but see that’s the thing though right
bloodshed begets bloodshed God is not mocked a man reaps what he sows and so
man when trying to fill that hole and try to satisfy that hunger deep down
inside that could not be satisfied they sewed the wrong seeds and you got the
son of that elf king who spent thousands of years with that seed of bitterness
growing and growing and growing and growing and I can’t even imagine in one
individual living that long what that seed of bitterness finally becomes it
must have been something absolutely awful
which is the whole plot of Hellboy to him trying to wake up the Golden Army to
get vengeance for what mankind did to him
and him even having sympathy for Hellboy because Hellboy’s destiny is to end
mankind his destiny is to bring about the apocalypse and it would seem even
after the events of the first movie that destiny is still looming over him
so it’s amazing how bloodshed begets bloodshed how those seeds sown even over
however much time it was finally grew and became what it was that blood shed
those seeds of bitterness sown mankind was not made that way Adam and Eve were
made good and perfect and they were put in a garden but God wants us to be free
he doesn’t want us to be like a golden army or those golden robots the only way
that that freedom could exist is if free will exist so he made that tree in the
garden and because that tree was in the garden God said do not eat that created
choice it created that freedom for mankind and what started good and
started perfect and had its origins in a perfect garden fell so man was not made
with a hole in their heart man was made whole man was made perfect man fell
shattering that image of God inside of them making a huge disconnect between us
and God thus that is the hole that is in the heart that cannot be satisfied CS
Lewis said if I find desires in myself that nothing in the world can satisfy
then the only logical thing is I was made for another world
so as mankind was seeking to fill that hole to satisfy that emptiness they
couldn’t find it because they kept going to the wrong things they needed to go
back to the Creator who made them to have that filled Jesus reestablished the
connection that we broke when he made a choice and he died for us now here’s the
other interesting thing you dive into the story of Hellboy
and here’s basically a demon he has a true name and that true name causes his
horns to grow the fiery crown to appear over his head and that true name is like
who he is to bring about the apocalypse so the apocalypse the death of mankind
this is Hellboy’s destiny and this was his origin and this is what he was born
into now something else incredibly interesting in this movie is you have
Rasputin killing Hellboy’s you know adopted father and in killing professor
broom he says your God chooses to remain silent mine lives within me your God is silent and doesn’t tell you who he really is
now I thought that was an interesting quote cuz I wanted to see where the
movie took that and here’s the conclusion that I came to even when
you’re watching this movie God is not silent God is not you know keeping
secrets from professor broom God is giving Hellboy freedom God loves Hellboy
and wants Hellboy to exist and even though Hellboy’s destiny is the
destruction of mankind in the apocalypse it didn’t have to be he didn’t have to
walk in that destiny he can walk in something different so was God keeping
secrets from broome was God keeping silent on Hellboy’s destiny no God had
given Hellboy a choice and it truly was up to Hellboy to choose
what he would be so no matter what his origins were or how he started it was
his choices that made him the man that he is you have a choice your father gave
you that he chose who he wanted to be yeah this other name may have been his
true name but he chose the kind of man that he wanted to be and he ripped off
those horns and did not bring about the apocalypse and it doesn’t matter where
we started because of love God loved us first even at our absolute worst because
of love we can now connect to him and that love will come into our hearts and
heal us and that choice is what makes us the people we are not our start and not
our origin Adam and Eve started in absolute beauty and now we have a broken
mankind in this movie you have Hellboy born this like half demon child and he
was meant to be the key to the apocalypse but he chose to be a
different man and he chose a different destiny where we started
whatever what matters is the choices that we make and what we choose to let
in to heal what’s on the inside so when you watch Hellboy what do you think of
these movies what did you think of the third one let’s talk about that in the
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  1. I’m not looking forward to the new Hellboy. I’m checking it out after it gets a home release. I’m attached to the first two too much. My favorite is the Golden Army. So much love and fun in them. Plus, the stories are good. It’s not being pervasive for the sake of it which is what they seem to be doing in the new one. But great analysis as usual!


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