Heart of Asia Conference – Sikhs Protest Against Indian State Terrorism – English sub

Posted By on September 15, 2019

There is a conference going on That is called heart of Asia It’s said, they are discussing the terrorism
in this conference We have a question for them, What the indians are doing here
Do they consider it a terrorism or not? Look at the Playcards
we are holding in our hands Look at the blood shed in Kashmir They have killed more than Hundred people
after the death of Burhan Wani And what is going on, is not it a terrorism? And the Brutal killings by the police in Punjab, The Sikhs are being massacred even today All these events are being labeled on Pakistan by a mean politician
like Sukhbir Badal Wow, you shoot us, kill us, and terrorise us, but
when the things go wrong, you say it was pakistan In short, all these issues will be solved
only after we ll be freed by India The RSS minded terrorist Modi Government must tell us Who is Sardeve Gaya Devi Singh Sagar?
Is not he a terrorist? And Parasad Prohit the Lt- col
and others who blasted Samjhota express train Are they not terrorists? We are talking about Khalistan here. Because Khalistan is our country We are not Indians We are only talking about what is really happening
in india, and what was worth to be mentioned here By putting every thing on Pakistan, India can not divert the attention from
government owned terrorism in India. There was a question to be raised,
and we are raising that question here.

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