Haridwar vlog part 2 an experience of hinduism and explore their food #haridwar @haridwar

Posted By on September 16, 2019

Brother, How much this stole cost. 250 rupees(3.63 dollar ) Today iam in haridwar most famous Samosa shop , where samosa is serve with potato chutney It cost only 10 rupees(0.14 dollar) Now, we are in a lassi shop That uncle manage their shop , since my chilhood times. when i was a child , I used to came here. And i used to drink lassi at this shop. Now we reached at harkipauri Here you can see the view now we are in harkipauri we are going to main part of harkipaure where what happen? Pooja Not pooja Its arti Now let see what can we found there. I should show the view to the viewers But i show myself Because bro Iam a hero If you have any problem this is not my problem O yeah Here the arti begin Here I come to make my video Standing on a pole to see what is happening out there Iam going away from this circumstance But if you came here iam sure you will feel amazing Because i used to go in that place. I came here 20 times Thats why i didnt find any thing interesting But you will find a unique experience Because i used to see to front view of this arti Say ganga maiya ki jay.

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