Hammered out! Healing and Deconversion Ft. Neil the 604 Atheist!

Posted By on July 12, 2019

awesome we'll see it's so sending data on my part so let's see if it actually sends that data out and gets there Oh what is this what's wrong key frame interval all right now we have a new problem who apparently apparently we have a new problem I'm sorry for being pagan now you're not never apologized never it's my fault you're definitely not sorry for that don't lie to me that's true actually because it vexes you say how does it vex me I'm so confused already what's up I'm just like I'm just overwhelmed by all the technology failure what's happening so it shows two people waiting on your live stream but it does not show that live stream actually coming through and on the restream site does it does it show we're working we have ten people watching a stream on your channel but it doesn't seem to be showing up at mine key frame interval is set okay so well we are live okay we are live where does the current we're currently live oh yeah I get right to a commercial that's got some guy being waxed pasted on his chest great excellent that looks like fun I don't know what else I would have expected or wanted with my life I really wish there was a way to see if YouTube would work yeah you know getting YouTube to work would be just excellent I would love YouTube working that would be great so far still it only shows us online on my channel so here's here's what we're gonna have to do for the time being while this is less than ideal and sucks we will have to let's just go with it go with it go with it for now and then at a later day probably sometime in the next couple days I'm gonna go ahead and go to the freakin customer support and asked I've I've been in customer support for stream labs all day today well this isn't a stream Labs issue Oh what's it's no right you guys as a REIT this is a reef remember that I use multiple programs piggybacking off of one another to make this real work got it so all it takes is one cog in that wheel breaking to fuck up yep and that's where we are well so we're gonna all right so let's just say fuck everything fuck it all we're gonna start the show here and now yep we're gonna do it we're gonna do it live welcome to fucking hammered out technology issues all around we have hammers we are fucking here happy Thursday we are here with Neil the 604 atheist a Canadian motherfucker I bumped into yeah that guy he's he is fucking here and serviced and I both met this guy in person over at Texas for faithless forum so there's a a physical meeting there is now turning into a podcast extraordinaire I have I have handled this man's luggage it's okay it was considerable so Neil is a super chill dude he's interviewed me on his channel and how did you know that before I think you interviewed me before I even had a channel right yeah oh yeah it's like a fledgling both you motherfuckers you have there it is so Neil is it does interviews with atheists see there's a show called deconversion stories atheists and pagans I don't have any pagans if you had on there others think you're the only one I'm got a couple more that are interested like Cowan and whoa Neil what happened with your volume I know that that was that was painful his gain shot up like a motherfucker anything now it's fine all right and I so I don't know leaning back and forth because I'm a rocker so but you've done I've done music for other channels you've done interviews for with a lot of people and I featured you in my video a polytheist goes to faithless forum which was where I talked about your channel and exact kind of what you do yeah give us a little description like what's giving you a huge intro so people have an idea for you but yeah tell us a little bit about yourself ma'am well I was um it's kind of an interesting story you want to know like give a little bit oh I just hit my mic circle a little bit of my own personal background – yeah tell us what your channel and then kind of get into and like how it came to be yeah sure okay well my channel I decided to start after I got involved with Twitter as an atheist activist and I met a bunch of really cool people some of which are now not so cool I found out but anyways that's a whole other story we're not gonna talk about that right now but and and I got involved with getting on live streams that other people were doing like dawn and just meeting a bunch of really cool people I thought you know and after watching Seth Andrews for years doing his deconversion stuff I thought you know I'm a pretty chatty guy I'm an asshole I can do this shit Jesse I saw main opposite bass or whatever that is the option we also happened to have a five dollar super chair $4.99 from Kimora era Mac oh nice thanks one more this one's for ocean you should do a video about bloats and moots also hail alert and scotty berlin scotty humans oh yes so anyway they're both hunting guns yes good lord I can't believe I remember that anyway so I just liked the way he had his approach and we all know the Seth's got the perfect voice to do this too so a voice like butter I know right like I was just like I when I was listening to him talk at Faith us forum I was just like oh [Laughter] he has like the perfect radio voice yeah totally and I've got a face for radio anyways so you know and I even spoke to self a little bit about this when I met him and he came on my show too by the way so that's a great episode too by the way I said yeah you actually inspired me to do this because I know when you've kind of first started out you were doing a lot of these talking to people about how they fled religion one way or another and became an apostate one way or another and I and I said that and I picked up kind of I guess where you left off and he was pretty pleased with that because he thought that more people should be doing stuff like that because these kind of stories can actually help other people that might be in a predicament and really don't know what to do and they just happen to stumble across something like this there there's a lot of information that I have been told there's ups and downs and there's all kinds of stuff that is there for people to use as a resource I guess you could say as people talk about where they went to like organizations like will say recovering from religion or something like that which always always linked a few of them like secular therapy and and all that in my descriptions because you never know when someone's gonna storm across that and they want to know where they can go for help with stuff like that and that's that's something that I've noticed is like a theme with the kind of interviewing that you do is it's very healing focused mm-hmm that like you're you're diving into people's like lives and pasts and oh yeah kind of like how they there was a like that kind of shift is an absolutely enormous moment in people's lives it was for it was for me switching from Christianity into paganism right and like just switching from one religion to another be it like conversion into Christianity or conversion out of Christianity or D conversion from Christianity however you want to phrase it it's always going to be like a huge and emotional moment of course so if you held it close to you right yeah yeah like as a lot of people like their people are like spirituality defines people often it's it's an identity thing so you know I guess I don't know I'm tossing you a springboard help me I don't know where to go from there I've just significant like that is like it's it's intense because you're dealing regularly with really intense stuff absolutely and I I can't tell you you you've been in many of my after parties motion so which is something I do after the interview so I always have the guest of honor stick around and then we did we've reboot and after-party and I usually have a bunch of friends jump in service has been in a bunch you've been in a bunch many others have as well but I'll tell you the one thing that I hear quite often when I'm talking to these people is that I'm going to tell you something that I haven't told anybody hmm right so but which is a very powerful sentence in and of itself absolutely because I'm and I'm always shocked when I hear something like this because I think I'm an alright guy I'm a decent guy easy to talk to I I make people feel at ease and I think that may be why I get those kind of comments like why I get the additions to the story that they may not have told even one of their friends but they say I've heard it at least a handful of times especially with oh I know his name's falling out of my head for some reason that human oboe that I did this few months back he's next he's an ex-muslim and he says that he's never spoken to any of his family or friends except for a couple of media members about what he went through so to me you know when I approached him to ask him because I hadn't had an ex-muslim on the chat yet until that point and I wanted to sort of wet my feet there so when I had him on he says I'm going to write the even before we went live he's like I'm gonna tell you some stuff that I haven't told anybody so it's like whoa you know you don't have to do that if you're uncomfortable you know cuz we've been talking for like five or six minutes before we and I'm already comfortable in you with chatting with you so right I guess I guess I have and alleviating effect on people or something you do man like I've which is which is really weird considering that you play yu-gi-oh for that having having hung out with Neela I describe him as a human cup of tea like this this guy he's he's very he's very relaxing besides the fact that he contains twice the amount of stimulant in a cup of soda and also I what here's the thing that I didn't realize about kneel before bumping into him you are tall as fuck dude yeah tall tall man how tall are you 6 3 or something like that like how's Baloo 6 4 Jesus Christ and if I put my biker boots on him over 65 I it's like taking a picture next to us Diana Wow I found myself like standing straight out like all right I can't read your – sitting there going ok look if I just fluff my beanie up a little bit exactly I can get it I can get another inch like you're like permanently walking around with Apple boxes tied to your heels it's crazy right I did give you that picture of me and you and Anthony Magna Bosco yes yes actually one of my favorite pictures from my entire vacation ya know it's a great picture I love that picture like there's all three of us look great in that picture I think and as a like yeah I just hanging out there was really cool you guys have wait a minute hold on fiddlesticks my brain just went seven different directions at once and everybody saw that happen right yes anyway because what came in in my head was our experience at faithless forum you like calming people down as well as you answer us having a yugioh duly somewhere in the future has that happened does that not happen it has not happened yet but it can happen now dude I'm not prepped for this let's just do this will do Neal you have a lightsworn deck don't you I do and it's usable of course it is okay cool excellent then it's in the trunk of my car yeah and how far away is your car in the underground parking okay and how long would that take you to get we got a hard no and a facepalm listen let's set up something so that people can be prepared for this okay okay cool because I'm sitting here with my children's card game deck the cyber dragons stuff right here so we just have you to just whip out each other sex yes we just whipped out it we just whipped out our decks against each other compare each other's it just deck sizes yes anyway that means it's that's statistically less consistent and therefore not good unless it's of every dragon babe oh yes I know what that is I know you I know I know what that cursed card is I remember the exact date and time that that card ruined the game someone just said in the chat hashtag decks out for ocean cos is also donated and said all hail me because I'm awesome and because screw you service sorry I'm bored no you know what ocean will have you playing this this game by the next faithless for oh geez oh now so service has already introduced me to a children's card game we haven't played since but I have you have you actually been to magic have you actually been bringing like your deck anywhere no I haven't been decking around so so what you're saying is you have been able to play it even though you come to my house yes I have not been yeah we haven't been able to play with each other's decks in private like last time we played with each other's decks it was in public you can get arrested for that yeah but you know if I was in a setting where it was okay yeah it wasn't it was a socially acceptable setting everybody had whipped their decks out even the women is Dex everywhere love all the Arthur fit or the archer fence freezing freezing press I have to pay respects for guys so what is it like so a couple of things that I wanted to toss your way is we've talked in the before about like toxicity in the atheist community and the kind of content that you make that's like it seems it's completely antithetical to that like it's it's based on healing it's based on kind of pulling people forward yeah I mean humanizing like the experience of being atheist that was one of my goals was to do that yeah so talked about I guess like the some of the ticks out the toxicity that you see and like how you're approaching that and because I like you have you create a very calm environment lately there has it just seems you know because I I it was weird when I first sort of started doing this and started getting involved with the community it seemed like everyone was accepting it seemed like everyone was like yeah you're pretty cool I'll follow you or hang out with you or whatever right and then recently there's just been this upsurge of toxicity as you put it or vitriolic nonsense and it's going on and people are telling other people who they should follow and hang out with and it's like okay if you're gonna a if you're gonna call me a friend and I call you a friend friends don't tell each other who they fucking hang out with or who they talk to right garetty testing yeah yeah exactly and I found that a lot of that has been going on lately and sure there's been a lot of shit that's been going down well there's been a lot of legitimate stuff that has happened that has led to that the problem is is that people are taking those legitimate concerns those legitimate grievances and then air it like they're they're taking them from their isolated area where they are important and then fanning them out further which does it what with which which is what I would deem is a net negative because at that point at that point it's so this thing is bet right this thing that has happened multiple times is bad however your response to it is making it worse it's throwing gasoline on a fire and that's that you know depending on the because there's multiple situations that are going on so it depends on where you stand I guess when you wait or what side of the fence you're on but everyone excuse me thinks that they're in the right about it and I don't think it necessarily has to be about that because I've been wrong before and I've been right before but what we need to do is talk don't shun don't push away don't block don't unfriend or whatever the fuck talk to people the best way to get through something is through some good discourse like some positive discourse rather than this bullshit that's going on it's a like it's trying to learn from one another yeah we may not agree on everything but I'll guarantee you that if we talk a little bit about this we're gonna find some points that we do agree on and we might have some that we may not but everyone's an individual what typically what typically happens there is that you find that you agree on like 99% of things and the 1% of things that you disagree on usually comes down to method mm-hmm yeah yeah yeah that's a really good observation um because like there's with a couple of the controversial topics that have come up lately what I found is that not like they can gauging in like just an honest conversation with people often you can get them to realize wait a minute no wait i underst is there's one person in particular where I'm trying to talk about this vaguely yeah we don't need to bring name some person right but everyone so one of these issues is just like you've got one set of thinking here and one stead of thinking here and I was hanging out with the wouldn't somebody who's like I believe is wrong I was just talking to them just explaining the method of process of reaching conclusions that I was doing and she it clicked for her in the middle of the conversation of wait wait a minute know that progression makes all the sense in the world then she was in a situation when she saw both sides really clearly yeah which is a really weird place to be yeah right it right the different that and the thing is is that what ends up happening strangely enough is that after you see both sides really clearly one ends up eating you which is just which sucks but I've seen that happen more than once and I think that's all the product of people not communicating with one another not actually having conversation I was not doing the thing that Neal's channel is literally about right and I think that like there's a lot of unity to be found in the process of conversation that your channel is doing I think it's brought some people together to write nice I mean like it was one of the speaking for me as somebody who's not an atheist that engages with the Atheist community your channel and the people from your channel that I've met have been some of the most pleasant human beings that I've been able to talk to him like over Twitter and in this community like that's that's been I've found a lot of really awesome allies through your channel like people that are willing to listen people that are willing to like entertain other ideas and stuff like that because you've felt this environment where people are able to suss things out and be like wait a minute know that how did how was I thinking about that yeah yeah there's been a few instances of that that I can think of any ways are there anything are there anything you'd like to talk about that are not like major public shoes they said that stuff has happened on your channel because I know that your channels been fairly like you've stayed out of a lot of the drama lately because I think that that's I got enough shit to focus on for one yeah I'll always jump in if I feel it's warranted and I've noticed that I don't need to because many of the people that I know and in them involved within some of these situations are quite capable of taking care of it right oh I don't really need to lend exactly and it would just be me beating a dead horse so to speak you know so yeah I mean who can I think of off the top of my head well dawn I think when I finally got to because he was actually supposed to be which is another freaking atheist by the way that's his Twitter hand okay he was supposed to be my very first interview I kind of promised him that when I went and visited him up in Kamloops then that time when you member we were on that stream and I felt safe and everyone was staring at talk my head for a while yep but he ended up in a predicament which is long under the water under the bridge now so I couldn't do him so he ended up being my first season ender and he was in sort of a situation I guess with his ex and he could only really view the situation which involved his daughter and the dude that she was now seeing who has been known to be an abuser a bit of an abuser and all he wanted to do was just fucking go wreck this guy and I remember talking to him I'm like that is not going to be productive for you to John because a you've got a whole bunch of you're accusing him of something that I don't think you personally have enough evidence for so it's not gonna work out in your favor if you go and start a violent trend with this guy you're gonna be the one with the shit end and he's gonna be the one that's looking like he's wearing a halo over his head regardless of what you know about him regardless of what has happened that nobody else knows about because I'm sure they don't share this shit on the bus in public you know what I mean so yeah you get to validate their persecution complex at that point bingo right so I told them you know what just lay low at some point take your ex aside and speak to her about it in a calm and organized fashion and of course he did and now he's got his daughter with him because that's I think what he was concerned about was this guy might abuse her so now he's got her living with him instead of them and I think that might chat with him about that like that's the real wind then yeah and that because the goal is to get somebody out of a harmful situation right um literally a child literally the whole reason I mean outside of the child portion literally the whole reason that we went down to Florida tooth crap Aaron was that right yeah right so you know I can I can understand that I understand that sentiment completely also we do have a fan art ocean what it is of ocean this is a sandwich in quel Toya this is from Baphomet Ocean Kel toy as a sandwich I'm a sandwich hold on a minute no I'm not he's telling you to see this going into the because I'm in your server now and I'm looking for fan art and where did it that I can't find a fan there it is it's a sandwich oh my god join the sandwich cult which I see I see you as a sandwich you don't see you as I see me as a sandwich now to where we're what world are we in one of my friends just pumped into the audience there Bert we're in a world France with orange what's going on purple Purple's awesome Oh awesome yes I love purple roses visited um lavender lady to Dan yeah Dana yeah and uh according to Dinah they had they had a good time so that's good yeah I wish I could go see Danna too because she and I have to sit and drink a couple of bottles of scotch together single malt scotch people single malt none that Johnnie Walker bullshit divine disbelief is here as well guys yes Nathaniel I know you're here Nathaniel waltz all caps all caps sorriness I know I didn't see you buddy Nathaniel's sure so ya know keep in mind Nathaniel Neil said one of his friends that means not the only one of his friends no no I don't have that means that the total number of friends that is in the chat is one so you're not really his friends God why I got a friend tries to get another friend in trouble Oshin well you see well what we do find is that the one percent we disagree on is method yes a method will be a talked about and all that jazz what I'm saying is no matter how you try to square this there will actually be a few people that try to Kermit crimes okay another thing that has that I wanted to talk to you about as well Dan you know the your like you also don't really hold any ill will against Hagen no not at all I was one myself right so that would be right but a lot of kids Christians right it's like right no you weren't I didn't know that okay I was raised as a Jew oh yeah the original Abrahamic assholes right and then you moved into you moved into paganism and then you I did and so like I know that a lot of you mentioned a few other pagans that were interested in coming on your channel mm-hmm that again there doesn't seem to be a noble issue and yet there is something seems to be an ill-will issue between pagans between pagans and Christianity to but also a look at you guys I mean is it is it is it possibly be cuz with Christianity nine times out of ten they try to do this thing where they say that if you don't believe as I do you get to burn and a lovely toaster oven forever yep is it a lovely toaster oven is that what hell is now yes it's a lovely toaster oven that's hell hell is being stuck in a live stream that is fundamentally broken so you've tried desperately to fix and wearing life savers on your fingers where are we at okay so those attacks snack moments what what do you think is different about the typical like you had a deconversion situation with coming out of paganism I've had you sort of work it's weird cuz I've been using the turn reconversion like uh-huh upping into something else kind of thing right so but you know the weird thing is though I had Randolph interviewed me on my channel for my D conversion story right and went through the whole thing and III never really considered myself to be an actual like hardcore believer in really any deities but I loved the mythologies and I loved the stories and I identified with them and just the whole spiel of things and my history or not my history my um my ancestry heritage comes from these places so I'm gonna wait for you to connect yeah exactly and that's what it was about for me really well plus I dated a witch and and we had what she called sex magic so well that was really fuckin amazing tip raising a cone of power and think that's not all that's raising but anyways but yeah and it was it was all about I loved the ritual and you know and if you think about it we all have rituals that we do every single day but it was just the the closeness I felt to my history in my ancestry being a pagan was was was unreal and and it took me a long time to I mean I still consider myself kind of um I'd still go to let's say somebody in that Europe it's sure fuck lay up their fun as hell and there's usually and something I haven't had in a while either there's usually mead involved and I love that shit right so and but you like being in that environment coming and coming out of it you didn't did you feel like the same anger or being lied to or any of that kind of thing that Christians do no not at all right so I don't think I hope things like that's the difference or do you like I'm sure it's part of it what's the what do you think a big difference is from late for you coming out of polytheism and for the people that you've interviewed to coming out of Christianity or Islam one thing about me that a lot of people find to be a little bit on the odd side is it's really really hard to piss me off right so I I don't get angry at things because things are what they are and I think I think getting angry to the point where you're turning red and you're you know you're like that character from fucking the inside out and off yeah yeah I think that's a waste of energy so right I just you know what I try to understand whatever positions there are and whether or not I'm going to agree with them and if I don't agree with them I let them know rad said listen I'm I'm not of that school so you're on your own with that because this is the way I think I try to be as I've often said I try to be the best version of myself that I can't be and that's changed over the years too right so I don't see the point in getting into a fuss or getting upset of getting pissed off or being angry because somebody who was also indoctrinated Eve I mean going back to the Abrahamic stuff I don't think that there was an ill will or intent like that this is just the norm it's just tradition right I know there's a great expression I just said a tradition is peer pressure from dead people I heard that which is just my ethic there was heard that I was like do I get offended at that I don't even know if I should it's like no I was just it's funny that I thought about it I was like wait a minute there's that should that make me mad but because I was thinking about it notice like that's uh it's kind of like a funny comment I think that there's a thing that I was wondering if I could man I would be the the intention to be dismissive about it and but at the same time I was like you know it but it's still kind it's the reason why it's funny is because it's kind of true and I also don't necessarily mind it I do I do consider the opinions of dead people so but I thought that was it was kind of a funny thing to think about where it's like you there is the point that it makes I think that that statement makes is with with Christians tradition becomes like this weights down from above that's it's much stronger than like from a pressure standpoint mmm then I found in my tradition there that I think that policy is generally found in their tradition but it's it's fine to have like to have a tradition but to have one that becomes like this requirement weight down from above that's when it starts to be like well maybe yeah maybe you need a comment like that in order to refrain yourself a little bit worship as I do or be gone and thought yeah that's basically what it boils down to right that is trying to like I was just trying to understand like the motivation by that comment and I think that that like that element of like what the kind of pressure that comes from Christianity on tradition versus my experience with it at least lately I've been out of Christianity for like 10 years so I've mellowed out but yeah I I think the the interview that I featured on my channel was with somebody who had been pagan and then became atheist and went on your channel and talked about the anger right that he felt is that do you think that's common in the in your interviews is that that been something it is it's actually I would say over 80% of the people that I've spoken to went through the anger phase but if you really think about it you know the word of the five the five emotions that or whatever the fuck it's called but there's the stages of grief pictures of grief yeah I think that applies even to some degree to leaving a belief system like a religion mm-hmm I think you know that that applies maybe not all five of them but I know that definitely there's there's there's depression there's there's anger you know also mixed in with that is shit like confusion like then right where do I go from here when you're so used to being a certain way it's tough to kind of come to grips with the fact that you now have a clean slate at an open blank page in front of you that is ready for you to write your story in and you don't know what direction to go yeah which is why I like to sort of I don't want to say capture people in these moments when I do my interviews but I try to help them a little bit in st. listen you know there's all kinds of shit you can do hey I talked to them about what are their interests what kind of do they like music do they love entertainment do they love people because there's all kinds of avenues that you can go to become that new person that you are without the baggage of the shitty belief systems that they came from right so I always try to make that a point of part of my conversations Yeah right so for example I think with not to witness mm-hmm when I interviewed him he was one of my that guys that guy's story not jug is very underhanded not in that he's he's a dick and he will try to undermine you but his hands are literally under us in Australia we film the upside-down guy what it's hard to understand him when he speaks he speaks upside-down so for the I want to give like a brief introduction on nacho witness that not JA is he's an extra Hovis witness he's got a YouTube channels Ben gestation time yeah he's left he is he a warps his voice even yes he makes sure that people don't recognize him he's not just doing the cartoon avatar thing he makes sure that like no one knows who the fuck he is what he looks like what he sounds like doesn't want anything to catch off so that because he knows that as soon as anybody finds out who he is music that church is gonna come be coming after him which I will say I am very happy to say that I do actually know what he both looks and sounds like because because he is my does does the voice change or make his voice go up or down I cannot I cannot tell you I cannot tell you his balls have draw his his it actually makes his voice lighter because in reality his balls have dropped two feet we do have a few super chats though I wanted to get out real quick oh we have two dollar super trans from Wolfe ribs we have a two dollar super chef from the Fanueil water Walter's Lobby servers hope to collaborate soon love you to ocean and then of course there is Sai Sin Cara swears in upside down yeah o wolfred yeah wolfertz awesome dude Wilfred it's fuckin amazing I love that guy oh yeah I just recently because of you all right gotten to know him a little bit so and I like what I like him already he's fucking great before my stream yesterday or did you write will you we talked about him yeah yeah back at faithless worm yeah you're talking because there was that picture of you Tess right that's right yeah no Wilfred is a super close friend of mine yes from the picture he looks like a badass he's that guy with the giant beard that you see rolling around on a motorcycle and all that's just yeah you but you and a lot in common so wait you're afraid that you're it says Wilfred's in the chat Wilfred do you do you know how to use a sword or any or any type of weapon I've swung i would bet yes because if if so get over here we need we need the fucking fight things are heavy like wool fur I would not be surprised if he has a sword and just that he keeps miss drugged the open G open carries a sword he says he carries one excellent wolf Riza open carry a sword fuck that you need to come over you need to come over for dinner at some point in the future and we need to fashion you I'll get the materials we need to fashion you a sword here so and then fight I know so it makes chain mail story about Wolford I met him the first time I met this guy he was wearing full regalia and leather armor sweetie you know as you do as you do I was just like I'm gonna get along with this guy you think we could get him to next year's famous more probably yeah he said he was interested in coming yeah we can grab him by the ear and just pull the rock from Pokemon you throw in my car Wilfred man dude you got to come because if you heard any of the stories of our amazing time down there I'll tell you right now best vacation I've ever had in my life yeah I was I wish I could have called it a vacation but I was I was working yeah panels and stuff not only that but I was also having to edit like our video to upload my dude fuck I was literally I was literally working the whole time $2 chats as tis but a scratch what's up Neil just put a scratch Python fan I like it Souris next year they're doing it over two days as you probably already know by now so there will be you know plan it out so that you'd like I did so you let your people know you let your viewership know that you're gonna be away like I did also for the last family reunion thing that I just did last week so there's not gonna be anything being produced and just give yourself some fucking free time or I can just produce a few extra videos and have them upload anyway so it'll be as if I never left the magic of YouTube yeah totally you do that too which actually would probably for your fans and viewers would probably be preferable yes but especially because for me unlike you if I stop producing content for an amount of time that is time where I'm not earning revenue and therefore it makes it harder for me to eat the next month and I like being able to put food in my mouth it's not refined all FedEx your burger you just FedEx me a burger a burger yeah you put it on the grill and then so you put it on the grill you get you get the bread done and then you toss it in a dehydrator real quick all right guys service appeal box and then see how many people will FedEx you a burger we should do that actually after the 21st I will have a p.o box that was already that was already worked out of the plan then we can get people to FedEx you a burger just free I don't know I don't think that FedEx actually delivers the PIO boxes but that's fine that's ok UPS well yes does yeah UPS will do so yes you did provide sounds doesn't roll off the tongue as well oops burger look the last time I used a burger I had to spend a lot of time on the toilet afterwards [Laughter] what did you do to the burger that's not what I did to the burger now if you if you actually want to know there actually is a story behind this oh no I wasn't actually saying that is just a joke there is a story behind this no no the story the story behind that is that in in Cartersville which is a city that I do not live in anymore but I did once upon a time and in there there is a wonderful local burger shop called bangin burgers and wings and they have one of the oddest but also most delicious Carolina Reapers oh that you can find it is fan tastic they also have a wings challenge where it arm will be all over those trips I if Aaron ever comes down here I'm taking him there myself he's come here this is in Cartersville this is this is north of us dude we got it go yeah we do we do like I knew the owners fairly well because when I worked at Aldi they bought all their supplies from there so like I became decently good friends as far as like commerce is concerned with reiha with the owners but anyway so just one second because we have to we have to get all the explosive part uh-huh oh the explosive part so so the current so I've been wanting desperately to do their Carolina Reaper wing challenge because I'm just I know that I can it's just a matter of building myself up to the point where I'm able to because I handled the ghost pepper sauce when we were at the we were at the faithless forums strong they aren't as strong but I also have Carolina Reaper paste and my am I covered real quick we got a letter from our boy Mulford strong dude go buy yourself a bigger trailer just really isn't real jeebus any with what badger said to you sir I know I didn't actually he says he can FedEx you some polish minutes might go great with those Reaper sauce I don't know if so so the thing is I asked that I asked the owners because I wasn't ready to have wings in the sauce yet I said hey can I can I get that sauce on the side so I can try it they said sure cool so I drenched my burger in the sauce and upon eating the burger and by the way the bread from the burger like absorbed a lot of the heat so it wasn't anywhere near as hot as it would have been on the wings just exposed to the air right however there is one thing that does not get tamed whenever you eat hot sauce in that fashion untamed and and that was the next day when I had to go to the bathroom and my body let me know exactly how much Carolina Reaper I had consumed so I am warning you ocean as somebody who has consumed this sauce multiple times now there is an experience that lasts more than 24 hours that you will have now I feel like we should all be telling our spicy food stories about now so it's about healing right and you know it has to be life is about healing and getting rid of toxicity let me tell you what so [Laughter] I know search is kind of hard to step up to the plate I'm gonna have some you don't want to step up to the plate for that I don't know exactly yeah this is cheddar okay alright so I I had had a multiple day experience after eating Chinese food in Africa that was a yes sentence yes and the sentence that I just heard like a rocket ship prepare for this you know like a SpaceX launch and then but but it was so good the food was so good right so important part this is what this is this was my logic right so that I went I went to Africa it was in Cape Town in Cape Town it's like as chills fuck like you you don't expect to have that kind of situation here has found um and I went to this Chinese food place I got I got this food it was spicy it was so good it was so tasty it went home and then just launched but you know after the three or so days of just like dying that I experienced it was really good Chinese food okay it was it was so good you keep on you keep on returning to that point like every time you're like okay look everybody's about to tell me I made a bad decision but guys look it was a really good Chinese food I went back I had the same dish exactly the same dish and it was an incredibly wonderful experience to consume this food for three days following a same kind of experience of like a rocket ship I did I did I felt like I was eating chili juice [Laughter] is that an endorsement from oh yeah stay the fuck away for have the chili juice experience but you don't want to drink the shitty stuff right go to app just spend thousands of dollars go to a vote okay I'll tell you which restaurant that it is and and it's like you go it's it's really tasty but I then I assume that they're giving this same experience to everybody and it's just it's me that just wasn't prepared time 1 or time – [Laughter] but it's so spicy and so good anyway let me hand that back to you guys because we just spent a long time on that journey so first of all there is definitely two ways that sentence could be portrayed because there's a journey that that food takes afterwards that was a three-day long one secondly Neil hasn't given his story yet oh it's but I just wanted to make a quick statement here as what was going on here I'm trying to find it now I kind of lost my place ah sci-fi Minds had a great idea for you from what you were talking about sir god no I mean I'm concerned mean I I know I know sci-fi personally and this is why I'm concerned lay it on me okay his suggestion visibly earthing the Carolina Reapers is the Reaper cleanse your Reaper cleanse this sounds like what I did is that a Reaper cleanser a Reaper clogged geez I think one might be worse than another the other but anyway my story was for I went to a place called they opened up a chain of these things around here called wings and they had these wings and they're called the Bobby wings I guess Bobby was the guy who invented the sauce for it hmm which was apparently an 11 sauce type sauce one more than 10 yeah they make you sign a waiver when you walk in the door if you're gonna order Bobby weights and I ordered two dozen because I'm not afraid of this shit the guy says I have to make you sign a waiver like really he's like yeah I go dude I will guarantee you that I have had wings harder than you can fucking make I've had wings that you feel the heat what there's still six feet away from the table coming he said that's great sign the waiver then he did when I said no sign he goes okay but we're not responsible I'm like don't worry about it so I ordered two dozen scarf down the two dozen he says holy shit those one pretty quick ago yeah they're pretty damn tasty cuz yeah but how you feeling I'm like I'm fine can I get another dozen he's like what no one has eaten three dozen of those things in their restaurant until I walked in there geez so the guy came out of the kitchen gave me a t-shirt – you are coming – you deserve it you're coming to Georgia and we're going to Clarkston okay Clarkston it's in Cartersville Cartersville Clark's yeah right so Clarkston yeah there's some good places in Carson – but no so Cartersville okay cool well III found out that the sauce was based in ghost peppers so that wouldn't that would explain why it wasn't anywhere near as hot because our only just over a million I think on the Scoville yeah and and Reapers I think our triple Det no no Reapers oh hang on they call what there's one now that they call pepper X that has broken the three million threshold yeah okay I think Reapers are were around the two million or just under this conversation just got spicy pepper so pepper X Carolina Reaper and dragon's breath all strikers breath and all sit between the eight hundred thousand to the three point two million mark depending on the strain of pepper um chocolate habanero and red Savina are your three hundred fifty thousand eight hundred thousand your ghost peppers though where are you they're around the million I think remember correctly I didn't even know this chart existed you you're not aware of the Scoville scale I have not this is a measurement scale for all things mace spray is on the Scoville scale yeah it may Sam bear spray yeah where are they at lower but trust me if you're even if you're at a hundred thousand which is close to the jalapeno range you're still gonna fucking feel it right especially if it's in your fucking eyes yeah exactly yeah yeah pepper spray see here pepper spray on the Scoville scale what is pepper and pin spray and your high would be you would fuck it work it in maybe you'd be dead like in your eye instant death yeah so it's hard to say if we're the problem with mace is that there's multiple manufacturers and each of them have varying strengths so it's hard to miss apiece yeah so it's hard to say but you guys continue I'm doing hot sauce research hey guys guys somebody just sacrificed a chick craft for the for the thank you this guy SL this guy cell you are a wonderful human being I'm sorry that you can now afford one less Snack Wrap however FedEx us neck we also have a five dollar one from Kristen sync just love your content do you like D&D I would love to make you a dice bag for your P o box so I a do play D&D and B have a very large dice bag because I have about bragger 18 18 or 19 sets of die for playing because because my my class usually is paladin which means that I have like all kinds of fucking damage modifiers like oh you swung the mace roll 50 dice so but if you do watch it what will you be my DM I want to roll 50 dice once in my life that's that's that's what you have to do with the paladin after a while like even at level 3 you can get to a point where a single attack is like rolling six separate die I just played paladin that's true we eventually got out a program to roll the dice the bet the best part the best part about playing paladin D&D though is the fact that to heal people you must physically touch them which means at the table as long as everybody can sense when you heal you can just stand up walk over to them and just like Pat them doesn't be like there you go I like I feel ups a rogue and make them uncomfortable they are better now roll your success is critical fail Oh [Laughter] many dice come strict alignment are peeing you are aware there's only one RP alignment for paladin right and that's lawful stupid that's that is the correct way okay so on the Scoville scale there is something there is something at sixteen million and that is a pure undiluted capsaicin right below that is Carolina Reaper at two point two so you're right Neal two point two million around the to you directly under that like right under that is trinidad scorpion sauce oh that's just awesome – then you've got scorpion butch sauce which is about a third or about two thirds of spicy as the the other scorpion sauce going down further let's see there's there's another trinidad one that's 1 million but to get to ghost pepper you go down quite a ways to get to ghost pepper goes pet the difference between ghost pepper and Carolina Reaper is actually fairly massive when looking at this scale whereas there's a couple questions where is ghost pepper at the audience in the chat ghost ghost pepper is 1 million 41 1 million four hundred and 1427 on the Scoville scale okay difference of about six hundred okay there's questions for me in the in the chat you guys said yes go ahead do they go on the story and then we got on the whole yeah bill scale boy there's there's a couple of questions one is crazy nuclear girl eight yeah three he said Neil never finished his story which is true right yes there's a conclusion I got to the completion of eating three dozen and you got your shirts moping I got my t-shirt it was the following day that I hadn't got to yet mmm Eco girl let me just put it this way I had to replace my toilet are you serious Jesus Christ I just realized something so because we are because we know how explosive this this toilet issue became if anybody wants a sense of scale right because when I say like millions of numbers like there's not really a good way to juxtapose that cayenne pepper which I'm sure most people are familiar with yeah hi is 50,000 oh I love cayenne peppers now you guys got me like one spicy food and jalapeno jalapeno was 10,000 ordered oh I'm gonna order a Bexon food and it's gonna be a miss I'm gonna its rationales ripping people to shreds in the job I've seen and it's wonderful but know that that's that's the sense of scale so for anybody who's a jalapeno pepper at 10,000 this would mean that what you ate Neal was ghost pepper correct yes so ever was involved and there were other peppers too but I don't really remember what they were okay it was hot and yes it does it's equally as hot oh you know after learning about how it can be just as hot as a 100 times hotter than jalapeno oh yeah yeah by the way we have taste buds in our asses yeah Peru and that is how you can tell when you've eaten hot sauce it fires out oh by the way anything like that what's going in but that's a good deal if you come by at some point there's a local person who sells some personal hot sauce here to the local butchers and it's very good its Kenya hot sauce oh nice you can probably get it online is there is some coming over and we're having chicken tenders yeah I saw you guys were hanging out the other day that was fucking funny well that's good ocean it's cuz ocean just wants my chicken tenders again this man this man makes good fucking chicken tenders I'll tell you right now okay I have to experience this no sir the first time he came to my house I made him chicken tenders the second time he came he got lamb yeah it was a solid landing all right that's where we are who by the way is a lot of reason being friend of mine that I've just met recently and she's fucking awesome she's coming on my show as well too by the way yes which is I think reason binder statement of what do you have coming up Neil write in your jet uh as so let's let's talk about that and then I also have a couple of other questions that I wanted to ask you about as well so you've you interview a lot of people I have you got coming up in the immediate future this coming Saturday although this is gonna be a little bit of a more difficult one to pull off because I'm not entirely sure I'm gonna do this but another guy that I met just recently inquisitive quandary or as we call it Mike you you've met him open-ended in the chest he's in the chat yeah these good people I'm gonna interview him on Saturday hopefully we'll make sure that this runs somehow because I also have oh man and his name just fell out in my head a friend of mine is I interviewed also on the show he's coming over from Europe to visit his sister in Seattle and they're both coming up here tomorrow to come to our jam space and watch us play sweet so they're gonna come and hang out with us and then we're gonna do some on Saturday too and I'm hoping that he'll co-host with me to do the interview with IQ and on Monday the 15th at around 4 p.m. Pacific which would be 7th at 7 p.m. Eastern Time and 6 central 5 mountain it's just to give that all in there is Kim Lucifer Lucifer she'll be in my interview on Monday and then the Wednesday after that is drew McCoy and you guys all know him as genetically modified skeptic agnostic Ozzy is on Saturday and the agnostic Ozzy has good people no I like him forsaking faith who I tried to do the interview once but my computer just went to it just went and that was it fuck you you're not doing it today and that was it so we rescheduled for the 22nd of July at 4:00 p.m. Pacific on the 27th on a Saturday Jamie Boone oh nice look even that's yeah and then right after Jamie will be unholy Sara who's someone I've just recently holy Sara yeah she's she's cream up fuckin channel yeah like it's about it's great mm-hm it's our subjects really well that's one of yeah yeah um the atheist or Adam yes as as he's known is gonna be on the 10th of August all hail the Church of Adam may you be washed in his glow and another ACA member that was on the show regularly atheist vanguard is Derek Hawk and I'll be interviewing him on the 31st of July which is a Wednesday also 4:00 p.m. my Wednesday shows are generally at 4 p.m. I have altar times for specific reasons like if someone's across the pond or something and usually there's 6 p.m. Pacific saan Saturday as well so I do Mondays Wednesdays and Saturdays 4 p.m. for the for the weekdays 6 p.m. for the week end days and yeah and I that's about it I've got I've got a lot of empty slots here people if you're ever interested in telling me your deconversion stories sharing it with my audience I'd always I'm always more than easy to approach and and I don't bite unless asked to and you guys are definitely anyone's welcome to come on and share their story yeah it's like as the thing that I like also about your channel is that you interview some people that have like big channels but you also interview just about everybody because honestly every story yeah everyone's important right when it comes to stuff like that you never know what little tidbit of information in somebody's story is going to ultimately help somebody and that right one of the reasons why I do this yeah and like the one that I pulled from his artistic dreamer who like he's he's a guy and came onto your show and he's got he's got it he's got a lot well he's gonna have to come on to do more like alright her to work this is a few folks so don't they probably do they got a like with him there's there's so much to cover he's such a good commits a tumultuous like spiritual journey oh yeah because through his entire life he's there's I felt commonality with him in a lot of yeah yeah um we do have a couple new fan arts that came uh-oh so first you need to involve peppers the first one involves pepper it is a pepper wearing my beads holding my hammer that says will suffer for and after hot sauce I was from bill Tsai and bill so I sent another one this one's a little more Mimi is just will suffer for wings this is this is what gets me through my day like truly and honestly this is what gets me through my day we need fan art of Neal we do we need fan art of Neal either exploding a toilet lavender lady's here die die die Anna good Anna she goes hey Neal interviewed me so you know he'll he'll interview any actually Diana has a Diana has a very interesting story for anybody or anybody who hasn't heard it before I don't want to speak it I don't check it out yeah I don't want to speak it myself Neil's channel is in the description go check it out but no Diana has a very interesting story that's the thing with a lot of the stuff that like when people show up on your channel like you simply think like you were saying earlier people say I'm gonna tell you something I've never told anybody before and that's happened several times so you get people on your channel and you hear like some really intense stories often than others and I wanted I kind of wanted to think about that in transition a little bit because like the Atheist community seems to be there's a lot of like we were talking a little bit about this at the oh we were at the ACA together that the ACA has these shows that are like they're call-in shows that where there's a lot of debate and they you have you had some interesting opinions about the debate scene versus more conversational approach that I kind of want you to expand on a little bit because I thought that like um what is first what are you like the Atheist community does have a lot of like debate and sure debates or oscillations and that's like I don't not now I don't think anybody's shitting on that I think there were no it wasn't about that at all yeah so I guess go ahead and give your thoughts well debates are precisely with Aaron and there are people that are really good at them like Matt Dillahunty right and as we're finding out now Erik Murphy is also quite good eats Earth's apparently I'm supposed to interview plushy service to you were told you were told to interview the real service so there we are hello so plushy service or real service what's your story well that was a ball of yarn three weeks ago there is no story you will you will receive no information you can't make me talk IV evasive making you talk you have ways of making humans talk yeah okay I'll give you that much hang out my group my group I can see ocean ocean feels very confused right now and doesn't know how to say cuddle it ocean cuddle there we go come here you snuggle bun uh gay I mean okay anyway where were we before plushie Circe rudely interrupted who Bionic dances online now go Kate Kate's awesome too so I had to get the one of the biggest you ever had from her sorry yeah right oh and and fucking Shannon but yes it was my hug experience at faithless forum at feathers forum just mentioned it recently on my channel it was a glomp but Shannon glomp night my god like a like it here hurt my shoulder just a tad but at least you didn't pour wine all over you and yet I was able to get up afterwards and walk but wait pour wine Olivia what experiences did you have wait a minute let let Ocean finish and then I'll get into the whole Shannon oh you no no no no no no no no no no you're the guest today this is your time it's not what you think she she saw me as I walked into the hotel and I was walking around the table where they were all gaming like Murphy and all them are gaming Kate and Erik Murphy and everyone and and she walked in she was Paul but she went yeah and she fucking she was she's already pretty uh we'll say a few sheets to the wind by them and she ran over and gave me a big hug she had this wine glasses huge wine glass it was like half full of wine so she wrapped through her arms around me and she came his big hug luckily I was wearing leather but she basically poured out half that wine right down my back so ten out of ten get my leather jacket look why I literally had to clean it off because I its I smelt like a wino for was it was it terribly inaccurate uh no no okay cool so what was the problem wine but there's no such word as bureau so you know I was a wino what better better to be a wino than a whiner so hug from somebody like Shannon it's it's totally worth it she's she's such a such a awesome person so we were talking a little bit about the debate thing you're saying that Matt Dillahunty is really good at debating for seeing that so I'll continue from where I was going there so debating is fine and I don't really I'm not much I know I'm not gonna really say I'm not I'm non confrontational because I'll be fuckin confrontational when the timing is right right but I know like my thing on you is I don't see you get out like swords often note or anything unless there's an absolute reason to do right it's like when you it's like all right Neal Neal's gotten in the fray everybody fucking calm their shit Oh someone fucked up but yeah there are certain things that will piss me off right animal abuse child abuse stuff like that right and I'm and I have I've literally done it multiple times I seen people like in a grocery store or something and she's just laying into the kid and smack him around and I've walked over there and fucking stood right in front of her like this far from her I said if I ever fucking see you do that again to your child I will kick your ass myself mm-hmm right of course I don't really hit people unless it's warranted but I would I would argue that that's a situation where it's warranted right yeah but you know and really most people goes none of your business so I'm making it my fucking let us say that the people who say it's none of your business I I would respond to them with ah yes I enjoy it when somebody else tells me that I should be enabling abuse how wonderful yeah right that's a good way to vote but anyways yeah I'm much more Pro conversation right because with conversation there are ways to I don't know work things out you may not agree on everything but if you have like a level-headed rational conversation with somebody you're the likelihood of you having a more positive outcome from that is is so much better than the violence that could come from debate especially when you see some of this shit that's going on right now with all the vitriol that's buing around right that shit is so bad like it's it's causing so many rifts and I'm under I'm almost at the point where I'm starting to think that some of these people are doing that intentionally like they want rifts to happen mm-hmm and and that really pisses me off I try to be as approachable and as friendly as possible because I always say I'd much rather have friends than enemies all right another one of my sayings is I'd much rather build fences or build bridges than burn fences or you know burn bridges or whatever the fuck it is filled bridges and burn fences but build bridges rather than build fences but burn everything on set everything on fire especially can't blue friends if they've all died in thermonuclear war then what's the point sirs the washi service okay if you want to ask what's the calling you from the fucking Trailer Park Boys you do realize are you about to go antenatal astana I was about to say you do realize that I'm a sandwich absurdist right ocean does now when I get back into this conversation oh all right I gotta ask you all right Neil yeah he's a taco a sandwich I don't classify it as a sandwich no there's no bread involved so it's not so much oh is that Oh let's begin read something that is so there's there's zero zero bread so bread is the litmus test okay so it was a hot dog a sandwich a hot dog could be classified as sandwich or a son okay yes we understand that there are there are subcategories we're currently working with an umbrella term okay now the question becomes what is the difference between bread made with cornmeal and bread made with flour no one's corn bread okay and you are aware that the same ingredients are used for making a corn tortilla versus a flour tortilla correct I am well aware that corn goes into a corn court eeeh a corn tortilla okay cool and you are aware that that is the thing that a taco is made out of are we if it's a soft taco I might be a little bit more it's the same ingredient it's the same thing it's called a taco not a sandwich okay cool it's called a Reuben it's coke it's called it's called a Reuben not a sandwich the argument works for other actual sandwiches like tuna fish or tuna melt sandwich yeah it's a taco sandwich so I read yours it here's a question though that'll throw everything for a loop you know Drive is an Ice Cream Sandwich a sandwich yes it is whoa even has it in the name oh so we you just as the name have prescriptive value although you know you're thinking about my name doesn't really describe me well it might if you spelled it with a K I think Neil is saying that the the title is prescriptive of the sandwich jerk so so you're you're willing to bite so wait wait sandwiches are axiomatic what this is the sandwich axiom we haven't gone to the sandwich axiom means service you go ahead if they taste good that's what matters to me I like tacos I enjoy tasting my axioms as well Neil right now I'm having a barley so ok so Neil here's another question you know I put a piece of bread and so on all right we're gonna we're gonna finish this example so if I put a piece of bread on the floor and someone on the other side of the world puts a piece of bread on the floor you've got an earth sandwich is that a sandwich but the bread but the bread was the litmus test fred was the litmus test deal you're trying to trap me no I got try it's not a it's not a trap you're out of the trap why are you there you're a definition of a sandwich was to have bread traditional sandwich was right this oh so you're a bread conservative got it Neil as a sandwich conservative everybody slices of bread is that not a sandwich Neil yes and have a fucking car sandwich for all I care so the contents don't have to be edible no you know excellent we're here now we're in that stage we're in that stage of the conversation ocean we have inconsistent absurdism for sandwich axioms that's where we are welcome [Laughter] fuck oh you guys are so much fun hold on hold on I need two more of these fucking chef last last run is a pop-tart a sandwich fuck no but it meets your criteria the fucking pastry is bread yeah it Neal that is a oh it is as much bread as an ice cream sandwiches we we have we have Neal destroying a toilet fan our objection with respect to pop-tarts we have so we have we have we so are you saying that we would be special pleading for pop-tarts is this possibly is this Kellogg's brand begging the question is that where we are Neal you should check the stream you should check stream you asked me for fan art and what do they do they do me Duke taking a dump throwing a toilet it's hot fucking lava that's pretty odd I need to put the face on Neal there we go this is our guest everybody it's just Neal oh my god the resemblance is unfuckin candy I'm sending you that Neal there's a rule with these live streams and that rule is that when they go live things can be spoken into existence because I have a disproportionate amount of artists in my fans because some point you might accidentally speak something into existence we actually have fan art of scientist mell literally speaking things into existence while holding a d20 rod actually I my last interview is with scientist Mel awesome absolute that was fucking a lot of fun she is so much fun we didn't really talk we did a little bit about her deconversion but then her and I started getting into the whole chemistry thing you're talking about sciency stuff yeah so but she is so much fun there's a reason I'm a patron of hers so Jack the vulture in the chat has said for two dollars that pop-tarts are clearly dumplings but cereal but is cereal soup it is it's cold soup it's like it's like whether you just it's bocce or some shit like that it's Kellogg's in my conversation with Sirius we round up wine are coming to the conclusion that the chicken tenders are a sandwich because it's breaded there is bled on opposite sides of the meat look you know the woody called the kiss he had there for a while the double downs yes that's the sandwich the double down was amazing and a heart attack I know I ate six of them in one sitting and everyone was started we're at the like one of those um food courts in a mall and I ordered six these things because I'd always wanted to try them and I usually go like overboard with this shit and all the guys I was hanging this is it well after a yugioh tournament by the way and we're all hanging out in the in the in the food court and they're like did you just fucking order six yet he doubled he doubles down on double downs yeah and and and I had a crowd of people around me just waiting for me to fucking drop dead of heart attack it'd never have to use to work at a Hardee's and I would actually make DoubleDown sandwiches at Hardee's for my lunch breaks that's awesome they're so good I don't know okay that's a little close pal wait wait this is a little hold on I want to be able to see what you had for lunch yesterday oh oh hold on ready he's got a bun in the oven yeah it's gonna look like saucer it's gonna know what's gonna come out but it we can say that it's a sandwich yes because it came out of two buns yeah oh geez oh no no no no no wait so you're saying hold on it's coming out hammered out ladies and gentlemen he dropped a hammer at what the fuck happened it's a boy oh boy where the fuck I know where we gone people on fire he's turned into a plushie live huh it's gone for a lawful stupid – chaotic evil hilarious all right guys so if if if if you think that we need fan art that is a plushie Neal please press H in the chat however however if you disagree then please press G yes G for fuck you like a bazillion ages oh wait a minute you know what that means guys what that means oh you know what that means the chatters now Larry H take take a look at take a look at the stream if you aren't already right I want I want I want to see some fan art you guys can find me on Twitter by the way it's at 604 there at 604 atheist and I want fan art and whoever sends me that coolest picture my discretion it's gonna get one of my stickers [Laughter] right didn't see which is the kind of fan art too but this is the image they did for me when I coasted truth wanted with that's right with objectively Dan yeah I saw you on there and I got all jealous so as you do then you were on there to sirs I know right yeah many of us have been on there Dan's like amazing he's such an fuck you thinking I'm tall Dan makes me I have to look up a damn dance like seven-five know exactly how tall he is but that's how tall he is he's six seven I think you said Jesus Christ that's a tie no no no I had to put platform shoes on to be in the same level as me but him and is in the tile Christie fucking amazing people and Christie is also like incredibly short too because she is it's like the weirdest thing disease yeah like I don't know it's like hi Christy okay I know right welcome to the world welcome to the world we live in so we do have we are we are rapidly approaching the hour and a half mark yes got it maybe about two minutes left before we are we are at that that lovely stage of this conversation so okay you do realize that this is the real meat right ontologically that's more that's more likely to be service hey what were you gonna say we're about two hour and a half part know the things we're about to hit the hour and a half mark so is there anything else that we want to go ahead and hash out while we are here will not hash out because we don't actually have fights with Neil I'm pretty sure he'd curb-stomp us no no I'm against that kind of thing that it's like unnecessary violence necessary oh yeah I mean they're there I I can think of maybe two people in my life that I would probably want to do that to but nuts about is I don't I think that's overkill like people need their teeth anyway I would like to plug my soundcloud oh absolutely so go and send me a link to that by the way so I can put in the description yeah absolutely SoundCloud it's just SoundCloud our comm slash Neal Bernstein coz Bernstein is my actual real name last name and you'll find my band they're called lemonis which is Li mi and is and we do kind of varied sounds we have some acoustic we have some we there's a couple of tunes that I like to call our tribute to the 80 level scene and we do some harder core stuff and not like super hurt Kurt although I can do that but I haven't done that really in many of our Tunes yeah it's just like some sounds like classic rock some sounds like some neo new-age rock kind of shit it's it's all over the place because I always said if I was ever gonna make music like professionally and we'd been on the radio – but I didn't want to be one of those bands like fucking Nickelback where everything sounds exactly the same so we have a because a lot of our influences had very sounds like Sabbath and Zeppelin and rush then you know so also Neil I do I do actually need that link because apparently SoundCloud cannot find you what sound oh really okay hang on oh I'll post it in the chat for now yeah I can grab it from there okay no I don't want a fucking try Pro would you like to try the professional version I recommend a few songs I recommend are tangled dollhouse which is strictly acoustic on a 12 string and the doors are better I agree [Laughter] Kalen as opposed to the Oh Colin's here yeah cuz I stumble across Kalin Nadine Colin and in their own Nadine oh hi Nadine well cuz Cowan said that she's gonna come by so Nadine I just wanted to go head and throw this out there so there's plushie service here but what they deem does is infinitely stranger but also more amazing she makes lots of plushie dicks oh my god yes absolutely she makes she literally just makes knitted dick which is great she made this for me a little little time I wore it the other day in my earring I actually word hanging out of my earring everyone I got a few compliments on that just so you know Nadine because I never told you the only thing is is the little ring that was came with this that I could stick through it it broke that's okay I can't can barely see that what is that yeah I'll get it right into the cameras a little tiny ogre with a sword nice that is an adorable it's like a little Shrek except it looks exactly like Souris yeah this here is my swamp it's adorable all right so we got your soundcloud in the chat yep and we've got it in the description as well obviously we want to plug your channel yep I do I do the deconversion stories and we always we most of the time I'd say 90 plus percent of the time there's an after-party but there are occasions when I have things because you know I do have a life outside of this that I have pre committed to that I can't do an after party or whatever but I mean I've interviewed Aaron Ross if Andrews Thomas Westbrook who you guys know is Kohli kool-aid many many people they're known and I've also interviewed some fucking wonderful amazing people in the Atheist community that you may not know that some of them do have channels like lavender lady who does coffee with lavender and her shershow's are really a lot of fun and I've been on her Channel there's many and this this other guy I did one time fuckers his name really weird name source is that fucker ocean but he's totally not worth fault he's not wrong no he's not he's like one of my favorite dicks ever he's the one that introduced me to Berger when I was in Texas truth and what did I order chicken burger yeah you order that you ordered a chicken sandwich no the chicken ranch thing yeah Oh sandwich mm-hmm okay never mind we're not getting back on it's all the sandwich I mean everything everything is this in look out everything is a sandwich it's a sandwich yeah and I'm gonna copy paste your link into the chat guys that is Neil's channel Oh write to him for those who couldn't find it in the description yeah I'm just putting into the chat because guys you should go you should click that link you should go subscribe to Neil Neil is a channel that is is criminally under subscribed as I've said about him before and like he's the interviews with him honestly incredibly awesome to watch so definitely check him out good the double down pissed off it's tough a lot of vegans that's okay did it though like there are there are they in the chat getting mad about that oh Lisa Irwin just subscribe to me actually I had a couple since we've been doing this thanks Lisa yeah hope you enjoy what I have to offer yeah I mean hey vegan sister it's their choice to be what they want right if that's what the money I've had vegan food and a lot of it it's fucking amazing I'll tell you that dude no doubt like what is working on set as crew there be the vegan option sometimes would be like go for it go because I have the vegan option because it looks good right like on some sets it's just like what no you know what that's what I need right now is like some some greens man and yeah that's like Oh like yeah so it's usually really good stuff any closing words that was the perfect sound effect right after that oh you like that miss my Mario coin thing you know is every time I get a like a notification or sorry just like how ocean has the Ocarina of Time stuff every time he gets things I get a text message and it gives me an ocarina I'm message it's like the saving screen I guess I I do have a few closing words if less team cheddar a fellow thanks Dumbledore and yeah for me he's had a few of these already there's like beer that's a great word that's a great closing word all right and with that happy Thursday everybody happy Thursday guys sort it out and this was Neil the 604 atheist go subscribe to him he's an awesome dude or not kind of weird all like stay the fuck away from his channel holy shit no like a virus he's like herpes once you get him you've always got yeah happy towards everybody and sorry hidden the at least do we do anything are we doing it I'm just gonna all right here we go we're going to be so what's what's that deal what's up I was just gonna watch for service and I were both doing voice work for an upcoming Zod production I'm not gonna give you any more details than that I will say this though I I so I don't know how to sign off with the sambar is it by doing this you kept there we go yeah now I'm broadcasting from Australia will do will do

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  1. This was the most enjoyable live Stream that I have heard in a long time. Neil the 604 Atheist has me wishing that he was co-hosing with you and Ocean, rather than simply being a guest. I would definitely like to see him come back on some time.

  2. Suris! Able to catch the stream for the first time.

    Speaking on the scoville scale, Resiniferatoxin (RTX) has even the reaper beat by an extreme long shot sitting at *16 billion* scoville units. Fantastic Scishow video on RTX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBb436aT4j0


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