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Posted By on February 23, 2020

Guru Nanak Dev Ji had two followers Bala and Mardana one Hindu and one Muslim One day, Mardana told Guruji, I want to visit Mecca because a Muslim cannot be called a true Muslim unless he visits Mecca once in his lifetime. After hearing Mardana, guru ji agreed and accompanied them to Mecca. On reaching Mecca, Guru ji was very tired so he took some rest in a place made for pilgrims with his feet towards the Holy shrine Kabba. There was an attendant who looked after the pilgrims. His name was Zion. He got very angry on seeing Guruji sleeping with his feet towards Holy Kabba. He said, “Who is this man? Can’t you see that you are sleeping with your legs towards holy Kabba. Guru said, ” Don’t get angry. I am very tired and I need some rest I also believe in Allah like you do that’s the reason I have come here I don’t know in which side Allah lives. If you know then turn my feet where Allah doesn’t lives. Ok I will turn your feet. Zion held his feet and turned Guru ji, but to his surprise, he visualized that Kabba also moved in whichever direction he turned Guruji’s feet. On seeing this, he sensed that this man is no ordinary person, he is the son of God. Allah! You are the son of God. Please forgive me. My son, God doesn’t live in any one direction. He lives in the heart of one’s soul. Do good work and always keep God in heart. This is the true worship of God.

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