Guided Christian Meditation: Legacy of Faith

Posted By on June 13, 2019

welcome and thanks for meditating with abide for more guided Christian meditations download the abide app in the iTunes or Google Play Store do you remember when you first accepted Jesus the joy the Hope the amazing prayer time but since then if you're honest have things cooled down a bit God wants you and me to be in love with him filled with gratitude hope thankfulness and joy he saved us from ourselves from sin from separation from him from hopelessness and despair he has given us life breath strength and eternity with him the only proper response to this great love and grace is absolute devotion our joy should produce in us such a humility and love of God that we are eager and quick to obey Him but what do we give to the one who has given us everything our aim should be to please our God and King and all he asks of us in return is our love and obedience in the book of Revelation a letter is written to the church at Ephesus who Jesus claims has lost their first love their first love of Jesus but do you ate for those joyful feelings of first love again well join me as we meditate reflect and pray about joy in Christ from Psalm chapter 51 verse 12 but before we begin please join me in a time of opening prayer dear Jesus you saved me it almost sounds cliche as I say it because those words have been said so often but I really mean it from the darkness from the pit you saved me you saved me please help me to understand that in a fresh new way today every day restore my faith every morning never let me forget the gravity of my sin and what you saved me from and what you've done for my life and it's in the name of Jesus that I pray amen so as we begin now I want you to remember that today is about joy but it's also about humility so if you're able I want you to get all the way down onto the floor bow with your whole body not just your head find a position that helps you remember to humble yourself in the presence of the most holy God find time now find margin to be still quiet and humbled before God staying there for a moment with your eyes still closed consider what is blocking you today what is distracting you what's keeping you from connecting with God confess that now he is the god of salvation that is no small thing he is the God who redeems and renews give him your ear now listen carefully to what he has to say to you as I read David's prayer from Psalm chapter 51 verse 12 restore to me the joy of my salvation and make me willing to obey you what parts stood out to you once you listen to that again carefully restore to me the joy of my salvation and make me willing to obey you do you need restoration joy a willing obedience take several moments now and talk to God about that Jesus saved you from sin and death and separation and saved you to eternal life in union with him this should create such a joy in your heart that obeying him is a delight so take a moment to remember what Jesus has saved you from and saved you to let those thoughts be a prayer of praise with I still closed listen again as I read from Psalm chapter 51 verse 12 restore to me the joy of my salvation and sustained me with a willing spirit which word is speaking to you right now what do you need today talk to God about that the more you say a word often the less it means salvation is the very foundation of our faith so we hear about it a lot after a while we begin to take it for granted perhaps we seek other more complex ideas to learn about and to teach on Sunday morning so let's get back to the basics do you find joy in your salvation why or why not let that question be your meditation do you find joy in your salvation the second half of this verse is about a willing and obedient spirit this version uses the word sustained so a willing obedience isn't about checking a box it's about supporting you and bracing you it's about keeping your spirit whole and healthy and nourished repeat the words from the second half of Psalm 51 12 is your prayer sustain me with a willing spirit sustain me with a willing spirit sustain me with a willing spirit continue with that in your time of meditation listen one and final time as I read and you reflect on Psalm chapter 51 verse 12 restored to me the joy of my salvation and make me willing to obey you restoration is peaceful and lovely but it takes some serious work to achieve using your imagination I want you to picture a house an old house the kind they pick on those renovation TV shows it's obvious it was built to be beautiful but time and neglect have taken its toll so as you look at that house imagine your heart as that old house how rundown is it how much work does it need keep your imagination and your eyes focused on that house as your heart so today is demolition day it's the first and biggest step in any restoration to get rid of the old and rotting and uncover the secret beauty that has long been forgotten in order to restore the joy of your salvation what needs to go first keeping your imagination centered on that house ask yourself that question in order to restore your joy what needs to be demolished first you now it's time for the rebuilding what new lessons have you learned what has God shown you about himself lately what old worn-out lessons might mean something new to you today if you aren't sure ask God now to teach you something new to remodel to rebuild your joy let that be your meditation the Big Finish takes a while don't be frustrated if you don't feel that joy today but today is a good place to start ask God now to do his work in your life so that you understand the free gift of salvation in a whole new way take a moment now to reflect on that to be patient for that join me now in a time of closing prayer dear God would you even now fill me with the joy I had when I was first Saved by you forgive me for losing my passion and excitement for your word my devotion to you in prayer and my unquenchable desire to spread your gospel with everyone let this joy fill me with great desire to please and obey you I admit that I've gotten lazy and comfortable in my salvation forgetting that there are hurting and lost people all around me I've done a poor job obeying you lately forgive me Lord thank you for your forgiveness let the joy of your salvation create a ready and willing heart in me to please you in everything that I do and it's in Jesus name that I pray amen getting back to the normal things feels well normal falling back into routines without taking time to absorb what you've learned will cause you to forget the things you prayed today so just one more moment longer what did you learn today what did God spark in you in your prayer I hope you will commit to praying Psalm 51 regularly ask him several times every day to restore the joy of your salvation I hope you do set aside time to read Psalm 51 today and just even that portion to restore the joy of your salvation and I hope it reminds you of your first love and that that reminder brings you into that place of peace that lasts throughout your day as you continue to meditate reflect pray and abide in Christ we hope this meditation brought you peace for more Christian meditations download the abide out in iTunes or the Google Play Store

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