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today we're going to discuss my favorite topic as always at this point in time Google my business optimization okay now this is my favorite topic at this point because Google my business if optimized properly is going to get you a lot of phone calls for your business and maybe it's not a lot but it's gonna get you the high quality of phone calls from people who are searching and want to buy from you right so we want to optimize our Google my business listing and my job is to help you figure out a way how to optimize your Google my business listings so that when people are searching Google for somebody who's a specialist on what they're looking for you're the person that shows up they give you a call and you provide the service and get the money I wanted to say get the money first but you need to provide a high-value service all right don't forget that be a good business practitioner and then you're gonna make a lot of money but my job is to help you get those phone calls so today I want to talk about something that's very interesting because people inherently are very interesting themselves so I want to talk about key word modifiers and how Google is how Google's algorithm looks at cured modifiers and what you can do to show up on Google when people search different things related to what you are doing so what am I talking about right let's use an example so a keyword modifier is something that goes before or after the main keyword that modifies the entire search phrase so what I mean by that let's say you are a Los Angeles dentist okay and a the keyword itself the main keyword would be Los Angeles dentists right and you would see people showing up so what usually we do is we optimize for Los Angeles dentist right but with key word modifiers you have a scenario where somebody could search something like Best Los Angeles dentist what's interesting with Google is when somebody searches something like Best Los Angeles dentist or top Los Angeles dentists or highly rated Los Angeles dentists right these are all front-loaded key modifiers and Google's gonna show different results based on those keyword modifiers right so if somebody searches Los Angeles dentist and then somebody else searches best Los Angeles dentist these people will actually get different results in Google's map pack in the Google search results right which is very interesting so our job is to figure out hey how can we tell Google were relevant for all of these different keyword modifiers inside of Google so that we show up in every single scenario if somebody searches best if somebody searches highly rated if somebody searches all the possible variations of our keywords we want to show up so I'm gonna show you how to do that in a minute here yeah and and what's interesting is these keyword modifiers they actually they differ based on the niche right the different based on the business that you provide so let's say if you're a plumber your keyword modifiers could be something like emergency 24 hour plumber right you know on-call plumber right these are all different keyword modifiers but you want to show up for all of them because that is going to generate the most you know visibility for you and it's going to generate the most phone calls for you which is ultimately the thing that you want the most at this point all right so Before we jump into my computer I just want to mention that if you are interested enjoying a a group in my kind of my private group we're actually looking to your business I help you out with your rule my business help you out with ranking et cetera leave me a comment down below this is a very limited group this is not just a big random group where it's just a bunch of different people talking about you know stuff and spamming now this is a very limited group of very specific people who I want to help and yeah it's going to be you emailing me and I'll talk to you and if I like you if I want to work with you then you know if we if we fit for each other then you know I'll invite you to join the group so if that's something that you're interested in if you're a business owner if you own an agency and you want me to help you with your Google my is optimization leave a comment down below and we'll discuss it there but without further further ado let's jump into my laptop and we're gonna look into these keyword modifiers and what you can do on your website to make sure that you show up on Google when all these different keyword modifiers are in place all right let's go alright so inside the computer let's look at the example that I mentioned earlier a Los Angeles dentist all right so when we type in Los Angeles dentist Bryant we press search we have a bunch of Google my business listings pop up Los Angeles is very competitive so this is a pretty good example right so what we have here is dr. bill Dorfman who were Dental Center Westside dental associates okay these are the recommended things that Google is recommending to you as the potential potential searcher right so dr. bill Dorfman Hoover dental Hoover Dental Center and Westside dental associates now here's the key when we type in something different like best dentist Los Angeles right we get we still get dr. bill Dorfman but we get downtown dental now and blue pearl dentistry okay so that's one keyword modifier that we can look and say hmm dr. bill dill Dorfman is showing up and he's the only one that showed up for both and then Google picked the other two to show up now let's type in something else let's type in the top or reviewed right okay so we get the same same results here let's type in something else let's type in you know highest rated top reviewed there we go let's type an affordable dentist Los Angeles there we go we get completely different results right so this is what I mean by keyword modifiers and they could be before the main keyword term in this case the main keyword term was dentist Los Angeles or they could be after the main keyword term right but in any case their keyword modifiers and you want to get as many keyword modifiers as possible on your website so what do I mean by keyword modifiers and how do how do you get them on the website more specifically so let's look into them so let's say a for de belen ttle was my client and I was consulting them here's here's the way that I would look at it so I would go on their website right and I would see all right what are they what are they doing okay nice beautiful website looks good looks clean all right they have some text very good right so they're showing up for affordable dental right fordable dentist Los Angeles and as you can see that the keyword the the reason why Google is showing them in the Affordable dentist Los Angeles keyword is because they have the affordable dental right in their main headline here right in their logo they have affordable dental they literally have the word affordable right so Google has the ability to scan websites and to pick up different keywords on the website and then it actually ranks your Google my business based on the keywords that it picks up on the website which is very which is very important all right so now we need to figure out okay because Google picks up on the words that are on our website which are called keywords how do we show up on all different kinds of keywords on our Google my business listing when people search up all different kinds of keywords here's what I would do right so we go back to Google and we type type in dentist Los Angeles okay we type in the main keyword all right and what we do is we just go we're gonna start with the front keyword modifier so we just press space we go we press the arrow key and go back and we just type in 8 all right and then Google has all these great suggestions which is things that people are searching for but these are things you can also use for signal ideas as to what triggers a Maps listing for keyword modifiers so let's say there's affordable what you want to do is open an excel sheet okay and you want to put your main keyword here right in the front so we're gonna type in dentist Los Angeles okay and in the other column you just want to start listing all these different keyword modifiers so in this case it's a four double okay next so and you want these keyword modifiers to trigger the Google Maps listing so when I press affordable dentist Los Angeles see a Maps listing pops up right so these are the kind of keyword modifiers that we're looking for so let's continue forward type in B now okay best dentists Los Angeles boom does that trigger a Maps listing yes it does we go back oops we go back to our excel sheet – best okay what's next for B look biological door yeah biological dentist Los Angeles best cousin magic dentists Los Angeles best pediatric I mean there's just so many next C cosmetic dentist cheap dentist Russians no snow insurance celebrity dentists right maybe you want to rank for celebrity dentists does that trigger a Maps listing no it doesn't I mean it triggers one but don't don't follow that it needs to be it needs to trigger a big map pack let's go deep dog dentist right huh I don't know it could be a special team that's what you're into emergency dentist Los Angeles right a lot of dentists have not a lot some some have this service does it trigger a map pack yes it does if you perform emergency dental work right this keyword down let's say you're just a typical dentistry office you know just does a normal you does a normal practice nine to five practice we're gonna skip this keyword app free dental signage French dentists female dents right interesting female dentist hmm maybe some people want female dentist when you when you press that unfortunately it does not trigger a map pack okay continue FG cake dentist Los Angeles right good dentist Los Angeles there we go good dentist Los Angeles triggers a map pack alright so you want to be in that map pack right right down good and work your way through all of these keyword modifiers from the letter A so letter Z in the front of the main keyword and in the back of the main keyword right so in this case let's look at the back of the main keyword I press I type in the key word press space and type in eight what shows up emergency in this area so emergency dentist Los Angeles area so let's type in dentist Los Angeles area does that trigger a map spec yes it does it triggers a map pack but guess what look at the results they're all completely different now that's what I'm trying to get at you right so right this keyword or this keyword modifier down boom area let's move on be okay see all right so I'm not gonna go through all of this but you get the point and this can be done to to any business type right I know a good one is near me right I just from practice already know so boom dentist Los Angeles near me as you can see Bill dr. bill Dorfman is he something's gone right right he's either he's probably optimized right that's why he's showing up for a lot of these not all of them but a lot that's good Hoover already saw Danny I haven't seen before so see it all depends on the keyword modifier so right down near me that's a big one but go through the entire alphabet see if you can find as many of these keyword modifiers as possible all right so what we're gonna do now okay after we found all of these keyword modifiers we want to so if I was consulting Danny right and I would say Danny would tell me okay Dennis how can I you know how can I show up on Google for all of these different keyword and modifiers I would go on his Google my business and on his with all my business he has a page on his website connected to his Google my business okay so William pressed website there we go and in his case it's just his homepage that's connected to the Google my business so you press on the website option on the who my business and it goes to doctor Danny's homepage cool that's fine totally fine cool cool cool you know looks good right no complaint what I would do right is at the bottom here at the bottom if I was designing this website let me open up a word doc one second here so if I was designing Denny's website right and then he's like okay you know what optimize this website for me what I would do is I would make an h2 tank all right and I would either write a big paragraph or make a bunch of smaller bulleted points and each one of them and in each sentence whether that's in the paragraph or in each bullet point I would mention one key word modifier so if we go back to our excel sheet and we look at these different key word modifiers I would write something like so the first key word modifier is affordable okay so on the main home page on the page that's connected to the Google my business somewhere at the bottom right I would just make all of these I would either make a paragraph or all these different bullet points these are not really meant for people but this is why you put them at the bottom not too big of a font this is more meant for google it it doesn't look the best but make it readable as though a normal human should be able to read it meaning that if one of the keyword modifiers is affordable and your dental practice or your business actually wants to get phone calls from people who are looking for more affordable options right use some logic here then what you would do is you'd write something like you know we are an affordable dental clinic in East Los Angeles boom all right you can make that a bullet point you can make it into a small paragraph the point here is that you got the keyword affordable you got the keyword modifier affordable into the sentence and now Google is gonna scan it it's gonna pick up that you have affordable on your website and you're actually going to start ranking well hopefully right if everything else is fine on your web so you're gonna start ranking on for the keyword affordable for your Google my business all right next best right so let's say best um you know doctor Danny is considered the the best then so crack crack practitioner teach in the Los Angeles area right now I would mention Los Angeles in some senses I would not and others you don't want to over stuff you want to make it sound natural and let's do the last one near me all right this is kind of a different slightly different term now here's another point to consider before we get too near me see in the second one I typed in documenting is considered to be the best dental practitioner in the Los Angeles area so if you look down on our keyword modifier list we actually have area as one of the keyword modifiers so what's nice with these bulleted points or with your paragraph is you don't have to repeat them twice so if you mention area in one of your you know let's say you were going for best but you also mention area that's fine that's great so you don't have to you know make as all these bullet or points for separate words if you mentioned one of the words in a previous sentence that's great that's wonderful and but the main goal is to make it sound natural make it some sound like something a human can actually read a human can read this it's a little weird but a human can still kind of read it you know take it as is on the website and most people still don't even go on websites they just see five stars they just call like they don't even go on the website right which is something that something that you consider as well yeah so mere meet your mia near me it's a little tougher but something like a great dentist near me is considered doctor Danny all right guys please be creative but the point is it's a little strange right it's not you know it's not the most natural sounding but this is why you put out at the bottom but make it creative come up with something make these bulleted points put them in an h2 tag and put them at the bottom of your website right so again Google's gonna pick these up its gonna start ranking your website and actually had a funny example I actually just made a bunch of like I made about eight of these different sentences all of these different bullet points and I just put those sentences up on a blank page didn't do anything that page started ranking in my local city just blank page just with those sentences right so this is kinda showing you the power of you know when you do things their proper way manner you should be ranking best right sometimes stop as sometimes it is fast but you know fast fast is the goal one more thing to consider this is a mistake I made I'm a designer so I have a little bit more flexibility than most people to kind of tweak the web web design and things like that so what actually did that back in the day and I do not do this is I actually made all of these different bulleted points because I didn't want people to see them actually had a white background on the website and actually colored all of these words in white now Google can see that and what's interesting is that Google can actually penalize you for that so don't do that right especially for a client don't do things that are funky right it would rather take rather have Google take its time and slowly rank you then to penalize you and potentially destroy all of your rankings because you did a silly mistake trying to cut a head and trying to make a shortcut to gain game the system and to gain rankings all right so make it the user user ability don't make it just for Google make you for people as well and although this does not sound super natural put at the bottom deal with it make it somewhat nice-looking maybe you can write maybe you can make an entire paragraph out of all your key word modifiers you know but you have to be a little bit more creative than me all right this is the best I can do at this point so that is another super practical super super super up to my step two what you can do to your Google my business I mean these are crazy crazy sites to how you can rank your Google my business and if you're not realizing this your website plays a major role to where your Google my business ranks within the map ech so um this is just one of the videos I'll probably be shooting some more videos on some more details on how to rank your Google my business but this is a great strategy to help you on your journey to rank higher within the Google map pack alright I hope you enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching if you're still interested in the program in the small more more or less of a small mastermind with me that's what I'm thinking I'm gonna do so far it might be different by the time you're watching this it might be something completely different the program might be closed I don't know but at this point if you're interested in a in a group where I can actually help you with your Google my business I can help you optimize it and I'll be there you know actively talking to other members are talking to you more of a you know it's very small group where I can focus my attention to you if that's something you'd be interested in and leave a comment down below and I'll reach out alright other than that thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye

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  1. I don't think your website has that much to do with your effectiveness. And local search I see so many listings without websites in the top three


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