Google Ads – What is a Negative Keyword and how it works

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hi everybody my name is Roman and today we are going to talk about negative keywords in Google ads and negative keywords is the last step we need to do before we actually go and create the keywords for our business so what is a negative keyword negative keyword is something that helps us to exclude a part of the traffic of existing keywords it looks like the negative keywords is a completely opposite thing to positive keywords but in fact it's not like that the problem is like positive keyword gives us a chance of just the keyword give us a chance to show our ad on different users search queries and positive keywords can be used on its own you can just create a keyword and you can show the add negative keywords helps us to click exclude something from existing positive keywords if you don't have a single keyword negative keyword will dilute useless so negative keywords helps us to exclude something already existing in positive keywords but which is not relevant for us anymore or at all so imagine we are selling swimming pools somewhere let it let it be new and we do not repair or fix these swimming pools we just sell them and when we have a phrase keyword swimming pool which our money helps us to show our ad on anything that contains swimming pool in this order and nothing in between so by swimming pool swimming pool by would be okay but pool swimming won't and we have three people actually seen our ad first guy was looking for swimming pool by which is very relevant for us and we actually like this guy second guy was looking for swimming pool price these guys probably looking for the cheapest option or close to the cheapest it's almost like the first guy but a little bit different he is very concentrated about the price from the very first step and the third guy was looking why he's soon police green yes this guy is not very lucky but we can't help him actually we can try to sell him a swimming pool he is not ready probably he right now I was looking for some of the cheapest options to fix his swimming pool so we actually don't want us this guy to see our keywords so we don't actually want this guy see our ads so we wanted to exclude these kind of search queries first of all we need to group this guy in two different groups first group is something positive for us but we want to treat them separately because we wanted to show the best option for the first guy and the cheapest option for the second guy the third guy we don't actually want to see him in our our ads so it will look like that we will create a separate exact match keyword for the first guy to make an exact match and have the best ever answer and the same we will do for the second guy for the third guy we want just to exclude that kind of keywords and if we will try to exclude something for example just imagine we want to exclude all people that have green in the search query that will make sense and you probably want also to exclude why but let's stop on the green for this time because we actually don't have green pools and I don't know a lot of people that sells green pools they'll just exclude the word green so we have for learnings here we don't sell green swimming pools we don't repair swimming pools we want to serve best keywords with a separate ads and we don't don't wanna – keywords to serve the same search queries and this is very important part if you have two different keywords for example swimming pools and swimming pools buy and both of these keywords actually being shown on a swimming pool buy as a search query you will never know which keyword gets the data and you don't want that situation because you wanted to see how each keyword performs and if this particular keyword is not performing well you just exclude it it's very important part but we will move to it a little bit later so what we wanted to do and because negative keywords exactly like a positive keywords in terms of match types we wanted to exclude from an our phrase swimming pool keyword exact match of swimming pool by that means that swimming pool will be shown each time people are looking for something that contains these two words in this order but if this is exactly swimming pool boy or swimming pool price these three words in these particular order these keyword won't be triggered so it won't our ad will won't be shown from that keyword which will be shown from different keyword and the second thing we wanted to exclude green in the phrase match type wine a phrase match type it's very important because you also can exclude from a broad modified but if you just add a broad keyword as a negative you probably will exclude something extra and you don't want to do that you just want to something that contains green and 100% chance of doing that it's just exclude green as a main of is a phrase match type you also can add just as an example why word also there because I don't know people that are looking looking for buying a swimming pool and start their search query with the word why why I don't lie down by swimming pool that doesn't make sense for me so just a little bit visualization here first type of excluding something that is already existed in is another keyword or exclude is something that is not relevant for us for example we sell a car but we don't sell a used car and the bias used car is a subset is something that is also included in by car we just add used as a negative to buy car in that case anyway any people anybody that is looking for used cars won't see our ads the second situation when I have a lot of sub setting keywords like buy car buy a new car buy a new red car and the first guy that is looking just for buy a car we can show him the best car we have or the cheapest car have big eye is looking buy a new car we will try to show him the newest car we have in our salon and for the guy who is looking for by a new red car red car will show the red car we have so this is three different ads with three different landing pages for the three different products we want to show so in that particular situation we will create a red negative keyword to B and C keywords and also a new threat like a new keyword as a negative to seek keyword so by car with the negatives new and negatives rad and buy a new car with a negative rat so thank you very much that was a negative keyword theory we are going to actually implement this in the next video I will show you how to do and how to separate and conquer the world with creating correct positive and negative keywords and we will definitely come back to these topic again and again because negative ation over keywords is something that you do every day for a very long time I'm working in SEM for six years already and believe me I do negatives in all my account at least three four times a week because it's something like breathing the air or drinking water this is a very crucial very important and just a small inside before we stop did you know that 20% of search queries so 20% of people of what people typing inside Google absolutely unique queries that never repeated people are very strange people are strange we are strange and that's why negative ation is very very important thank you very much like this video ask your questions in the comment session and subscribe bye bye

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