“Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief” Alex Gibney Propaganda

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Alex Gibney spent 2 years secretly
producing a film on Scientology — a film he refers to as a “documentary.” Documentary… it’s a word that conjures up
images of legitimate investigation and fact-based reporting. But in Gibney’s case there is
precious little evidence of either one. During those two years of production, Gibney entirely avoided
direct interaction with the Church— never once taking the time to contact
the very subjects of his project. When Gibney finally emerged from seclusion,
he presented a one-sided and false diatribe that can scarcely be called journalism. Of course, considering Gibney’s “pedigree”,
this is no surprise. His father, Frank Gibney,
maintained a public persona as a journalist. But according to a Congressional Report
and the New York Times, Frank Gibney was part of a
covert CIA operation to release propaganda through book publishing
and the media. Apparently the apple
doesn’t fall far from the tree. Because Alex Gibney’s HBO piece
is textbook propaganda. Gibney hand picking his sources
to serve his version of the truth. Among his sources –
Mark “Marty” Rathbun – “Shut the fuck up.” – a professional anti-Scientologist
with deep-seated anger issues who was expelled from the Church
more than a decade ago. Gibney quotes Rathbun extensively, including one fabricated morsel
in which his prized “source” describes a Church facility
as a “prison camp.” A buzzword guaranteed to manipulate
public misperception. Gibney exhibits a shameful
lack of originality with his dramatization of this
so-called “prison camp” … – ants crawling up a wall. It’s an old cheap propaganda trick borrowed from one of the most
reprehensible films of all time. … laughable were the intent not so vicious. Of course, Gibney never actually showed the
place he’s supposedly “documenting.” He didn’t want to.
That would have ruined his story. So let’s take a look at what Gibney –
sight unseen – calls a “prison camp”… Located in Southern California, the facility
includes an exquisitely appointed state-of-the-art audiovisual production
facility spanning 500 acres. The property is a self-contained movie studio
dedicated to film and video productions that advance the Church’s religious mission. And it features immaculate
administrative offices as well as dedicated spaces
for every aspect of filmmaking. This is the Church’s Film Studio –
aptly known as the “Castle.” It’s home to one of the largest
sound stages in the world… And it’s open for public tours. The sound stage itself
is more than three stories tall and is large enough to accommodate
four professional basketball courts. Yes, this IS the spot Gibney portrays with
ants crawling up a wall. Here’s more of the reality – the film and
video editing facilities – with more than a dozen
high definition editing bays. … a full music recording and mixing area serving every film and video
produced at the studio. It includes this greenroom for musicians
and singers between takes. Add to all of that a music composition room
for scoring— outfitted with the most advanced
equipment in existence. The Music Mix room is capable of producing
everything from stereo mixes to full, theater-quality
5.1-surround sound. But Alex Gibney showed none of this. Instead, he showed ants. He could have shown the administrative
offices for Church management. Here’s the reception. Here’s the conference room. And the central courtyard. But Gibney stayed true to his agenda and left
all of it out of his so-called “documentary.” Even the park just outside the offices. What did Gibney show instead? Ants. And while Gibney himself has said, “The thing I worry about most
is getting it wrong…” Gibney couldn’t have gotten it more wrong. After all, this is also the place Gibney
dismissed as a “prison camp.” Here are the staff’s living quarters. These are the staff apartments, each building with its own two-story
lounge and library. And here are the apartments themselves. The housekeeping facilities
include a central laundry that does the staff’s washing,
dry cleaning and even irons their bed linen. While as for the rest of the amenities –
here is the staff dining room, with a professional kitchen to accommodate
hundreds at every meal. Instead of all of this, Alex Gibney showed … … ants. Gibney might have shown any of the
recreational facilities, like this communal pool and barbecue area. Or the tennis courts… … the basketball courts… Or the sand volleyball courts… The baseball diamond… The soccer field… Or the property’s own golf course and
clubhouse where public events are held. All of this is the alleged “prison camp”. But Gibney wasn’t interested in the truth. Because that would have ruined
the story he wanted to tell. Gibney’s deceit can be proven
with just a click. Because every bit of this footage is viewable on the Church’s web site –
and has been for years. An actual “documentarian” would have shown
the place he was “documenting.” A propagandist will show you this: And Gibney’s star witness,
the one who called it a “prison camp”? He used to live at the place. Here’s where he lived
after he was removed from the Church. … a far cry from the Church’s
workers’ paradise…. … a place he called a prison camp,
that’s actually more like Club Med. Then again, this is a guy known to have
a skewed view of reality — as evidenced by his frequent
aggressive outbursts. “Do you hear me?” And the way he addresses his congregation. “Shut the fuck up.” But Alex Gibney can hide behind
no such excuse. He’s simply dishonest, and carrying out a
prejudicial agenda. Gibney was offered the opportunity to meet
with Church staff and parishioners on 14 separate occasions. In fact, Sheila Nevins, HBO’s head of
documentary programming, received the same repeated invitations. But both flatly refused. So there’s really no other explanation
for the fictitious narrative contrived by author Lawrence Wright,
strung together by Alex Gibney and rubber-stamped by Sheila Nevins. All three determined
to make sure that the truth never got in the way
of their false propaganda. And so they give you… Ants.

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  1. #AlexGibney' & #HBODocs' #GoingClear resorts to a staged ant scene to support his propaganda. http://youtu.be/vfI54h4Jhdk

  2. How would #alexgibney know what it’s like inside the Church when he never visited one in the two years making #GoingClear? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfI54h4Jhdk

  3. You only make things worse for yourselves when you try to bash those who call you out and disagree with you.


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