Gods'School / The Olympian gods Episode 1 [Pilot Episode]

Posted By on May 30, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. Check out the new promo video of Gods'School for more info https://youtu.be/JZcl4mh3naM

  2. Introducing Paris the mortal
    * sigh *
    (Nothing against the choice, I've just grown to hate that pussy's guts over the past idk how many years)

  3. No thanks already seen one show like this (link at end of this comment) and it wasn't that good either, and this one looks like Bratz and it were merged together https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kuqf9PucS0I

  4. i really like the idea so far and i'm excited for more but there are some issues:
    1- the pacing is kind of off as in there’s too large a pause between some of the characters’ lines
    2- the quality of the mic for some characters seems to be different like with the sphinx, who’s a bit too loud and sounds slightly staticky?
    3- the story is jumping slightly awkwardly (for example it would have been better to have the aries aphrodite drama during kronos’ intro be uncommented on since it would have lent to some subtlety)
    4- i think it would be better to have some more ambient noise like chatter for example in scenes with large groups of people, or some more background music (speaking of bg music it would be cool if there were motifs for characters or themes that develop through the series but that’s a bit much to ask for now lol)
    5- the animation is very nice and smooth and facial expressions are good, but some more panning rather than cutting to different characters would be better and smoother. panning over large groups of people more often might also be good but it’s not that necessary
    6- the drama surrounding eris is very forced right now it’s not ‘believable’ even with suspension of disbelief so i think it would have been better had it grown in intensity as the series progressed and she made errors. it would have been good if at this point it was a mild distrust towards her rather than full blown hatred as shown with hera. in general the dialogue is kind of awkward even without the pauses and very cheesy, and the interactions between characters are so forced
    7- as the series progresses it would be interesting to see some more camera angles used to increase the impact of certain events
    8- slight variation in the women's designs would be nice to see as well (they all look too similar right now even with different colour palettes) and there's nothing to immediately distinguish which goddess they're supposed to be

  5. I would recommend having some more background music as right now it's very stiff and awkward, as well as some other ambient audio like background chatter etc. Also instead of having so many cuts, some more panning to different characters or locations would be smoother. Other than that it's an interesting concept and the animation style and voice acting are good!

  6. i thought she was the daughter of hades… guess i was wrong so…. she's Eris or Eros the goddess of Love?

  7. Character designs are really cute, and I like the idea, but the pacing is a bit weird and you guys REALLY need to get someone on that sound design issue.

  8. Can we get some variation to shapes of the ladies faces? It really feels kind of cheap that you have all that going on for all the males but the lady that kind of feels like you just copy-pasted then you some different coloring.


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