God Of War Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 – Finally Some Upgrades πŸ”₯ (God of War 4) (2018)

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oh my god fry wondering like why episode 3 and this abruptly cuz this part right here I didn't doubt on this I doubt on this the amount of times LeBron said he was one win the championship in a row in Miami I'm not I lied to you it's ridiculous I changed my controls of the classic I'm gonna try it out I'm gonna have to now try to remember these controls but here are the controls instead of being r1 and r2 to attack we're looking at square in triangle everything else is the same except for the ax recall in the UM I could command my son with our – we are getting beast it we are they give me a shower on its difficulty and I need y'all to pray for me y'all bout to see me and I'm just gonna warn you right now so Michael but I want platinum this get your platinum level fucking ass out of the comments we don't care I am a regular person alright dan I'm fan I didn't forget the controls already bro put the axe away put it away you're playing for a couple hours with the default control I feel like I'm a panic push the wrong button at some point during this this video let it ride no brah smash the white walkers head in now we got to worry about this bitch alright to beat her we will have to shoot a whole lotta arrows Jesus oh my god man look at that look at that already already added with the poison SC cannot pass this part without Dylan with her first come on I'll try to get her first because she's the one with the poison little minions are the worst gotta stay patient Brock can't rush up in there that actually hit me I'm own l1 apparently not all she do is write look at this saving my spark rage saving it I hit some poison that's great look at this man rubbing it down okay all right oh she's not down get that revenue all right she's down now all right come on okay perfect look a little bit better I want to throw them a tax y'all but yeah I can't even find time to do it stay patient oh man we start so well – oh my god bro isn't it's family okay shoot oh that was close don't worry about it I got it [Applause] come on oh my god oh my goodness thank you son thank you thank you thank you okay now we gonna deal with cheesy little bitch come here oh man I was stuck on this part for like 20 minutes dealing with these hoes cuz like running in there you know just whooping ass like you did any other games it doesn't seem like that's gonna work on here so that's unfortunate but maybe as I get my skills and stuff up it might work better I don't know but as you can see right there I had to spin basically the most important thing seems like God something's resetting the bridge yeah say down there uh if you if you can dodge you feel like you need to come on the brow I feel like you need to dodge more more than more than you attack at least early in the game so I'll get my armor okay now I don't want to get too far because there's that room back there we obviously need to get over there okay oh what's that smell coworkers they're untouched look someone start the fires Sigmund you're nice so many days without meat wait us behind me what if they change like the others we'll have to keep them alive strip off their meat this fight is mine alone will get mad me and this is what I'm talking about brain beating bring me the scrubs they just disintegrate I don't know what that is we're not dealing with you betrayus god excellent flow and dagger flow knife floats or close your heart to it come then we have a long wait here I will handle this back it up back up oh how do you see you oh that's not good what come on man that shit was up Brock come on man I might ahead I might head a little bit slobber on my lip right here you Lisa comment don't even don't zoom in on it don't show me no pictures on Twitter I just got beat by two but dudes though yeah I gotta get my um my bear my bear attacks together I didn't think these will this won't work on about get it look how slow to stun meter fills up I got to get the upgrades for that that's why I'm saving my own my XP I might have enough now so I need to look at that they came back came back it is finished and collect yourself we must find a way out okay we have to escape zero ease the chain looks like we're gonna go up and around before we do that we suddenly got wind even got 1,300 XP yet so the upgrade I was looking at is um we over the skills it's right in the shield combat section it's these ones right here inflict a moderate amount of sun damage if we hold square we can sweep we can handle with the the Mortal Kombat suite and add additional stun damage which which we are going to need so I'm at like how they did the combat you're not amazing some of the enemies you just you can't use your accent won't work won't do anything however there's always a way out there's absolutely a way out see if we could survey the area well can I give him a boost he can't climb up there yeah go drop the chain okay Kratos told me he wasn't ready he definitely ain't ready hey ready for these fades you see him he killed one dude he trembling he don't even know what to do I didn't kill thousands of bitches millions I'm covered in the ashes you saying I'm saying a tres Jane Jane right now you better get a move on it Sal you are in your head boy let it go you would have killed you know I had to do it I do know we will go home boy what do give up this easily so close to the start wait no I'm not giving up I can do this I just have to you know catch my breath come on up I'm ready you keep saying you ready you ain't ready you stabbed one dude with the small dagger that was about to kill you you you know you're not ready you have no idea the things we've done son all for the love of wheat paste we did it for love Raj listen to me to be effective in combat a warrior must not feel for his enemy the road ahead is long and unforgiving no place for a boy you must be a warrior understand I heard there was like a photo mode in this game I've never really use those modes I missed I missed a lot of chests along the way by the way I looked at it I look it up it's a whole lot of them look at this bird can't could you slow like cock lump across the bridge yeah it's because she's scared of something in the trees over these what now father throw your axe of those trees on the other side of the bridge the ones with the white trunks all right you must be smart or something boy your boy aren't you I ever knew no no bastard eh never asked mine zwei never Esther's what's yours say yeah you're not gonna believe me but that axe you got it was me what made her me and my brother was one of our best so don't let nobody else go work on herself or us – you got a handle or special or she'll wreck beyond fixin I get an answer for you right now if it so pleases you son-of-a-bitch so let's see you you all right I do not believe you come boy there's a room in the shape of a fork under the grip that was our brand my brother and me before we split I got half of it right here see look you want ice it up greater or not very well I expect an improvement so where's the other half of the brand oh my gum brothers got it but I got all the talent look sure I'm open finally we can do our first upgrade of the game welcome to the Dwarven shop from here you can upgrade equipment you already own or cracked entirely new equipment press rights to go see upgrade menu Broca's giving you a frozen flame a rare resource resource found and the world can be used resources get David Floyd hi i'm floyd mayweather resources found in the world can be used to crash and upgrade your equipment okay so we have one frozen flame we want to it requires resources okay upgrade of the live labia thin axe successful new skills are now available in the skills tab that's pronounced that right I don't know bro alright axe is that level to upgrade your weapons unlocks a new skill for purchases oh absolutely absolutely okay I thought I might've like miss something earlier because I was level one up until now we played the game for over two hours and I was still level one I thought maybe there was something in the menu that you could go in and spend your points on the other god oh we're getting this what you did you went in and you spent your um your soul points or whatever they were to do your weapon upgrades but on this it's different anyway let's go here I need to pick one so this raises our defense this race raises our strengths slow and our defense for the both level but no it doesn't rate it raised it raises it won what should i do yeah I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do this there's quality materials rate you're going might last a day hey yellow matter of fact uh uh I got a pre-order code or something you know what let me I'm gonna use that cuz it might it I might have some free armor some put that on our strength is 38 our defense is only age so okay so this is just like a straight-up RPG at this point as far as a dub grades good okay I don't need that his bar his bow chart is pretty fast don't do this don't be a small bye Gus that's natural okay so we upgraded ourselves we upgraded the boy now something for the boy Hwang got it we don't have the resources we don't have the funds good deal able to sell that watch you be okay we need some soft steel yeah okay well don't look now but our friends who were hiding in the trees are back for more go on give that a swirl hoping we're immune to attacks when we're doing that animation that long one car before clean y'all up real quick [Applause] damn I thought that was one break it up [Applause] that can't be it I'm not sure this road leads to the mountain should put you in the right direction sure want to see my wares again your where's Daniel where's I'm I'm kind of sick because I did miss some chests back there that I thought we would be able to get to and I couldn't get to him oh wait wait wait wait oh no I will gladly take this yeah I believe we aren't going to stop here so make sure you the like button and I got shot with two more episodes I've gotta work tomorrow I'm about to do another one right now so after the next one so just like the videos yet

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  1. Chase don’t forget to throw your axe. I threw mine at the witch a lot and it helps. Have get stun first then throw axe


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