“God, Give Me Eyes to See”: The Fellowship in Theology, Medicine, and Culture

Posted By on January 7, 2020

it was a busy night and there was kind of a large-volume
that came in a in a fast period and a couple those patients are pretty active
so it was stressful and I was tired and overwhelmed and another one comes in my
news can be really complex really difficult I’m feeling angry at a system
where I felt like too much was being asked of me nothing inside me wanted to
be in there what the average physician today is struggling with is a sense that
she is caught as a cog in the machine of American medicine and I think for
Christians it’s a shame to set out to participate in God’s healing work and
find yourself just going through the motions. In the Theology, Medicine, and Culture
Fellowship you learn to say with Christians across the centuries why we
care for those who are sick. We equip fellows to stop and pay attention, to attend as one who is called to follow Christ. Then I got to med school I even
see all these kind of questions are floating around you know what what does
it look like to be a Christian doctor What does it look like to be a faithful doctor.
I’ve been formed by folks at the TMC and books I was exposed to, the mentors that
I formed relationships with, communities that I spent time with. The things that I
learned there the conversations that I had allows me to be a better doctor. Right when I got to his room I stopped
took a deep breath and kind of said, how am I called to treat this man; what am I
called to do? I was able to, you know, listen to him and look at him and was
really convicted in that moment and thought this person is a child of God. It’s easier to go through your day just
compartmentalizing and saying I gotta get my stuff done; I can’t let this stuff
sink in. I think those are the moments that the TMC has formed me having me
constantly step back and be reminded that this is Christ that I’m
encountering. I would not have that vision without TMC. If you know that
you’re called to be a doctor but you find yourself perplexed about how you’re
gonna do that faithfully in this world and in medicine as it is today know that
you’re not alone and know that this program was developed precisely for
people like you, to stop and ask, “God give me eyes to see; help me to see you
in my patients and to trust and follow you in this context of medical care.”

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