Globalism in Religion and Consumerism in the Family

Posted By on June 4, 2019

parents do you still follow that faith no no I love the writings I love the founders of the faith I'm not a fan of the institution's I think that there's there's an agenda to create a global economy by turning us all into consumers and I think that's a big part of what globalism is it's trying to do you know dissolve break down all of our borders and turn us into one homogenized mass of easily – easily controllable manipulate easily to manipulate consumers and I just have this and this is just me we started out there I have this sense that that the Baha'i faith has been hijacked by Zionists and globalists and it would make sense because it's it's a religious philosophy that that would lend to that it would lend to its you know people being accepting of all that but I don't think the agenda is right I and so that's where I'm at with it right now anyway I'd love to go down the path of talking about commercialism and and this constant perpetuation of consumption as you say right it's like you know this and again I live in North America so I notice it most here and but you know having spent a lot of time abroad it seems to be perpetuated globally as you're saying this idea of the incessant desire to always keep up with the latest and you always have to have the best this egocentric drive to accumulate trinkets how do you integrate that and your understanding of that reality into your life like you live when you know that and how do you avoid it it's funny I think because just my nature and I think this may be the nature of most men but we get manipulated out of this is to be very minimalist I remember like you know as a kid I didn't want new sneakers all the time like I liked my old sneakers and even though like all the other kids were getting new sneakers all the time I would wear the same ones over and over again even if like you look at my style now like I wear the same thing every single day no matter what and so we were talking before about being extreme I even like extreme simplicity like that's why I was really interested in the carnivore diet like if I could just nail everything down you know to just like these small parameters I can go really really hard because there's less distraction so the more stuff the more trinkets the more technology I think as a technology has exploded my psychosis has increased I think I'm getting crazier as technologies and gets because there's more there's too much information and we're constantly being bombarded with it used to be that you'd be bombarded with messages from the television you turn it on or you know billboards it'd be out there but now we carry it around in our pocket and we're constantly looking at it we're constantly being stimulated and so one of the ways that I would fast from that is I would I bought a dumb phone a dumb phone is the opposite of a smart 1998 Nokia or what oh it's cool yeah yeah yeah and they still connect and have good reception or not really yeah it's good but it's only good for talking and if you want to text you got a triple tap everything I love this oh I did that money does that make jokes oh yeah so it feels better for me to be to be mental as minimus but I can't say that I don't I don't live a minimalist lifestyle because I have a family and I want to I wanted to do everything for my family that that you're supposed to do you know like I said we went to Disney World isn't that an interesting statement all right no I know you're aware of me hear the words come out of your mouth you know I actually it's funny because we we were no we never had a lot of money like growing up you know I I had it we had enough at a good family my wife comes from they were much they had more poverty than we did they didn't have very much my wife never expected a lot of me it wasn't like she wanted I had to keep up the lifestyle with her you know she didn't get braces until I could help her pay for them so she didn't need much and I was okay living a Spartan lifestyle I think I it was just yesterday I put up a video on Instagram where I said that um it's a woman you got to be stronger than your woman's fears and you can't you know not live the type of life that you know is right because she's afraid of for safety and security and my wife has been great she supports everything I did we if we were still we were still hand-to-mouth I mean there was a time when I relied on food stamps literally did and she would still be cool with me but and and I created this trap not her when I started making money and I would buy things for her it made me feel so good like I wouldn't buy a lot of these things for myself like jewelry but like when I can afford I was able to afford and I bought her this really expensive watch with diamonds on it and the sense of pride that I had like look what I can give you and it was funny because like she received it I mean a face would turn red and she's oh my god like when she started receiving these things and it didn't take it didn't take long for that in me you know big that's it everything goes up comes down that sense of pride like I want like children I wanted to spoil them because it was a long time where we couldn't do anything and I mean there were times where we were you know turn off the electricity but when I could I was like I'm gonna spoil him and there came a point where I had a hangover from it and I remember one day I almost like I kind of went into a depression I was like getting anxious I was like oh my god they're gonna start taking it for granted and I'm going to have to always remember having this conversation with my wife I'm like I know you guys are getting used to me being able to buy all this stuff for you and we're living a really nice like nice lifestyle but if I can't but what if I what if I can't do this anymore oh and you know would you still so I started to have a sense of guilt and this is you know these are all ways that I was wrong these are all my beta blue pill conditioning that caused me to be this way but I can talk about it in retrospect now because I could see how I allowed myself to be manipulated by consumer culture do you avoid having your kids be manipulated by it do you know we're both very Pro great parent we're both trying to be very unique and very thoughtful and mindful in our approach and you know I try to be so conscious of the words that I choose and the gifts that I buy and how to make them appreciate it while still realizing that they're super privileged right like super privileged but it's very hard to allow them to almost shelter them from the nonsense that exists in this world and actually hit let them have an intelligent view and do you care it's such a young age like where your thoughts there well the first thing I would say is that as a parent you got to realize that if you're spoiling your children and giving them the things that you want to give them and you can't expect anything in return I just felt that was important to say because you can very easily grow resentful and be like oh you spoiled brats I'm giving you all this stuff you gotta remember wait a second they didn't ask to be spoiled right you did it yeah and so I always and that's why even I brought up the story like I remember like there's a really good visceral feeling that was associated with being able to provide there's also conversely a very bad feeling that's a sort of not being able to provide and yes you're avoiding that while chasing this desire if like I won't feel good about myself totally an egocentric Drive yep yeah absolutely so my kids are spoiled yeah give four and I don't blame them three girls and boy yeah yep yeah and I don't blame them it's a good question and it I don't know if I'm doing the best job as far as like keeping them humble you know they go to private school they eat the best food possible what I don't do is buy them a lot of stuff right but it's interesting because I don't think that's something to brag about because stuff isn't the issue any longer it's technology you know I mean once a kid has an iPad it's over what else does it need he doesn't want toys he doesn't want anything else

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  1. Wow! I’ve watched you come a long way since I first started watching your videos . You said the Z word… interesting.

  2. Can’t help but appreciate the irony of Elliot talking about people being attracted in for one thing only for that thing to be corrupted and manipulated. 99% of subscribers on his channel came in when he was a fitness and health channel, before whatever this is.

    And I’m not even hating; it’s his channel and he can use his voice as he wishes. But just as he is advocating here, man do I hope his viewers realize that he built his base on an expertise in one thing before shifting to an area where he was less of a field expert

  3. Name dropping Zionism doesn't help you at all, in fact it puts you and your family in danger. I've been watching you ever since I was a young man, and you're a great inspiration. So, I say the following with the utmost care for you. What you said about Zionism is an earthly information as opposed to a philosophical information. So, by just name-dropping it you're not in enlightening anyone, you're just preaching to the choir, the ones who already know it. You achieve an earthly information by accumulating a certain amount of philosophical information, then as a result, you resonate with and figure out an earthly information like the truth about Zionists. Because of this, name-dropping Zionism will only be accepted by the people who already know and resonate with that information anyway; and the people who haven't accumulated the necessary philosophical growth simply won't accept. Because they don't have the necessary philosophical development they won't resonate with it. Those will say that you're being weird, conspiratorial, and hateful. So, by just name-dropping it, you won't achieve anything but to bring unwanted attention to yourself. Zionist tend to be very aggressive, they might attack you considering your significant following. Just mention the philosophy and mechanism of it all without outright saying it, help people develop that necessary growth and let them uncover that earthy truth themselves. By avoiding name-dropping, by helping them get there with philosophical help as opposed to spoon-feeding them – which the ones who don't resonate with will just reject anyway – you'll stay safe and prevent unwanted backlash and attacks. Stay safe, brother.

  4. The Kabbalistic "Jews" can enslave you much easier with their international banking system of usury if you fall into the trap of materialism and consumerism. They need to do this to achieve their satanic new world order ruled from their future 3rd temple in Jerusalem. Also everyone should read the Protocols of Zion or listen to the audiobook which is available on youtube, it's a real document, not a forgery.

  5. The jews are not jews but are of the synagogue of satan. Just as the Bible explains, Jesus found many "jewish" that were hiding under that title, but they are anything but jews. They control the media, the banks, the military, the food…it is truly very VERY VERY hard to find a bank or massive company not owned by a
    these false jews.

  6. I think everyone would love the "Corbett Reports" how and why big oil took over the world. Here's part 1. Enjoy.


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