Georgina Beyer declined invite to Destiny Church's apology party

Posted By on June 4, 2019

New Zealand's first transgender MP has revealed that she declined an invite to destiny churches weekend apology party because she doesn't believe its founders are genuinely sorry for the hurt caused to the rainbow community at a disney church event bishop Brian Tamaki apologized if if any of his comments hurt the gay community but later clarified he has not changed his belief and doesn't agree with homosexuality a fortnight ago Hannah Tamaki with her husband Brian at her side launched the new political party coalition New Zealand former Carterton mayor and Labour MP Georgina Beyer told me she declined to attend the Destiny event I was invited yes but I politely declined sort of last Wednesday I considered you know I'm going for some of the positive that might come out of out of going it but I decided that I've had a long history of ex ammonius disagreement with Brian Tamaki and the Destiny Church and I didn't particularly want any brains that I might have to be used and some kind of propaganda way at an event like that so what was the acrimony over the years well obviously I started you know I stared them down on steps of Parliament cheering the enough as a last March and in had various some interview battles with among like Paul Holmes show when he Jackson's eyes why show and and stood my corner pretty well and that doesn't help certainly when they had a political party that didn't help them very much so why do you think that they wanted you to come along I really don't know because as it was they had other people from the rainbow community who attended and they acquitted themselves as well as they could at the time and that should have been sufficient me why have me I guess to use my my profile so unemployed or an implied endorsement perhaps having you there yes yes thought about all of that before I decided one way or the other whether or not I should go and I have done many events in the last year or two and most recently the Messi graduation and Wellington last Thursday and there are a lot of people young people and rainbow people and trans people who hold me up as a role model and somewhat of an icon as a trailblazer etc and I just can't I don't want to damage any of that at all and I would think people might have been really disappointed if I had made an appearance there looking like I was endorsing their apology and the apology well the very least that they could have done I would have thought was to make an apology to the rainbow community however I take that apology kesab Lee and I need to see substance behind such an apology and by substance and this might sound a little bit extreme but until I hold their first same-sex marriage and their church then I might start to feel but there are some genuine sincerity in their apology so at this point you don't think that apology was genuine or sincere well I have my suspicions as to why now why after the launch of a political party associated with destiny Church and and and so yeah I had my suspicions so I'd rather stand back from that and just see what develops out of this initiative they wish to take toward the rainbow community by holding out an olive branch it would have to be pretty significant substance behind it for me to start to feel a little more comfortable that perhaps they're being genuine so do you actually think that this is just a a vote grave that they're trying to appeal to a greater variety of voters well my first comment would be I think you could probably count on one hand the amount of people in the rainbow community that might vote for the coalition party in this case I may be wrong that's just my gut feeling so how did they pitch it to you and who exactly invited you along I was invited by one of the people who are helping to organize the political party campaign to Bangalter and I've known Javon for many years and and he put up to me and I said I'd think about it and then I gave my answer last Wednesday which was no I wouldn't go so do you think while Brian Tamaki apologized if members or people had been hurt by his comments do you actually think his beliefs about homosexuality and the rainbow community have changed well I get the impression that their principles on that meta have not shifted we're still sinners and and I think even Hallett anthias it as much in the last week or so when asked that question and and so there is that meta to think about so no and I mean and that's not unlike many other churches who had that sort of you know attitude because the Sun a lot the Sun so have you spoken to Brian Tamaki since you decided not to turn up well y-yes I have on Sunday I spoke to him on the telephone he rang and because I think it made some public comments I'm not sure about this but I bet he was disappointed I hadn't come along and and that he would like to have a meeting with me and that's what he did asked me on the phone on Sunday and and I said well no and I actually draw a line and hand with him about me and him so you declined to meet with him yes at this I have at the stage like I said I'd had to see something of great substance most profound frankly to follow up the apology before I'd think about going on and meeting with Hammond face to face what did you need to talk to me about you know what does he need to talk to me about and I can't help but think that to have me involved in that somehow bring some kind of absolution for them well I'm not about to give that up easily not at all I would say right now a majority of the gay community in New Zealand are treating this apology as laughable and that was Georgina Beyer

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