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Posted By on June 19, 2019

stay tuned because this is about to get hot okay this next one I'm getting ready to do was not sent to me as a challenge at all but it was it's called funny Church moments said mm I think you've been relate to this I'm pretty sure one time or another during your time of being in church you had these things in here where you would laugh at what would happen in here or if not these are things that probably happen in your church before all right guys let's see this is funny Church moments heed it may not a challenge we want but we can trust you God always to give us what we need oops hey guys it's okay Louie – Arriba very nice I'm gonna get in trouble yeah sister Sarita Willie ice come home drunk from school lean up means I'll be prostituting have no sex with my mouth look at me remember you in prayer anyone else have a word from the Lord a testimony of God's goodness hi Joe hashtag preaching everywhere Starbucks Edition yes I'll take a tall nonfat extra hot vanilla chai tea latte please that'd be alright would that be alright thank you oh it's skip hey that was pretty cool little thing he did in the end right there okay yeah that one testimony yeah that's why sometimes you don't be having it in there because people don't come out of beer I'm like what they take the bite wasn't it I'm like that she tell the truth where they gonna take the mic from her for a late day ba I lit a bow I lit a bomb okay ba de ba de ba ba ba ba let it let him see it and be ready that's what she did here yep you got red and she out there I was born was L my mouth Eileen named Molly up yeah well praise Lord Oh hallelujah walk with me anyway that was enjoyable there but whoo-wee family that's watching this on my wife's side y'all know during that choir moment whenever woman started doing and she sounded just like her I'm just calling out since the Woodleigh that's you we found you you are in every church any plate enjoyed that right there thanks for sending that in there that's called funny Church moments probably gonna be seeing some more of those all right I'm ty Smith mono Renaissance man hoping to print every last one of you guys have food shelter clothing most of all open pray unless one of you guys ain't great help god bless you all in Jesus name you

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