From Agnosticism to Catholicism: My Conversion Story (Part One)

Posted By on June 4, 2019

g'day my name is Matt Fran and this is ascension presents over the next two videos I want to share with you how I went from being an agnostic to a Catholic it's great to have you here many of you have asked me in the comments section can I share my story with you and just tell you a little bit about how I became a Christian I thought I would do that but it's gonna be a long story so I thought I'd break it up over two videos I was raised in a Catholic family my mum was Catholic at least my dad wasn't my grandma was a super Catholic beautiful woman she was Maggie Harris she should often sit there with her leg up because she had sores on it you know and in front of her she'd have her rosary beads and her prayer book sort of murder mystery novels she was a lovely woman my mum would take us to Mass every week even though I didn't want to go it was boring you see boring I didn't like going sometimes I'd be over friends houses eaten fruit loops watching cartoons and you know mom would come to the door come on Matt we're going a mess and I thought that's not cool I'm not interested but okay I have to she'd take me to the doors in front of the church and she'd always say the same thing you know be a good boy don't be layout don't annoy your sister god bless my mum she had to put up with a lot with little likes of me anyway the priests were fine I had good experiences of the priests they were lovely the congregation were okay but don't you understand I didn't care I didn't care to be there sometimes I say I rejected the faith of my childhood I don't know if that's true though because in order to reject something don't you have to first own it first and I'm not sure I really did own the faith it was never my own I was given mixed messages I think some people would say things like it's very important to pray but then they never prayed some people said safe sex till marriage and then others said do what makes you happy was something we would say hell doesn't exist the church doesn't teach that anymore and then other faithful Catholics would say no hell does exist and you'll probably go there Matt no they didn't say that but you know there's a chance that I'll go there mixed messages wasn't that interested so I thought God probably doesn't exist you see the way I remember thinking about it is if you journal if you write in your journal you might feel better that's just cuz you've got your thoughts out well prayers sort of like that you're not you're not really sort of communicating with some deity you just feel better because you think that there's some sugar daddy up in the clouds right who's gonna give you a theme-park when you're dead just be a good boy that's how I saw it you understand I don't think it was true now I wasn't an atheist because an atheist well the word ate the term a theist haven't yet become a shorthand way of saying I'm more intelligent than you right so I'm like I'm agnostic I guess that sounds kind of weird and spirituals I'm agnostic I don't know if he's she hid whatever exists well I'll never forget one day a good friend of mine sat me down because she was going through a lot in her life family life wasn't great and she was actually contemplating ending her life I was 12 years old at the time and I was doing everything I could to tell her that she had some reason to live that she was lovely I told her I really liked her anyway and she'd go to high school next year which would be fun and then we get our driving license and then we'd graduated high school she could go to uni if she wanted to or she could just get a job maybe get married you know but every time I said something you know you'll get married you haven't you know she'd look at me and she'd say then what and I'd be like well then you have kids but then what eventually I said well you'll be you know then I mean eventually you'll die I mean we all we all die and she looked at me as if to say do you see my point and I saw her point it fell on me like a ton of bricks man it just knocked me for six as we say in Australia I had nothing to say to my friend that day nothing and it occurred to me that if atheism is true then this is a pretty bloody shabby existence we all live in we all walk around pretending that we have some deep meaning to our lives but there really is no meaning we distract ourselves walking towards the void that will soon engulf us now that's depressing now I'm not saying it's depressing therefore atheism mustn't be true maybe atheism is true and we just have to learn to accept that it's super depressing but I didn't have any good reasons to think God didn't exist don't you see they weren't great I would say things like well the only reason you're a Christian is you were raised a Christian it's the genetic fallacy that doesn't work you know or I'd say well you just believe in God because it makes you feel good all right well even if that's the point you know my blanket makes me feel good it doesn't mean it's not there I didn't have any good reasons you know I'm not saying there aren't sophisticated arguments for atheism I just haven't heard any nor was I putting any forth well when I was about 17 years old my mom came home from Mass and invited me to World Youth Day in Rome well Youth Day I since learned her was a gathering of the Pope and millions of young people but when she said Rome I wasn't sure what World Youth Day was or where Rome was I thought maybe this is a trick maybe Rome is some little obscure town in South Australia population 42 you know some like Rome where like she's like Italy you idiot oh good yes no I'd like to go I think you know well anyway I got packing and I was going around but I remember the day before leaving you know I said to my best mate in social studies class I think I said I'm not gone for Jesus or any of that rubbish I'm just going to have a good time meet some ladies little did I know that ladies didn't care about me but that's okay I had a good time anyway but that just goes to show I wasn't interested I didn't believe in Jesus or any of this stuff so I'm about to board this aeroplane right in Sydney to fly to Rome and what happened next was was pretty incredible and would change my life forever but for that you're gonna have to wait a week isn't that annoying this is what watching 24 and lost was like every single episode but unlike 24 and lost hopefully what I have to say will actually be somewhat satisfying because I think it's a pretty beautiful story thank you so much for tuning in to this week's episode please leave me a comment below if you want you can even write a question for me by writing hashtag ask Matt Fred and maybe I'll respond to you in an upcoming episode you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you want at Matt Fred and I'll be happy to respond to you there thank you so much for watching

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  1. Thanks been fighting this for years back in forth always went back to catholic…. I just went back thanks be to our lord ….

  2. Living under atheism for 40 years shows you beauty is true and ugly is a lack of beauty. Atheism is ugly and atheists had a taste for torture and murder.
    We returned to beauty.
    Czech republic.

  3. The Bible Calls Idols “gods”

    They gather around their statue of Our Lady of Fatima in their living room, with family and friends, to worship their god in the form of a statue. The Bible calls statues and idols, gods, in Genesis 31:32…

    Genesis 31:32, “With whomsoever thou findest thy gods, let him not live: before our brethren discern thou what is thine with me, and take it to thee. For Jacob knew not that Rachel had stolen them.”

    Jacob's uncle (Rachel and Leah's father) was Laban. Laban was an unsaved heathen who worshipped idols, which the Bible calls gods in Genesis 31:32. When Jacob departed from Laban after 20-years of servitude, Rachel stole Laban's idols. The Bible calls these idols “gods,” for they were Laban's gods. That is very interesting. Catholics worship gods—statues of Mary, the Queen of Heaven, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Saint Anthony, and many others. They worship the Image of Divine Mercy, bowing and praying in idolatry to their gods made of stone, plastic, marble, gold, and wood.

    The Catholic Church is a prisonhouse of religion, worshipping a host of idol gods; just as did wicked Laban. The word idol does not appear in the Old Testament Genesis 35:2, “Then Jacob said unto his household, and to all that were with him, Put away the strange gods that are among you, and be clean, and change your garments.” Here again we see a Biblical reference to idols as “gods.” The word “gods” is found 207 times in the King James Bible's Old Testament. Jacob said, Not in my house! Amen and amen!

    We find the word “idols” 89 times in the Old Testament. Idols are false gods. 2nd Kings 17:12, “For they served idols, whereof the LORD had said unto them, Ye shall not do this thing.” Oh listen to me you Catholics, you need to come to the true and living God! The idea that God can be reached through a statue of Mary is despicable idolatry.

    Catholics repeatedly quote John 19:27 (“Behold thy mother!”) in a sinful attempt to exalt Mary. Catholics claim that Jesus identified Mary as everyone's mother. However, Jesus also said in John 19:26, “Woman, behold thy son!” So is John everyone's son? This evidences just how ridiculous and lame Catholic indoctrination really is. They have no Biblical basis for their manmade heresies fabricated down through the centuries.

  4. I was raised in a redneck Canadian Western town of a 125 people. It's farm land more farmers than town people. Catholosim in general pissed me off and I rebelled.
    The population in the area was majority Roman Catholic. As I am . I found out at a young age that I was not to hang around with Protestants and Orthodox were even worse. I did anyway. They tried to take Jesus away from us kids. Was that righteous? My family roots are Irish. If we were not of the Catholic faith that would have been the end of us in that town. An Irish Protestant family from that town literally left everything behind down to food on the table cloths in the closets and I ain't shitting you. But I am still a firm believer and will die a Roman Catholic. The lamb has some phony followers. They are the biggest problem. God bless them too?
    I don't think so.

    "He commands all people everywhere to repent"
    (Acts 17:30)
    "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God"
    (Ephesians 2:8)
    "For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus"
    (1Timothy 2:5)
    "There is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved."
    (Acts 4:12)
    "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."
    (Romans 10:13)

    My friend,
    Salvation is ONLY promised to those who have repented and trusted in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. There are no "good works" we can do to make up for our sins, that is why Jesus came to die on the cross and rise on the 3rd day to be our sacrifice. Please read the bible and put your faith in God, not man, church or anyone else. If you call upon the Lord to forgive you and save you, he will, and when do you will become a new creature in Christ! Amen

  6. Where is St. Emma. She is the child of my friend s Bill and Bridgit George. Bridgit is in chArge of the Bach Choir, which saint Im not sure,bnut her divine spouse is St. George. YThey are down to earth. They dont prove they Are high and mighty but I have known them since 1978 through St. Peter the rock at the gate. You are not able to speak for themis St. Peters position. Put it this way. St. Steven is not St. Peter. These popes make big erros claiming to have none in St. Peters name. St. Peter and St. Paul stArted the Holy roman Catholic Church,not St. Steven, St. Benedict, Pope Sixtys who stRted the Spanish Inquision etc. Our church hAs big problems. Italy is where ItaliAn people live not youth from all over the globe is annoying to the people living there. The Moslems Are right now forcing Italians in and out of their faith. This pope didnt cAre. He said,Europe must open their doors to Moslem refugees." So yes they have biig errors thery deny.

  7. It is not who believes in this And that ,message that can get into HeAven. It is how they believe. When the Blue Army in Washington, Nj stArted and it wasnt needed anyway there were Catholics who prayed the rosary everyday or went to Mass and prayed it after Mass etc. But that is not how they pray today and Marys position is no money is needed and noone has to prove to the Blue Armt anything with fanatics from everywhere. They were supposed to pray the Rosary in church aftwer every Mass. then, she will listen.

  8. Mother angelica came from the ddepest partrgatory anbd is staying there. Mother Thresea is a wiked worlwide InidAn Hindu convert representation of St. Bernadwettre,nothing more. Sr Bernadette cant pro,mise her a higher mansion of Heaven . she is the nun who hated her family and her. But bvt Gods mercy she is alloud in the first mansion of Heaven.the lowest mansion which is no different then the highest mansion of purgatory.

  9. But world youth day can never get youth all over the globe to Heaven any morwe then the worldwide Rcumenical movements in arguments all my life with one another any more then all the dope traders from all over Latin America and the Careibbean will.

  10. Well then, even assuming that your understanding of atheism and agnosticism is true and therefore it is depressing. I don't see how that means that God, therefore, must exist. Nonetheless, going off your comment on how every culture and society has a God or something like it, I think Jung offers an interesting take on this. In a Jungian perspective, God, religion, the Bible, isn't inherently true but shows human archetypes, stories, and underlying themes in what it means to be human. For instance, themes of good vs evil, sacrifice, love, etc all of these ideas, at an even unconscious level, are represented religions and spirituality in general. It's a language of how to communicate them. I also agree with Jung's intuitions on this, in that I don't believe God is real at all, but I still find myself participating in activities in Christian circles, because I believe they still have a certain kind of intrinsic value, without ever believing the stories are really real or true. It's also interesting to see the types of hunches and spiritual experiences people have, and I like that the church can become a place for this and people's intuitions.

  11. Anyway, I do like the Austraian accent. I had a very good friend from australia who Also woeked with me in Loja, Ecuador. She is not the only person I ever knew anyway. But, my sister-in-lawSylvija Sterns, is saint sylvija, St. Gregory the Greats mom. They were living and working in Latvia, Russia. the Moravians will try to prove she is the one who stRTED THE mORAVIAN church at times in the Lehigh Valley because I guess they see she is Holy somehow. But anyway, they were tAken from one country to another during WW11,and she has relatives in Australia. As a matter of fact, she was living there awhile herself. But I meet lots of people in my travels. I dont have the whole Catholic church ever just saints with me. do you know my Uncle Danny is St. Daniel from the Bible and our church thinks they can step it up with an Ecumenical Movement and then find Pope John XX111 a saint. He is not able to be a saint after that. So yes. they have canonized popes who are not saints. Pope Isodoro is one of them. My dad said they are so gluttenous with how much money they make from funerals alone in his name,St. Lazarus, that they cant ha;lf the time enter. Did you realize it was a tradition in the Catholic church to have Vatican funerals for all the dictators running those countries thrpoughout Historet l;ike the one they hAd for Hug chAvez. I am a human being,mnot an animal or born to an animal. Anyway, cAnt talk NYMORE. sT. rOSE OF lIMA WANTS ME TO CALL HER BACK. she is my ste-son RafAael the archangrels Holy bride. she was wityh me as one of my students too in Ecuador. she was St. Padre Pios good friend many years Ago when ihe was in 8th grAde and maDE A rosAry bead for her birthday. Yes gotta go

  12. so Matt I weven know St. Matthew the first. No one cAres. He grew up in the Lehigh Valley and he was in the same grade as my niece. They were best friends but anyway he still is a best friend of her and her husband. I mean St. Michael the ArchAngel would allow me to marry too if and only if the man understood my situation,not the rest of the worlds situation.

    Poor church leadership. Always for the almighty dollar And always when the damage is done. Did I tell you how Pope John XX111 planned my deAth. There was a message in Garabandal, spain thT REALLY WAS SUPPOOSED TO REMAIN PERSONAL ANYWAY BUT mARY AND sT. mICHAEL THE aRCHANGEL CONDEMNED THE CHURCH like this,"There are mny nuns, priests, bishops, and cardinals on the road to perdition And taking many souls with them. Much is to be learned about our heart from an actress,menot Mothwer Thresea or Mother Angelica like they teach, . . ." So, the pope began an Ecumenical Movement to prove he could convert the whole world. Never happen. and the history of the philosophy of public schools sahows it helped dismantle them.


  15. Did I ever tell you about the time when St. Veronica stopped over these apts that none of us grew up like because she went to St. Anthony Maria Zaccariahs mommy his real mommy too who lived here on my floiir . She was 90 years old and they thought she was nothing but a Jehova Witness anyway and took her blood pressure and they put her in a Nursing home. Australia was my dads fa voriye place at times because he was stationed there during WW11. Yes,that is truth. Did I tell you where St. Veronica still is teaching. She owns an Anglish Center in Machala,called the Canafdian House Center in Ecuador. But anyway, she stopped by took her blood pressure and the family put her in a Nursing home here in the Lehigh Valley. Her son, St. Anthony Maria Zaccaria was a doctor during his first life who stArtwed the Barnabite order. But anyway,he is really suffering for many years. He is just my Age and his whole life shows nothing of progress for him with all the racial riots in the Ken nsington areA when he was little and all of that. But they even put him in prison for awhile some years ago wqhiule his family was living in Cape May because they claim he wasnt paying his wife support. Recently, he had a toe amputated because of his Dibetes and things too. The [point is they are living normal lives in the world. He has no say whatsoever in the BarnaBITE ORDER.

  16. At 26 years old, I was best friends with St. Peter, the rock,at the gate, St. Francis of Assissi, St. Jeanne,who stArted the Little Sisters of the poor, St. Jude, St. Charles Borromeo, St. Edith Stein, among others.

  17. but at 20 yeArs old,I was St. Joseph of ArimetheAs , the Blessed Mothers, St. Rafaela, the first Andalucian sisater to become a saint, among others.

  18. My first cousin the Blessed Mother asked the church sin ce La Salette to stop their money hungry movements etc. She even mentioned my family then.
    WhereARE THOSE PPOR PEOPLE HIDING?" dID OUR CHURCH CAre? Of course not. They used the message of La Salette in this country with their54 help to teaching for the Civil War . I am sorry,but HeAven isnt like the Missionaries of La Salette who are all over the globe teaching in chaotic wAys. This time areound St. Rita is the mommy of St. Melony And St. Agustine is the son of St. Maxim.

  19. Well, it is boring with the way the world is today. And others said you could just join a youth campaign jumping up and down in saints names you will understand them. Rhis is so false to the saints themselves that it is no surprise.

  20. You repent only once upon salvation in Jesus Christ,Salvation is only found in Jesus Christ Acts 4:12.Have you received your free gift yet or are you going to confessions for your sins. Jesus is the lamb of god who took away the sins of the world 2000 years ago and everyone who believes in Jesus and joins his team has the free gift of forgiveness and salvation and eternal life.He who believes and is baptized will be saved and baptism is always full immersion and immediately after believing. Call on Jesus right now and be saved for all eternity Luke 23:34-44

  21. I was part of WYD 1995 and only joined because of the free food for those who will be selected as group leaders. We got oriented and somehow I got excited that I will be joining English-speaking kids. But what changed the game was when I saw Blessed Saint Pope John Paul II and I saw him stared at me, yes at me, after running his "Pope mobile car" and broke the security. I didn't know what happened but for the next 15 minutes I was a 16-year old crying and sobbing girl at a corner even when the rest of the well-wishers who had lined waiting for him had gone back. My young heart then can only say that it was a look of love that someone cares. (I still get teary eyed each time I remember that moment.) Thank You, Lord, for the life-changing moment.

  22. i think you realized that agnosticism doesn't offer you eternal bliss like religion after this life of good and bad and you are getting older and closer to death.

  23. I rode my bicycle across Aussie. Perth to Sydney to Brisbane. I went to confession in Sydney. When I got done the priest siad “where u from?” I said “u probably never heard of it, Santa Cruz CA.” The priest said “you’re right, I was stationed in San Francisco CA for 10yrs.”


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