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hey everybody come here three generation source and in this video we're gonna talk about keywords everywhere now this is another free tool that you can get to kind of identify the best keywords and I really like it because it gives you search volume so if you used Google Keyword keyword out whatever it is their current keyword analysis tool that's in there their ads the camera what it's called exactly but if you use that recently and you don't spend ad money then you know that they cannot tell you develop search on you anymore so using this tools almost the only way if you're not running ads on Google to get that number if there's a couple other tools that are all for it but they're not free so and the ones that are are just not that great some way so this is keywords everywhere you do that keywords every com it will include the link around here somewhere as well and once you need to follow the instructions for installation you need the API means connect it to to Google it'll walk you through all of that that changes so I'm not gonna walk you through it but then once you get and then you have it installed you will see it somewhere in here this is it or here I believe you have keywords or a tool and it'll be on and if you turn it off you just click it and turn it off and that's really comes in handy if you selamat see because it gets annoying so let's say that you want to search for something we did pinterest marketing in another video so let's say we're gonna do pinterest marketing so we type the word in just like you would in a search and it's going to pull up this volume now this is highlighted based on my settings and it's telling me that there's a certain number of searches and then the what the cost per click is is over a certain dollar amount and that's for ad spend so for example if you wanted to blog about pictures marketing and you and your primary method of monetization is ads that might be a good one because if they start showing ads that are related to that you're gonna get a higher dollar amount in return for it so I that swai I have a highlighted I don't use that I'm not doing adsense or anything so I'm not going to even talk that much about that I just wanted to kind of point that out and of course competitions also related to ads not to actual competition here if you want to see competition based on organic that's a whole different discussion for now we're talking about Pinterest marketing so pictures marketing that tells me that there's 2,900 now you'll see that this one happens to have a big ol you know whatever here one of these schema things here so I'm gonna scroll down past it and something's not working right hold on played with it wrong there it goes okay so if that does happen in this doesn't show up just hit refresh so this one will tell you the related keywords now this is the same as what shows up at the bottom down here here and you'll see they add the search volume there as well that only shows up because of keywords everywhere but instead of having to scroll all the way down you can get a quick little synopsis here so this is really the keywords from Google and they tell you what they are they give you a search volume and of course they saw that CPC there as well so you can see that and you see these zeros that doesn't mean people aren't searching for it it just means that it's one that doesn't have a historical search and since this is 2018 you can chance that there's not a historical search for it so I mean I mean at this point there could be but Google may not be trying yet so here we go there here's some more so people also search for promoting pins on Pinterest Pinterest business account versus personal that's kind of an interesting one because I don't think personal accounts would even exist anymore and then they keep you know you keep going down you got a few other ones here so if you wanted to you could go in and say especially with these right so these are related so if you click on them they're probably gonna keep showing at least most of the same ones but if you're like oh hey this one's a good one let me click on it because it's related to kind of something I'm talking about then you it'll still show you the volume up here so it confirms that that's there but now it's going to give you different ones right Pinterest account creation will get 3,600 searches per month this is a per month volume and this so now you're getting different ones and then of course you're getting additional people also search for tell when interests I'm out etc so you see all of these these keywords that they'll give you a good idea now this comes in handy with Pinterest marketing if you haven't seen our video on using Pinterest for keyword research this is exactly where we're come in handy so if you're on Pinterest and let's say that you you decide that you're to do Pinterest Pinterest social media marketing right so that actually comes up so you can see in Google it's gonna make recommendations this is the Google recommend so if I Pinterest marketing these are ones that I've already done so let's remove those actually giving me even more that I've done that's not helpful is it okay there we go so now it's gonna show me all fresh ones that it recommends so if I start from the beginning and I say Pinterest see even this one for my daughter so I start saying it's gonna say Pinterest pictures business account etc so now let's type out Pinterest completely those stay the same but when I push space eight it will give me a bunch of them with a now if I'm like so I'm gonna do marketing right so marketing and then it's gonna tell me strategy course and you can see that keywords everywhere is giving me the search volume so I don't even have to guess on these so some of these will match what's over here but you know just this is just how you can get additional idea so let's say that you come up with Pinterest marketing strategy let's say that was one that we had I was on our other list Oh actually Pinterest marketing tips was one so let's put in tips so we put it in here we say okay it's only 90 per month for this so that's not bad and we can see that Pinterest marketing tips also these are related according to Google Pinterest for business how to use Pinterest for business how to use Pinterest for marketing that's a good one right how to use Pinterest for marketing that's related Pinterest marketing strategy really hot on our list so we may not have had this one because we didn't have how to anything but how to is really really good on Pinterest so how to use Pinterest for business and how to use Pinterest for marketing would be two that I would add it to my list and I can come down here and say Pinterest buyable pins pronin how to use Pinterest from marketing which we've already kind of identified up here and then Pinterest marketing strategy Pinterest tips for business Pinterest digital marketing so let's say we went into that one little Pinterest into the marketing we can come down we can see even more so you can see that some of these digital marketing infographics you say pictures to the marketing infographics and I wouldn't for 2018 does last year let's see digital marketing quote so now we're getting a little more general with digital marketing so one of the things that it's you may or may not come across is that digital marketing and online marketing are interchangeable they don't necessarily mean exactly the same thing but a lot of people use them interchangeably so that's something that I learned in my keyword research and just it really depends which one is better than the other it doesn't really matter like this was a zero for a month but some people will specifically use online marketing so it's it might be easier to rank for that for if you're doing online marketing they say online marketing has 74,000 per month and then digital marketing has three hundred sixty-eight thousand so a lot of people will actually try to bring for online marketing and digital marketing frequently has more has a higher volume because some of them are easier to rank for so we'll talk about that other times agree if you're interested in SEO but when you're doing this you can do digital marketing with Pinterest and you can mix it up a little bit and see what comes up so this one came up with zero but let's see what does come up Pinterest marketing in general already have how to use Pinterest for marketing Pinterest marketing strategy so we're seeing some of the same common ones that are being grouped that may just be the algorithm grouping fad and that's fine because then you want to put those keywords in so it's pretty clear to Google Pinterest etc that that's what you're using but if you if you look at this how many people use Pinterest right let's say that you decided to do that one of course I don't buy that information but you can come up with the most you know go to statistic about Commerce updated by the most real recent information and do a little blog post on it but you know Pinterest marketing tools that's a good one let's go in there and see it's still telling me that here and then it's giving me more along here pin groupie that's a tool right that's 2400 searches per month that's a whole new one that we haven't talked about yet so those are all zeros down here these are alternates to tell and which are really really not that great so we're just going to go to schedule pins on Pinterest Finch is creative you know you've got a bunch of different options here pinch luck and course Pinterest Auto Pinner so you could do these are kind of lower search finds they're ones that can get you an additional ins then if you again if you haven't seen the Pinterest for keyword research video take a look at that one and we mind I think we called it Pinterest tips for Pinterest marketing SEO Pinterest have some of that so take a look at our channel for that if you are new to Pinterest marketing and you need help with interest marketing we highly encourage you to check out our course marketing with Pinterest you can find the link below and again if you have any questions reach out to me join our Facebook group and we are happy to help

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