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Posted By on May 21, 2019

hey everybody come here degeneration source in this video we're gonna talk about keyword now I did not name it but it is a very good tool so if you if you haven't seen my other video on keywords everywhere which is also another free tool then I recommend an Almond pop over there keywords everywhere I recommend that you watch that video and install this because it's gonna come in handy you'll see why so the first thing is this is very basic and it doesn't require any installation you just go to the domain keyword shooter calm and then here you just type in what you're looking for so we'll just be consistent with our Pinterest marketing that we were talking about so I'm gonna say Pinterest course you spell it correctly and then I'm gonna say shake keywords and then it's just gonna start pulling out different keywords that it's most likely from the google will recommend so this is just another way to get them all but what's great about this is that if you have keywords everywhere installed you scroll down and check this out it'll give you the actual searches per month this is the dollar amount for the ad spend best rated cost and then this is the competition for again ad spend so if you again watch my keywords everywhere video and you'll get a little bit more information on that and you can just let this run for a long time if you want to or you can stop it anywhere so I'm just going to stop it since I already have 240 so you know it stopped so I say okay and then we can go ahead and scroll through and see one so pictures marketing was when we had strategy cores 2019 partners tips which is a key word we had agency ideas we didn't really have ideas on there that's one tools if you have they were tools let's see certifications statistics pictures marketing for Etsy it says 0 but I would guess that that's actually going to eat one that you might want to do if you're on Pinterest because Pinterest Nessie have a great relationship so anyway so that's an example of one force is 0 per month but I had still pulled out in fact I think I have this on my list to write about at what point so you can go through and you can keep going and finding stuff some of this is not going to make sense or not fit Pinterest affiliate marketing Pinterest affiliate marketing course programs Pinterest marketing Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy which Stilson zero but I think that's one I've seen a lot of activity on so again that's one of those as you go through just because it's a zero I wouldn't necessarily dismiss it Pinterest as marketing tool and then you need to keep going and see what else they have in here it's a lot of zeros a lot of zeros plus all those zeros and like I said if this is for if this is coming from google recommend then the zero may not even mean anything so you see there's one that's highlighted because it has a lot of interest in marketing Pinterest influencer marketing that's a good one right there right not that there's a whole lot of influence on Pinterest and even if they are there's not a whole lot of activity for them Pinterest social media marketing social media marketing strategy okay so that's how you keep going you find that and again you once you're done you just refresh the page or just go type it in and still start over right and I actually just usually refresh and it clears it out so now if I want to do money-making or make money I guess what we did to save on we can say keywords and you let it run for a little bit this will give you some ideas again if you are a blogger or you you know are just looking for something to kind of keyword tag you know get keyword tags hashtags etc this would be a good one they see that make money even though it has a high volume make money online this is gonna be competitive so you've got to keep in mind that you want longer tail if possible long tail is more than just a couple of words make money taking surveys that's a long tail keyword make money from home online owns longer and it does have still have quite a bit of searches that's that particular keyword so that might be good one as well for if you're doing that and want something over here to stop it and again that's really simple to use it works great conjunction with the keywords everywhere tool so you don't have that I do recommend that you get that before you start writing your analysis on keyword sooner thanks if you have any questions you know feel free to reach out to me if you're interested in help with Pinterest marketing make sure you check out our our course marketing with Pinterest and build links will be below thanks everyday

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