Francis Chan – Is God Listening to Your Prayers (POWERFUL SERMON)

Posted By on June 2, 2019

[Applause] Frances and the reason we invited him we prayed about who we would invite that would really reflect what it means to be a real Christ follower not somebody that plays Church not somebody that's just being religious we are so excited we're delighted that Francis Chan would decide to come from California here and we gave him God gave him California weather Southern California weather but we are so excited I want you to give a LifeFlight welcome for Francis Chan all right wow that's a lot of people [Applause] hey you guys can we uh can we pray right now you guys excited about prayer all right now seriously I don't want you just to close your eyes and go okay that's how he's starting his talk I want you to think about who we're about to speak to that right now every single one of us we are breathing right now because he is letting us and we're about to speak to him right now so let's come before that God and let's speak to him God please right now I ask that you would just say whatever you want to say through my mouth god I just want to surrender to you and say whatever you want God you know my heart right now I want these people to know you to really know you to really love you to walk like they did in the in the Old Testament the New Testament everything we read in the Bible God we're not seeing it here in America we want to we want to see that power through us we want that kind of security so father right now I ask that your Holy Spirit God I'm only coming before you because of the blood of Jesus that I have access to you and I'm asking you right now father that your Holy Spirit really would fall upon us and do something right now God that this wouldn't be just a sermon wouldn't be just another talk God we've heard so much we've done so much talking father I want to experience your power tonight please father in Jesus name Amen you know I just want to I don't know if you guys love to pray but I'd love to pray and I just want to brag on God for a little bit because to me there's nothing I love more than answered prayer I don't know if there's anything literally on this planet that I love more than when God answers and you know it was him just last week last last Saturday I live in San Francisco now and last Saturday we decided hey let's let's put together a conference we kind of threw it together real quickly but I said I'm tired of the conferences where all you do is you sing you hear the word you're seeing you hear the word you're seeing you hear the word great things but I go on only to a conference where we actually do something you know what if we get people here in the morning and when we'll sing we'll hear the word and then we'll send them out for eight hours on the streets of San Francisco and and and they started washing the feet of the homeless people they brought groceries to all the doors of the apartments they they made like ten thousand meals and pass those out they did haircuts they were they were doing pedicures for homeless they were doing all of these different things sports camps for the little kids we did that for eight hours and then we went back and worshiped some more and and hundreds of people came out we had to turn people away from serving that day because we didn't even have the room for them amazing time people were sharing their faith for the very first time in their lives just sitting there listening to the stories of these people on the street and telling them about the love of Jesus and it was incredible we were so on fire by the end of that night but I tell you the week before that the staff there they they decided to to pray and to fast I don't know if you've ever fasted and prayed for a week but they did this and as they were praying meant last Wednesday they said you know we have to make ten thousand meals on Saturday and we have no meat and we have no money and they're coming to man we're gonna make ten thousand meals with no meat but then an hour later an hour later the local supermarket who didn't know anything they call and they said our freezers just broke down will you take all our meat and it was incredible I mean a fool u-haul filled with prime rib marinated chicken I mean just all these ribs everything working on man Lord that's incredible I see I love when things like that happen where you go okay you can't tell me that's a coincidence that you needed something and then an hour later all the freezers break down at the supermarket and they call you and say could you use a truckload of meat you guys see that's the stuff I love this is the stuff I live for man again I tell you I don't know if I love anything more than answered prayer when you do things like that because then you think wait so that God in heaven like right now he listens to me the security to know that right now in heaven God looks down at me goes man I love him I know him I listen to his prayers man that's so amazing to me I just like I could sit here all night and just talk about answered prayer and tell you stories like that story after story about the way God came through because to me man when I was a kid I believed in Jesus but it was like Jesus loves me this I know why Bible tells me so and I still do and I see it in Scripture but now I'm telling you jesus loves me this I know just by watching the way he answers my prayers and we does things like that I mean yesterday yesterday I was working in the front yard and some Jehovah's Witnesses come by and they just say hey it you know do you know anything about a cycle yeah I actually do and we we started I I you know I just started getting to the scriptures with them after about you know four or five minutes they said let's get out of here and I said no no no no no I'm not done I go let's talk I go I and well and we got on this topic of Prayer and and and the Jehovah's Witness they said to me they go you know God doesn't hear everyone's prayers I go I know that I go but here's mine and let me tell you about some of the things he's done in my life and I just naming these answers to pray or and they said forget it and they start to walk away and so I just walked with them all I did I did know I'm a concern out of love I'm like no let me tell you this one okay you explain this one to me I prayed this and this happened I pray and and you know I just I follow you and I come back mice like where'd you go I was chasing after some Jawas witnesses because you guys I'm telling you there's such a security you know that feeling when you pray and then God answers you I mean so specifically and you just go oh shut up I just spoke to God and he listens to me do you know how much security that gives you how much like peace like okay so then what in the world do I have to fear anymore the god of the universe hears my voice unbelievable and in my prayer before I came out here was man I know that some of you are listening to this and you know what I'm talking about and you've had those moments but I'm willing to bet that a lot of you haven't I love you you've done the church thing man and I did that for years where I would go and I would attend church I wouldn't do anything bad and I believed in Jesus but it wasn't like this ah this intimate relationship where where he's listening to me and there's answers to prayer I just kind of went through the motions and and all along I would read this book and and I would go my god I see the way they interacted with you in the Bible I see a lion just standing on a mountain talking to you and fire coming down from heaven I mean I I see the and I've heard these stories of when I was a kid you know when I would hear those Bible stories of David and Goliath or Daniel in the lion's den or Shadrach Meshach and Abednego in that fiery furnace I'd hear about the New Testament and them healing people and these supernatural things God and I I hear about people hearing your voice and I go god I I want that now and always confused me because I would read this book and I would look at the church and I'd go to service and I go man that seems like two totally different things and my whole life has been about God I know this book is real you've answered so much but I want it all I want to see it all and when I thought about you guys I thought man I wonder how many of you you're just here out of coincidence because maybe you grew up in a Christian home and you went to a Christian Church but you know in your inside you're like man I don't know if I really know my don't know if I have that security that God really knows you are you sure that your relationship with God is really your own relationship with God because the Bible man I don't know if you realize this but God doesn't listen to everyone's prayers I mean that's the one thing that that lady said that was right yesterday she says you know God doesn't listen to everyone's prayers and I go you know what you're absolutely right he doesn't he doesn't he he says in the Bible effect sometimes when we pray and when we sing God can't stand the noise of it like I thought about this I thought man here's this festival here's you know what a hundred thousand of you that's crazy I don't even know there was that many people South Dakota and uh and and we could go ah man look we all showed up these great bands showed up we made this noise you know we went eight miles they could hear some eight miles away but is that the goal the goal is what the God would hear right I mean the goal is not that you leave here tonight and go man that was really good the goal of these gathering is that God would leave here tonight and go wow that was really good those guys they I actually liked the the the sound that I heard from there because in Amos Amos chapter five it says this God says away with the noise of your songs I will not listen to the music of your harps he goes would you guys quit singing to me because it's noise to my ears so there's certain time from God says I don't like your worship I don't want to hear in fact it's it's annoying me right now there's certain times when he doesn't listen to our prayers PMON specifically says it in James chapter 4 verse 3 he says sometimes you pray and I won't answer you because of your selfishness because you're just praying for your own motives you're praying so that whatever you receive you'll use on yourself first Peter 3 says sometimes I won't listen to you because of your relationship with your with your wife he doesn't first Peter 3 says to the husband's he says you better treat your wife with honor as a vessel of a weaker vessel honor her treat her as a fellow heir of the grace of life it says so that your prayers will not be hindered man there's times when all I remember early on in my marriage my wife and I would get into argument and sometimes she would take like this humble route and and I would just kind of be a jerk you know what whatever I just didn't feel like apologizing whatever we we laid down at bed you know and a lot of times I would just pray to God at that time when my relationship wasn't right with her I wouldn't even pray because I knew that verse I thought God's not gonna listen to me did you say oh look at Lisa my little angel and there's Francis seriously it'd just be like I don't even bother until I get those things right cuz the Bible says he's not gonna listen man III think of uh Isaiah 58 Isaiah 58 starting in verse six see these people what they were praying and they were fasting but God says this in verse five he says as such the fast that I choose a day for a person to humble himself is it a bow down his head like a reed and to spread out sackcloth and ashes under him will you call this a fast a day acceptable to the Lord is not this the fast that I choose to loose the bonds of wickedness to undo the straps of the yoke to let the oppressed go free and to break every yoke is it not to share your bread with the hungry or bring the homeless poor into your house when you see the naked to cover him and not to hide yourself from your own flesh then shall the light break forth like the dawn and your healing shall spring up speedily your righteousness shall go before you the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard then you shall call and the Lord will answer then you shall cry and he will say Here I am I love that God says I don't care if you fall on your face and you don't eat and you're trying to pray to me because if you don't care about the poor if there's people starving around you you're not giving them the food if they're naked you're not giving them the clothes because man I don't care that you're fasting because but when you pour yourself out to those in need then you call to me he goes I'll say Here I am what do you want I love that verse man I told you about that group I was with last week where we're passing out food and everything else the guy that heads it up I wish I was asking him about his story you guys this guy was amazing he opens up this place okay so he goes to this apartment that this apartment type housing in San Francisco with nothing except a bag of sandwiches and he's just passing it out to the poor and then he fasts for 40 days he and his wife they fast and pray for 40 days asking God to give them that building on the 40th day he gets a phone call by a bunch of these Chinese people you know and they say hey come to our house you know and so he goes he goes to this house and they tell him we've been praying for 20 years for God to send someone to care for the poor in San Francisco we believe you're that man and they start giving him checks and then he told me he goes then there was an old man it was a bunch of ladies and one old man who was blind and the blind man calls for one of the ladies and and and says something to him and it says something her and she goes to the back room and she brings out this pot and hands it to my buddy and he says it was a pot filled with gold coins that this old man had been saving and said you're the one and lays hands on him and prays for them they use that money and buy that building crazy then listen to this okay so they buy this building start caring for the poor and then a strip club opens up next door and so this guy goes to City Hall just takes a sleeping bag and a lawn chair and he just sits there for 40 days he doesn't eat for 40 days just sits on the steps of City Hall on this hunger strike praying that something would happen on the 38th day I mean he just slept there he just stayed there he didn't move over 40 days finally the owner of that building goes you know what I'll sell the building to you and he's starting to raise the money cuz I don't know if I can afford it but during that time the guy that was gonna open up the strip joint he died I go man you killed him I mean it was it was so intense but you guys right now I I'm so fired up because I found this group of people that just believed in the Word of God they believe in prayer they believe and caring for the poor and we're just seeing how God answers and answers and answers and again I'm telling you there's nothing I love more than that and I know see see when I heard the story of that guy and as I got to know my gomen use you you seem like you walked right out of this book that seems like what one of these guys would have done and so for so many years that's what I wrestled with like oh man I'm not seeing this in our country in our world you know God may not be hearing some of your prayers and sometimes it's because of sin you know I was reading on judges chapter not judges Joshua chapter 7 and I don't know if you ever read that story about Aiken Aiken was a guy that they were about to go to war and Israel is about to go to war and they win all of their Wars I'm in or Joshua they they win everything but they lose and 36 of the Israelites get killed and so josh was like god what the heck does something like thank you what why we never lose your well why would you let us lose they they mocked us and God says because someone sinned and they found out that one of their guys had actually taken some of these sacred items and stole them things that God says I didn't want you to touch and he took them and he hid them and so the people stoned this guy to death they kill him and then God blesses them again and I read that story which I'm I read I go god that doesn't seem fair I mean why would one guy this the the 36 that died they didn't sin doesn't that seem unfair I mean when you think like if you were God once you've just had that one guy died you know give him measles or whatever do do something measles does that even kill you what but something give him something but why would you have these other people die and and you know as I read that I realized that God was making a statement that you know what your sin affects more than just you it affects the people around you it affects the church when you the New Testament teaches that we're a body now and just like Israel that whole nation was affected by this one guy's sin the New Testament says we're a body now and your sin affects me my sin efficient what what if um what's his name again Alan what if is it Alan okay what if Alan came up again and said hey you know we're stalling because we found out that Francis Chan had an affair and so we're trying to find another speaker would that affect you would my sin then affect you would that kind of just bring the level of the evening down a little bit yeah and in the same way isn't it terrible when you try to share your faith with someone and the guy you're sharing with goes oh I know a Christian I've seen the way that Christians have treated me or I've seen them try to rip me off or I've seen what they did to my sister I've seen this I've seen that and they talk about the hypocrisy why because we're a body now your sin affects me my sin affects you and our sin affects our prayer life and I want you to I shared this stuff because man what I want and I want nothing more than everyone here to know God in a real way or seriously when you pray you have this absolute assurance of Wow he hears me i I just asked for this and and he actually listened to me you know the Bible says also sometimes he doesn't listen to us because of our doubt because we don't believe let me ask something how many of you believe John 3:16 just raise your hand alright most of you it says whosoever for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son right that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life you believe that so anyone who believes will have eternal life you believe that seriously okay you know there's another time in John when Jesus uses that same phrase whoever believes in Me in John 14:12 Jesus says whoever believes in Me will do the works that I do and even greater things will he do than these because I am going to the Father do you believe that I mean he says whoever believes in Me is gonna be able to do the same things that I did when I was on that earth in fact you'll be able to do even greater things than these it's the same phrase whoever believes and so man see when I read that in the Bible man and I look at the church I could wait if we say we believe in him he says whoever believes him is gonna be able to live like Jesus did we're gonna be able to do the things that Jesus did and even greater things than these man if a hundred that even if 1000 of you lived that way the way you were able to do what Jesus did and even greater things in the can you imagine the impact that would have on the world so my question is is our faith do we really believe I mean we say it let me tell you the stupidest thing I ever did as a pastor I I left my church about a year ago God called me to San Francisco now and I've got so many things I'm so excited to get involved in but the stupidest thing I ever did as a pastor one time I brought a balloon to the church it was it was about the size of my fist and I taped it to the wall the wall was probably about where that screen is about that far from me and and I had a BB gun and I said hey how many people think I can hit that that balloon from right here it's a little balloon and about 75% maybe 80% raise their hand I go wow thank you and I go how many guys believe so much that you're willing to you would hold it up there you know and there was still I don't know maybe 10 20 people that said they would do it wow that's awesome I go how many of you believe of you tend to many people how many of you believe so much that you're willing to stick it between your teeth and this one guy still had his hand up and I was hoping someone would do that okay big because I just wanted to scare him and so I had like a medical release form a waiver I say come up here please just sign this just sign this you know and then go over there and I just wanted to scare him you know thinking there's no way he's gonna do it but he walks over there sixth a balloon between his teeth and just goes like this I thought no way I'm gonna scare him to death and I raise up the gun and point it right at him right at the balloon and he didn't move and then the stupidest thought went through my mind I thought I could hit that and I pulled the trigger and I hit the balloon yeah yeah no no don't clap my church didn't clap I I mean my heart is just pounding right you know I can't believe I did that I can't believe I hit it I'm all excited that I hit it you know no one's clapping for me which was I was just and then after service like all these people from my church like attorneys or coming up going do you realize what could have happened do you realize you risk the whole church just so you could show off no I wasn't showing I wasn't planning on it it was it was just there you know and they're just like what are you 12 I mean you you what are you thinking you know so please don't take that go home with my church no don't don't dumbest thing I ever did okay but since I have done it I can use it as an illustration now the point the point I was making to the church was this I would say I said so how many believers were literally in the room was it the 80% that raised their hands saying I could hit it was it the 20 of you that were willing to hold it out like this or was it just that one guy that was so sure that he was ready to stick it between his teeth and go okay go ahead go because I know you're gonna hit it how many true believers were in their room and in my question tonight is yes there's a hundred thousand of you they showed up for this this Christian festival in these bands and everything else and and probably 95% of you raised your hand saying yes I believe John 3:16 but I'm just gonna man I wonder how many of you will actually stick this thing between your teeth I wonder how many of you are actually living like Jesus where people look at your life and they go WOW man the way you love people the way you care you're doing the same things Jesus did I wonder how many of you have a prayer life where you talk to God and he answers you and the people at work the people our school are gonna man who is this god of yours man you pray to him and he answers what the heck do you actually have a relationship with him cuz the Bible says Jesus said it himself if you believe in me you're gonna do these things because I'm going to the Father and you can ask me for anything in my name and I'll do it ci I just think some of you you're hearing this and you know it's been a long time since you've prayed to God and you've really had that intimacy with him and you've actually seen him do the supernatural some of you struggle the way I did years ago where I would look at that book and go man my life doesn't feel anything like that Church doesn't feel anything like that and it's been driving you crazy and you want it all and I'm gonna pray for your faith again cuz Jesus says you you know in James he says you know what if you doubt you're not gonna receive anything look here's what I want to do right now look I know that some of you guys are here and I wrestle with this because I know you're here you look okay Francis okay go on you're done you know bring on tennant 10th Avenue North you know we came here for a Christian concert and your ear up there preaching at us and but you guys the concerts gonna come and go man I talked to the band guys already they're like yeah it's a concert that they're more concerned about your souls man and last thing I want to do is like ruin your night but you know what concert will come and go and you'll forget about it I'm as good as they're gonna be you'll forget about them my thought is honestly some of you I'll be looking you in the face a hundred years from now and I'm thinking right now what is gonna matter at that point what what will I care that I said to you some of you I'll be looking at you a thousand years from now and I want to be able to look back at this day and go man remember that day we're out there maybe some of you would say man that's the night where I don't know man you prayed for me or something but I got it like I'm not really following that God because remember that that group of people that God was speaking to him in Hosea where he goes man I can't stand the sound of your music he goes on in that passage he goes why are you looking forward to the day of the Lord he says these people you should not be looking forward to the date of the Lord because it's like a man running from from a lion and then he gets eaten by a bear because man yeah life is tough right now but wait till Christ returns is not actually a good thing for some of you he's as others of you it's like you ran into the comfort of your house you put your hand on the wall and a snake bites you and kills you because you what are you what are you running from and he goes man I wonder I mean really how many of you tonight would say I actually hope that in the middle of this concert I hope that it's the day of the Lord I hope Jesus Christ returns in the middle of this concert see I think some of you guys are cheering for that and everything else but I wonder how many of you in the pit of your stomach are going man I actually I'm hoping that doesn't happen tonight cuz I'm not I'm not a piece right now with him you guys this isn't a game to me man I didn't fly out from California this morning to give a speech some of you guys know I wrote a book just a few months ago about Hell and I was when I studied the topic I was kind of hoping that I'd find something new and that that maybe the hell that I thought I believed in didn't really exist I mean honestly in my heart there was so much miss go man I hope I can find stuff but the more I studied the more I go man it's real and and man jesus warned and and the biblical authors they warned that man I went through a depression I was just did man I just wasn't myself for a couple months going man God some of you are headed there I mean seriously because you're just going through the motions is not really your own man it's you know Jesus says man there's gonna come a day where there's many people we're all say to them you know they'll say to me Lord Lord and he'll say depart from me I never knew you yeah I knew your mom I knew your dad I knew one of your brothers I knew those people in your youth group but I never knew you I mean you and I didn't have relationship when you spoke to me I didn't listen to you we didn't have relationship I never knew you man and that freaks me out that's why I come out here I'll get paid for this I don't I don't I don't care if I get I don't care about any of that stuff man I seriously think man if I were man I just want to sit here and beg and go please please please but I know my heart man I can't make you love God I can't make you believe this stuff all I can do is tell you man I love him so much I ask all of my security in life is because I know that he hears me right now and he loves me and that that he saved me I see the answered prayers I see when I reach out to the poor how much he blesses my life I see everything in that book that's true man and I want you to get it and so tonight if you would honestly say I mean I don't have that kind of piece I'm not sure when he returns if I will be with him I want to give you an opportunity to respond right now and again I know this maybe wasn't what you were thinking when you came tonight but man I wasn't about to fly home without at least just saying it and begging you you guys God is so good he is better than anything this world has to offer he really is it is better than money man I got a I got a beautiful wife and five kids as much as I love them and they don't compare to my relationship with God he really is that great he really is that good and I want you to know him because there's nothing like answered prayer and I want him to hear you and I want you to have the security and peace that I do and that's why I came out and so what will we what we're gonna do right now is there's some guys in the crowd right with them papers or or something for you to fill out if you want to I hope can you raise your hand if you're one of these people that I'm talking about if you really exist okay okay yeah that there's guys walking around and the people amidst the crowd here's what I want to do we were going to try to out get you to go to a station somewhere but it's so crowded tonight that that's just going to be impossible to move but right now if tonight you just want to say you know what if I'm honest I don't want Christ to return just yet I'm not sure that I have a relationship with him and I want to get that right tonight I'm gonna ask you to raise your hand right now when someone's just going to hand you good thanks and if you keep your hands up thank you and then the people with the cards if you guys could make your way around we've got a bunch up here if just keep your hand up and they'll they'll get to you or so I'm told and then also just keep your hands up those uh it may be to you know the prayer tent is is that the prayer tent yeah okay wasn't sure okay there's a prayer tent there there's a cross somewhere – oh there's a cross over there let's cross over there you guys if you're just going you know what I I think I need to talk to someone right now like this can't wait then yeah make your way over to the prayer tent or if no one comes to you and you've been raging in forever and you're losing circulation go to one of the crosses or go to the tent in fact right now if someone has their hand up those of you that are around I'm gonna to pray for those those those who tonight just say you know what I want this I want this power you're talking about I want it all I don't have that type relationship with God just raise your hand I'm gonna pray for you right now and those around them lay your hands on them pray for your brothers and sisters that are asking for prayer right now and you guys believe in this moment you guys Jesus in heaven he says look you can pray for me and I'm gonna listen to you and I'm gonna believe that he hears me right now father I pray that you would change the church here in America starting here in South Dakota those who are raising their hands those who lifted their hands Lord they're saying they want the real thing they want you to hear their prayers they want to repent of their sins they want to walk with you they want to really know you they don't want it to be their parents faith or their friends faith or their youth group thing God they want to know you would know that you hear from heaven and so father I pray that you do something supernatural right now I pray that your Holy sprit would really come into their lives enter into them God and have them do the things you did God you promised you promised in your word that if we believed in you that we would do the same things that Jesus did and so father I pray for true believers here tonight that those who raise their hand God that your spirit really would come into them and that they'd be different from here on out right now we just think about the cross we thank you for the cross did you guys all just look up at me one last time this is really weird I mean I was getting ready to just walk off the stage and I just feel like I need two more minutes just to explain the cross one more time to you okay do you understand that God created you that you're not here by coincidence you get that okay we're in this world that's spinning at a thousand miles an hour flying around the Sun at 67,000 miles an hour and you and I are sitting here like nothing's going on okay that that shows that there's a God okay that doesn't just happen it's not like oh there's another earth it there's a God who made you and that you and I we've done things that are offensive to that God we've sinned against him we've broken his commands I've lied stolen lusted done all these things that God hates and so I should be punished and got to be perfectly just and saying you know what just like when he flooded the earth I'm just gonna kill all of you he could have done that and he says no you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna have my son take the penalty for you and he has his son come down onto the earth take the form of a man and be nailed to a cross and while he was on that cross being crucified he was paying for all of your crimes understand that see no one explained that even though I went to church no one told me that that on that cross Jesus was paying for my sins and that's why the Bible says if you believe in him then he pays for for you and so then he dies he's buried three days later he comes back to life he comes back to the life and freaks everyone out all the disciples cannot believe their eyes and he says look I have to feed a death and sin and then he looks at them he says now I want you to go and I want you to make this peoples of all the nations I want you to tell everyone about what you just experienced and I want you to baptize them in the name of the Father Son and the Holy Spirit and you teach them to obey everything that I commanded you and lo I'll be with you always even to the end of the age and so there was a point in my life when I believed that message that Jesus died for me and I went to the church and I got baptized and that was a symbol of me dying to my old self and say I'm gonna live a new life and now I spend the rest of my life out making disciples telling other people about what Jesus did baptizing them and telling them to obey everything that Jesus commanded and I felt like the Lord just wanted me to end on that Gospel message and just remind you of the cross and now let's worship Him for it guys the Bible says that apart from Christ we go to a place of eternal punishment and separation for him Francis has made it very clear tonight what a relationship with Christ means many of you need to have that relationship many of you and your hearts whether you raise your hands or not many of you said yes God I want that real relationship the next thing that has to happen is there's no power apart from his word in that prayer tent we are giving Bibles away giving Bibles to anybody that needs a Bible maybe you made a commitment tonight you said God this is it I want I want this to be real or maybe you said I just need to plug back in and recommit myself to you sometime tonight go to that prayer tent say I want a Bible and there's people in there that will give you a Bible and pray with you and they'll help you in your walk with Christ thank you so much tonight thank you for giving Francis the attention but mainly thank you for listen to how the Lord was spoke to your hearts tonight because he is speaking to every one of us let's pray father we have gathered in this field in the name of Jesus and we know you're here because you promised that wherever we gathered in your name in the name of Jesus you would be there Lord forgive us as a people for neglecting you and putting you aside Lord there are many nations where we would not even be able to speak the name of Jesus without persecution and yet we have these freedoms so I pray for each and every person this entire crowd I pray Lord that you speak to them individually because you have a plan for each and every one of them and Lord we look forward to that day where you say well done good and faithful servant we give you all the glory for anything that happens here Lord we know this is not about a music festival it's not about any of us but it's all about you so we praise you and we give you this in Jesus name Amen you

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