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hello everyone you are welcome back to
today ASMR gets rid of stomach fat, lose weight super fast, look years younger, look fresh, smooth and supple Mukbang and today friend I am going to
be doing mukbang with lime and ginger so I got to grab my lime and ginger, this
is it, what I’ll do is to cut the lime. I have four lime here and ginger
so I’m going to cut them (lime) into round pieces okay this is good friend Lime helps to lose
weight when you combine with ginger is it perfect home remedy becauseGinger contains compounds called gingerols and shogaols. Ginger will make you feel very full, you have wash the lime and the ginger before you starts cutting These compounds stimulate several biological activities in your body when you consume ginger. this okay so this is my ginger, I just
take this quantity okay this is it, then peel of the back or cut it like this this is it, all right so i will grab my pot
this is mini pot I’ll transfer this to the pot, my hand is very
clean I’ll keep the plates then the next thing I do to grab my measuring cup,
I’m measuring 400 ml of warm or room temperature water, that is 400 ml of water i will pour the water into the pot, i will cover it and cook for just 3 minutes I am done okay, i will grab my glass cup and pour it into the glass cup. you can see how this is, so perfect,
I will taste it a little. is good so what I’ll do next is for me
to grab my watermelon watermelon is optional okay, i will cut a small portion, the reason why am eating water melon is for it to prevent me from craving for fat food this we help to prevent you from overreacting why, this
will help to prevent me from binge or eating fat food so if I eat this, in the
next five to six hours are i will not feel like eating that’s what it does so guys
I’m gonna slice the watermelon. so why this is cooling down I’ll be
eating the watermelon what I’m alone is high in water content
or high in water and low in calories, do you what that will do? that mean it will help to burn belly fats if you eat it. keep this here and I enjoy my water melon friend do you know what? anybody that see me will say that I’m looking fresh now looking very young yeah
looking smooth no I because of this so if you want to
look like me when I look fresh we flat tummy with
tiny waist and big backside this is for join me to do this and you will not regret it. you want permanent flat stomach this is for you. you have to join me to do it, every morning and night because
after you lose weight, if you want to use this, just this to lose weight you have
to do it for seven days because after you lose weight and after
I finish drinking it this is early in the morning after you
finish drinking it you are not expected to eat at least for the next six to
seven hours this will help to leave you feeling like you are eating plenty food
so you will not feel hungry you will not overreact or crave for fast food or fats and oil food. i gonna take this away and then sip my lemon ginger water, hot water I love this this is good, I’m really enjoying this,
this is super good for you at least take this every morning or just today morning, if you don’t have lime you can replace it with lemon but
lime is perfect for this morning. this is a perfect ginger Lime tea that will help to lose weight, in fact it is a weight loss ginger lime tea, it is weight loss ginger lime
drink this also good to get rid of stomach fats, you want to lose belly fat
without a sagging skin go for this, if I join me to do this every morning, if you want to maintain your flat stomach because when you lose weight, you still need to keep eating food that are low in calories that’s will permanently maintain that slim fit, flat stomach, tiny waist with no loose skin and that is where this channel helps so join me to maintain this perfect shape. you have to join me to do this mukbang. this is good, so hot, I love hot
tea especially this one, ginger lime hot tea in fact I love all natural hot tea because
they are natural. I notice that this also gives energy, before I start
this video I was feeling dull and weak. this also promotes brain Health, this is good, this is actually good for healthy living. so that means if you want to have
good health you have to join me to be drinking this, friend no matter how rich
you are, if you are not health you are not rich, health is wealth, health means you’re
very very rich, naturally rich, very very good, it is good, i am feeling it all over my body hmm okay guys, I’m going to allow this to cool down a little and then continue sipping my tea, let
me sip another one before I ended it I love it, I love it, it is good, I gonna end it here, but if you want to get rid of stomach fat, you wanna have flat stomach, you want to maintain that flatten stomach you want it to be permanent, you want to lose weight, and you want the weight gone forever that is not to come back again this channel
is for you so join me to do this do you want to look years younger, smooth, fresh and supple this channel is also for you so join me every morning and night to do, this weight loss, lose weight and lose belly fat, how to
lose weight with so many simple remedies mukbang okay, friend I will see again in my next video bye bye.

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