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hello everyone you are welcome to
tonight ASMR gets rid of stomach fat and lose weight super super fast and also look years younger and tonight I will be using
apple cider vinegar to maintain my flats stomach and you we use it to get rid of
the stomach fat and also lose weight and to prepare this apple cider vinegar that
will help to lose weight super fast and get rid of belly fat I need a glass
cup, the next night need is I’m using tangerine, friend you can
use any type of fruits, this fruits will leave me feeling like I’ve eaten maybe a
plate of food so I’m not gonna feel hungry with this, now for me to prepare
the apple cider vinegar I need water. I need normal room temperature water, i will pour it into the glass cup okay this is okay and then I need apple cider vinegar. this is apple cider vinegar I’m using
the organic apple cider vinegar this is raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar mm-hmm, you can make use of the filtered but this is
natural I’m gonna use two tablespoon of this, this organic, Raw unfiltered ACV is more effective and than filtered so if
you wanna get rid of your belly fat super super fast you have to go for the
organic and I need a 2 tablespoon of the apple cider vinegar and then this two so I’m gonna turn this, i have to turn this, i want it to dissolve into the water so this is it, the next I will do is to peel off the tangerine back you can make use of watermelon or pineapple if you don’t have tangerine, i will use tangerine tonight this is how it is okay. Both whole tangerines and oranges are high in fiber and relatively low in calories. I’m gonna be okay with one so I’ll keep
this one away okay I’ll start with this tangerine before I
drink the apple cider vinegar. acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar has benefits like reducing appetite, lowering blood sugar, and boosting metabolism. it is always good for you to dissolve apple cider vinegar in water, do not drink it directly like this, you just take a tablespoon and
put it in your mouth is not good Apple cider vinegar creates a feeling of fullness that can result in reduced calorie intake. the acetic acid will be too harsh for your mouth and also for your stomach so you need to dissolve it in a cup of water friends the tangerine taste very good, I’m
going to take my apple cider vinegar right now, friend for me, I already have
flat stomach and you can see I’m looking fresh and slim, this mukbang or eating
show for weight loss and to get rid of stomach fat will help you to get rid of
stomach fat super fast that will also help you to lose to is super fast now after
you have lost weight and you now have flat tummy you need to still maintain it
because if you don’t maintain its you gain that big belly back that’s what the
show does for you, so joining me every morning and nights will help to control this, so that you keep having you slim fit permanently and also your flat tummy
with permanent, so for you get flat tummy and maintain the flat tummy permanently
you have to join me to do this. I’ll continue to drink my apple cider vinegar water i will take again, what this does is that is going to increase the metabolic rate, if you have bloating this is
also good for you, that means after you finish drinking this is help is going to soften your stomach and get rid of bloating and then cleanse the stomach of any toxic and also help you to lose weight and get flat stomach this is good, okay guys, friends I’m gonna end this here i will end it right now, good night okay
I’ll see you tomorrow morning bye bye.

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