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hello everyone you are welcome back to
today ASMR get rid of belly fat and lose weight super super fast and also
look years younger Mukbang and tonight friend I am going to be doing Mukbang
on how to get rid of stomach fat and lose weight super fast with coca-cola and
lemon, continue watching for me to prepare this coke mukbang that will help to get rid of stomach fat and also help you to lose weight super super fast friend
we need a glass cup, yeah and then we need coca-cola, I have this and I have this you can make use of this or this, you can use any one you want but I’ll be using this today okay. i will pour it into the glass cup. this is okay I’ll keep this aside, the
next thing I need is lemon and I also have different type of lemon okay this
is, this is foreign lemon and this is African lemon, I’ll be using one
of these, you can use this if you have this, you can use if you have this can
use they are all lemon all right I’ll use lemon so i will cut it into two, i will keep the knife away and then I will squeeze the lemon into this, if you want to know the exact lemon I’m squeezing I’m going to squeeze in just a tablespoon of lemon juice into
the glass cup so this is a tablespoon i will throw this away and next thing i will
add into this is a pinch of salt just pinch salt that’s okay, drinking this we help to get rid of stomach fat while you are
enjoying your coca-cola you are burning belly fat and in short time you will lose weight. I need to you know grab a fruits or food that is low in calories and leaving me feeling full. as if i have eaten enough food and that is banana, i have banana and papaya here (that’s optional) you can just go ahead and drink only this or you drink and eat, so I will peel off the banana. i will start to eat the banana, you have to continue to watch because I’m going to tell you how the coca cola drink taste. Though high in calories, bananas are a great flat belly fruit. Bananas are rich in healthy fibers that help curb appetite and make the body burn fat. I have two banana but I’m going to eat only one. I’ll put this aside and i will grab my knife again right and then cut,I won’t be eating all the papaya just little papayas that is what I need for you to preserve your papaya just put
it in the nylon. I’ll grab my spoon so I’ll cut it okay this is good, if you don’t have papaya you can make use of water melon, cucumber or pineapple I need to eat the fruit so that no eat through out today and the next time I will eat will be 10 a.m.
tomorrow this is this is 8 p.m. so I’m going to
eat 10 a.m. tomorrow this is so yummy, I love papaya
I love fruits, friend apart from burning and getting rid of stomach fat, I’m burning your belly
fat this will also help to nourish your body, do you want to look young, fresh,
smooth and supple, fruit are very good good health is wealth this is good. get it at least it’s papaya twice a week I’m going to put this away and then the
next is my coca cola but before I drink I need to stir this very well that’s it, that’s perfect friends check this out okay then I’ll go
ahead and drink, what is inside is the seed of the lemon ah wow this is super good, now if you love
coca cola and you want to use it to burn belly fat and you just want simple
remedy something you have at home, this mukbang will help you to enjoy your
coke and also burn belly fat I will continue to sip my belly fat
coca-cola mukbang or remedy this is good, this is good. friends do you know I’m full. I don’t feel like eating any fats food right now. another thing is that while you are
sleeping you’ll be getting rid of belly fats this will also help to give you energy so it’s not only to cleanse or to get rid of bloating or
burn belly fat or lose weight this will also help to cleanse, the fruits will help
to nourish, leave you looking young smooth, fresh and supple this is good I’ll continue drinking hmm I love this so much Friend you have to join me to do this if you want to look fresh like me, if you want to burn belly
fat you wanna have flat tummy like me you want to maintain your flat stomach, you want it to be permanent you have to join me to do this. you wanna slim down, you want that slim perfect shape flat stomach, tiny waist, big back side with no sagging this is for you join me to do this mukbang and
friend you will never regret it. I’ll continue to drink my belly fat Coca
Cola remedy. I’ll finish this. hmm this is good, I loved it, I enjoyed
this, i will keep this away but let me take another one before I keep it aside, I’ll
keep it away all right I’m good I am full and I’m done, join me to do this yeah in this channel I’ll be eating all the
belly fat food remedy, natural recipe, all the belly fat food drink I’ll be eating
it on this channel so if you have anyone that you are scared of but you wanna try
it bring it I would do it for you. you will see that all of them are super
super super effective especially this one, it I’m telling you. they will help you to lose belly fat and help you to lose weight and also maintain that flat tummy
and maintain weight that you have loss if you join me to do this, so join
me to do it, friends good night and I will see you tomorrow, take care of yourself

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