Father Spitzer’s Universe – 2019-10-02 – Teaching Authority of the Catholic Church Pt. 1

Posted By on October 10, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. You CAN reconcile true science (re: DNA) and TRUE HUMANITY… Sorry but your evolution story is sooooo (modernist) flawed… read Genesis! lol The problem with trying to explain how our dna is almost the same as an ape is simple Bible 101… Adam was made last after creatures and God used the clay… from earth! The clay was full of DNA from a lot of stuff… did you know we have almost identical DNA as a pine tree? Scientists won't share that… so, God makes us in his image and BREATHS the Holy Spirit in us…. we are children of God ( not ape) in his Holy image with language and skills explained in the Bible …. oh, we didn't evolve a soul so man is body & soul filled with the Holy spirit that's why we don't eat people. Oh and some of those early man fossils Lucy) are fake it turns out… the great deception….


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