Fate/stay night UBW (2015) – Archer vs Lancer church fight [Rho Aias] 60fps FI – sub ESP & ENG

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Knowing you, I was certain you would come. So, what little stratagem have you devised? You aren’t the type to make a
challenge without a plan in mind. Yeah. For the time being, you’ll deal with me. I’m surprised. You made a pact with a new Servant within mere days of losing me? I know I’m not one to talk, but
your fickleness is astonishing. Perhaps breaking from you
when I did was a good idea. Something about you always irritated me, but you’re rotten to the core, aren’t you? Does betrayal rub you
the wrong way, Lancer? Given that it has nothing to do with you. It just pisses me off that
there are Servants like you! Lancer… You two get inside. I’ll join you once I’ve
dealt with this bastard. Understood. But Archer is… Yeah, I’ll pull my punches. He has to get on his hands and
knees, and beg you for forgiveness. Thank you. I’m glad you were the one
who offered us help. Man, this has turned
into a mess, hasn’t it? What has, Lancer? Oh, nothing. Speaking as someone who wouldn’t dream
of casually betraying his master, that little lady is pretty dazzling. You’re so softhearted, Lancer. Do you know the saying “The grass is
always greener on the other side”? What are you talking about? Like I’d know anything about that! It isn’t like that other night, is it? Sorry I had to go easy on you last time. My stupid Master used a Reijuu to order me to return alive,
without killing you. But I’m not bound by that order now. This time, I won’t hold back… and I’ll kill you. I can’t figure you out. You’re this skilled, but you
chose to side with Caster? Working with the little lady, you probably
would have been a match for Caster. I was expecting you to mouth off, but
you’re still going on about that? I simply chose the option with the higher
chance of success, however slight. Was that why? It was stupid of me to even ask. No argument there. But that isn’t a certain path to victory. You have a fatal lack of
pride in your sword skills. Yes. Unfortunately, I am devoid of pride. But why does that bother you? Does it dishonor all heroes? Don’t make me laugh, Lancer. Dishonor can be washed away with success. Feed your leftover pride to that dog. Did you just call her “dog”, Archer? It’s the truth, Cú Chulainn. If you have a hero’s pride, cast
it aside while you still can. Well said. You go first, then. You’ve heard of my spear’s special
ability, haven’t you, Archer? Of course. It has a cunning curse that
reverses cause and effect. It’s certainly fearsome, but unless you get
close, it’s nothing but a sharp stinger. True. But spears can also be used like this. Here it comes. Accept my blow as a gift
for one about to die. I’m well aware… Gáe Bolg, the spear whose curse
kills with a single blow. I know that when thrown, it is
an anti-army Hougu… It strikes for the heart. It never misses its target. In which case, taking the
blow head-on is the only way. Gáe Bolg! I am the bone of my sword… Rho Aias! Motherfucker… Not even Aias, which deflected the Trojan War’s
great hero’s throws, can take it? I’m surprised. To think that there is a spear
that can penetrate the Aias… What you have is mightier than
even the original Gungnir. Who the hell are you? Just a simple bowman. Bullshit. Do bowmen have shields that can
withstand a Hougu? Under the right circumstances, they might. But you can see that it
didn’t entirely work. Even though I expended most of my mana, one of my arms is useless, and my
Aias was completely destroyed. Damn it… That was the most
powerful defense I had. But enough about that, Lancer.
Have you noticed? Caster must be hard pressed. Her prying eyes have stopped watching. Have they now? I thought that might be
what you were up to… You sly son of a bitch… That was your intent all along? Of course. I told you, didn’t I? I only use the means that give me
the highest chance of victory. I really hate your guts, you bastard. But my job is done.

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  1. 事実上ほぼ完璧に投影したアイアスでも防ぎきれないって事は、クーフーリンって強いのか!?(今更)

  2. キャプテン・ファンタ・凱旋を高らかに告げる虹弓〔アルク・ドゥ・トリオンフ・ドゥ・レトワール〕


  3. I know that everyone liked UBW 2014 but i barely finished it, i felt nothing .2006 version is way better even though its not made by ufotable story is way better soundtrack is godlike and i could feel connection between characters.

  4. Odin is actually the Norse assimilation of Lugh(Cu Chulainns’s Father) into their religion. Lugh is know to the Irish as Lugh Lamfada Lonnbéimnech – Lugh, Fierce Striker of the Long-arm. He was the Irish god of lightning, and his skills with a spear were universally feared. While Gae Bolg means Spear of Mortal Pain, Lughs spear mean Slaughterer.

  5. ローアイアスって1枚1枚が城壁クラスの硬さらしいがそれを全て粉砕するとは投げボルグとは対軍宝具と言いつつ対城クラスなのでは!?

  6. I don't know why everyone is scared by berserker and ignore lancer, he is one of the, most dangerous servants if not the most dangerous.
    His stats are second only to berserker's, he has a B+ weapon that lancer can buff to make an A with his rune magic, one of his noble phantasm is an A anti-army undodgeable blow that the enemy must take head on and the other is an attack that when activated is SURE TO KILL NO MATTER WHAT.
    He could defeat every servant in one blow except for berserker ('cause of his ten lives).
    Also a lot of servants are overrated and others are incredibly underrated.
    Saber is incredibly overrated, her stats are good but lancer's and berserker's are better , and her noble phantasm is just a big A++ attack that is surely incredible but can be actually dodged.
    Archer is underrated and doesen't fight as he should, he should start all of his fights 2 km away shooting NP nukes and using barrels of swords like gilgamesh.

  7. もし、凛&アーチャーVSバゼット&ランサーが何の制限も無しに本気で殺し合ったら、どちらに軍配が上がると思いますか?

  8. ランサーかっこよすぎやろ

  9. i am watching this in the bathroom and when archer is screaming holding on the rho aias helped me squeeze the little shit out my ass.. that lil fucker was just hanging and kept praire dogging but feeling the intensity helped me clear it out. Thank you

  10. lets be honest here Lancer would have op all of the servant, if archer and saber werent the main protaginst of the series they wouldn't have survive the gaebolg since it never misses and pierce enemy heart before the impact. And its undogable move. They just nerf it down to match the other servant.

  11. wow…. Ufotable as a studio that issued " Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works " must really have unlimited budget to create such magnificent animation or they should instead rename the animation with "Fate Stay Night Unlimited Budgets" hahahaah

  12. 魔力があればアイアス何枚も張れただろうがその場合どうなるんや。



  13. That some mother fucken bull shit,
    "Ariana Granda x Baby I "
    can have 700billon view but my dam
    Battle is only 5m…
    There something wrong with the View
    That some mother fucken bull shit

  14. This is much better than Apocrypha. I want to see moves like that instead of just shooting lasers and running around.

  15. Can we all just say that if Rin summoned Lancer and Kotomine summoned Archer (somehow but let’s not think of that), either Lancer or Saber would win the Grail easily? Like if they teamed up and the events played out, Lancer would’ve prob killed Caster in ep7.

  16. 5:53 the animation here gives me fucking chills, lightning that indicates gae bolg has connected rho aias and the air flow changing the direction towards rho aias, just perfect

  17. Isn't anyone gonna say how Archer could have won by using his own gae bolg(sorry if wrong spell)…and then used rho aias?

  18. Unless we see an actual deathmatch between the two we won't actually know who would win, neither should we study it, since it's not truth. It's annoying seeing such disputes when it was a good fight.

  19. I was hoping shirou would get serious even though his intentions were not aimed towards taking his life. Good fight regardless

  20. I love Archer. His fighting style, UBW, character and attitude everything. But Lancer is miles above man Cu not only destroyed Emiya here but did it without taking a hit from him
    Edit:- He looks so badass at 3:05

  21. is it me or is lancer voice started out all cocky and competent only for it to go angery and bitter while archers voice was all calm and composed from start to end …..

  22. its a hard one to call …, thing is, if you start with Stay night before Zero, it will spoil Zero. Zero is the prequel , i started with Zero and it was really nice, and im happy i didnt get spoil cause i watched stay night first, . i went Zero—stay night unlimited blade,, witch in my opinion is the best route, then you can watch the other 2 fate stay(2006) and the movies heaven's feel, there is less spoiler from watching zero first, than the opposite. Zero is the best of all of them, and i suggest you dont get that one spoiled because it fits the story better….. and i dont know why people think Zero spoil heaven'S feel, its a continuation… i didnt feel like i got spoiled by zero..

  23. アーチャーここじゃこんなにカッコイイのにFGOのイベントじゃもうネタキャラになってしまったか…ま、面白いからいいか

  24. ランサーの強みは宝具が低燃費だから割とポンポン撃てることなのに、ポンポン撃たないランサーマジ英雄気質。


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