Family Takes Intentionality – Week 3

Posted By on December 3, 2019

– Hey, everybody! It’s so good to be with you guys today. I just wanna welcome everybody
from all of our campuses. And would you guys just
give it up for the men at the God Behind Bars campus
who are joining us right now? (audience applauding) We love you guys. So glad and so excited about
what God’s doing there. I don’t know if you guys know
where our different campuses are located, but our
west campus is actually in the Foothills of Colorado like 8,000 feet elevation up 1-70. I used to work there
and a couple years ago, on the Neighborhood Watch
Boards, they were talking about how there was suspected bear
activity in the neighborhood, and I got excited, okay? Because I’m like, I’m
finally gonna get to see a bear in Colorado. I’ve waited a long time for this. And the kid’s ministry
team wasn’t too excited, but anyways, I was excited. And then one morning, I drove up there and I got there early, and I saw one of the trashcans
had been knocked over and there was trash scattered everywhere and there were like pieces
of bagels that were on the ground, there were these
like fast food wrappers, and I was giddy. And so I just cleaned this
all up ’cause I’m like, I’m finally gonna get to see a bear. I’ll at least be able watch
it on our security footage. I was just so excited. And so I got on our security
footage and I’m watching that at 10 times speed and it’s going through, it passes midnight, it’s getting
earlier into the morning, and I’m like this is when a
bear likely would come in here, tip over the trashcan, and
scatter all the trash everywhere as it tried to find some food. And before this happened,
I saw three teenagers wander onto the screen and I
was like, I hope they’re gone before the bear shows up because man, like that would be a bad deal. And then of course, you know what happens. The teenagers walk over to the trashcan and they dump it over and
then they just throw trash everywhere ’cause that’s what they do. I don’t know. And I was sitting there
and I was so frustrated ’cause at first I thought
like, when I’m cleaning up after this bear, this is like
helping mother nature, okay? The bear doesn’t know what it’s doing. It’s just hungry trying to get food. But instead, I was enabling
a bunch of vagrant teenagers. And I was looking at this
screen and I just remember being like, those kids need some better parents. Have you ever said that before? Like these kids need better parents. If you step back and think
about that statement, here’s a convicting thing. What if they do? (chuckles) I mean, what if mom and dad split up and it’s still really messy? I mean, what if dad left? What if they just got hit
by some really unexpected medical bills and mom and
dad are working two jobs trying to make just ends meet
and they’re doing the best that they can or maybe mom
and dad, they’re still around, but just something’s not
connecting and they need somebody to stand in the gap for them. We come in here from all
sorts of different backgrounds and life situations, but I
think that there’s something that all of us here can agree on. We all want the next
generation to be raised well. We all agree on that. We all want the next
generation to be raised well and the reason for today’s
message is I believe we all have a role to play in that. So today, we’re gonna
talk about parenting, but it’s not just for parents
with kids in the house. I mean, if you’re a parent,
but your kids are out of the house or you’re a grandparent, then as you listen today, I hope you remember what it’s like. What it was like. I hope that you can
empathize with parents today. I feel like empathy is just
missing from today’s culture. Or I don’t know. Maybe there’s somebody
else in your life who needs to hear what God’s gonna tell us today. Or if you don’t have kids, if
you never end up having kids, you can still make an impact
on the next generation whether that’s neighbors, or nephews, or kids at church, okay? I can look back at a few
volunteers at the church that I grew up at as one
of the primary reasons that I’m a pastor today. We can all contribute. And the subject of parenting
is something that we can all understand because everybody
at every one of our campuses or watching online, everybody at least, we either had parents or we
wished that we had parents. Everyone of us could say that. And today we’re wrapping up
our series, The Perfect Life. And we’ve been talking all about family and how so many of us, we
buy into this lie that family is gonna come easy. That the perfect families
exist and that being a healthy family comes naturally. And today as we talk about parenting, maybe you knew that
parenting was gonna be hard, you just didn’t know it
was gonna be this hard. I mean, think about moms today. Expectations of moms are
just so high today, okay? Now it’s almost expected
that every meal is gonna be well-rounded, multiple
course, nutritious, organic, and it’s gonna look great on Instagram. You know what used to
be acceptable to eat? Spam. Like that’s true. You know you remember
that’s like meat jello. That is basically Arby’s
before they slice it up, okay? (audience laughing) Some of you guys didn’t even know that that’s under the hood. You think about kid’s safety
and how it’s under constant scrutiny by everybody these days. Here’s how horrible my parents
were when I was growing up. They let me jump on a trampoline
without a net around it. (audience laughing) I mean, can you imagine? Oh gosh. Like just imagine that today, okay? Imagine having a trampoline
without a net around it. I mean, neighbors would
like not let their kids play with yours. And do you know that the toys
that we used to play with when I was growing up,
some of you guys know where this is going. (audience laughing) Yard darts. Who played with yard
darts growing up, okay? That’s right ’cause this is America, okay? We play with giant darts in yards. Who cares? We should start a movement
to bring them back, you know? Like somebody. We probably shouldn’t, right? We’d all get sued, you know? I’m not about that. Let me tell you about some
other dynamics at play today. You see, today you gotta
deal, if you’re a parent, you gotta deal with
unrealistic expectations. We’ve got these expectations of ourselves that we’re gonna keep
the house perfectly clean and we’re gonna perfectly
balance being at home and perfectly balance being at work. We’re gonna go to every class party, go to every soccer practice. We’ll make all organic breakfast,
and lunches, and dinners. We’re never gonna let our
kids watch too much TV. We’re gonna make all the
right choices as a parent, and we’re gonna love every minute of it. And if we don’t, there’s
a voice deep inside of us that says you’re failing as a parent. You gotta deal with crushing comparisons. We see these people that look
like they have the perfect lives, the perfectly decorated homes, they eat the perfect meals,
they have the perfects kids. And when we see what looks like
perfection on social media, even though we know that’s not reality, we still feel like we’re failing if we’re not measuring up to that. And then we’re confronted
with endless opinions. Everybody now has a blog, okay? One mom says that dairy
is fine for your kids, the other says you shouldn’t let your kids have dairy, alright? One says you should
sleep train your new born on a strict schedule, the
other says let the baby come up with the schedule. One says the Earth is round, the other says the earth is flat. I mean, who are we gonna trust anymore? Not only these factors, but
just like parenting has always been all throughout history,
it’s just day, after day, after day, after day,
after day, for 18 years. And most the days, my wife Kara and I, we’ve got four kids. Most of the days, we
end the days exhausted. And some days, it’s because
we’ve home cooked all the meals, she’s home cooked all the
meals, let’s be honest. We’ve home cooked all the meals, we’ve helped the kids with their homework, we’ve done all the laundry, we’ve gotten the kids bathed, we’ve done all the right parenting things and we end the day exhausted. And then there are other
days where there’s tension between her and me. And I’m frustrated ’cause
I yelled at the kids and I don’t even have
energy to clean up the house and I’m so annoyed that I
don’t even wanna tuck the kids into bed, and the best
that we could do for dinner was Taco Bell and we
end the day exhausted. And you feel like you just can’t win. I mean, does anybody else feel that way? Like, you never really
know what you’re doing? Like, your kids change so
fast that you barely have time to catch up to where they are
and you just don’t even know where to start or you feel
like you’re making mistake after mistake and you’re
just failing, as a parent, there’s just so much to
do in the first place so why even? What’s the point? And the time is just flying away. Have you ever been there? Cool, just me? Alright, cool. (laughs) Maybe one of you should teach this then. If this is hitting home,
what would God say to us? And I wanna take a time out
real quick because I know I’m saying what would God say
to us and I know that there are people in the room
who are like hey, hey, I don’t even follow God yet. But I know that you wouldn’t
be here if everything in your life was working
perfectly the way that it is. And so what I just wanna explore today is maybe what we’re missing
when it comes to impacting the next generation is exactly that. What would God want us to do? I mean, maybe that’s the missing piece. Maybe that’s why we’re left
shaking our heads sometimes. Maybe that’s why we feel
clueless or powerless so often. So whatever you believe about God, let’s just see what He has to say. Let’s put it to the test
and just see what happens. And so what would God say
to parents who are tired, who are defeated, who
feel like they don’t know what they’re doing, who
wonder if what they’re doing is even making a difference? What would God say to that? Galatians 6:9 says let us not
become weary in doing good, for at the proper time,
we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Let us not become weary in
doing good for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest
if we do not give up. This past summer, some friends
of ours took my wife and I to Napa Valley where
they’re members of a couple of the different wineries. And we got to walk through the vineyards, we got to check out the cellars, we got to see how really,
really great wine was made. And my wife, Kara and I, we’ve always enjoyed a very
specific variety of wine. Specifically the variety that’s under $10. That’s the type of wine that we like. And as we learned about great wine making, I was just blown away by the
patience and the process. I mean, if you’re
starting a vineyard today, you’re gonna have to spend
months preparing the land before you can plant anything
in it and then you’re gonna have to spend a couple
months planting the vines. And before those vines would
produce anything that’s even remotely drinkable, you have
to go through three or four years of crop cycles before
the grapes are mature. And then you harvest the
grapes, you clean them, you de-stem them, you crush
them hard enough to juice, but not too hard that you juice the skins, you let it ferment, then you purify it, then you put it in barrels
and some of these wines, they sit in the barrels
for three to four years, and when it’s been properly aged, then you put it into bottles, but some of these bottles
will mature in the bottle for another five to 10
years before they hit their peak flavor. So if you’re a wine maker
and you’re just now starting, you’re gonna put in a lot of work and you might not even know
if what you’re producing is good or not until 18 years
after you started the process. That sound familiar to anybody? See, all of us parents, we are
trying to be better parents. But the truth is, we won’t
really be able to see the fruit of our labor until 18 years
after we started, if that, and a long the way, all
that we get are glimpses. Last fall, my wife and I
and our two youngest kids, Kate who’s six and Ford who’s four, we were raking leaves in our
yard and my wife mentioned, hey, it’d be a really nice
thing if we raked the leaves in our neighbor’s yard too. And then, my daughter Kate unprovoked, goes over, puts her arm
around Ford and goes, “Yes, Ford. “Let’s go help the neighbors,
it’s good to help others.” And as a dad, I just sat back and I’m like I can die now, okay? My work here is done. I wanted to like, high five
every kid’s ministry volunteer who helped teach them to help out. But then Kate continued. She goes, “Because Ford,
when we help others, “mom and dad give us candy. “That’s why we help others.” And I just remember like, being defeated and just being like, oh gosh. I guess they’re a work in progress. And if you’re a parent, you’ve
had these situations before where you know you only
get glimpses of it. And I don’t know about
you, but some days for me, it feels like parenting’s going well, other days it doesn’t, and most days, I just feel like I’m
throwing bricks down a well that I can’t see the bottom
of and I’m just praying to God that they lay a foundation down there. I mean, there’s no
formula for raising kids. There’s no guarantees. There’s no 10 steps to ensure
your kid’s gonna grow up to be a reasonable adult. So in the middle of that tension, what do we do and where do we start? That’s where I think that
what we’ve been learning in this series has been so helpful. We gotta take a step back
and we’ve gotta remember that family takes mercy, that’s week one. And that family takes
sacrifice, that was last week. But finally, family takes intentionality. And call me crazy, but I
think of all the things to be intentional with, it’s
making sure that your kid understands how to follow Jesus. It’s more important than making
sure they’re honor students, they’re starting varsity,
they’re popular, whatever. And I gotta explain. This intentionality with your
family goes all the way back to the beginning of the Bible
in a book called Deuteronomy. And we’re gonna look at
Deuteronomy chapter six. And in this section, the people of Israel, they’ve been together
and they’ve been secluded from the rest of the world for 40 years and they’re about ready
to move into another area where there are people
who have different values and different beliefs than they do. People who are gonna constantly push back on their way of life. And God tells Moses, the
leader of the people of Israel, to tell the people what it
looks like to follow God as a family as they move
into unfamiliar territory. We’ll pick it up in verse five. He says, “Love the Lord your
God with all your heart, “and with all your soul,
and with all your strength. “These commandments that I
give you today are to be on “your hearts, impress
them on your children “and talk about them when you sit at home, “when you walk along the
road, when you lie down, “and when you get up.” So God tells His people to
talk about what God says when they’re sitting and
when they’re walking, when they’re lying down,
when they’re getting up, impress them on their children. But look at what it says first. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. He doesn’t start with parenting. He doesn’t start with kids. He starts with you, mom. He starts with you, dad. The first step before any other step, mom, dad, love the Lord
your God with all your heart and with all your soul,
and with all your strength. What God’s saying should
be on your hearts. He starts without saying
anything about parenting. Why? Because God knows a basic principle. You can’t give what you don’t have. That’s why on airplanes when
they do safety presentations, they tell parents in case of an emergency, secure your oxygen mask
before you help your kids. When we take our family on planes, which we avoid as much as we can, but when we take our family on planes, my daughter, she reads
through the entire safety presentation because
she, I don’t really know. She’s a worrier. I tell her it doesn’t
really matter, but you know. I shouldn’t tell her that. My son, Gray, is curious and
so he’s just like fiddling with everything, checking everything out. My daughter, Kate, she knows
that when we’re on a plane, she gets to watch three
straight hours of TV so she asks for the iPad. And then Ford, our youngest,
he’s our troublemaker. And Ford looks at the
drink menu, so (laughs). And Ford is sitting
there and he’s thinking, I’m gonna get a coke. I’m gonna get a coke. And we don’t, as parents, we don’t let our kids
have soda all that often, but airplanes are just different. If you’ve been a parent
of a child on a plane, you understand this, don’t you? I mean, you understand what this is like. Because he’s got a secret
weapon in his arsenal. It’s called the public tantrum. And man, is it effective, okay? When we’re at home,
there’s a certain, like, you can deal with the tantrum, okay? You can deal with it. He’s on my turf, we can deal with it. But when we’re on a plane,
when we’re in public, I’m on his turf, okay? Time out doesn’t work on planes, okay? If anybody creates like
a time out zone for kids on a plane, I would just pay
you as much money as I could. It’d be great. And take away the coke. That just makes things worse, okay? ‘Cause Ford, he inherently
knows something about me. He knows I’m an insecure parent. He knows I care way
too much what you think about how I’m doing as a parent. He just knows that, okay? He knows when we take
pictures on Instagram, I’m only gonna post the ones that make us look good
as parents, alright? He knows that when we’re
out there in the lobby and I won’t let him have a
fifth cookie and he throws a tantrum, I’m not really
thinking about the tantrum. I’m thinking about what you’re
thinking about the tantrum. He knows that I’m an insecure
parent and so when he’s got me on a plane, surrounded by
the public for three hours, he’s got me in the palm of his hand. So what do I do to get
ahead of a tantrum you ask? I order us two Jack and cokes. (audience laughing) Ford gets a coke and coke,
and dad gets a Jack and Jack. And I’m not saying it’s right, okay? Please, if you’ve got
another way to deal with this on a plane, please come tell me. I’ll take any suggestion. It’s just we try to survive. But I feel like the safety
instructions on a plane, they’re good instructions to us too. We’ll do our kids no good if
we can’t get their masks on because we can’t breathe. Parents, you can’t give
what you don’t have. So I’m encouraging you,
you read your Bible. You pray for your kids. You get in a group. You get in a relationship that
helps you grow in your faith. You let God shape your heart
so that God can use you to shape the hearts of your kids. Sometimes I think what we
wanna do is we wanna outsource our kid’s faith the same
way we outsource their piano playing to a piano teacher
or their soccer playing to a coach. But in the verse that
comes right after this one, we’re not gonna see God
talk about how these things should be taught to students,
how these things should be taught by volunteers to
kids in kid’s ministry. It’s gonna say this. Teach them to your children. He’s saying that it’s the
parent’s primary responsibility to teach their kids about Jesus. The church, the youth group,
a Christian school, whatever. They’re great supplements, but they’re not great replacements. And God is so clear. There’s something intrinsically
powerful that happens when a parent teaches
their kid about Jesus that just can’t be
replicated in any other way. It’s the way He set up our world, it’s the way He set up our families. And I just gotta ask you, mom and dad, is this really something
you wanna outsource to other people? I mean, I understand it with sports and even with school, okay? But on their faith, on their
relationship with Jesus, the person that Paul says
He comes before all things and in Him, all things hold together. And you’d miss out on introducing
and teaching your kids about something as important
and valuable as that? And here’s the flip side. Mom and dad, if you do
call yourself a Christian and you don’t demonstrate what
this looks like to your kids, but you also tell them it’s important. If they see you preach
what you don’t practice, I’m convinced that there’s
nothing more detrimental to a child’s faith than
to see their parents claim to follow Jesus, but not act like it. And they’ll believe that the
church is full of hypocrites, not because they know everybody at church, but because of what
they see in mom and dad. I tell you, before working at Flatirons, I spent almost a decade in youth ministry. And the most cynical, the most jaded, the most hard-hearted
students in my ministry, they were not the ones that
came from non-Christian houses, they were one who came
from Christian houses where mom and dad
blatantly didn’t practice what they preached. And for some of us right
now, that’s hitting home. That’s our story. ‘Cause your parents, they
said that they were following Jesus, and they pretended to every time they brought the family to church. But at home, it was a different story. And for years, you’ve had
nothing to do with church. And you’re finally back here
one more time to give it one last shot before you
write it off together. Mom and dad, there is so
much on the line here. If you don’t hear anything
else today, hear this. Your kid’s faith starts
with how you demonstrate your own faith. And then out of that, verse
seven says impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home, or when you walk along the
road, when you lie down, and when you get up. God says impress these
things upon your children and God says the way that
you demonstrate your faith, it will leave an impression
on your kids for good or for bad. So God says demonstrate your
faith when you’re having meals at home, when you’re driving in the car, when you’re waking up,
when you’re going to bed. He doesn’t leave much out. He tells us it should be this natural part of our family rhythm. And just think about all the
lessons that you had to learn the hard way. Think about all the times
throughout your childhood where you’ve felt like
you had to figure out life on your own, all the mistakes
you made along the way, and imagine what it would’ve
looked like if you had somebody in your life,
what if you had a parent who made it their priority to raise you in a way where you didn’t
have to learn lessons the hard way, you got to
learn from their example as they follow the example of Jesus. Parents, you’ve got the
opportunity to do that, to be that today. And here’s what I’m just so exited about. How we as a church, we wanna
come alongside you in this and there are a couple of things
that I just wanna point out how we wanna walk alongside
you as you try to parent. The first one is this. At every campus, we’ve
got just an unbelievable kid’s ministry for kids
birth through fifth grade. And just a quick soap box. Okay, sometimes people call
this childcare or babysitting and I understand where it comes from ’cause they take our
kids for us for an hour where we don’t have to think about them. But at the same time, kid’s
ministry is so much more than child care. These are literally like a
thousand volunteers across all of our campuses who are
intentionally pouring into your children and teaching
them what it looks like to follow Jesus. It’s just incredible what they do. And we’ve got the same thing
happening in student ministry for students in middle
school and high school. They do this great job of
making the Bible tangible to tell students what it
looks like to follow Jesus in middle school and in high school. They connect students with
other students who are trying to figure out how to follow Jesus. They put other positive
influences in your child’s life. These aren’t substitutes for
how you raise up your kids, but they are a great supplement. The second thing is on our website today, you can sign up for
information on a family group. These groups will meet next
year and you can connect with a group of other parents
and you’ll walk through a curriculum that’s designed
to help you become more intentional as a parent. You’ll be surrounded by people
who are gonna support you as you do that. So take a picture and
you can go to this link and you can sign up for more
information about that today. And the third things is that
for the last year and a half, Dianna Brunner, she
leads our family ministry here at Flatirons, she’s
been working with a team of kid’s directors and student directors across all of our campuses
and they’ve been trying to answer this question. How can we as a church
support parents better? And over the next year or so, you’re gonna see some of the things that they’ve been working on, but what I’m so excited about this weekend is we’re launching this
thing out in every lobby called the Parent Resource Wall. And they’ve been combing
through these different books and they found what we consider
the best books on parenting, on dealing with difficult
conversations with your kids, about healthy technology use
with your kids growing up, and then all sorts of
other different topics because here’s the thing
that I know about you, I know that you wanna be a better parent. I wanna be a better parent. I don’t think that there’s
anybody in the room who’s like I don’t really care
about being a better parent. I wanna be a mediocre parent. I don’t think anybody would say that, but if you’re like me,
sometimes you just don’t know where to start. And so we’ve got these little
books and they’re on the wall. They’re called parenting
your, fill in the blank. Parenting your third grader. And we’ve got one for every age group, birth through 12th grade, and these books, they’re
actually an all in one guide to the things your kid needs,
the conversations that you need to have in each year
long phase of their life. It’s not more opinions, it’s just a tool that will help you develop a
plan to be a more intentional parent this year. These books, they cost $10 each. Suggested donation. They actually cost us as
a church more than that, but we’re not about making
money on this stuff, okay? We just wanna help you as a parent. And if you don’t have the money, please take a book. Tell them Jesse said that you could, okay? And if you don’t have kids in
the house and you’ve got some extra income, just go hand
the person at the wall some money, say this is for
parents that don’t have money to buy a book, okay? Maybe buy these books for
your grown kids who have kids of their own for Christmas, okay? Just don’t use these
books as a weapon, okay? Don’t be like, I see
the way that you parent and I thought that you could
use one of these, okay? Don’t do that. No parent needs more shame, alright? These are all at the Resource Walls. And be patient and gracious. The quantities are very
limited because all the other services were very, very greedy, okay? And so, you can blame them. But we’ll be getting
more in stock next week. We wanna help you be the
parents to your children that you wanna be. And this is just a start. So find out the different
ministries where we’ll partner with you to sign up to learn more about an intentional parenting group. Go buy one of the parenting books. You can do all of this at the
Resource Wall after services. And just to talk to the
parents who are still kinda investigating this faith
thing, this Jesus thing, isn’t this worth a shot? I mean, this can’t be
worse than what we’re doing right now, right? No matter where you are with Jesus, what if you just started
finding out what God says? You get involved with the church and you just see how it impacts your kids. Isn’t it worth a shot? As we wrap up, I wanna speak
to the parents in the room one last time. Parents, raising your kids
is one of the most difficult things that you will ever do. And it’s also one of the
most important things that you can ever do. And this is a come to Jesus
moment for some of us. Dad, you’ll spend more time
raising the level of your golf game than you will raising
your kid with intentionality. I mean, mom, you’ll spend
more time getting your family dressed for that family
picture than you will praying for your kids. And years from now,
when your kids are grown and out of the house, I really
don’t think that you’re gonna say, when they were growing up, I wish I just had played more golf. I wish I would have fussed
about that picture more, okay? I don’t think that’s what we’d say. And this is not, you
should never play golf, you should never get on social media, you should never care
about pictures, okay? I think they’re all
totally fine things to do, except play golf, okay? This is about realizing that
we have plenty of time to put some of this into practice
if we really think about it. I know it’s hard. Trust me, we’ve got four kids. I know. But let us not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time,
we will reap a harvest if we don’t give up. I wanna talk about the marbles
real quick ’cause some of you guys, you haven’t even
heard what I’ve said. You’ve just been wondering what
these marbles are here for. There’s a scripture in
Psalms that says so teach us to number our days so that we
may gain a heart of wisdom. Teach us to number our days. And the jars on this table full of marbles stands for my four kids. This is Claire, this is Gray,
this Kate, this is Ford. And the marbles in here
stand for every week that I have left with
them before they turn 18, graduate high school, and leave my house. Some of y’all are like,
I’ve got a 30 year old living at my house. (audience laughing) You need a bigger jar, you know? You need a bigger jar. But seeing it like that, when I first saw this, it
made my stomach drop out because Claire, I still look
at her, she’s 11 years old, I still look at her like my little girl and at the same time, I look
at the number of marbles and her jar is already
more than half way empty. I mean, the time is so
limited that I have with them and it makes me wanna
make each week count. And so today, for all
of us at every campus, we’ve got a marble for
you outside every one of our auditoriums, and
I just wanna have a quick precursor, please do,
if you take a marble, be careful if you drop it on the ground, please go find it, okay? Because it would just be
a bad thing if the week we’re talking about parenting, a toddler swallowed a marble, okay? So please be careful with these things, but we’ve got these out in
the lobbies for you to grab when you leave. And this marble, it stands for a week. It stands for this week
of your kid’s life. And a week that once it’s
over, you don’t get it back. We don’t get it back. And this marble is an
opportunity to make a change. This marble is a chance
to say from now on. This marble might literally
be the defining moment of your kid’s life because
this is the moment that mom and dad said we’ll go first. So take a marble saying this is a symbol, this is a reminder, this is one week of my child’s
life and it’s important so I’m gonna make it count. To make this week count, I’m gonna invest in my
own relationship with God because I know I can’t
give what I don’t have to make this week count. I’m gonna go to the Resource
Wall and I’m gonna pick up a book and learn more about
how to be an intentional parent and to make this week count, I’m gonna sign up for one
of those family groups so I can surround myself
with people who are trying to parent their kids better, okay? To make this week count, I don’t even know about
the whole God thing, but I’m just gonna bring
my kids back next week and see if it makes an impact. To make this week count, I don’t have kids of my
own, but my friends do. I’m gonna volunteer to watch
their kids for just a couple hours so that they can discuss
this stuff in just a couple hours of peace and quiet. To make this week count, I’m gonna sign up to make an impact on the next
generation in kid’s ministry or student ministry. To make this week count, we’ve prayed that we
could have one of these. We’ve prayed for kids and
this message has been hard for us today. And so we’re gonna put
this marble in a place that we see it everyday and
we’re gonna pray in faith that God one day will
give us that opportunity. To make this week count, I’m
gonna call my mom and dad because I wasn’t a very fun kid to raise and I’m just gonna tell them thank you for all the work they put in. I just gotta tell you, it’s not too late. To the parents of the
teenager who’s a senior, and it feels like just time has flown by, and now they’re getting ready to graduate, you still have 26 marbles left. You still have 26 weeks left. You can make those count. It’s not too late. To the parents whose kids
are out of the house, I just gotta tell you, what
would it look like for you to just call your kids this
week and tell them that you love them and that you’re
proud of them, okay? I think it’s super interesting that God, when Jesus is walking along the earth, we’ve got these accounts
about Him called the gospels, they’re biographies of Jesus. And when we hear God speak to Jesus, two different times, He says this. He says this right here. You are my beloved Son in
whom I am well pleased. God knew that even Jesus
needed to hear, you’re mine. I love you. And I am so proud of you. And if Jesus needed to hear
that, then chances are, your grown kids do too. So get on the phone and make a phone call. It will mean more than you know. It’s not too late. And to the fathers at our
God Behind Bars campus, I know that talking about this,
you might’ve been going like how am I gonna put this into practice? And I know so much of
this is difficult for you, but I just wanna tell
you, it is not too late. So pray for your kids. Write your kid a note. Tell them that you are praying for them. Invest in your own
relationship with Jesus, okay? And that way, your kid can know
without a shadow of a doubt, even though you were apart, my dad did the best that he could. It’s not too late. It’s not too late for any of us. And so, we’re gonna watch a song, the band at every campus
play a song right now, and this is an opportunity
for you to just reflect on your kids or the kids in your life. It’s a chance to reflect, maybe a chance to dream
about what could be. And as the band plays this song, just listen to these lyrics,
think about how you can make this week count, and once they’re done, I’ll come up and I’ll close us out.

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