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Posted By on September 22, 2019

The world is full of fake Christians, people
who profess to be believers and children of God but by their deeds it is obvious that
they are children of the devil. There is no difference between them and the rest of the
world. The only difference is that they carry the Bible, they use the scriptures to attack
other people. They are hypocrites because while they profess to be Christians and children
of God, profess to be holding on to the Bible they do not obey the words of Jesus as written
in the Bible. They go against the words of Jesus. They fight and attack others who are
preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead of they themselves testifying for Jesus they
attack those who are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.
They are evil workers of the devil who make videos against the children of God. They call
them false prophets and they are continuously “exposing” certain people with whom they
do not agree but they are exposing themselves for what they are. They display their evil
deeds. They fight about doctrines, fight about the Bible, about their own insight of the
Bible and they use scripture to defend their own sinfulness instead of being holy and leading
others to Jesus Christ, bringing them to repentance, making disciples of Jesus. They themselves
are disciples of satan, not of Jesus, THEY ARE SINNERS, THEY HAVE NOT REPENTED. They
are worldly people, in every respect they are like the world. They love the things of
the world and they participate in the sins of the world but they attack the children
of God and like the devil, THEY CARRY A BIBLE and they use the scripture, that which is
good they use for bad. That is what satan does and that is what his children also do,
they use the Bible. All false doctrine, all deceptions comes from (is proven from) the
Bible – the devil uses the Bible to deceive people and these people are exactly the same.
They quote scripture, they use the Bible to deceive other people.
They are not building the Kingdom of God. They are building churches and ministries
and they promote themselves and people. The Kingdom of God is not about kingdoms on this
earth, it is about the Kingdom of Heaven. It is not about building buildings and worshiping
in buildings, the Kingdom of God is about holiness, being a temple of the Holy Spirit
and worshiping God in spirit and in truth, everywhere, wherever you go, being light in
this world, salt of the earth, not slanderers, whiners, gossips. They are like stray dogs,
looking for trouble wherever they go. They go and comment on other people’s videos. A
what Jesus wants him to do, but these people are for ever looking for trouble, they are
brooding up trouble, workers of satan, waterless clouds, they are steaming, brooding, always
busy! They attack woman who are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ; everyone who wants
to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, the truth, they attack him, because they are working
for satan. They themselves are doing nothing, they are not working for the Kingdom of God.
These people are not followers of Jesus. They attack everybody and they judge other people,
they attack people of other faith and they judge people, walk around pointing their fingers
at others while they themselves are not walking in holiness. They do not obey Jesus Christ,
THEY OBEY SATAN. They attack atheists, they attack other people of other faith instead
of letting their own light shine for the Kingdom of God – they have no testimony because
they are not walking with Jesus, they are fakes, false Christians! They are not children
of God. They promote “churches,” “ministries” special prophets instead of preaching Jesus
Christ. These are false Christians, they are wicked workers, workers of satan! Separate
yourself from these people, do not associate with them because they will draw you along
in their wickedness! They work for the devil. Do not follow them. Separate yourself unto
Jesus. Seek Jesus, repent of sin, be holy! Do not associate with those people because
they are the workers of satan and if you follow them you will fall under the same judgment.
Judgment of God is coming on those people. There are many of them here of Youtube, just
go search “false prophet” and you will see they are slanderers, they are wicked attack
dogs. They are always talking bad about other people. They themselves do not know peace,
they don’t know Jesus. They have got nothing to offer. They are wicked workers, children
of the devil. Dear friends, DO NOT BE MISTAKEN, THOSE ARE NOT CHILDREN OF GOD, a child of
God is a man of peace, he carries a cross, he has got a burden for the souls of other
WITH IT, he is bringing them to holiness, to righteousness. He brings them into the
presence of God where they come under conviction and say:”Lord I am a sinner, I want to repent,
I want eternal life.” That is a child of God, not these people who are wicked slanderers.
Stay away form them, they are not Christians, they are sons of the devil. They are doubly
dead, waterless clouds, workers of destruction, stay away from them, friends and get to know
Jesus. May Jesus bless you.

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. "I have written you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people— 10not at all meaning the people of this world who are immoral, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters. In that case you would have to leave this world. But now I am writing you that you must not associate with anyone WHO CALLS HIMSELF A BROTHER but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler. With such a man do not even eat." 1 Corinthians 5:9,11

  2. Brother may I please ask you a question….

    If there were to be a preacher who was not preaching the correct gospel, not just a mistake but actually completely against what the Word says in most instances should we not warn our loved ones who listen to them? I have friends who will read their daily "woman" devotional OVER the Word of God…I noticed the devotional was from someone I have found out to be a liar and preaches wealth…May I please ask your thoughts on this?

  3. I do not want to accuse any brother or sisters in Christ but I read that the bible warns us about these prophets and am wondering if we should be warning others so they are not swept away. I listened to one the other day while I was at a friends house and had to walk out of the room I was so angry at what he was saying. The Holy Spirit told me they needed to be prayed for and interceeded for but what about letting me know so they are not caught up in a lie? Blessings

  4. Amen, not the sinners but the one who claims to have God but denies His power. He did not come to judge the world (sinners) but save them. They are ALREADY dead, they now need life.

  5. We must preach Jesus and take people to Him. NO man, woman, book or organization should be followed, ONLY Jesus. I preach Jesus and the Kingdom of God, OBEDIENCE to the King, Jesus. We must bring people to Jesus. Many preach the Bible. That is wrong, the Bible tells us to follow Jesus. The false Christians preach slander gossip and Bible, not Jesus. The pharisees also preached the scriptures and killed Jesus – we must preach Jesus. Take people to Jesus.

  6. Thank you brother, I understand in part, please pray for me along side me that this revelation will be understood in whole. I feel as though there is something my mind can not grasp so I pray the Holy Spirit will reveal! Blessings.

  7. I ask the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive me if I have ever done such things I am not a preacher or a prophet and I just want to be right with Jesus Christ and lead others to Jesus Lord help me to know what I need to do for you. Thank you sir for this video it's very true there is so much divison in the body of Christ I have much to learn but I am striving Lord forgive me for my sins

  8. Amen! Brother! May God have mercy on their souls! I pray for them! Love you in Christ,brother. Jesus bless you.

  9. I quit going to church, however I haven't found anyone to fellowship with and that's what I desire. It seems that I'm always being attacked by spirits of jezebel, Harlots, Anti-christ and various others. I'm not tired of fighting, but I am tired of walking alone, even though I know that I'm not alone. Where did all the believers go? How can I find them? Should I live with a relative that is a host of the spirit of Jezebel and Harlotry? Any Advice?

  10. Dear friend, there are not many who truly follow Jesus. It is a very lonely road, but Jesus is with you all the time. The devil will also attack you all the time but we must watch and pray that we do not fall into temptation. Ask Jesus what you should do. He will guide you and show you the way. May Jesus bless you.

  11. I feel as if I should leave, but I'm caught between honoring my mother and seperating myself from her because the Lord has shown me the spirit of harlotry and then the Jezebel spirit operating in her. She invited me here to get myself together, but she takes not interest in "me." It seems to be all about money. Or the guilty trip she lays on me "about how most sons help their mothers" yet the truth is all she's been wanting if for me do the things she desires. Tired of the phony guilty trip.

  12. So sir. If you search for "Honest John letter from God" you'll get a video. Do you think the guy in the video is a fake Christian.

  13. He is obviously rediculating Christianity while he claims to be one. I'm sure God would never write a letter like that!

  14. Well a short update: he admitted it was a joke, so to me that does seem as ridiculating Christianity, if he is indeed a Christian.

  15. My dear brother, your love and zeal for our Lord Jesus Christ is so obvious! May the Lord Jesus continue to use you in a mighty way….I know you are very persecuted and I rejoice with you in this my brother! May the grace of Jesus continue to be with you.

  16. The prophet title should be only reserved for Peter or John- who did know Jesus. live with Him , walked with Him.In our days – none prophets existing- they just servant of the Lord- they are not even close and never will be to the prophets in time of Jesus at all-Amen.

  17. Thank you for these words we must always remind ourselves of what it is to be good loving people in Christ our Lord JESUS.

  18. Does not the Holy Spirit of God that DRAWS men to Jesus dwell in YOU? Have you NOT received the Holy Spirit an dare you not led by the Holy Spirit? "if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ."Romans 8:9. So then, do you NOT belong to Jesus Christ?

  19. AMEN TO THAT, BROTHER!!!! The pastor of Doral Vineyard Fellowship in Florida has declared himself an "Internet troll", and retaliated against us when we uncovered their wrongdoings… Thank you for confirming the message that the Holy Spirit gave us. visit petbones[dot]wordpress[dot]com

  20. While I agree with much said here I am aware that Jesus said many things bad about the Pharisees, called them out on their transgressions and no one can claim he wasn't about his Fathers business or a wicked worker. God often calls for hard and bitter messages to be given to people and to say those things doesn't make one a wicked worker

  21. Great video. Simple and to the point. It's not easy to confront false christian churches locally. They do twist words and scriptures, and accuse you of being negative. You can tell who they are, because they pretty much do whatever they want, and have no regard at all for the truth.

  22. ok, if we cant preach the Bible… then what about…?In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    what about the armor of God? the sword? how are we gonna prevail against the devil if we dont use His word? Jesus Himself fought off the devil with scripture…

    i sure believe that there are plenty of false christians…but on that last part… i cannot agree.

  23. Preach Jesus Christ. If yo KNOW Him you can take others to Him. If you only know the bible you an only talk about the Bible.
    What is your testimony? When did you meet Jesus? Did you REPENT, STOP SINNING? Were you baptized for the washing off of your sin? How did your life change since accepting Jesus?

  24. Jesus Christ is GOD. His words as recorded in the gospels are the only words that SAVE. Those are the words of eternal life to those who OBEY them. Preaching anything else will NOT save anybody. OBEY JESUS AND LIVE – DISREGARD HIM AND YOU WILL PERISH – JESUS IS GOD.

  25. Do YOU have the testimony of Jesus IN YOU? Do you follow HIM and are you LIKE HIM? Do you OBEY Him? He commanded us to BE PERFECT. if you are not LIKE Him you do not KNOW HIM and you are LOST.

  26. Why should Jesus sallow YOU into heaven, dear friend? Do you FOLLOW and OBEY Him? Do you LISTEN to Him and DO what He tells you to do? How is your relationship with Jesus?

  27. What if the ones your talking about just happens to be a husband…..I am walking the will of GOD but everyone around me that i was with before i was saved is evil doers! They dont know Christ! Im waiting on GOD for this answer cause its most of my family….am i supposed to just up and leave? As of now its been a month since i repented and i am whitnessing everyday to those around, including my own family, ofcourse they say im right but they are confused and still do not repent. Arent i supposed to just walk in jesus and in love so they will see the truth and turn from their evilness? They are seeing the change in me but the HOLY SPIRIT  is showing me patience……and im just waiting. How do you leave those who are evil if they are your whole family. I know GOD has a plan so im just waiting for him to reveal when.  GOD bless you brother…i know theres not a whole lot of people out here like us so it would really be nice to talk to someone of the same faith! For i have noone but GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT!!!!! Something great is about to happen and i believe the HOLY SIRIT has been telling me it will be in our lifetime!

  28. Weeping Surrounded BY these whom YOU describe….. Calling OUT to JESUS with Much Sorrow Weeping Before JESUS asking HIM to SHOW ME the way— Sp far it is a Lonely and unpopular road JESUS KEEP YOU I praying for you all amen

  29. Last night, while feeling particularly discouraged about the condition of this world and the spiritual deadness I sense in those I see making a profession of Christ, I came across one of your videos & immediately shared it to FB.  But I awoke in the night & removed it.  Reason: At such times I have experienced an awakening to Christ, it has never come by the scolding of men, but rather by a desire for God awakened by His goodness.  (Rom. 2:24)  What you say about the falseness of what is presented as Christianity & about the deep presumption American Christians are in is very true.  I just don't have confidence that a message & tone of chastisement will cause men to believe. However, I am willing to consider your additional input on this issue.  

  30. IS it your testimony that there is more than one way? If it is One then should men not sharpen one another as Iron sharpen Iron? to better understand GOD? If "NO" what have I to do with you here? If "YES" how should the difference be settled among us? by what reference or authority should they be settled ?

  31. Hallelujah,  Praise the Lord Jesus that He chose you as His good servant and I agree with what you preach.  You are preaching the right goseple and continue to work for God.  We are the children of God and we support you by praying.  God bless you dear brother.  You are doing good work and real children of God love you.  God bless you and His children.

  32. I too have attacked many and Iam sure I was wrong in doing so,for that I want to apoligize to you Jan,I have been listening more closely now and I see that you are right. please forgive me for fighting with you………………Garry Hill

  33. THe Lord pulled me from the pit. I owe Him my all. I don't always give Him my best. At those times, I feel convicted and repent and pick up my cross and move forward and He gives me strength to continue. I won't ever give up. He has never given up on me. I don't look back anymore. I look forward because I can see with a  greater view when I look ahead. I have never been mean or unkind or caused any discord on you tube based on my opinion. Ever mindful of my humble beginnings; I have no opinion about my brothers and sisters. I am way too busy trying to follow the Holy Spirit. I have my hands full. I cannot take the time to take my eyes off of Him. That is when we stumble. Look straight ahead. It will take up all of your time. We will reap what we sow. Sowing is a full time love. Blessed is the peacemaker. That is sown in love. Woven bya golden thread indeed. love, julia-love someone to Christ today.

  34. I love this message, what a breath of the Holy Spirit to hear Jesus Christ and His gospel so glorified, and those who do not obey the Spirit of the Prince of Peace exposed and chastened in the authority of the Truth. Keep lifting up the name of Jesus and do not grow weary in well doing, remain faithful to seek the Lord and His righteousness where the reward is eternal life in God's kingdom, where the goodness of His very Presence is the feast that satisfies your soul.

  35. This is the first youtube christian I've seen that seems to be genuine and with good intentions. So many of them are just spitting hate so much that they even start to look evil. I don't get that vibe from this guy at all. He doesn't seem tainted with ego and hidden motives like so many of them.

  36. this guy that heels people & uploads it on youtube threaten me through Facebook message that he will curse me to satan darkness of death he's a fake christian ! can't bieleve it

  37. Christians should be perfect examples of love, love is shown by caring for others, eating animals is unnecessary and causes them so much harm, also when we eat animals we are using up many pounds of grains for one pound of flesh that could be given to poor children and starving people……..GO VEGAN PLEASE.

  38. god said we can eat any of the animals just not the ones that have the Hoof's or ones that chews the cud my Christian brother it's OK what is permitted if it is permitted by God take time out and read your scriptures more carefully the first and second testament king James Bible original not the new living testament I love all my brother's in Christ Jesus Amen.2016()

  39. god said we can eat any of the animals just not the ones that have the Hoof's or ones that chews the cud my Christian brother it's OK what is permitted if it is permitted by God take time out and read your scriptures more carefully the first and second testament king James Bible original not the new living testament I love all my brother's in Christ Jesus Amen.2016()

  40. Christians sin till the day they die. No one is perfect not even you and I bet you sin and make mistakes daily just like everyone else and that is why we need a savior cuz no one besides Jesus can live a perfect life

  41. thank you so much for making this video!
    a person that i know is often attacking people and is then saying that walking with christ makes you free
    i do not know if he truly is a child of god.
    he has helped me with my faith but i begin to feel that i should only have my focus on christ and not what other people say that christ wants.
    i should instead try to listen to christ alone.
    thank you so much for this message! God bless you

  42. as in case many still doesnt know video editing came along time ago.. FOLLOW YOUR HOLY SPIRIT.. AND LISTEN TO JESUS… ask JESUS FOR THE RIGHT CHOICE OF PATH.. AND THOUGHT

  43. I don't care what people think about salvation anymore. I don't care who call who a false prophet. I just want to look after Jesus and get to know him. You know what? Get to know Jesus is more important than know how to get saved.

  44. I have no fellowship with Christian men who know Jesus truly. would you please let me know how one who is battling a mental disorder get to know his voice I have skitsofrenia and I would love you're input as I hear many voices I say very mean things to myself and I don't mean it in my heart it kills me. all I want is to know Jesus truly

  45. I Think you maybee doesn't quite know what you are talking about. There is a gift that The Bible is describing as the gift of discerning of spirits. I Think you have too little understanding of that gift! Everyone who doesn't understand that gift think of us who has it as we were criticizing. Jesus sayes in His Word that in these last days m a n y false prophets and apostles and teachers Will rise up and try to deceive many People. It also sayes that satan comes as an angel of light with false wonders and miracles trying to deceive even the elect.
    That is what happenings right now. So the Bible sayes that we are to expose those false orophets or as Jesus called them; wolves in sheep clothes! Paul sayes the same and He also did expose those who did go against the church or the Word of God! We have to! If we don't many of Gods children will loose their salvation. The Bible is talkibg about a great fallibg away! That is because of this false gospel And this false Jesus and a false spirit that these wolves preaches! And it is many who have that as ministry to warn Gods people. And that is Something you should pray to God for and you should also pray that God may reveal the truth for you! So what God is rising up as watchmen on the walls you shouldn't curse and condemn but Bless and protect! ! Ask God to give you discernment and wisdom and LOVE!! God Bless You brother!

  46. You tell people to come out of churches but you criticize those who expose certain churches? You say others on YouTube talk against other faiths but there is only one true faith. You criticize T.V. but YouTube has the same type programs. Most of what you stand for, my brother, I agree with but I really have to critique you more carefully because Satan himself will appear as an angel of light. May God bless you.

  47. there r'e so many false Christians in the churches all churches just very few r'e real sincere Christians on vast of the networks carrying a Bible doesn't make someone pure and honest in Christianity.


    "Лжехристиане на Youtube.

    Мир наполнен лжехристианами, людьми, которые утверждают, что они – верующие и дети Божьи, но их дела – очевидны, что они – дети дьявола. Нет разницы между ними и остальным миром. Единственная разница – в том, что они носят Библию, они используют писания, чтобы нападать на других людей. Они – лицемеры, потому что в то время, как они утверждают, что они – христиане и дети Божьи, утверждают, что держатся за Библию, они не повинуются словам Иисуса, как записано в Библии. Они идут против слов Иисуса. Они сражаются и нападают на других, которые проповедуют Евангелие Иисуса Христа. Вместо того, чтобы им самим свидетельствовать об Иисусе, они нападают на тех, кто проповедует Евангелие Иисуса Христа.

    Они – злые работники дьявола, которые делают видео против детей Божьих. Они называют их лжепророками, и они постоянно "разоблачают" определённых людей, с которыми они не согласны, но они разоблачают себя в том, кем они являются. Они показывают свои злые дела. Они борются за доктрины, борются за Библию, за своё собственное понимание Библии, и они используют писание, чтобы защищать свою собственную греховность вместо того, чтобы быть святыми и приводить других к Иисусу Христу, приводить их к покаянию, делать учеников Иисуса. Они сами – ученики сатаны, не Иисуса, ОНИ – ГРЕШНИКИ, ОНИ НЕ ПОКАЯЛИСЬ. Они – мирские люди, во всех отношениях они похожи на мир. Они любят вещи мира, и они участвуют в грехах мира, но они нападают на детей Божьих и, как дьявол, ОНИ НОСЯТ БИБЛИЮ и используют писание, то, что является благом, они используют для плохого. Это то, что делает сатана, и это то, что также делают его дети, они используют Библию. Все ложные доктрины, все обманы исходят из (доказаны из) Библии – дьявол используют Библию, чтобы обмануть людей, и эти люди – точно такие же. Они цитируют писание, они используют Библию, чтобы обмануть других людей.

    Они не строят Царство Божье. Они строят церкви и служения, и они продвигают себя и людей. Царство Божье – это не о царствах на этой земле, это о Царстве Небесном. Это не о построении зданий и поклонении в зданиях, Царство Божье – это о святости, быть храмом Святого Духа и поклоняться Богу в духе и в истине, везде, куда бы ты ни шёл, быть светом в этом мире, солью земли, не клеветниками, нытиками, сплетниками. Они, как бродячие собаки, ищут проблем, куда бы они ни пошли. Они идут и комментируют видео других людей. У ЧЕЛОВЕКА, КОТОРЫЙ СЛЕДУЕТ ЗА ИИСУСОМ, НЕТ ВРЕМЕНИ, ЧТОБЫ НАПАДАТЬ НА ДРУГИХ ЛЮДЕЙ, он занят тем, чтобы делать то, что Иисус хочет, чтобы он делал, но эти люди всегда ищут неприятности, они задумывают неприятности, делатели сатаны, безводные облака, они выпускают пар, высиживают, всегда заняты! Они нападают на женщину, проповедующую Евангелие Иисуса Христа; на всех, кто хочет проповедовать Евангелие Иисуса Христа, истину они атакуют, потому что они работают на сатану. Они сами ничего не делают, они не работают для Царства Божьего.

    Эти люди не являются последователями Иисуса. Они нападают на всех, и они судят других людей, они атакуют людей другой веры, они судят людей, ходят, указывая пальцем на других в то время, как они сами не ходят в святости. Они не повинуются Иисусу Христу, ОНИ ПОВИНУЮТСЯ сАТАНЕ. Они нападают на атеистов, они нападают на людей другой веры вместо того, чтобы позволить их свету сиять для Царства Божьего – у них нет свидетельства, потому что они не ходят с Иисусом, они – подделки, лжехристиане! Они не являются детьми Божьими. Они продвигают "церкви", "служения", особых пророков вместо того, чтобы проповедовать Иисуса Христа. Это – лжехристиане, они – нечестивые работники, работники сатаны! Отделись от этих людей, не сообразуйся им, потому что они привлекут тебя в своё нечестие! Они работают на дьявола. Не следуй за ними. Отделись для Иисуса. Ищи Иисуса, покайся в грехе, будь свят! Не ассоциируйся с этими людьми, потому что они – работники сатаны, и если ты следуешь за ними, ты подпадёшь под тот же суд. Суд Божий грядёт на этих людей. Есть много таких на Youtube, просто поищи "лжепророк", и ты увидишь, что они – клеветники, они – нечестивые атакующие псы. Они всегда говорят плохо о других людях. Они сами не знают мира, они не знают Иисуса. Им нечего предложить. Они – нечестивые работники, дети дьявола. Дорогие друзья, НЕ ОШИБАЙТЕСЬ, ЭТО НЕ ДЕТИ БОЖЬИ. Чадо Божье – это человек мира, оно несёт крест, у него – бремя за души других людей, которые являются погибшими. ОНО НЕ ХОДИТ С БИБЛИЕЙ, ЧТОБЫ ТРУСИТЬ ЕЮ НАД ГОЛОВОЙ ДРУГИХ, оно приводит их к святости, к праведности. Оно приводит их в присутствие Божье, где они приходят под осуждение и говорят: "Господь, я – грешник, я хочу покаяться, я хочу вечной жизни". Это чадо Божье, не эти люди, которые являются нечестивыми клеветниками. Оставайся вдали от них, они не являются христианами, они – сыны дьявола. Они – дважды мёртвые, безводные облака, делатели разрушения, держись подальше от них, друзья, и познай Иисуса.

    Да благословит тебя Иисус".

  49. Thank you for making these videos! I have been blind for most of my life and I'm just now seeing how I must live! I want to raise my 2yr old daughter in a way God intended! I am forever grateful to you speaking such harsh truth! God bless you!

  50. This is only the second video I've watched on your channel. God has revealed a lot of the same to you that He has revealed to me also. I'm glad that Jesus slays the devil in me and my wives behalf so we don't get lead into believing that WE have to.

  51. Amen and Amen
    First real true word from God

    I am still in my valley
    But Jesus loves me, this I know.

    And we need A good Shepered
    But all these self proclaimed Christians, are ad you say attacking eachother, and the lost sheeps,stay lost.

  52. Hi brother
    I shared your words all over
    And I wrote some words of my own.

    So manny different teachings, here on YouTube
    And if we are cristians, still walking in the valley and we seek answers for healing
    For someone who say they speak to God, hoping that,if you will follow them long enoufgh

    God will finaly have a word for you
    To take you out of your valley of trials and tests.

    2 years gone nothing happened for you, they could not help you

    Only jesus and the bible the word of God can help you.

    So manny sheeps
    Are getting hurt even more by this
    And are confusing God with man
    And starts blaming God.

    Run from this
    Run to the bible amen

  53. Some of these MEN and WOMEN PASTOR ARE fornicating in THERE churches this has been so hurtful TO ME instead OF REPENTING THEY ARE still UP AT the altar preaching God word's this is so unbelievable to me to see there business is all over F.B it's TO MUCH ALREADY yes even there FLOCKS are involved defending THEM HIDE THE SIN I AM A NEW FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST I WANT TO LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT GOD'S WORDS NOT CONFUSION of HE SAID SHE SAID….

  54. Thanks brother in Deuteronomy 18.15( Moses said " your Lord God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you isrealites. Listen to him). Moses confirmed that Jesus is a prophet. God bless you

  55. I agree with him to a point. I part ways with him in regards to those that preach a false Gospel and there are Tons of them and they need to be called out on it. Please brothers and sisters if you hear someone preaching things that are wrong don't be silent. There are too many babes in Christ falling to them. God bless.


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