Faith & Co. | Theological Touchstones (Helen Chung)

Posted By on January 3, 2020

– When I look at Scripture and
I look at the Genesis account of creation and I see
god’s work of creation and the way that God created
human beings in His likeness, one of those likenesses, one way in which we
reflect the image of God is our capacity to work. And when I look at the way God
works in the Genesis account as well as other passages of scripture, God is inherently creative and creates things that He calls good. And we in God’s likeness
have that capacity to create, to create good things. It doesn’t mean we always
create good things, but we have that capacity. Secondly I look at the
New Testament Scripture and I think about the
image of the body of Christ and how Scripture talks about the church as the body of Christ,
with its various members, each part of the body having a different role and function. And there’s not one role or function that is above or below another. To God it is just part
of the working body, and the, so the mosaic. And so with those two
certain touchstones in mind that God created us in His likeness to have this capacity to
work in a creative way. And second that we’re also gifted with different skills and abilities and we can play in just various roles in units, in organizations and that is good. So those two are part of the way that I see the human
capacity and need to grow. (easy music)

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