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Hi I’m David Bell. Live-on-Air tonight explores
some of your questions about kiwiconnexion.nz #kiwiconnexion and it’s powerful ePortfolio
software Mahara. I would like to share three key concepts about our kiwiconnexion site.
Mahara is the Maori word meaning to think reflectively. So the three key points are
all about practical theological reflection for better daily living. Let’s get started. First, Mahara assists you to take text and
image content that you have already created and then design it to scan really well. So
it has the wow! factor. Second, Mahara allows you to store the content
designs you have created, so you can come back, to edit them them and work on them so
that you end up with the display you want. Essentially you become a curator of your own
content. And that’s very important � we will come back to it. Third, Mahara allows you to share your content.
You can control which parts of your content you want to be seen. And if you want your
content to be seen then you have to market it. Essentially you commission your content,
to the world. Nothing could be simpler, yet everything about
it has layers of complexity. Most of our content creators are in the 65+ age bracket. Cumulatively,
they have hundreds of years of experience with creating content, mostly text, they have
very limited experience with graphics, and probably less than a few days cumulative experience
of marketing, and I want to suggest almost zero experience of the power of curation of
content, which is where Mahara shines. In the last couple of months I’ve been encouraging
both our content creators and registered participants in the site – who are consumers of content-
to get involved with eZines. This is a different way of looking at the same thing, looking
at creation, curation and commissioning of content. Keep in mind those 3 key concepts, as we watch
the Practical Theology Channel trailer/promotional video. That video consists entirely of content which is curated
in kiwiconnexion. Its purpose is ultra clear: it’s marketing eZines as part of our YouTube
Channel outreach. But there’s an enormous difference between
a zine and a kiwiconnexion Mahara page. Just imagine for one moment what an incredible
power is in your hands as a content curator. You have the power to stage your own exhibitions.
Your content can be displayed in so many different ways, so your exhibitions are only limited
by what you see in your mind’s eye, as the design. Your curated content becomes a series of unique
exhibitions, which, like a music score, may include instructions or suggestions on on
how to do the staging or the performance. Play this slide show, watch this video, participate
in the chat, etc. The zine allows much more precise layout and
design-control than a Mahara page. Like most webpages Mahara can be clunky, not always. But zines can be fluid and expressive. Zines
create and curate within a more tightly controlled environment. At the same time each zine page
is like a curiously different book, where any one page must operate as the book cover,
the book index, the table of contents, and include text, galleries of graphics, and at
the same time, not be utterly overwhelming to the reader. That’s a big ask. So kiwiconnexion zines promote
design within design, like a mirror within a mirror, a stage within a stage, which is
what the power of content curation is all about. The power of an exhibition that you
are staging. If the content is correctly commissioned a
kiwiconnexion zine can even function as app, without having to go to a third party to distribute
or purchase. Kiwiconnexion.nz- illustrating the power of
practical theological reflection at work. Subscribe to us in YouTube. And thanks very
much for watching. See you same time, same channel, next week.

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