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We’re at the market. Lots of different things for sale. Hanging rice. Hanging rice in coconut leaves. Coconut leaves, yeah. Then you have to boil it. And they boil it. Yes. Thank you. It’s Saturday morning and we’re at the market taking a look around and getting some things
to go home and make brunch. Pink eggs. Like Easter. There’s the roasting pig. How much? 7000. This one costs 7000. 7000? Pesos, yeah. That’s like 200 bucks Canadian or something. Yes. Okay. I want to see one of those ube… Ube… …from the halo halo. Oh yeah, it’s somewhere here. I’m very focused on the halo halo. It’s always so fun being at the markets
and just seeing all the different produce. People milling about doing daily things. Picking up groceries. It’s fun to shop with a brunch in mind
and then take it all home and cook it up. It is, yeah. And I love also seeing all the presentations
of the different fish and everything laid out so neatly. Yeah. Everyone’s in a good mood. Saturday morning! Saturday morning I mean nothing’s wrong in the world.
-Sun is out. Yeah. How’s the multi cab ride? It’s very, very cool. Looks like so much fun. It’s such a good breeze back here. Is it bumpy? Yeah. It’s bumpy but it feels like…
it’s like a convertible with shade. Yeah. Which is really nice. Nice. And these seats are really comfortable. Yeah. They’re like bucket seats. This is the party part of the bus. Yeah. The cool…the cool kids sit in the back. Yeah all our market stuff is here. Alright cool kids – I’m going to go up front. I’ve never been so happy to hear someone say
on the way to their house where we’re staying, “we have seven dogs, is that okay?” Ahh! Yeah, it’s more than okay! It’s seven times more than okay! It’s the best thing I’ve ever heard someone say. Hi buddies! Hello buddy. Hello buddies! Get back! Hello! Hello, hi. Hello buddies. Hello. I love you all, oh yes. Oh yes. Aww. Hello. Wow, I guess I just don’t have
the magic touch like you do. I don’t think they like you as much. Literally they all disappeared. Yeah. There are no dogs left in the yard. I like you. Even if seven dogs don’t. Egg, toast, jam, butter, Spam and hanging rice. And calamansi juice. Lemon and cucumber. I love food that comes with its own carrying case. Yeah. A little purse. Especially a cute one like this. Yeah. Oh you haven’t tasted the best part yet. I have to have this, thank you. Ooh! Look at that! That is beautiful. Mango tree… Thank you. Mango. This is not halo halo but I have to halo it. Yeah halo that up. Yeah. So what is this called? I don’t… Avocado smoothie. Avocado smoothie. Yeah, with condensed milk,
avocado and just ice, right? And crushed ice. And crushed ice.
-And crushed ice. No there’s no mango in it. I did put mango because we have it. It’s in there. Mmm! The flavour is so mellow. But it just has that little bit of sweetness that makes it feel more like a…
almost like an ice cream dessert because you’re eating it cold with a spoon. Mmm. It’s almost like a cold soup. You know like in summer you might have like a… like in Hungary they have like
cold cherry soup or something? Yeah. It’s a little bit like that. There we go. Yeah. We haven’t really said how we’re related. Oh! What…what am I saying, like cousins? Cousin? Aunt? Aunt, yeah. Aunt-in-law? Yeah…aunt-in-law! No, not aunt-in-law, just auntie. Alright. Just auntie. We’ll go with aunt, yeah. Yes, okay. Alright. We’ve just done a little drive to get to this church. The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist. And people come from all over The Philippines
to go to this church from as far as Mindanao and Manila
so we’re going to go inside and look around. So my slip or sorry, the slit in my skirt,
I’m not allowed to go in. So we’re going to buy a pin for my skirt. Thank you, Jessica. No problem. I didn’t realize when I put this skirt on
this morning that this would be… Marc was joking that he’s showing more leg than I am. Which is actually true. Do you think I pass? Yes. Okay. Alright take two! Take two. Oh actually look here, it does say like… Oh yeah. No…although Marc it says
no shorts above the knee. That’s you! How’s this? It’s okay. Am I good now? Alright. Thank you. Oh wow it’s huge! This is enormous! I had no idea. Yeah you can’t really tell from the outside. This thing’s like a castle. But actually Jessica was saying
they can see this from their house. Look at that, eh? So the dark grey part back there,
this is the oldest part. And then all of this in front
is more or less new construction. Or newer construction. Yeah. Huge, huge complex. Do you come here very often? No. No. Because I’m not Catholic. Oh, okay. Catholic people come here. So you just come now and again to check it out? Just to look down and see the view. Yeah. Before I used to come here… You used to come here? There’s a swimming pool down there. Yeah, before, yeah. Swimming pool! Swimming pool! Yeah, here’s the swimming pool. Nelson was just telling me that people…
that the reason this is so huge here like you can’t call it a church, this is a complex. It feels almost like a…a city really. And that so many thousands of people
were coming here and they couldn’t them accommodate them
so they had to build all of this. And so I said like why were people coming
and drawn here and he said, ‘because this is a place where they perform miracles’. So you’ll see…I don’t know if you can see them
but he said, you know, you’ll see that people have left
their crutches or their wheelchairs here so that draws a lot of people to experience the miracles
and to witness them as well so that’s interesting to hear. That is interesting.
-Yeah. All of the different coloured candles have
different meanings for different kinds of prayers so you see a rainbow of different prayers going on
as people are lighting their candles. This is really different than
any other church I’ve been to. Yeah, I agree. Feels more like a little city. Yeah, it’s so big. It’s huge. Multitiered…multileveled. And Nelson, you were just saying
on Mama Mary’s birthday, it’s full of people, right? Thousands and thousands. Thousands of people came here. Wow. I would love to see that. Who’s hungry? Anybody want some bananas? Just right here. Is that the closest like…well not closest
but easiest access you’ve ever had? Yeah. I don’t know if you guys can tell
but the tree is way, way down there and we are conveniently elevated on this walkway. Reaching distance. They don’t look quite ripe enough to pick. I’ve never been to any church like this before. No, this is like a giant megaplex. Yeah, it’s really interesting. Yeah. Huge, huge complex. I always love coming to these sort of places of worship and seeing how they’re different and
this one is just unlike anything I’ve ever been to. Yeah and thousands of people
are here every single day. Thanks for watching! More to come in part 3
including meeting more family. Please leave a comment
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    The church is really far out! I noticed that the stations of the cross (statues depicting the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus) were in the outdoor complex portion of the church, and assume they can accommodate more people this way. I presume this is why the church was enlarged? The different coloured candles for different prayers are something I've never seen. Fascinating!
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  18. Thanks for sharing the video! However, when you look beyond the high walls and down to the run down public school… it kind of shows where priorities of people are. Those arches can buy so many classrooms… or those statues can be bought for books. that's just my 2 cents. Jesus never said make giant edifices when one seriously reads the bible. He preached in public and in people's homes. large cathedrals are a Roman thing.

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  21. I didn't know we had Disney churches there. There was a church in Quezon City from Iglesia ni Kristo that was lit up every night. It was no longer lit up at night when I was there this year, maybe, to save electricity. I used to call it Disneyland as it resembled it when lit up at night.

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  24. You're more than welcome to visit the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) Central Temple in Manila. It is the largest cathedral in Asia.


  25. I don't know if you saw the big statue of mama mary above the altar but there is one and you can go up there while praying or wishing till you reach mama mary and kiss a coin under her big statue or even drop a envelop to ask for prayings or just for thanks then afterwards you can explore and look at different types of mama mary like a museum and what she wore though the years.. because they change her clothes time to time. Also they say it is good to go there every 13th of the month especially on 13th of wednesday because it is more miraculous.

  26. Eileen Aldis
    A helpful tip here: Do not buy roasted pig (lechon) wrapped in plastic. It would make the skin of the pig, not crunchy anymore. Better wrap with manila paper or aluminum foil.

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