Explaining "White Guilt" To Black People & Encouraging Blunt Racial Dialogue Speakers Corner 2019

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content of everything can'tcan't of everything are sure you want to watch oh I'm not interesting that you guys like is there something better come back not specifically I just you produce score yourself at Pan Africanist yeah yes yeah okay yeah I'm not prepared for some debate yo your historical this is much better than I can do who squat Munford European why what was lost oh what's the virtues right so everyone thought so everyone as you know stumbles on some kind of journey for their own condition I'm from I'm from Jamaica Dominica so that's so you could identify as afro-caribbean meaning African who finds himself in the Caribbean we find themselves lingual and you probably know the history father afterwards so a lot of people from Africa and then the Caribbean especially America they realized that there is a value in people who came from Africa who went for that terrible experience to clean together a full resource together try to find solutions for the problems that were caused because of our colonization stay breathing so that's the motivation of pan-african from when I come to but if you identify some kind of European I'm not a hunger bitch I'm just a pro-european culture right so you have to explain what that mean well yeah so I saw a pan-european it tends to be relived from a pen after yes but that I would say I'm against both right ok so so so so basically I've expressed that there is a history of mistreatment African conference I feel that the people historically who were responsible mystery now I'm unless they're going to take time to fix the issue that was cause for their mistreatment so I think it's necessary for those afternoons to come together to work on solutions okay internally yeah well yes that okay pilatus you say precisely because you say the people responsible yes technically the people who are directly responsible always so so unless you mean the descendants of people of course so I I don't make a distinction it's almost like if I was to rob you yeah and I know as long as I can rob you and just wait for your death then your son and your son son has no faith Jeremy but if they it's me Robin you has a legacy with you like for example I robbed your house and I robbed you know your car and your your bank account and then I kill you your your children might not benefit from what you had when you work towards and they don't actually know how to actually correct themselves because you were the guiding foundation for let's say we have this hardware super fantastic stories right so if you could take that and break that down that is of a simulator what has happened to many people of the African – oh I saw we saw we expressed so if I don't mind you up don't mind me asking yes and it's fine I don't really bothered by anyone skipper would you because you hold me responsible simply simply for being what I thought if you do no no so one of the things I try to do is try to ignore white people generally and when it comes to the black issues I think that because of the history of racism and white supremacy every time you mention the word black someone called my cross and white right because that that that you know goodness evil for me it literally is black people working on black issues that's what it is and so these are Africans this is now reparations is that something that I think is necessary I figured this why do I think this through because when you look at any kind of nation that's been oppressed by Metheny once the war is over and they realize wrong has been done one nation pays back reparations for the damage well no no I mean usually usually what happens is you know history is told by the victim right so usually sweat is when the so-called bad guys lose their reparations is that right when do you talk about the interaction between Africans and Europeans well Africans are still lost and that's it and no winner goes around feeling sorry for you you could grab a thousand women kill a thousand children I feel the victor you're not you know you're not necessarily going to try to fix it yeah yeah now I disagree I do for that one the problems of black people is our nature is to actually do it so I do forgive that blue water actually behaviors similar way the consciousness in black people would crush us by observing back through the behavior today were the only people who by see who are more bitter who are actually have a closer emotional connection to other people's issues now go look for birth people and and it's the most of ID'd group you ever gonna come a prison there's the most divisions within the black race yes and that was obviously the legacy of what happened you know when the separation and new ideologies coming in Soviet right but Europeans for example if you watch today twin twin black will them black people to wear black issues and and Europeans from different walks of life feel that maybe you appear to be mentioned or maybe even bling by osmosis you guys get on coal and then you go not what we buy back what you're trying to say and you'll just get together and you all you understand you know what something you said against us that we need to correct it because it's not in our best interest sadly black people do you know if you're going to see bathroom five months in sales about stuff so this is leashes we have so talk to your question that's why I feel it's necessary for my back because there's much more that needs to be done I don't disagree that black people should care about bike issues yeah do you think part of the problem is that a lot of that I don't say motorstorm sorry I like it a lot have not identified correct issues um who are who are involved in the kind of political scene yeah well yeah yeah I mean I think that there is a basic like food shelter you know that the basis of life and some there are many black people with people in the collective who get used to not having and they cultural so they so they so-called culture wise fussy yummy yeah the glorification of dr. Cheever that's what's in here and because of that people get used to so for example you get certain culture groups that for example that's not that black people should be about the more the most repressive the law from Europeans but this is she's stripping as in the top you might get some communities in some places in the world where because the lack of money or lack of education they feel that stripping might be a good way to actually get money in a desperate situation then she lost why we'll know you may be arrested with Amit but what the what tends to happen is you might get certain to the races you look at that person who who does that and has a glorified element to it so now rather than that you tried to get an education and try to fix it now four ways should become the primary in the mindset now this is not across the board is this an isolation isolated microcosm that I'm bringing up but this is where you're not identifying but what is missing yeah but when we understand this through training of number people that people have been trained to serve no black people black people have been trained yes have been trained thoroughly and to not necessary put that issues if right now if if you look at statistics and you should have done more suffering okay and then they've suffered at the hands of another group if you were to art-style talk about it the black the black person that you tend to find that they will sort uncomfortable for the group that is benefiting from the suffering of level hunka hunka so just like you show just like when you said that situation you said I might to blame with my granddad raped included me Oscar no I just punish wicked this way fantastic but I'm saying when you said that kind of questioning it's almost like you know I'm sure you've heard it before oh and the day after right place like that people always arts the homes of women so well ha we're hard to arts to be punched in the face and then and then me like here's your hands okay yeah thanks I look about that well you know I could turn my face more this way and this how I see ya Europeans don't do that but if you decide if you oppress in European they want reparation though they want to be fixed it they're going to go out relation yeah and you tend to find that there's a youth so even though you don't believe we believe in kind of European that's right you tend to find that even though you Cannes arguments and so when it comes to other groups outside you coming in you tend to see are much more unified Europe oh yeah I mean it goes back time but even if you if you want some Teresa's research the Haitian Revolution you've been they didn't get along in those days but when the hate is when Haley revolted and they actually a push back the French the Spanish English French they all came together and they said this is not good because it saves realize they can be free we're gonna have a problem so let's work together so that's why I see a form of pan event whether it's official not official if people could understand self-interest yes you see and I think glad people train that to do that and I feel that you have some slightly been trained to maintain that fruitful time water so fruit from you maintain that people I'm sort of Ian yes yeah so for example if a black rubber comes on and he's talking about he's been raped he's been killed and then and then he goes why would we have done and then the white person what's clarification that is a particular one person I'm out green we're held responsible I mean he's talking about collecting the system you know he's not talking about individual person although systems I mean so this kind of upward gymnastics that we play and it's kind of like people filling it freely in a Muslim with if I'm feeling guilty yeah black people are all feel guilty they forgive life I think whites do as well that's part of my problem well I think I think I think there is some things that were beautiful feeling guilty for right but I think that I think that current European sort of civilization particularly people on the left I think they are crippled by white coat sorry no I don't have I mean I mean I do so I think about a lot of a lot of that oh you don't no no no I'm not saying I'm saying that some white people feel a white guilt which i think is a bad thing was to like be aware to come as in I think that people have been indoctrinated for for the crimes of white people historically so that so they're that were kind of taught you know different I'll say in a way that exciting as the European lens taught in schools and I wasn't slavery so bad they weren't worth what you yes it's almost like I think our education system of China sort of um you know an engineer have feeling like we should we should be ashamed of our very essence of being white not just just in the same way that I think perhaps there is some part of culture which which makes black people feel you know that you know that they should they should be ashamed but I don't know if it's on the same anyway and I think there is this kind of anti Western feeling among Westerners which is really kind of I don't think we have this idea of this level of cultural suicide what why do you why do you think that is what do you think has happened to me why do you think there was a movement to do this particularly that why is there a movement to engineer white guilt yes wide jung-hee from your perspective all sorts of reasons I would I would I would say I'd attributed in part to the rise of post modernists and neo-marxists philosophy which I think has increasing influence in education systems in Europe and America across the West so won't one what people are experiencing why kill what is actually happening what takes place what what physical thing or mental thing is happening that is that is that is a hat happens once a white guilt is being filled I think it's this sort of it's it's difficult for me to explain having never really it's very well not not not fully experience different thinking thinking that you you have some sort of obligation so kind of go out and I don't know maybe maybe maybe make black friends or maybe sort of you know kind of be you know make make make jokes you know at the expense of your whiteness all the time and that's fine do that it's a I don't know I think it's a general just sentiment that is you know you don't you're not proud of your kind of your culture and your and your background as all people should be brilliant what is your culture what is your culture that you're not proud what is being practiced that you feel you should be proud a general Western culture I think it's the idea that oh you know wasn't didn't the West do some bad things you know didn't didn't work we the kind of forerunners of compromise about imperialism therefore we should be ashamed and then therefore we should reject kind of every single attribute from them so a lot of them so for example a lot of them a lot of them are like anti-capitalist so say yes you know what I believe it I believe in socialism and I think that the West is a sort of evil bastion of capitalism and imperialism is a testament to that therefore we should have kind of my particular I did I think it's ignorant really it's coming from it's come from people who who want to demonstrate just how multicultural they are so from why I go for your sake we use a lot of things well how it works what we're saying is you go to my white guilt and then word from the established act what what do you feel you have to do and not do because I like you and you gave examples look like befriending black people allowing jokes we said about you and smiling it's open and this is why I say about that condition for the whole business management of what of what that we actually need like that people don't need white friends healthy there's a basic things that all humans need and I would rather get those things first before you tell jokes yeah be friendly you know where it might be those things don't they're not they're safe are black bear don't black food yeah I don't think they are so so I tried one other thing I always say just said yes be in your mind is um the idea is then it just come to me that this this current level of kind of mass immigration and we're experiencing right now okay it from from primarily third-world countries the idea that I sort of well we deserve it what is our culture really I mean we're why try this can only be doing us so much good to just import you know a ton of mainly Syrians but also North Africans Iraqis well I can't the American talk about is Bryn identified right yeah and in the colony they have many countries that will contribute in to make Britain great yeah and for the most part it's not the entire Park England Britain whatever was the benefactor they got the most much more than their the colonized patients right so at a certain point you might feel that maybe the people on that corner you can actually come and see what the money painful right I mean me personally if it means if there's a black person right connect and you were sweetie and ice and for 400 years 400 years worried about I was just taking food and then I make this beautiful place or just a big place you say yeah I me Percy for Mike with our I think I wouldn't actually even worry that you people from the colony who have taken from come up to them I think pretty much kind of center I like right but it's interesting that people not they see yourself I don't know you that certain European people they're in they're in complete shock and awe like I can't believe we've taken all these amazing resources is so long and the and the countries that have these resource and the people that were taken from wanna come and see what we've done with it I just can't believe it for me shocking but okay a lot of them a lot of them aren't from former British : well that's that's interesting I know you say you can only do yeah I am it's wrong for me to speak on people groups that either have a sneaking I don't right and they can represent yourself well yeah we found myself here because we're talking about white guilt which I had pertains to black people and in the Omaha man and so I can only speak from the perspective and bulid starting about pan-africanism and the reasons why yeah and this for the reasons why because it's necessary because of polarization and the years of mistreatment and mismanagement has happened because of these history historical things that might have so-called bill white guilt as in people looking back at issue you know what I think we could have done that better I think I think we could have been a bit more just in how we interacted with people in in the plan but then again as a black post but I don't expect nothing to figure out ya know those be humane I provide stir yes a lot do I question I challenge that we're trans us because I feel if if feeling you II is the solution and that's what I bring about Burma black people then I think it's like it easy cabal but just oh I don't yeah I don't know I think there should be physical things that actually has to happen to fix it up situation if you identify them as problem at all right I don't waste my time trying to get non-black people to care about that people I think it's a complete waste how would you how would you accomplish them if it reparations is a sort of goal how would you accomplish that sort of without with while while and of dismissing them from well her hair are doing right now when you're at the bottom of the pile no one cares for example there are many homeless people you're going to see before you go to the station right and I love them I'm gonna be ignored right so how they have not been homeless have there be no suits have Lamborghinis people behind them where might be what they say you might take more serious for example the Omaha came he was in a nice suit yet he spoke eloquently where he was people who could choose if a homeless man came in the park dressed bummy and half drunk you probably ignoring is it so the first thing is to get people with a situation where the collective power is so important that you cannot ignore all right you cannot ignore them say it like I said if me miss barrace are concentrating coffee trading Villa sums up if you want what we want you have to come to the table you have to come quick you can't just offer a scraps and then get the best we have yeah but you can't the moment absolutely because there's so much this organization is so much corruption from outside right that you can't come and you can offer nothing you get a lot me plus how you look at this more for for our I think of us more for outside of Africa then then it does then it takes it so it gives that more than takes it that is very true because once again what we're saying this will give you a grain of rice and we'll take diamonds and we got what you need a grain of rice but technically humanity is always been able to be self-sustaining where if you will there's very few places that exist where you don't have a way to feed ourselves so if you find yourself in a situation where you can't something has broken down and this is what this is why you can give jewelry for for rice and and whatever else dummy here's my phone no matter what you appeal I speak to you after a certain mattad minute stay there girl you know what yeah yeah but people really have kind of quite tough and it's almost like we have to get to that point but I suspect you know already as I came from knowing that yeah well yeah and I suspect that if no matter what we say it is that it is in their reaction to what happened so I'm always baffled by the confusion and I'm always running it are you pian to do this practicing deception like they don't know why alone I don't know you know what's going on like like I could see it clear as day right and I mean Jimmy what's going on a present or what happens happening so the past in the past is connected the future knocks on second domino right had to pass something happened we wouldn't be here yeah hopefully would be the sunny time he mangoes well maybe right so I don't know what do you pins around the century that's two questions well let me break it down very easily so sorry one of the things that usually and you're probably not this ilke so you different every time I get out of that people I say none but people come in and they go let us join your finger let's help out and obviously know that and that's what makes a good person but I always say what would I can do is whenever people your people in your collective is practicing any kind of discrimination or kind of harm or anything towards black people it's there's no and this this is like a massive shot like why would we do this well why would we come to your community and say by the way my uncles and my auntie's then look at their to get rid of you have a look at the gentrifying area we're looking to go to your country to take in stuff this will be P where no one ever is no no because this but these are exactly so so we should be sort of reporting decision what look what so it comes from when when non-gaap people say they want internal at me right and they want to be part are down now what could we do this is why Sandra story but no one ever comes forward see the people that you're talking yeah these are the people who have why kill so these are that these are people's these the people who come to you yeah thinking that oh how altruistic of my how helpful of mine yes and provide absolutely zero solution now that's why people like you and I don't know your full story so forgive me but I prefer people like I said I think you're very valuable to me and the number keratin on black Asians who when black people in electronics talk about solutions and they heckled in and then making joke in school I love that because it helps me unify black people to say this is what's really going on Jeremy and there's a chief about which is necessary so yes when Europeans come and they pretend they want to help but agree they have no solutions however you can go you know what I love to do you I want to embrace my culture I don't been working on my own I don't want you here yeah I prefer that I feel that way too son I'll be honest and that's why around me you will be home you hug me hard if anyone jumps in this class I go no this is important I want every European it feels like you to come over I feel this way this is how I feel I'm like thank you I think I mean I'm nice I also disagree at the same time with the ethno national city's are people of the open sort of Richard Spencer she never let it was Ryan listen you know people people like that sort of and they're equal in height for my reasoning in that perfect world there is no way that you could just sort of expel all all ethnic minorities from the country without a massive state government project and so my main motivation is not that I you know I want to show how caring I am to all races it's just cuz I don't trust the state on a very anti anti government right so if you wrench off yes if you were given power and you can make decisions diverted yes what this is what you the interesting question I abide by I just prepare playing speaking how to reduce the size of the state so I would I would privatize a lot of sex but first of all I take this out of the urban units upset I think it represents a kind of time uh-huh but not politics I'm gonna do it possibly possibly the most practical inception yeah yeah and I saw it was that I think it's be the year is that is a perfect example of the kind of European integration is to protect straight so yeah I text on the EU I would privatize I I think how to privatize the NHS really I know that sounds like I try and maximize the individual freedoms of citizens to be given and I basically if I were to rob you if you love tax money the time my Prabhu defense policeman's the justice system I'd say you need to live your live your life ideally in a capitalistic society told what to do what to think by any any government or indeed any any Church I think the state education system is actually a very good way to government manages to dole I would I wonder I would either privatize it I mean I this sounds like something Idid the private audience because I think if they were all drivers then you wouldn't have them exclusively from PETA phosphorus or I would keep it somewhat stay funded but only of the local men because they know I think you could have communities deciding what was best that you I don't know I don't know which of those options but that wasn't where the government was decided speak again and that should work for you because let's say you you have to get it some substance which actually does have ideas and kind of subjugating non-whites then you can then you can implement a curriculum that's part of their ideology that's and then is sort of engineering and a kind of vacuum the new mindset so I think it works I don't see why you guys would have any reason to disagree with me this is observer it with the African Caribbean people be affected by the policies you bring it only in the sense that they be free as individuals so so everybody so sorry I should say TV Africa minute with it Brett or globally globe are globally and would make much difference to suppose so Jamaica's got pretty from here and they won't be favored in and I mean I'm for protecting our borders but that's why we have to Longstreet have a sort of strong welfare state I think in my model where we abolished the welfare state and we had you know pure free market capitalism then I'd be alright we've actually having much more lenient orders and saying yes if you're prepared to accept our culture and our values at work on come on how does one acceptable ISM we want to stop this but if you violate the individual rights another citizen and you face just the idea of the kind of you appreciate Weston so you've got another nice of mine okay you feel that people cover from glands have to preach you know I should say that they don't have to like you know I wouldn't make it man truth you know going around to people you do you appreciate the bus different person if normal yeah I will go back because there are countries with this is actually practice director and the ethnic hopes and you know an open before the country way so for example in China they have been rehabilitating because they don't they know they don't want their tribe their own cabinet that's one area to me that's one area where I'm actually I'll take the seismicity rattling I know I know Vietnam has a very strict unless your partner is the enemy's or you you're you own a business in which your business partner owns more than 50% of the business than you you just you can't like it's so hard to come here essentially do have a bit of an ethnos thing I wouldn't want that so long as we had capitalism because you know what that new thing now but you don't want it but I go on an efforts know exactly who the competition is always him wasn't enforced it's impossible to enforce without being involved if you could do about being more without be your home like I can't fathom a situation where would be an eclair would it be immoral the only way you could go about doing it is to vice-versa but suppose you could go around up paying non-whites to leave but you have to do that by robbing everyone else's money so the only other way you can do that were to go by force so just reject so it's about me in your being in your perfect world just one nice one just white European know that I defined quantum as a majority I don't think there's any victory do you think is that's my habits at the moment oh no yeah even yes this is majority phenomenon I worry about the future what I shall house new trees a future in the inlet levels of mass immigration you see recognize that there'll be a point where you don't have enough Europeans in my don't know I'm really I'm really not sure I basically I just think it's I think that the British and the English as well have a culture and I'm a product of that culture and I quite like having we're people of African descent come to be able to make assumptions get me a hot chocolate yes yes so I think it's important for each nation to preserve to some extent their their culture and then and I don't think you can do that by sort of just forgetting that by thinking of race doesn't matter by playing a stupid card but a lot of conservatives play I don't see color it's easy to know to see from color mannix race matters I'm sorry I mixed where do I fit in what box but I can take both I have to take one there's usually a box you have to take of it yes sometimes sometimes worship your parents borrow my mom's Black Caribbean my dad's why Irish historically you'll be considered you can take mixed origin whatever I'll black your big boobies consider black seven years black but that's because what people made the rules and why by your parents get together your wife's I lost a privilege you store yeah well yeah I think it's your name I'll take it Jake no reimu raison d'être well hopefully next week you come with yeah I will try and be better educated yeah yeah I definitely I definitely would like to get up and civilize Pro England Pro our speakers to come not necessary drunkard swam yes but about to come an illiterate just you know hear what you're saying yeah everyone say it is this person can be learned nice about the Baker yes lovely hi guys yeah we done we're done yeah just as your you going I got it why why did we move mr. policeman oh yeah we live why we over here now instead of gonna track such a big crowd I was last time when you have in that Indian I'm going to quality public what see I like it yeah yeah

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