Exclusive Interview: Manny Pacquiao Calls Keith Thurman's Religious Trash Talk A Low Blow

Posted By on July 12, 2019

you're watching the fight guys and this is Brian Mazique and I'm here with Peter Khan and we had a chance to catch up with Manny Pacquiao at Wow car gym in Los Angeles ahead of his fight on July 20th with Keith Thurman right how you doing today man yeah it's an absolute pleasure to get an opportunity to talk to you I I said I wasn't gonna do this but I got to do it I got to show you I got to show you so obviously the fight is coming up July 20th Thurman and so that's what everybody's talking about I just put together a piece I felt it's the most important fight of the year and throughout boxing would you say you agree with that I think so I believe something to make the fans satisfied and it's Forte and I can still fight absolutely yeah now Peter I know you had something that you wanted to ask Manny as well Manny I just wrote a story in Forbes a couple of days ago that really talked about this being your 21st fight in Las Vegas and that up until your 35th fight you hadn't fought in the you know US and then your first fight against led wobba was in las vegas and you're now like you know 16 wins and 4 losses in Las Vegas and beating Keith Thurman could end up being the last fight you ever fight in Las Vegas because a narrow Spence fight could end up in Texas I just wonder how you feel about this fight week with that potential being the scenario and if you feel that emotional connection to Las Vegas well I'm happy fighting in Las Vegas and I still want to fight big us lets me just like my secret home yes what many you look like you're in outstanding shape you also look motivated so I gotta ask you like you're no stranger of course to people who trash-talking you leading up to fights I mean you've had you so many fights against so many different types of personalities now is there something specific about the way Thurman is trash-talking you that had you a little bit more motivated or is it all kind of just the same thing you know I feel so motivated before the fight and excuse me mentioning about God that's a low blow for us and then I think I'm excited I'm excited I am so many beating because of all those that he he yeah I can actually concur many as a fellow Christian I am a type of Prayer I totally understand trash talk but I think like family and faith is kind of something that should be kind of left out other trash talk like we could talk about I'm gonna knock you out in the fifth round but some of the other stuff can kind of be left out III so I can understand that so now usually you don't go into a fight and say hey I'm gonna finish this guy in the fifth round a six round or even necessarily going outside I'm gonna finish this guy is that something that is on your on your to-do list do you want to make a statement with a finish I'm courageous because of God's blessings God's favor to me and I'm fighting next day for in God's name I mean asking for help in protection to do my job and go in the fight so glassy for a second so many quick question so did you freddy boo boy and just and work on anything different obviously I know you prepare for everybody specifically to the opponent anything any special strategy for Keith or any weaknesses that you are going to take advantage of that you would share we we focus on footwork speed like we were young thirty days and they they saw it to me my my my speed my my head movement I think as you're preparing for this fight obviously we have so many fights that you've already had in your career does the preparation for this fight remind you of the preparation for any of the other fights you've had in the past I am reminded of you know previous fights like other fighter I mean I read somewhere that that you're gonna look to possibly take advantage the same way that when you fought Hatton that finding those gaps in the counter punching with Keith over you know Keith over committing her or being a little bit slow is that basically the plan alright thank you so much for your time Manny good luck on July 20th and I'm hoping to see you come out healthy and able to continue fighting moving on thank you brother Thank You Manny thank you guys

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