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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah, in this video
I’m gonna talk about everything you need to know about the angels of allah SWT because
there’s been a lot of lies about all these angels and I just wanna clear things up, believing
in angels is one of the pillars of Islam, as Allah SWT said surat al baqara, “all
of them have believed in Allah and his angels and his books and his messengers,” so if
you do not believe in them, you are not really a Muslim, I just wanna start by saying that
anything good you gain from this video is from Allah and anything wrong is from me and
the shaitan. First of all, the angels are considered to
be part of the unseen world, only Allah and whoever he gives permission to can see the
angels. So let’s talk about the creation of the angels, according to the prophet Muhammad
PBUH he said, “The angels are created from light, just as the jinn are created from smokeless
fire and mankind is created from what you have been told about.”
Cool thing about angels is that Allah created them in a really interesting way, he described
them in surat alanbyaa ayat 26 as Ebadon Mokramun or honored servants, in the very next aya
Allah said, “They cannot precede Him in word, and they act by His command.” So in
other words, they cannot disobey Allah’s command and they also have no physical desires
like food, drink and mating, that’s just the way allah designed them. Ok what about their size and their shape?
Well their sizes vary a lot, in Saheeh Muslim, the prophet Muhammad described the size of
Jibreel PBUH who is the greatest of all angels, he said, “I saw Jibreel descending from
the heaven, and his great size filled the space between the heaven and the earth.”
He also described one of the angels who carry the throne of Allah SWT, now I want you to
imagine this, the prophet PBUH said, “the distance between his earlobe and his shoulder
is equivalent to a 700-year- journey.” now i don’t know what 700 year is like walking,
running, or by horse but that’s still huge man So what are the angels’ jobs or duties? In
surah al saffat allah SWT said, “[The angels say], “There is not among us any except that
he has a known position.” Now we don’t know all the angels and their names, but Allah
SWT gave us some details about some of the them. For example, the angel Jibreel AS who
is responsible for taking down the revelations from Allah to all of the prophets who walked
on this earth. Number 2 the angel Israfil, his job is to blow in the Trumpet and that’s
when the judgment day begins. Number 3 the angel of death who is responsible for taking
your soul and my soul when we die, and more and more. ok let’s talk about the amount of angels there
is literally countless number of angels, and only Allah knows their exact number but to
give you an approximate amount, the prophet Muhammad told us about this house in the seventh
heaven which is like the kaaba called albaytul ma’mur, the angels perform hajj to this
bayt the same way we do it to kaaba, but guess what, every single day 70 thousand angels
make hajj to it and never return back to it again, and this will continue until the judgment
day, so you can imagine how many have been there so far and how many will be created
every single day and visit this house. alright guys thanks for watching now the purpose
of this video isn’t to entertain you to be amazed by how powerful the angels are,
but to meditate and think of how great Allah is, just imagine the size of those angels
who are carrying the throne of Allah and compare them to the actual throne which is above the
seven heavens, this is actually hard to imagine.

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  1. Why did you say that anything bad is from you or from the Shaytaan even though you know verry well that it's Ramadan and Shaytaan is all locked up and in chains.

  2. nice video brother, i wonder, you wrote Jibreel and AS which means "aleyhisselam" right but for other known angels like israfil, angel of death (which is azrail as far as i know, and there should be mikail too) you didnt, dont we say aleyhisselam after them as well ? maybe im wrong.

  3. Great video brother but what about the Angel Michael or in Arabic Mikael? Or is he not an angel in Islam? Lol I really don't know

  4. do angels help digest food and make the earth rotate? then why do we go to the doctor and whats the suns gravitational pull about?

  5. I love all the angels specially Jibriil he's my best angel 😇❤️❤️❤️❤️😫👑👑👑👑❤️❤️may I see him in hereafter in paradise inshaa Allah.

  6. A little quiz – What is the name n role of the Angel that you will never want to meet? Hint! He never smiles.

  7. If the Angels are created from pure light with no attribute of darkness in them how then áre they able to bring messages to the Prophets to warn the people that touch on the evils of mankind which relate to darkness they are supposed not to be conscious of or able to perceive in their consciousness according to your Quran? How could any Angel be the messenger of death which is a virtue and heritage of darkness of which many of human culture wears a dark or black dress to symbolize if, the Angel is not conscious of darkness because they are according to your Quran created from pure light?

    The truth is the Angels have will to be good or bad that is they know both light and darkness which is what being conscious is all about according to the Bible devil was once an Angel but he chooses out of free will to be evil because he was conscious of both. He was sent down to earth as a result of his becoming evil that is why Lord Jesus teaches us to pray thus so; "Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven". The Angels in Heaven are serving God out of complete free will not because they are unconscious of the other side. The question to be asked is what is the Quran trying to hide about who really the Allah is by giving this completely false and misleading details about the Angels?

  8. and my mom said my dad was prayig with a gurdian angel and of u paray for allah he will come tp u 9×8292ways to go to i and my grandma said my dad wasnpraying wih a mslom like all the long like me and i saw ot to the angel made by allah 😇

  9. The moment when Muhammad PBUH said that the angels that carry the throne of allah, the distance between their ear to shoulder is equivalent to 300 years journey in a horse speed (probably the fastest horse speed)

  10. Masha'a Allah, You've did a great effort, may Allah reward you.

    There's a little information needs to be edited which is: Belief in Angels is one of the Pillars of Iman (Faith), not one of the pillars of Islam. 🙂

  11. Last appearance of an 'Angel'' is at the 'Time'' of ''Virgin Mary'' to give ''Message'' to ''Her'' that ''She'' will bare a ''Child''..


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