European Girls Reaction : Would You MARRY a MUSLIM? (Shocking Responses!)

Posted By on December 2, 2019

Hello AE Family and welcome to Ayo and Ebun entertainment I am in the beautiful city of Riga. it is the capital city of latvia behind me is the house of blackheads. and its architecture is so beautiful today, let’s talk about dating. when we date someone, we hope to marry them but to choose a partner, there are several factors we look at one of these important factors is, religion today, I’ll be asking non-muslims if they can marry a muslim let’s hear what they have to say don’t forget to like this video, share it with all your friends, comment below and subscribe to our channel let’s hear what they have to say hello, how are you? we are really good where are you from? we are from Estonia. (Majority Religion: Atheism) I am from Riga (Majority Religion: Christianity) I am from Saint Petersburg, Russia (Majority religion: Russian orthodox) I am from Estonia. (Majority Religion: Atheism) we are from Austria. (Majority Religion: Christianity) I am from Estonia. (Majority Religion: christianity) we are from Tallinn. (Majority Religion: Atheism) I am from Latvia. (Majority Religion: christianity) I am from Norway. (Majority Religion: christianity) Norway? I have been to trondheim before –oh really? — yes can you marry a muslim? oh, you are married I am married do you have children? I have two daughters can you allow your daughters to marry a muslim? if they want that, it is ok for me are you sure? yes I am do you think that your husband would also be ok with this? I think so. yes. if the guy is ok with that and if I am in love with him, then maybe I can marry a muslim I don’t think so I can’t explain it but no! what is your reason for saying no? it is really hard for me to explain that is my life choice as I know, it is very restrictive to be the wife of a muslim man can you explain that? you have to cover your head you mean the hijab? yes, hijab I know that it is not a must to wear the hijab if you don’t want to I think I want more freedom you said that maybe it is possible for you to marry a muslim if we find a compromise and if we are in love, then it is ok one thing is for you to be in love. another thing is for your friends and family to accept it. do you think your parents would accept this? that is the hardest thing –that is the hardest part? — yes I don’t think my family would agree with this choice I think my family would be surprised but if I tell them that it is my choice, they would accept it can you marry a muslim? yes I can sure, I can –are you sure? — yes why do you think you can? why do I think I can? why should I not marry a muslim if I want to? –if you want to, you can? — yes I had a relationship with a muslim guy before –really? –yes the reason for our breakup was not because of his religion do you think your family and friends would be ok with this? yes, I think so well, they are not even happy with the decision I made now what decision did you make? I have a boyfriend whom they think is not the best. According to their standards and opinions –so, it’s already a trend? –yes I don’t care now I do care but it’s a problem that I have to deal with so, if they have a problem with a muslim guy, it’s their problem and you? it is the same for me I would still have a relationship with a muslim guy. It was not a problem for my friends did your family know when you were dating the muslim guy? yes, they knew very late and how was their reaction to it? it wasn’t a problem for them because we are an open-minded family they didn’t have a problem with it this is the question. can you marry a muslim? what? in the future, can you marry a muslim? mulsim? yes. being a muslim means…. I don’t think so I think we are really different. I don’t know what other reasons do you have for thinking that you can’t marry a muslim because I haven’t spoken to a muslim before how about your parents? wouldn’t they agree too? is your choice personal or based on your parents’ decision? no. my choice is personal I think no why? I do not agree with their way of life are your parents and friends also thinking like this? I am an independent person it is only my choice that matters I don’t care what other people think is that your mother? can you please come? I asked your daughter if she could marry a muslim and she said no let us assume that she brings a muslim guy to the house and introduces him to you how would you react? is this question only about muslims or even other nationalities? not only about religion? I think that we are tolerant people the most important thing is love so, if they love themselves, it is ok for me so, let’s talk specifically about a muslim guy. not a guy from another country if she brings a muslim boyfriend to you, how would you react? it is difficult to answer because we don’t have deep knowledge about this religion (islam) so, it is difficult to give an answer now we have to learn more about this religion I think so. yes, I can why do you think it is ok for you? because I do not care about his religion do you think your family and friends would be ok with this? if I am happy, they would be happy for me I think so. but if he has very….. I don’t know how to say it in english but if he has very strong beliefs, then I cannot marry him I think the same way let’s assume you decide to marry a muslim. how would your family and friends react to this? I think they wouldn’t like this my family wouldn’t like this but I think they would say, “ok” I think yes. why not? why? why not? I think a muslim guy can be a good man also. and I want to marry a good man so, why not? for you, religion differences is not important? no, it is not important for me. do you think that your parents would be ok with this? maybe they might have a problem with it. but it is my choice I am already married. but he is not a muslim do you have children? yes, I have a daughter so, let’s assume that in the future, your daughter brings a guy to you that she wants to get married to. But he is muslim. How would you react? I have never taught about that question before but if she is in love with him and ready, I’ll accept her decision thank you so much by the way, how can I say “hello” in Latvian language? thank you so much welcome back friends. we hope you enjoyed this video so now, the question is to you can you marry someone from a different religion? if your answer is yes, would your parents be ok with this? if your answer is no, tell us your reasons that’s what we have for you this week don’t forget to like this video, share it with all your friends and subscribe below have a great week and… we are sending you lots of love from beautiful Riga if you have a chance to visit, definitely do it thank you so much for supporting us have a great week friends. we wish you a peaceful week

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    Jaaw kulahaa naagta u dembeysa. HHHH. Oo Jaaw anagaaba isticmaalme miyaanu soo xadney hhhhh. Somalidu tuug sana luqado ayi noocu wey soo Xadaan. Qaracow weeye.

  4. We know a muslin girl they can't marry a non muslim Guy
    but a muslin Man can marry a non muslim woman that is what allah Said

    Somali udiida Ceeb ✌️

  5. I am Muslim And I Can Marry Non-Muslim Girl like the first girl from Estonia 😘 and in my parents side I'm sure that they'll agree

  6. Europeans 70% percentage are atheist nations , they are very open to those who accept them as they are ? Because religion is private thing as a personally my wife is Norwegian and she is atheist , and iam Muslim Somali Norwegian I don't force her my believe I love her with her atheism , so religion is not problem but forcing ur believe is problem ,

  7. Guys, the religion is no matter if you fall with love a person, no reason to hesitate! But let me give you more clarifications about my religion. Firt I'm Muslim person from somali. My religion is allowed me to marriage a non_muslim woman but there is condition, the condition is the woman should be " Ahlu kitab" means either Christian or chewish, but the other religion we can't. But remember: Muslim women never marriage a non_muslim man ever, unless he become Muslim, my religion said that . Thanks

  8. Muslim religion is the best religion past in the world ever, if you’re not muslim you have to take Islam ☪️ religion🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴

  9. Ayo and Ebun love from Somali 🇸🇴 am so happy guys when I watching this Tim 💝😁🇸🇴💝💝💝💝💝💝❣💕

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  11. Its very awful to see this as a muslim person islam is all about peace and arranged life from our lord
    Ebo you made a mistake for asking this question to pple you will see soo your results

  12. Please ayo team prepare a topic about( can you a christian ) asking about muslims and also other not chiristian them selves the oppisite of thissss topic good bye

  13. As you know this chanel is common,general it is not have one type of a group not have afrikan only not have turkish only not have somali not not not have chiristian not not have muslim only

  14. Warayaaya somaliyey niyahow bal fiiriya muslim kaa laga dhigaa wax layaso oo lagacararayo adinkana waad iska qoslaysaan
    war dhiig isku yeela oo diintiina difaacda anaga wlahi oo bilahi wax nool manihin somali qurun qurun dhalay saa uga dabacarara gaalo oo u dhikiya war dhiigii muslinimo,somalinimo aaway

  15. Our religion accept marry a christian & jows we can't marry other religion's people
    And muslim men could only marry women with their two riligion not a muslim gril can't marry another riligion man

  16. As far as am concerned @AE Your channel is about spreading awarness about Africa and diminishing suggest, kindly and politely that you guyz should stick to that and leave religion out if it..its a sensitive topic as you well know and might arouse emotions that can bring clashes..considering the fact that your channel has many muslim subscribers from 🇸🇴 and 🇹🇷

  17. Saying that these are shocking answers is from a Muslim's perspectove hypocritical since Muslim women are not allowed at all to marry Non-Muslim men.

  18. Woow this is video so amazing thank you so much for your sharing😭 I love it your video and you are such a wonderful person I love you from Australia 🇦🇺🇸🇴

  19. Hey! All of what you asked question people said yess, i dont understand had no one said no ! Only say the reality😂😂😂

  20. They have a right not marry someone who has different religion than theirs. Ask muslim women, majority will say they will not marry non-muslim men.

  21. Plz dont say can you marry muslim.
    But you can say. can you marry a muslim man or muslim guy
    Muslim is not person is religion.
    Thank you


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