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hello everybody and welcome back to Benjamin Magnus plays europa universalis or now last episode we spent recovering and recouping our losses we have a new leader who is damn awesome four five four I'm perfectly happy with that and we have a ton of of modifiers making our tech cheaper right now so that's definitely something we're gonna why you wanting to focus on as soon as we can I'm just about prepped for a war with the livonian order – and I have a very small fleet of six galleys here to try to wrest control of the Seas from their Navy which shouldn't be too terribly difficult we have our armies poised for the attack and as soon as we fabricate this last claim we should be good to head on in now what's going on here I could novigrad is occupied by Muscovy right now that Oh completely 100% occupied wolf Knopfler I was about to disappear now being Poland and you know pulling little this this area over here it's probably going to be me fighting Russia historically speaking that's generally what ends up happening so lochia oh four one four and my guy is currently a three two three two three two so he's got a total of nine and I've got a total of seven so the nine is better so we'll just let that slide oh and we're building a heavy ship – should we wait for that to complete before I feel like we should wait for that that's only another few months should we wait for my heavy ship let's wait for my heavy ship it'll be the pride of my Navy it's also the middle of winter Oh who's who's fighting Genoa no not not that profitable hey this way oh the Ottomans have occupied this area that's not good it's like Portugal's making headway in North Africa vibra bond what the hell's bar bond I have no idea who that is what if that's Holy Roman area I like Denmark we're gonna let Denmark through and we're currently improving relations with Venice and I mean my enemy kind of thing is going on right now so should we wait for let's say should we wait for this stuff to creep up see what happens I wonder if I can get it up can I I'm not gonna accept that it's closed but they're not gonna accept it well I'm just wondering if maybe we can get a cool yeah what does let's just well again let's just wait we might get a mission that has something to do with Jesus Christ look at these down here attacking Pomerania that could be interesting there's a war interesting if I don't know though they're probably not gonna take that land for themselves but if they did then I could take it back from them and that'd be something there we go oh wait no that's not anything to do with me me I thought that was mob finishing my mission no I got one more tick until that's finished all right there we go a fleet I have a fleet come on hundred that's all it needs to be at there we go all right let's see what's here prove leaders between conquests protect against Ottomans that's not gonna happen that's not gonna happen we're gonna try to prove our legitimacy though all right so let's go with that one's gonna be the easiest one for us to take and now let's check to see who joined in they did all righty so I completely forgot about my forts again sue we're gonna go military we're gonna poop make our forts active and now let's put you here and you here and we're gonna see what happens we're gonna take out their Navy with my Navy we're gonna have to deal with this that's got to be problematic we're gonna have to deal with that but hopefully we'll have allies to help oh okay that's a Norwegian fleet so let's go take them out they're an enemy we'll fight them we're doing pretty good Oh they've got a heavy ship – I just lost the ship I think yeah I did all right okay that's fine we took out their light ship oh we lost one of our galleys but that's okay so let's head back over here let these guys repair know it probably better for just send it right over here having this huge RV over here makes me nervous that's the way okay Lithuania is putting pressure over here yeah you guys take care of that for me only fifty percent that sucks they're not capable of fully blockading this place partially block getting it though or we're probably blocking this one but not that one but that's what that is and how did I know okay store pet and how did I know that that was my military leader that died all right what are we gonna get from this guy all right we only have two's available which we can afford disapprove discipline we're gonna take this plan right now and well let's see if we cannot sure well they for that let's see 37 units over here I've got 32 so they don't outnumber me by huge margin regulation of medical the medical production season expand the number of doctor in the 16th century deregulated super IV the trading of the universities the order of now covered midwives a research may benefit population growth local goods produced up or gain admin power this is for just one year let's just do admin power just take it how we doing on tech we should have some tech coming up pretty soon probably and get you over here are they I do I have them blocked in with forts I think I do oh that might work out really well for me I was just taken talking about something tech all right so Lithuania is gonna run rough shot and and what's it called over here they're gonna just run rough shot over or Muscovy because their Army's trapped over here in Pomerania cool and as soon as this finishes we're just gonna move you down here naive relative Oh spy defense that's not a big deal walk you out of there and we'll finish this up as soon as we possibly can it's gonna take a while but as soon as we possibly can that low legitimacy sucks though I might need to spend some papal influence on that how we doing here come on not a good roll seven kind of average so they've got a decent they've got a good army with good leaders so I could be in trouble now all my land is pretty well all these forts over here pretty well cover me and we're gonna have a let's say what is this this tech of this next tech is gonna give me artillery which I'll have to build military tactics and infantry fire and artillery fire oh what does this mean okay what does this mean for me okay now I'm confused cause they're in it looks like they're in exile because they're not gonna be able to control those guys basically I think I don't think I don't think they're gonna be able to you know take care of you know no you know micromanage their movement I think they're just gonna retreat back into their territory yeah cuz they're in exile yes so no all right they're not a knight those guys aren't in exile anymore so let's send these guys up here they made it made it back to their territory and they're gonna be stuck fighting with wanying army it looks like or not let's try to get over here will some mutually support each other oh wait looks like who's this Norway Norway coming to attack me yes Norway is coming to attack me I've got my reinforcements close at hand come on reinforcements yes thank you I didn't want to have to start that siege over Lithuania beat Muscovy tsar me all right we won this battle we lost 11,000 men they only lost like 5,000 that sucked that was awful oh my god those losses were astronomically like flipped it was like two to one and they attacked me ah military tech now we can get those cannons when we want them when what is this regimental cam planned for slimming cool do not mind coming in into direct conflict with proto Russia over there it's fine by me look that was a lot of losses let's move these guys out nutrition now we don't have enough with that guy well as well switch there we go there we go okay better oh hello telephone are you doing better better better better better I mean I don't want to have that many people seeing but I don't I want to make sure this each continues Oh saving that's fine mmm admin tech yay it's been a while and the next one will get us an idea group Oh Lithuania czar me got beat up there all of us a what are they doing there they're busy someplace else I think they got piecemealed out there it's that Norway Norway and Muscovy well hopefully what do they got here or they're gonna lose it looks like we need to win this siege because it looks like Lithuania is getting its butt kicked although they're doing a good fine job right there defending yeah I'm gonna call it a fine job they're doing all right special decisions what is this one admin technically six heretical weirdo dole act until the end of the game national tax amount of fire up ooh I actually do want that yes because that reformed a fire desires something I wanted we need this siege to finish it's been going on for ever now Lithuania got its ass beat there but those guys are in no position to to fight off anybody I needed just siege is just going on and on and on and there we go two years almost all right so that's that now let's send our army down this way see what we can do we might need a fight off Muscovy proper like I might need to wait for Lithuania to get its its head on straight though what are they doing all the way over here they outnumber me well what we can try to do is take out the smaller armies let's actually take a look at like well I'm winning right now yeah we still have decent troop numbers to work with we're gonna try to take out this unit right over here oh they got reinforcements over there okay well they've got 19 men there we're gonna see if we can wipe these guys out and Smolensk it'd be good for me to do that you can try to throw your guys in there but I don't think it's gonna make any difference actually you know what it may I'm gonna lose this it looks like I'm gonna lose this especially think of those reinforcements in there in time well let's see what if we could get anything out of this and the war and the war before I'm completely in terms of military here God my military just never performs well wars over I didn't lose that battle the war ended I swear to God the war ended I didn't lose oh good oh that's not the first time I've done that where I've been like I don't wanna lose this battle peace I will accept peace friends yeah I lost a lot of men I always lose a lot of men now we're definitely definitely different game than it used to be all right so we're gonna need to do a little great we have a little bit of admin power probably enough to do one or two small provinces hold the door Pat and then work on those ones Latvian an Estonian I don't think I'm ever gonna be able to make make a culture an accepted culture sooo we're probably gonna convert them but polish ruthenium Prussian those are all good well I don't know Lithuanian well I don't have any Lithuania but Latvian an Estonian lat I don't think Latvian an Estonian I can make accepted Muscovy you bastards well I wish that Lithuania wasn't being such a if they were being such a goddamn like what I wonder what I have these guys set to right now I've got them set to see just watch but not attack friend not attached friend oh well maybe that's the problem that was probably the problem I mean should've should have taken care of that merchants worried about lack of protection I'll pay for that mercantilism yes Oh ready so how's my reformed as our coming car because Protestants said around 1500 I believe right 67 percent we lost a claim oh well we can we can do that again it's not a big deal 1 for 4 I mean we can keep that that's that's bet it's still better than what I have no we can keep that let's we need to take care of our expenses so let's you know what me that's why my missionary wasn't doing anything I moved the missionary slider down and not the army slider mothball our forts man I could have done some some impressive things with that war if if they hadn't made peace and managed to exile their army through through mine I do not feel like they should have been able to do that I mean that would be that was basically the equivalent of being of my enemy's army being blockaded and then going um guys we cool right and me just letting them walk through my land I should not have I do not feel like the game should allow them had to have done that if anything they should have had to gone through neutral territory which didn't exist they should have been stuck where they were other or having to gone around my forts at least I don't feel like they should they should have been able to do that little annoyed in retrospect a little annoyed a little retrospectively annoyed should I so these guys have a bigger does the let's say duty to friendly troops well we'll test this out friendly troops right now it's at two point six negative 2.6 let's crank this slider back up and let the morale recover and we'll see if it makes a difference five yes it does so it does make a difference if there if the slider is down well I didn't take everything I wanted but I did take three of their five provinces step in the right direction right whoof yeah they absorbed novigrad making them a much more formidable of home formidable opponent I might want another fort in this area because that's the only plate while the Lithuanian border is wide open hmm it's my current mission Oh legitimacy that's gonna take forever yeah it's definitely gonna take a long time all right all right so what should we do next what should we do next it looks like my hmm I'm a little worried about my pride I need to take Danzig I have to take Danzig hmm and you know maybe with you guys feel about me these days well that's I wish I could get you know a lot lochia they they like me but they're not they don't like me enough to do anything do I really want to suffer the wrath of the Holy Roman Empire right now seems like a bad idea why don't we mothball the fleet actually they're not really doing anything at the moment technically they cook throwing button yeah I meant I meant to hit mothball save me they're not taking up a huge sum of money but it's enough to make a difference a little bit of unrest in these areas I'm glad I got this actually a lot a bit of unrest right there let's send these guys over there we need to work on the other doo-doo-doo to do other cores there we go and get that going and we need cannons that's what we need my armies need cannons I can hold I can I can bring in eight more regiments of men holy that we ever lose a lot of men in that war though look at our manpower reserves right now it's low it's definitely low we might want to do is I forgot we could do that local manpower modifier to do that there's a lot there look for the ones with the highest ones that's 600 something maybe 75 that's not that bad there's others higher ones though yeah what else do we have in here Docs now that just gives me a naval force limit right now which is not really something I'm terribly concerned about all right development that might be important though why don't we do some military development get more man get some more men coming how does this automatic do I have to like refresh the list yes they do oh we lost our military leader that sucks well he wasn't that great to begin with he wasn't great now we were taught we were worth playing around over here if I wanted an alliance close let's say let's keep to keep improving relations with with Venice that could be beneficial for me let's let's work on that let's keep let's keep that going and see what we can get out of it I'm in a precarious situation it's not really freaking me danzig the the fact that it was taken by a member of the Holy Roman Empire is me up alright let's see what do we got to work with here also alright well that's not a big deal that'll go down pretty soon see we already are already allies here Vestal ization polish economic so my military is strong enough for them to kind of be shaking in their boots but my economy's not and frankly my economy is not that great these days mostly because of this military but I need the military to suppress these people not accepted cultures and having them not accept the culture sucks now I believe we have to wait for the nationalism to change before we can do anything about that to recall you what did I want to do was I think about doing new you Nicholas Copernicus we got Copernicus whoo awesome three points or I can only get my my relations over here so hi I don't think it's high enough well it's it's not bad I only need it to get a little bit higher before we can get an alliance out of them what if we sent them a gift you know I only improve our relations by not that much well that's not nearly as much as I'd hoped and Claire warming no I don't have anything over there Oh God uh what should we do about we've got to get Danzig we have to get Danzig not westernizing every day we don't westernize costs us you know right now let's see how are we doing well I'm interested in tech levels let's see there are seven five eight here and I am not that high I'm six eight seven this next one is pretty good cavalry shock infantry fire combat width military tactics and a regimental camp and we have our military kind of tied down trying to suppress these hmm discovery spread on what that was let's take let's take a look at the map I just saw a bunch of these pop-up hey we can actually it looks like it was just some stuff down here you know just kind of around the edges not that much yeah it's a little it's a little more it's a little filled out over here I think hmmm I cannot get my relations with Venice as high as I want I mean we can keep trying revelations same religion I don't think that's going to get it very high look steel why don't we got them on my side what we made them an ally I don't know if they join in on me on it with me but that could that could prove beneficial it could well we'll see where it goes oh and I'm actually running a little long hair so everybody if you've enjoyed this episode just drop me a like leave me those comments right down below and if you're interested in more Benjamin Magnus please your Opel Universalis for just subscribe to my channel and I will see you next time

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  1. I'd court Sweden for alliance. She'll be going Protestant and will covet areas that Muscovy holds. Always good to have an enemy face two fronts in war. And, beware Wallachia and Moldavia. Hungary will have their eye on them and they could drag you into a war you don't want. (Yes, I KNOW your decisions are already I just can't help myself)

  2. You have to be Admin tech 10 to use the event as well as almost no separatism so yeah not getting Danzig early hurts.

  3. You created Latvia, good job. The shape you created in Baltic states is called Latvia and I always have good feeligns when I crush the Livonian order, those jerks were first of many to kill off the native populace and try to "liberate" us of our culture and religion. they all tried, for over thousand years and all of them failed, ha!

  4. Brabant is a province in The Netherlands and I believe one in Belgium is called soemthing with Brabant too so yeah I think its part of the HRE (at least in mine game ;p)


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