Europa Universalis 4 (EU4) | Common Sense | Protestant Poland | Part 54

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hello everybody and welcome back to Benjamin Magnus plays Europa Universalis for now uh since I last recorded i have installed windows 10 on my computer and man does it ever do some weird things for some reason whenever I have like one of my function keys f 1 through 12 assigned to start recording which I've always done the screen goes black on me so I had to go digging around on the keyboard for a button that's not assigned to anything in a heart in a paradox game which is you know sometimes a task and assign it to start recording hey man is that annoying Windows 10 you are a fickle bitch I got to tell you that so what I've decided to do in this episode and probably the next few episodes is to start rebuilding my navy so no national institutions hmm new stability or points s will take stability because technically well or at 0 we have no admin points alright so building a navy that is something that we are lacking at the moment so first I want to look at something now Navy thinking maybe building a couple grand shipyards first will be better in the long run because shipbuilding time minus fifty percent ship cost minus fifty percent so we can build those like in these areas right here because this is what we were calling our this is what we refer to as our like shipyard of the realm so what we're going to do is rid wait for those to build and then we're gonna construct all of our ships in there because we'll be able to get it done quicker and cheaper by you know micromanaging just a little bit and if you were wondering why there wasn't an episode up yesterday it's because I've been itching itching and antsy to start playing Vicki too so because the series is kind of winding down there's less than 100 years left in the game and it's not my most popular series what I'm going to be doing is alternating Vicki to is going to go up a day and then this is going to fill in the gaps between Vicki too so no big deal just three episodes a day is is stretching the limit of what I'm able to produce it at this moment in time Baden oh I forgot about him and we can bring him back now do we actually do we make an alliance here same religion royal marriage alliance yes we did all right so let's just crank this up I swear to God I keep hitting this button maybe I just missed it a couple times austria get out of my land and it's it never ceases to amaze me how quickly the AI can put an army back together they are always able to quickly do that do we really need a fort right here in Warsaw anymore well it is the capital and it has open building slots too I feel like we should utilize those trade debolt local trade power we already have this one there so that would be an upgrade send you out and we have oh we can't build a billing here and we can't build a billionaire so we'll probably just upgrade that might as well upgrade the ones we got we already got in there no point in not doing that we have the money and the money we have the manpower Treasury that looks amazing why do we have my mate and slider all the way up on army guy on my army haven't the foggiest let's crank that down and we only have the one missionary out right now Catholic zealots probably just because we're converting them at the moment I believe so yeah Windows 10 man whenever I upgrade upgrade a part haha is upgrade the right word let's just say change whatever change operate we look weak really really really my my army my standing professional army of 160,000 been with 200,000 men left in in reserve looks weak I will bitch slap anybody who thinks that then we just lost a military leader probably everyone for a few yeah we can bring into that's a might as well pretty much guaranteed to be good this guy's awesome pretty much guaranteed to be good at this point so this is awesome guy and you need a leader of this awesome guy and you need a leader for armies or leaders of this awesome guy they're all pretty good but that's what it's kind of what happens when you have high tradition it's too bad it decays down like that but I guess it makes perfect sense i mean the the the decaying function makes more sense than previous incarnations of paradox seems like I've been playing Vicki to like I said and like relations in there the basic is basically kind of static you can increase it you can increase your relations national klein what the the discovery previously unknown continents the establishment of new trade routes a new maritime error has been born explores domination are returning home with highly south africa car with spices luxury and committed comedies commodities got jesus christ talk slower been countries important as a training nation has suddenly diminished and we were faced with a sudden economic decline fortune government to regulate our expenditure so what are we ahead on because this is going to be for how long 10 years how many were 12 years ahead on military so we'll go with military because that will dictate that that'll go away by the time i actually need to tech up that works I can live with that so as soon as these are built well actually let's let's take a look at something in here this will give us better three-decker so this will give us better heavy ships and we're almost there well we'll see where we are well this will be done in two months two months this won't be ready in two months we just won't build any heavy ships until this is ready we'll start with light ships because we don't have any of those and we're going to need a ton of them I feel like pirating Spain England's my friends I'm not going to do them but Spain's a bitch they don't like me because I'm a different religion so Spain you are a bitch all right so all those shipyards constructed so now we're going to do is we're going to go to building ships we have the money have you frigate and we're going to build it we're going to build everything over in here because they're cheaper and they'll build quicker 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 come on 19 20 so we'll start with 20 20 ships that's what we'll start with we'll go from there and the stock exchange is almost built in Warsaw too so we're just what I'm going to do in Warsaw is I'm going to upgrade all the buildings here should probably do that with properly do that everywhere upgrade the buildings because the upgrade buildings are going to take up a slot they're going to take over the old basically take over the old slot let's crank this up and watch wait for this to finish so it'll be done in a few days few weeks a few days now probably need I probably need more transport ships too there's that oh and we can't act up yep there's that so why don't we note we're not going to destroy it I have University we have this see right now we have a barracks at local band power on two percent all right Bastion for 800 gold that's pricey it's not really anything left to upgrade we can build a manufactory and why not we have well like I said we have the money right now might as well utilize it correctly i wish i had more shipyards now it's done quicker well at least we're starting to catch up in dip low tech we were behind all by a lot for a while there and actually this next one but this is gonna be a little while this is a while it will get me from the regular forget to the great frigate still little ways off the first ones about to finish no the first one already did finish right here in riga riga god i had either the pronunciation down correctly and now i don't remember it oh well no big deal but if I could if I could really take them take the fight I'll fight to Spain that would make me happy because they've seriously been bitches for a while now so let's look at trade and where's the end node here it is no that's not a node because it goes up this way too but we could still we could pirate there and is this an unknown no this is not an end node because it goes that continues off into the Mediterranean is this an EndNote this is an end node right here they'll did no way Jesus Christ hang on a second I confused the out of myself there I was look at this I was like Spain took all this land now I'm on the wrong map mode so probably over here we might be best which at wherever Spain has the most power so this is France has the most power there followed by per bond Great Britain Spain is not even in here Spain so right down here would probably be the best place to go yeah Spain to if I wanted to with them right over here that's where I'd want to go so when I can wait for a couple couple more ships to finish and then like to send maybe a dozen there so maybe wait for two more rounds of ships to finish and then send them off over in that direction might actually have to cut this episode a little bit short today just a few minutes just because I'm running out of time have to go to work unfortunately see what's getting me ooh austra is fighting the Ottomans what gets me sometimes is like I want to do this more I want to make more content I want to make better content but just don't have the time not at the moment gotta work all right oh that's all I take a long time to build I forgot about that I definitely should upgrade the earth they're expensive pricey I really want to upright I could upgrade some of them that's a two that's a one that's a three it's a two to two and three so there's only one one lap test this one that's not a big deal I think more shipyards would be a good idea grand shipyard for 300 well told we'll take all this land right here and turn it into the shipyard of the of the Empire that sounds like a good idea to me all right so that's eight I think these guys down here there should be a stable government I believe we have a stable you game goddamn it just like poking me in the face doesn't it like I love this game don't get me wrong I love this game but sometimes it's just like you know it's constantly like taking the screws do you like oh you think you're doing good well I'm gonna with you oh you're still think you're good i want to with you more scandinavia they always have that province i forgot about that no no they did always have it but before this used to be theirs and i thought it was one that's what that was so what time is it 607 in the morning right now have a little bit more time and keep going a little bit can build a pitch low of course I can juices will expire with everybody februari of 36 so next year yeah everybody's done pretty soon for relations so the aggressive expansion is still decaying out lithuania would not trust poland to die properly that is well said all you what march my my ass I should probably maybe keep this this this small secondary army somewhere over on the side of the Empire I mean everybody else is stacked where there's going to be there's going to be conflict in Austria and your France yeah I'm building some more some more buildings some more ships looks like we're just going to to meet up in the middle well that saves me some time there we go and done yeah why don't you just hint Walt where's Moscow I feel like we're near it there it is just hang out in Moscow they finally understood that we pose no threat so people are starting to leave the coalition it's a coalition map moda in there was this always a button what do I need to do this Protestant the dominant faith the Holy Roman Empire okay East India trade that's not going to happen Catholic Empire Protestant Empire I don't think that's ever going to happen verb ontas is having them as an ally feel as a good is a good move I feel like they will be staunch allies we're defenders of the faith still I think too I just realized I forgot to eat breakfast I should do that before i leave for work alright we've got a bunt yeah why don't what we'll do is we'll get all 20 and then we'll send them over to to Spain to with Spain pirate their trade node there I think that I feel like that's a good idea like are we if we go to the baltic sea trade node most of it stays here none of its being lost to pirates so we don't need to worry about that if we go over here to novel garad everything's leaving everything is getting pushed forward that's exactly the way I want it everything is getting pushed into my area where it's automatically collected I'm starting to get the hang of trade starting to it's taken me a while but I'm starting to get it see I have to start getting ready for work in 20 19 minutes I guess this will be a standard length episode keep looking at my like i wanna i want to do this but i also don't want to be late for work i love being powerful this has been a fun like a lot of I know this has not been my most popular series ever but man I've had a lot of fun just because it's been you know like a roller coaster up and down and up and down and up and down and the game's been with me a lot and you know I've made mistakes things like that it's been fun though a lot of cool stuff has happened alright done ship and this next one is gonna finish in two months or take all these light ships we all of our leaders are taken up right now oh okay brothers the faith aid in the MOT mongan Burgy in munster nationalist war against mountainburg defenders of the faith were obliged to protect them so we just went to war let's see so who is on Holland is the main protagonist on this side casus belli nationalism so let's take a look at diplomacy can I march armies into their land I can't saxony will grant me access basically so I guess we'll actually do something let's let's take care of this what let's send some armies over here now they have a fort here so who's got the highest siege ability to 0-3 this guy I'm going to go right over here and what about you and your pretty good too so you two are going to head over here and we're going to help out defenders of the faith we are obliged to help them out I'm fine with that a little bit of conflict oh you know you know unseen conflict I'm fine with that that's cool not terribly worried about attrition this time around just because it's not it's not going to be a big deal supply limit of 36 and 41 actually if I'm going to be sitting on a province all these truces just ended so who else in my aura would stir Wilson my or with here Holland why don't we actually go fight Holland's army instead surrendered all right let's go get them let's go eat them and apparently they're just going to sit there and take it Oh brushed and stand a chance didn't stand a chance these guys are coming at me actually so hopefully we can bitch slap the out of Holland for a little bit because they've been a pain in my ass for a little bit now up there we go and there's that most of the troops that are left our are like international there actually is something the siege down here yes there is walls breached I think there was anything to see down there but I guess there was alright well that should be pretty much one war did everybody finish over here it looks like everybody finished yeah so let's bring all the ships over here we're gonna merge them together and then what we're going to do is we're going to because we have guys in here we don't want we are going to create a new unit and we're going to knock over all the transports and then we're just like this unit and I believe we don't have room for a leader unfortunately what about you how good are you 362 I like how 362 is now like new well you guys it's not a big deal let's we're going to send out private to your mission to which train node where we looking at that was this one it's not on the list move back nor see Genoa ragusa constituent Crimea white seal a boat unas Nova ok ha owner why ha sub Genoa or goose ax why this one but not this one Constantinople Alexandria the Crimea white sea la peau Tunis Nova Grodd but not these neither of those ones appear on the list lubeck we could do hmm well we could try Genoa so we'll add 98 trade powder Genoa will increase our trade value current trade power of 0 well basically would take it away from them tuscany provence spain is third on there so we can't that sucks we can try it let's just send them over there see what happens all right well with that I'm gonna end this episode right here if you have enjoyed it just dropped me likely be those comments right down below and if you're interested in more Benjamin Magnus please your rope universalis 4 just subscribe to my channel and I will see you guys next time

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