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hello everybody and welcome back to Benjamin Magnus please europa universalis 4 we are fresh off of our latest bitch-slapping of were no longer rivals to Lithuania that that's an interesting development because without being rivals I could theoretically get them back on my side ah let's a lot of that so we're gonna have to wait for a lot of stuff to decay down so let's let's improve relations because theoretically we can still form the Commonwealth even though it's late in the game also rains in we will just need to get our guy on you know what we we could try to get our friendship with Lithuania back now that they don't consider us a rival anymore let's see here our rivals enemy no more Poland are Austria Spain and the Ottomans okay now of course Austria god damn it Austria no longer a valid or a rival for Poland yet so we're good i'm gonna see what i could do there i don't know if it's even slightly feasible to try to get that PU back but it might be and I might be able to gobble up all that delicious Lithuanian land and let's see here we can check up here again in a cost of sixty percent ahead penalty which I do not want to do that is going to be a huge huge tech for meal because that's going to get me better infantry and better gallery and we've got some converting going we have a lot of places to convert these days and I bet these places have accepted culture development Oh national pervert I don't know what that it's just something that prevents you from lithuania has some internal conflict baby in 1724 faced almost a decade of utter chaos Allah consuming the country from within and bring it to the verge of collapse our nation is struggling both socially and economically is famine and war plague or people in the growing opposition against the arm tock recei and church has resulted in a series of rebellion and assassinations attempt that's the monarch so Lithuania is having trouble hey guys why don't you install a someone from my noble house on your throne and I will stabilize your nation for you sound good sounds good to me I don't feel like we need a lot of these castles anymore but we can notice our economy like it's pretty good right now I say pretty good but I'm sure there's people who are experts at the economic game or just like yep it sucks let's do too dude will do that God taking me off the Austrian capital that's just a bitch slap to the face there other than the foot botton wouldn't that happen other than the fact that it's going to severely hamstring their economy god it's just it just feels good I don't know what do they produce your grapes they produce wine wine now we are converting them right now now they're basically not doing anything because the autonomy which I had to crank up because who thought was ugly there those definitely ugly there for a while and we lost an advisor we're gonna have to try to conserve our diplo income at the moment plus seven aspiring leaders national focus plus 9 can we afford we are at plus 45 so we can afford a level 3 diplomatic reputation spy offense or chain fishin see why don't we take this one on level two and get diplomatic reputation all right mmm we'll be able to tech up here ideas do we do we finish that off we did we're gonna unlock a new one at number 26 that's coming up so we can put it into tech now that's good we have to rebuild our fleet though is one hundred percent on it got completely wiped out it was never big enough to really do anything so we're going to need to rebuild a fleet oh we can at this will be able to create client states to all right so an advanced casus belli hmm know what that is visit advanced passos Malik I wish I wish I could there were there was I still had the option to force for cpu on them didn't did he really die already god damn it well I guess we'll go with the three I didn't want to spend the money on him but we're going to go we'll go with that for now and actually what we can do to save money is lower our army maintenance by a ton look at our fort maintenance is really high I feel like a lot of these Forks are completely unnecessary now so let's get rid of a couple of them all right what is it a towel 24 like the ones along the coastline I feel like keeping just because invasions are a possibility like up here not trade Depot start castle let's get rid of that one it's just I don't love like spending that much money on unfortunate now I do not like that idea 23.5 yeah everybody's going to join the coalition against tough we have aggressive expansion at all like a hundred and forty something 139 hahahaha thought he would Rick at this a religious anywhere you bastards it's Protestant all right who's next Ross law they were formed so I am to the defender of the faith now if you weren't paying attention that did happen last episode we are the defender the face now so Protestantism is kind of our its kind of its kind of our domain it's definitely our domain Wow Sunni really spread in it shinto japan hindu japan seems to a formed it like seems to be pretty like japan's form Korea's formed Ming is still a thing hot damn it look at this I I feel like South America always ends up pretty neat looking like let use usually just a few big States and North America just turns into this clusterfuck of the school like disgusting borders I don't know if you guys have noticed but i really like clean borders it's kind of a thing of mine we still have yeah we still have someone from our house our dynasty heir to the throne of great britain now if I wanted to take over Great Britain I would have to do a succession war i think right I've never done that before so I don't know exactly how it works but I fet sounds right to me we're actually almost done with a lot of this Pinsk is like the last one I don't know a lot of times I do that like I grab these missions and then I'm just like I'm not going to deal with that right now prestige and prestige decay I feel like that when we can do without now and but army tradition and land leader shock I want to keep that up so let's see what is it right now 81.9 Jesus Christ that's high that is really high high discipline and my for Suleman 214 that is so high lithuania I swear to god I'll be your friend um what the are you guys doing here and Milan wondered where you think you're going yes I know I didn't I'll move my slider but it's really not going to hood it's no big deal at this point I lost 14 under men and I have 205,000 despair so huh they're out where I would be outraged to I just gobbled up a huge section of their country what the are you guys doing in my land oh that's these guys us thought that was little their flight lead off over distance their their icons look pretty similar similar colors the shape in the center is just a little different okay we got to make sure we keep an eye on this I don't want to max it out across the last part of our country where was that here it is brats laughs all right let's make sure let's go into our stability expansion is to make sure all these are going okay those were the last ones good it could boost my stability it's only one right now I said shame it's only one I lost a couple points it was three for a good long while Oh Austria I cannot wait for our truce to end because when our truce ends i'm going to repeal all that conquered land from them I'm basically gonna say you know what this is mine it's not yours anymore looks like they are doing really well austra who are you allied with now now all these people portugal and spain mostly now who are your rivals item 8 rivals cuz I'm Scandinavia why are why is skiing a navy your rival you don't have like similar interests to or are a shared border or anything why would they seriously it's just Scandinavia which is uh I got it's an adorable country right now it's so cute of course we're friendly Finland are you are you anything Li was skin a navy a royal marriage with Scandinavia okay so I can't do anything against them because their Scandinavian friends i think i'm assuming scandinavia released them as a vassal or something like that persia purchase doing pretty well right now i don't even notice them down there man how long well we'll see mostly its aggressive honestly it's mostly aggressive expansion that is the biggest thing the Allied arrival and the next biggest thing after that is neighboring hair tick religion I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it to the point where we can be friends again but I'm at least get a try because if I could absorb all that land without really you know you know by forming the Commonwealth of course I'm going to that would be amazing for there'd be a huge boon when does our truce end who I ought to watch that wonder why the the smallest ones are in the middle don't really get that and more kind of convert it's very good get those Orthodox out of the way no offense Daniel Orthodox out there yes i know i can but that that ahead penalty alright constrict construct a proper fleet here or move Bavaria from the map protects against the ottomans that would not be hard to protect against the Ottomans let's see recruitment time regiment cost for a little while hmm i mean i would only need to make another half an hour me i could easily do that or we could do this could instruct a proper fleet 75% of my force limit my naval force limit is 68 so i would need to make like 45 ships it's a lot of ships and they're pricey well for now let's do protect against the ottomans because i could I can take care of that one easily now should I increase the size of these armies or should I or the other words the last one oh here it is Oh or should I just construct a new a new army what worries me is supplies I mean it looks like most regions can support a larger army these days it's like I would mostly be going into well the mountains are pretty rough but see tech what is tech going to get me level 27 is going to raise the force 11 again and that's the one after this one so it wouldn't be hmm I'm thinking just increasing the size of my my current you know what let's uh well we could always do it i don't i don't want to risk too much attrition right now I hate attrition so let's just let's do this let's go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 & 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 honey there we have 20 new regiments it's just gonna be like a half an army hey look it's it's not negative 200 anymore we we got it away from the the absolute you know- cap there yes yes more converting converting is good for me Vince my missionaries are decently powerful so I mean we be able to take care of these guys in a year around there 14 months 15 months that's really good for makeable because there have been one times I've you know it's been hundreds of months you know you're scraping just to get that time like a tenth of a percentage point political crisis oh god really well take will take the stability drop right now because at least with that it'll be cheaper to get it back like having a like having at least one stability point alright when these guys finish it should should end that mission don't think well when like all of them finish cuz I needed 19 more I think I'm I built 20 let's see let's wait for all 22 finish and we'll see what happens regrettable not a problem Church power is not a big deal right now and there's one there's that last one going as in breast right here so let's give it twenty two days to finish and we'll see if that completes our mission has left the coalition against us the Coalition is starting to dissolve that's good i did not want them to attack me still 100 well i bet i bet if we go like over here yeah the aggressive expansion is super high for them because i'm the one as they're the ones i took everything from was that not enough the army equal or larger the Omni Ottomans 159 I'm at 140 I was at 120 before Oh God all right well we have to make an entire we have to make a whole new stack then I just wasn't paying attention to the numbers then so now I need another 20 merge those guys together so no that's 8,000 6,000 6,000 hmm let's well let's take a look at these armies over here and see if we can fix them up a little let's do let's just for the sake of my brain I'm gonna give you four thousand more infantry well I've already got twenty-one thousand men in this army no we're working there and I like even numbers let's do two more of those guys that's for their get some nice numbers there and you have twenty thousand twelve thousand eight thousand what we bring in two more rural mortars here bring that up just a little bit what we got here about eighteen thousand twelve thousand ten thousand so this one we could we could increase the size of this army a little bit can do 12 3 4 5 6 and right there we go whoa the faithful Ally is requesting that you come to the aid in the British massage imperialist war against France Asajj Florida mom's Holland Holland Holland Holland cisco Provence ah I'm fight France okay I don't have any problem with that I I'm not going to do anything but in England fighting the dutch navy and i have no problem with that alright well i'm just going to sit here do nothing and you guys can take care of that yourselves all right one two three four one two one two increasing the size of our military so let's go 160 in fact they're actually doing better well a lot of stuff is decaying out a lot of the anger that's that's been brewing their country declared war was it war and aggressive expansion are all decaying outs at a you know 8.1 per year so 8.1 per year is changing just from the decay that is also going up from improving relations getting to the bottom of my coffee cup is so sad we definitely need a navy a proper Navy what it was is gonna give us dry docks local frigate trade efficiency we're not really a trade Empire wasn't planning on being a trade empire I was completely planning on being a mainland Europe empire well I'm kind of like a combo of Poland and Russia and Finland right now actually also Estonia Latvia Lithuania all of Prussia let's get you guys over here here get these just put these guys where they're supposed to be getting get them together this army i feels a little unbalanced it's got tons and tons and tons of infantry but feel like it should have it that the ratio should have been a little heavier on the cavalry not a big deal though hunting accident his body has been draped but whom you didn't know in a white cloth Dale Steyn read by his lost fateh damn it they say was found by his horse in a clearing in the woods you know the place they speak of his face is calm almost serene you reach out to touch him till really the situation down something you feel okay so my current heir dies oh well I'd rather take the hit to press my prestige pretty high right now well we'll do that newair 0122 you Stefan suck and kind of suck mu-43 we need to go someplace with a higher 40 to 50 there we go that's what I was worried about is these armies being too large I don't want to take I don't want to be sitting around taking attrition for no damn reason all right merge over there you guys can merge really increase the size oh there we go protect against the Ottomans merge all right now what accumulate money all right we just want money let's let's accumulate it all right we'll just hang out now do we fo we have a spare leader don't we yes we do we have a lot of decent leaders now well when you have really high army tradition it's easy to get a good leader I fear no Austrian now again oh they said an army over to fight France I was like who the hell is over there it's like as Lithuania over there at home I allies went in late on my vassal state went in but I didn't do it like i could easily grab an army and send them over there but i don't want to if I wanted to try to march over here could I know March over there though if I want to I can get over there can go straight through Austria I forgot all this send you off almost done here nice owlette that's that's no big deal fifteen percent ahead penalty so we're still ahead but just not bite not by that much I don't know if we're going to be able to get the Poland can into space i mean there's less than a hundred years left in the game and i think it all go Annie all need to go in to get to level 32 I mean the highest we're at is 25 we're almost 26 who's in this world right now so it's great britain and their allies vs france and their allies it's probably mostly taking place overseas I'll Scandinavia got what came in on it too yeah let's look over here not that yep all this over here all right now our truce with the Austrians here that's going to end exactly when diplomacy all these truces allied with Scandinavia real merde why not allied with real bread anymore did I lose that well that's Finland Jesus Christ I was like what the hell okay there we go great britain and scandinavia finally managed to convert these guys still it we should actually let's do to do to do to make sure we keep our relations with our our clients stayed up here i keep calling them a client stamp their march and we can go over here whoa rat always liked it france ave them now proof relations and we're going to oh I gotta wait I just send that off so I'll just gotta wait a month no big deal with rebels it's no big deal it's like what the is going on there a soft answer turneth away wrath no interesting the religion of one of our what one of our our our our provinces that I needed to convert just auto changed itself I'm okay with that network that works for me alright what is our income at 35 not that bad really I'm happy with that oh and we're on the eighth will be able to get that back so we can just wait until the eighth yep there we go royal marriage boom I think we still have one here we don't have one here I forgot about that we can get it we can get a real marriage down there though we're gonna reup maintain him over there try and just try to keep that at a max like they they still don't really like me that aggressive expansion is the biggest thing take away the aggressive expansion that 100 yet yeah they'd be at zero if you took that away right now so we might be able to get to them that we might be able to get a get back together with both away Nia after several Wars you know really slapping each other around for a while we might be able to get our friendship back I mean I'd rather do it peacefully then Worley I'd rather get aggressive with us aww austria almost at australia yeah I'd rather be aggressive with Australia Oh Oh God austria then lithuania still at 15 so well I guess what we could do is you know just spend those points on some development cardinal sins there's shadow powerful amount of carnal discovered through a little Peters incorruptibles morals already corrupted beyond that where the church could possibly imagine so Austria would lose a cardinal seat yes I mean I'm not really very I'm not Catholic anymore so it doesn't really matter to me but it still hurts them which I can get on board with all right now if we can we do this yet while we are at all we're outside while we're or not at war it's France that's what I'm at war with France well if I wanted to you know I can march over there and fight France but it'd just be hard I I got across all this land into France land into French land into francia and I don't feel like it I could fight the land battles for England if I really wanted to I mean I bet there I bet they're playing really hard with mercenaries because like i would start I start attrition in some areas then this is when we get to France and probably okay let's take a look 30-6 4451 if I have if I was level 27 military tech I'd do it ooh a naval tradition for no reason i would start building a fleet but we're trying to save up money for what's it called for that that mission but i have to end this episode right here it's been a peaceful one it's been a peaceful one but you know that's kind of what happened whoa that is a big splat Spanish Spanish fleet 28 I don't know if I'm going to be able to build a navy to actually rival any of these anyway if you've enjoyed this episode just drop me like leave me those comments right down below and if you're interested in more Benjamin Magnus plays your will be universalis 4 just subscribe to my channel and I will see you guys next time

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  1. When you get the chance you need to take that little bit of Finland. It'll improve the borders there so nicely.


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