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hello everybody and welcome back to Benjamin Magnus plays Europa Universalis for now it's gonna take me a second here to reacquaint myself with what we were doing it has been a few days since I've played we kick the snot out of Muscovy there they don't really have much much left in them they only have a few provinces they're not really terribly strong provinces either I know I'm not gonna be able to grab all of this I would have to wait for a pretty long time I think you gained 12.2 more worst score by achieving the Oracle so it'll take up a little bit more I'm definitely take up a little bit more we kick the snot out of Austria and we beat up on Lithuania a little bit both really really entertaining for me scandinavia is still are staunch ally and if i remember correctly we have a do we have a personal union here it's not given occupied cores and claims in the peace relations a great power i know there was like us well uh same dynasty as me yes so we have the same dynasty as england here now claim throwing brake roll tiles alright i can claim the throne of great britain we do not have the same ruling dynasties at what they must have no legal heir or an air with a week claim Oh their air that's what it is the current air is of my dynasty that's not not not the current sitting king the air okay okay now now we remember what's going on there's about to be some key Evan rebels so xem plan that's right here hmm take care of that by doing this I don't want to deal with rebels right now that should do the trick in Mara Morrow's that's this one right there okay so we got guys hanging out there I'll pause the game take a look at our tech we are a little bit ahead here so we definitely don't want to we don't want to grab that just yet I'd like to get the Poland can into space achievement we'll see we have 110 years left in the game so we'll see the CV two provinces I'm not going to take that we're going to we're going to we're going to keep letting that war score tick up a little bit from the occupation are not going to take it just yet I cannot wait to go to war with ostrich and man that was entertaining i gotta say kicking the snot out of austria and an a you know a one-on-one kind of face-to-face battle there you know my armies mono a model versus their armies that was fun for me I find that highly entertaining I really really enjoyed doing that and hopefully we'll be able to continue kicking the out of Lithuania are used to be close allies now bitter foes breaking true so allied with Austria every time they will we knock their alliance apart they keep bringing it back together but I don't think we're slowly taking away their land like we've carved away a good section of Lithuania right around here aren't over on this side so they're they're slowly losing line they are making it up by attacking the Crimea over here but they're only making so much progress not a ton we have a little pull local on provincial unrest that ahead of time thing that's really ugly I don't necessarily want to do that I mean we could but we could also spend the points elsewhere I love that we have 186,000 men all right oh this is still gonna keep ticking up like if I wanted to go to if I want a piece right now what what can I get from it too will give me three provinces 33 will they give me four they'll give me four will they give me five they will give me five they give you six will not give me seven they will give me six provinces though no why not I have enough diplomatic power I'm sure I need will cost Poland 111 nipple power I have 110 of course there we go so let's take all this land for muscovy thank you very much that was a nice little hunk of land right over there give us a nice border alright so all this stuff needs to be taken care of needs to be managed so we're going to take care of the most expensive stuff first then why core work done though okay we had enough to do everything good I'm gonna leave the Army's hanging out here they are going to try to rebel against me they're going to be a little pissy for a little while I don't think that's terribly big deal at the moment you've lost the conquest casus belli against muskie that's perfectly fine I don't necessarily need the conquest casus belli against muscovy right now now if the so when the leader of Great Britain dies will have what does he will have a our ruling dynasties both on there and I'll need to be able to claim this throener make a personal union perhaps working infiltrate the administration or script I don't even know what that does anymore let's uh let's recall some of these guys make sure that we have our guys I want to make sure our allies stay strong I mean Scandinavia still loves us I think they're going to like me for a very long time ago so I don't think that's well we have that we have the diplomat so let's relations improve relations relations there we go good good prestige good legitimacy good stability good troop numbers could use some more money though adviser maintenance 46 almost 47 fort main support maintenance is almost as much as the army maintenance right now that's a little rough I have these guys are these guys are gonna take a little while but not a huge amount of time now the truce is June of 1713 so that's coming up June of 1712 all right well let's take a look at a couple things because they know I bulb to keep fighting these over and over and over again austria they are allied to lithuania still brandenburg portugal spain and the papal states spain is the only well they are the leader of this coalition over here so you know i'd have to declare war on lithuanian drag austria into it so i didn't bring the war with you know all of all them in with it all those truces just expire that's what we were expecting actually I want let's take a look at our military real quick we can really definitely increase the size of our military if we wanted mate moving on round makes me a little nervous though Rome order hmm like 50 40 it's really not I don't think that's going to be too bad of a problem anymore though these two armies i do believe belong together so let's actually do that right now let's just bring these guys back together those two armies will work is one this army will work as one this army will work as one is so i have three armies basically they could definitely use more men let's see here this guy's got eighteen thousand twelve thousand and eight thousand I'll put these two together and see what they're at not that not pretty good alright so let's merge these two together sixteen thousand twelve thousand and ten thousand so let's let's bring in some mercenaries supplement my armies the band power I have a little bit with mercenaries know they'll be doing that anytime soon now we're not going to do this we're going to do naval units we're just going to do mercenaries we're going to bring in to here bring that up to 40 why don't we do three more here and where's my other army let's do to hear it supplement our armed forces a little bit with with mercenaries I I don't use mercenaries enough i'm told i feel like i could definitely use them much more than I tend to I'm glad that England's on my side having a my air being of the same diet their air being of the same dynasty as me is pretty damn awesome and let's actually take a look at the world right now I take a look at the world i mean take a look at the ledger military armies total man total strength the ottomans then France oh they have a huge standing army not a lot of manpower Ming than me so I have I have a large standing army and a large man power pool Spain has no men pot no manpower left Austria Ava 82,000 men still then Great Britain well the Great Britain does have the Navy now who's France who's France a buddy buddy with these days proper vols Holland sus in Susquehanna ok that's my kind of feel like they're on their own over here lithuania Austria Holland in Pomerania like if i wanted to i could easily skies together I could probably um so we have over 30 3 40 41 I was bringing these guys over here so we're at suffering attrition I actually feel like this army could be a little bigger too like what are they what are they lacking right now you've got twenty one thousand nine thousand horses and eight thousand let's bring in another horse like 10,000 and that'll make ya there we go let's do that melody for this guy here perfect okay so we can efforts will be inviting one stability or pristiq 50 prestige what the that is crazy 50 prestige that is huge but right now I'm actually gonna take this stability point give myself three stability now this army is not needed over here actually this army is perfectly needed over here because if I go to war with Lithuania again these guys will be ready and raring to fight in the rear over here yeah i like i like that you will hang out right here in Moscow and being will hit the Lithuanian Xin the backside all right now every army needs a good leader so we're not going to forget to bring in we're going to roll a leader here and hope for hope for the best 043 one not great and who's this guy this is a 125 so he's got a good maneuver but that's about it not bad not bad let's actually bring in anticipation of fighting actually this I don't feel like I need this board at all a bastion I don't feel like I need that one we lost our admin 27 so a 2 would be advisable missionary strength unrest let's grab that one no no no don't kick them out grab him there we go that's good and national decisions available introduce Church taxes and superintendents national roll tris close ups but tax modifier goes up eight percent and superintendents national unrest goes down stability God's modifier goes up national unrest let's do that let's definitely do that now fifteen percent am I ready for war right now though I'm not sure am I ready for work I feel like I need two armies together over here to operate in unison Oh what is this now Alex this one right here or take that off so it doesn't keep bothering me this guy is going to work in the rear and fight Lithuania well actually let's take a look at the ledger one more time and sort of by country so i can find lithuanian most easy lithuania 20 i have one decent sized army and enough manpower to completely reinforce it I don't feel like I should be going to war while I'm coring though and there's still missionaries out maybe I should wait for these to get closer to the end here possibly lithuania is their armies down here I bet occupied by Armenia no that's not with Anya so Vilna this one just got converted now this is on the border so we are actually going to bring that Ford up as well all right so now we've got 120,000 men in the field I like that we have 120,000 men in the field at the moment see austria is the one I have to worry about Austria as Lithuania has got one decent sized army not worried about them but you know what also I haven't even thought about I decide to go to war with them oh I do have a claim say do I even have a claim yes I do have a claim I think it's June of this month it'll it'll end so all their allies would come into it probably not accept as a truce with up yeah they're not going to accept because ever ever they all have truce with earth alania right now our truce with eleni has ended so now let's take another look at it so now if I declared war on them scandinavia would great britain looks like they would not fighting in another war occupied and beseech provinces ansa they would not other not too powerful anymore so scandinavia would be great britain wouldn't because they're occupied up here it looks like were they at war with right now so austria pomerania holland spain is the defender of the Catholic faith and will protect them hmm as my Navy transports heavy ships did some of these guys get upgraded yes they got upgraded merge so we do have a we have a navy it's not huge but we do have a navy let's actually create a new unit and knock all the transports off send this Navy out over here is that good at you think 26 ships well I've got these 17 over here fighting Spain's Navy is what scares me because i'm not i'm not worried about spain coming to me although spain has no troops right now right I mean Poland France Austria Spain has no manpower so they're fighting with mercenaries right now so Spain doesn't have the men descended this will a war with Lithuania who's got the timing Spain has a high ink very high income transcript lithuania has got a decent income to i minus i don't know what mine is all I'm right here 132 fourth Oh actually means spanner actually pretty close let's let's start preparing for this see what is their military tech 25 also they already have this so I if I didn't get this I'd be behind so let's let's bite the bullet and take it we're going to upgrade our units we're going to drag the slider alright we're going to start prepping for this war here we do have a staunch at we do have staunch allies that will help us we just have this we have to be careful I really want what the way need a bite the bullet again and if I could beat the out of Austria more power to me church power not a big thing actually let's take a look at that really quick really did Jin we have idea cost legalized divorce so that's legitimacy that's good and discipline I mean we might maybe change idea cost and get ourselves maybe morale do that um yeah let's do take that off and replace it with prestige let's do morale get a little bit more out it for our armies let's do that definitely alright we have 80 plus 28 that's 108 thousand men to fight right here and 40,000 to fight back over your call to arms come to the ooh nationalist war against / botanist out Brandenburg Austria Trier Bloomberg's defensive war need help our ally who this would bring us into war with the Holy Roman Empire again the last time it didn't work out well oh the Hansa I'm sorry hmm I kind of want to decline I will just gonna we're just going to decline it we're gonna bite the bullet there because i'm i'm i'm more interested in fighting austrian lithuania so why don't we look at this again declare war let's see we can take small ends or social superiority aggressive expansion to in procedure and cost for planar avec monetary reputation such Envy transfer 50 per century part we're just going to do regular conquest scandinavia will not join us threaten attitude towards poland 120 what why why do you feel threatened by me rogue nation in great power wants or provinces they want Danzig why masa is there anything I could do to make them like me more nobody would not join me that's that's a shame and all of their allies would join them why do they why do they not trust me will not be called into your war against Lithuania they will probably not accept threatened attitude why do they have a threatened attitude and what were they fighting oh they joined in on the chansa side of this battle here well looks like we're doing it on our own then because I'm going to fight Lithuania again I have maximum manpower and we have the manpower we have due to do all these all these ships are going to go together we're going to fight as one we have the manpower and we have the armies so we're going in go to we fought a little tiny battle over here pomerania joined in this should be perfectly well should be okay for us to be there trading in fur nearly prestige plus one good so our ships are definitely going to be out and about so on my side who do they ever have have 200,000 men from where a lot of them are on the other side of the planet Spain yeah Spain has a lot of ships but I'm not terribly worried about Spain I'm a little worried I'm a little bummed out of my allies joined in a but I'm hoping that I could just Blitzen oh we were fighting a battle apparently and we kicked their asses a lot of took a lot of casualties though I wasn't even paying attention to that so uh this is them this is me they lost eight thousand infantry three thousand calorie all US 4700 infantry in six thousand cavalry wow we lost six thousand cavalry that was interesting I do to siege extend the supply train okay so we're going to keep this going the idea is to knock offs tree out of the war first wow we already have plus fourteen percent oh it's a tiny tiny little fork so hopefully we can take this one out really quickly then send this army up here maybe knock Pomerania out of the war sake we take out a Pomeranian ship there we go no no no don't leave fight them see scandinavia is not exactly involved in this war but they are kind of involved in all right this one's surrender so we're going to go over here and help these guys out I like that Moldova is doing something lithuania probably doesn't have well they still have 16,000 troops somewhere this is probably a really high level for port level yeah it's a high level fort so it's going to take a while so we'll take this one will take their capital where is swollen scrape there and we have moldovia right there to help all right this army is gonna take out this Pomeranian one maybe we might maybe we could knock pomerania out of the word easily for lucky on our agent discovered connecting sow dissent against okay that's fine so if we could knock Pomerania out of the war that'd be preferable so let's send that army up here do we have any men over here we have a garrison of 300 men it's not very much let's send this ship right here will block hate it as well that'll help the goal is to knock allies out of the war as soon as I possibly can look at that Scandinavian army they are really down there they march are all the way from Sweden to the Aegean Sea 21% that's going to be an easy victory this one's going to take forever though I seem to remember this one taking forever the last time I seized it and there is 36,000 men right there these guys are still all refreshing their losses don't want to break sieges that are already going though that one fell already though wow that felt really easily pomerania so I could take this province from them and they would push out of the war sure basically I don't want people up here dicking around with me so let's come over here let's see what we can do about the dis army how we doing down here seven percent twenty one percent you know so Pomerania is a lot of the war get a good garrison there good good for loops we had a better general we could always roll for another one although well we're way ahead on this one so that's not going to have a week an always go to military and roll for a general because we do have a room for him much better our current general is 0 for 3 1 this guy is for 21 all right let's bring him into he's he's a better leader all right well are all of our armies are occupied at the moment do you think we can who looks like the span Oh Dutch navy hit me hit me hard lost most of my fleet wasn't prepared for that well there goes my fleet shame wasn't exactly paying attention to that what let some this guy this guy can hang hold out for a long time so let's wait for one of these seizures to finish then we'll tag team that army just to make sure that we don't get our asses handed to us this one looks like it should go down quicker I can take some more land from Austria or power more power to me yeah this one's got this is this is a big fort yeah it's going to hold out forever is that up here at this one what oh you guys are Sunni alright let's take care of that nip that in the bud fourteen percent here this one looks like it should go first they've also got to deal with that Scandinavian army there well it's technically not you know involved in this war definitely helping me out through distractions so let's go here manage that take care of this one we just took a province from pomerania which is kind of awesome you know any time I have a chance to humiliate pomerania I'm all for that with our enemy that's not a big deal now I don't know what this guy is doing he's more than welcome to go do anything he likes tho except for fight that are me one-on-one I'd preferred if he didn't do that maybe he's just trying to check them you know keep them people under wraps who's gonna finish first twenty one percent twenty-eight percent just kind of moving around where is he maybe he's probably going over to take one of these I bet that's what he's doing he's going somewhere else to take he's just going around them to take out another another another castle there all right that one's finished so we can they're gonna go straight through enemy territory to get there so we're gonna hang out finish over here so you're going to come down here and you're gonna hang there we're gonna pincer this guy we're going to wipe his army out we're gonna I could probably I probably could beat him one-on-one but we're going to be safe we're going to play this safe we're not going to beat him one-on-one we're going to make sure that it's two on one and there's that let's take out some of these these single units here just to get them out of the way so you're going to do that I like that I've controlled these for a while long enough to have Garrison's in them move this one as a garrison in it so I don't have to worry about it falling into enemy hands again and a little shame a lot little bummed i lost my navy there because i wasn't paying attention little bummed about that Austria has definitely has its own individual state it's definitely fallen from power with its alliance it's still strong though the whole as the Holy Roman Empire is definitely still strong all right here comes my army we've only lost 22,000 men so far of 195 I say that like it's not a lot but its twenty two thousand men okay this army is a goner both armies converging in yeah even with just one army there would have been fine is just make this just makes it a complete Oh completely wiped out that's what kind of what I was interested in happening there so you there you go to Kiev we're going to take out all of the all the castles what is under our control I remember which one it just said yep in Kiev level one once level two bill sampling new religions keep it more powerful yeah I want to do that more powerful missionary for now it's some of these guys others i forgot that there's a lot to take care of actually completely forgot about that and we got a critical role there last month that's great oh but we are just about out of time here part way through another ass kicking of the lithuania austrian alliance here so well i did lose my entire Navy that was a bummer we can rebuild it though we can rebuild it so if you've enjoyed this episode just drop me a like leaving this comments right down below and if you're interested in more eventually Magnus plays you rope you're nervous Alice for just subscribe to my channel and I will see you guys next time

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  1. Great turn around, now it is only a matter of choosing which provinces you want and just taking them.

    In my campaign Spain is a thorn as well. We haven't come to blows yet but the rivalry exists. With Spain's massive colonial efforts there is an opportunity to profit though –

    I created a fleet of 25 light ships and sent them to privateer/pirate Sevilla, not only do you disrupt their trade income but every 1-2 months treasure fleets arrive bringing gold to Spain from the colonies. Out of a 300 gold treasure fleet your privateers can take 50 to 60 gold for your coffers. A nice boost every so often and the less gold they have the less they can spend on their navy/army.

    Be careful not to exceed 20% trade control of the node though because that could give them a cassus belli against your privateer fleet and you.

    As Lithuania and I engaged in multiple wars their allies grew as well. Eventually they even allied with the Ottomans!

  2. in my game Sweden tends to go to wars that they can't win. Like last day they went to war with denmark , allied with poland, bohemia and russia. Sweden only has me and I do nothing because I'm at war with portugal, because their colony went into war with my colony , but they were doing bad and so portugal declared war on my colony and yeah bad things will happen to me


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