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hello everybody and welcome back to Benjamin Magnus plays europa universalis 4 as you can see poland his really over run a large large sections of Muscovy here we did that in the last episode the last episode over at this point and we actually have we beat the hell out of norway and gave some land back to Sweden in an attempt to make Sweden a more powerful ally that can hold up its own so as you can see over here return territory plus 156 so they freakin love me because of that also been trying to MIT put more effort into making our or trade over here more profitable and it's starting to help out a little bit so we need to I need to be converting people at the moment but I also need to wait for these separatists right here for their to decay down a little bit let's see what do we get here 6.4 so I think maybe i'll give it a little bit of time we're also i wanna i want to fight prussia i definitely want to take prussia down a notch well just basically wipe them off the map it's a former polish territory anyway definitely need to do that hi marina you guys are bitches i'm reini you are son of a bitch is what you are all this land over here is newly conquered so it's going to be a little under st for a bit separatism is not that high mostly because i think it's humanitarianism is that what it was one of our ideas we got here is plays no commander do we have any can we have free we have a free leader we can try to put a all we have to we have to bring her back to port you do that I don't to do that right now are these guys going to anything going to happen here no jaroslav this level or whatever it is alright that's already gone down but we do have troops stationed there at the moment well actually this one we don't it's actually just going down on its own and we are now we're not a monarchy our we're anymore we're noble Republic which means until our our our vote in September 11th of 1608 so it's about a little more than a year away we're stuck with the the same basically the Polish Senate the upper house as our rule right now which is a 000 and i'm pretty sure that this will get better with time so we have very low power points at the moment which kind of sucks i'm glad that we saved up a bank of power points though we saved up a bunch of them so that we could quarrel this land over here and considering i'm hemmed in by Austria and the rush to their holy roman empire over here on this side definitely not going anywhere soon not in this direction at least still I'm still hoping that these guys hate this that their allied with Lithuania that's awful for me but would they have a royal marriage over there too so anything monthly costs oh that's not really going to do that much I've never supported rebels before and these are pomeranian peasants hmm one wouldn't necessarily be a good idea for me to try that what if we went like this to local unrest hunt that out what have we tried that I've never done I've never really done that before and I don't know if there's any way of really paying of seeing what's going on well we could see the unrest in their territory 0 000000 there's no unrest whatsoever sighs not making any difference it's not doing anything does it need time to build up I don't honestly know 10.4 years that's the same as it was before Denmark I think I'm going to come to blows with Denmark allied with Norway yeah they're not they don't have any powerful allies I don't worry about that all right we can recall that diplomat and what are we doing here we're supporting rebels that's what we're doing there does it take time for that to build up it's costing us 10 gold each month and I don't know if it's actually doing anything take another look so I still see zeroes maybe it's just maybe it maybe it won't show us at all it's not going to show us what's happening in their land I don't think I don't think that's something that I I don't honestly know why don't we let it go for a little while and see what happens it is costing me a lot of money right now if if the peasants rose up that would be pretty cool like I think god damn it Oscar you are a son of a bitch you know that if we went to look the league's austra is the leader I'm the leader on the prosthetic that's interesting and your Norway Portugal ah denmark spain that's a big one papal states obviously we have we have a decent number here on Great Britain lithuania france is a member of the Protestant League really I'm finding that interesting they're all Catholic Catholic but they're a member of the process link now finally not very interesting why why they member the process they must have joined maybe maybe to get allies against the common enemy that's what I would imagine how's this okay that's decaying out already so there's only one left tamil glory or whatever it's called where's that one and we're not in this one over here friendly troops is as a phase stern theologian tolerant to the true faith missionary strength versus heretics or missionary strength well you battle heresy that would give us now let's have a battle heresy and I immediately send them out take 14 months that's not that long now this place is now going to have a much more unrest so we can do this yep okay now this is the king down to nothing we do have a mission to let our manpower recover 60 6669 so we're getting close to the right about 50,000 right now so we're getting closer to that you actually dropped the place in the world we used to be number seven but we did have a number who is at France or Sweden must be a um like a coalition army the Hansa suite in Holland yes let's take the points that's got to be a coalition army yeah pomerania get is getting its butt kicked right now I wish I could declare war on them and not have Oscar come in but France France would come into it lithuania would not which is a shame they're allied to the enemy that's a shame because there by like my most powerful ally right now well because of proximity France is a little further away so the term is up for the are the same I believe I'm pronouncing that correctly now support may be off okay so we can keep the same and we'll get a 111 and we'll lose some tradition and gain some admin power or some powerpoints now or we could have a or we could we could pick I believe if we keep going with the keeping the Senate in charge eventually it'll outstrip them because we'll keep getting let's let's keep them charged gonna lose a little bit of tradition we gained some admin power so we actually can tack up now like forced marches in advan I find that interesting at least we have a 111 now all right losing some tradition i think knocked down our our unrest a little bit but that'll they'll creep up now that will creep up now should we do this rate I feel like we should right now yes we let allow sportsmart I'm wondering why that's up here an admin and not not military but that's fine it used to be in an idea group but that changed lithuania let's make sure in relations improve relations i wish we had better aw Republican traditions debated so we need a king lose Republican tradition but gain prestige who gained groove on I don't want to lose that let's get that will take the bullet this time shame to have lost that because it's expensive to get it back but I needed this any of that tradition to to get up high that's definitely going to cause a little bit more unrest unfortunately yeah that went from two years to our 12 200 years 250 the trial the most noble Prince your eldest son is on trial for corruption bribery no now the chain charges are true the conviction of your eldest one would be serious personal blow to you on their hand you could you could of course interfere in the trial so withdraw from public life we would lose a ton tweed is 120 power points but gain some tradition or we're gonna have them acquitted you can lose some tradition and gain 30 power points five Republican tradition I'm willing to take the bullet I'm willing to take that bullet right now to gain I'll look just a little bit or actually nearing another idea I believe if we wanted um so the next ones are the next three are related to the Navy we could save it up and because we could save it up and grab another military tech though that I'm all for so what war you're not involved in any wars right now god i wish i could get involved with a war with with them I offer to join their war relations think we have a real ties military we have annual treaty it's kind of exception alliance that we may be one of our assistance or no I can't do anything here send warning for claim guarantee places are dynastic there already a royal marriage alright well i am going to oh do we recall him did he oughta get auto recalled I don't honestly know it's a heck of a war that's going on though pomerania definitely got its but hand do it the Hansa sweden in holland god i wish i could declare war on them bohemia is fighting on a coalition army over here and we were they're not happy with us we did we did piss them off was not given occupied cores and claims in peace oh but definitely pissed them off also we're heretics need a new military advisor who discipline discipline is definitely something you want okay that's that's the king down now knocking to declare war until we get we finished that mission though that's definitely not something I wanting to do right now if Lithuania would join me against Austria that be something but I don't but but they won't do that because they're allied with them yes that's fine okay if you guys want to fight it's fine freed by L we lost our admin too unfortunately we can't afford a three we'll go with a to hopefully hopefully gain some prestige back it's going to cost most of our income right now which actually we can oh we know what haven't we lost the the guy who is driving that down we can lower this try to get a little bit more money those those pricey advisors are what's costing us right now I wouldn't like another military tech before war breaks out again if that's feasible it's a missing that's Thai really missing that stability modifier right up right about now well as soon as this well that's actually we increase the autonomy there so that's not really doing anything right now but it is converting which is good I want to the trade power is leaving now o is actually changed a lot sixty-eight percent stays they used to be like 40-something percent stayed all right so you're Protestant now that's good Corrine cost Arctic religious zeal and local unrest okay um how are these the Muscovites doing now keeps fluctuating but based on various various things this one that's protestant it's got separatism i kind of don't want to increase any more autonomy right now so i guess we could just wait for it to decay and i think that should do the trick how quick close are we to that tech level normally I don't like switching between between tech and ideas but this I'm willing to do let's go here and that's what I was actually looking for we need a new rival do Denmark and we can issue an embargo here let's do that that should give us increased power projection I think too I need more power power production get that plus one plus one plus one I had that for a little while sending privateers against denmark and embargoing denmark that's two right there I feel like it's easier to get power projection now I think I think it's a lot easier than it was before i can easily war with denmark with a allied with norway and knockin that's that's fine pomerania is ooh Prussia all all God look at that I didn't even notice that um I don't have a pu with Lithuania anymore though that's a shame covert fabricate claim on Danzig you know that is awesome from it's a shame i don't have the personal union anymore and I don't think I can have one can I have one anymore dynastic it's not in there is it relations oh there's the man power reserves Senate insult influence nope not in there I don't think I can have a personal Union anymore because I'm a noble Republic oh well i still need i still need that stuff though go prussia a cover abysmal prestige oh god rival of rival for bond protect our brother in I don't even know where that is I guess we can go with won't wars / Braun Brandenburg lunenburg vis mars performs i'm even know where they are oh it's over here decent size they feel about me zero there's nothing there really let's grab this grab that and then we can upgrade our cannons to chamber demek demi cannons let's let's do this let's do the prestige thing we're working on that and let's bring our armies over here in preparation for attacking Prussia wanna see a light with Bohemia friesland and burr bond so I might be able to bitch-slap bohemia again if it comes down to that and I don't think I can form the Commonwealth anymore I do not think that's something I can do austria is taking out venice now all that's there they're gonna take out venice to fear men berg means of Brandenburg Milan papal States portugal portuguese colombian genoa venice the Knights tuscany great britain british west indies in British Mexico so great britain got involved in that that is interesting that that could prove fruitful feel like I could use some more something but I don't know what these I like the way these armies are right now we do need although or get where we need more leaders growth of city attracts serfs so we can lose a base tax in an outskirt area and bring it into Warsaw or monthly stability cost modifier morale of armies let's do that Warsaw gets more tax I need to take all I'm going to see what i can do we do have a decent amount of admin power stored up right now so hopefully it can take much of prussia as we possibly can it's going to be expensive to core this stuff because of high development but it's going to be worth it and if we go to our decisions stability of at least one I need to ruler also reigns in Lithuania I don't know how to make that happen I don't know if I can make that happen anymore how could I do that because we have the I don't think that's possible at this point I don't think that the Commonwealth the Commonwealth can exist I don't think the Commonwealth can exist anymore so let's merge these guys together and I think you're at the three two one two three tube damn it although we should have more we should have more tradition now than we did last time I looked well I'm above my force limit oh I didn't even know that I might never force them it's terrible maybe we can try to fix that land force limit naval force limit will ship building time naval force limit of two yeah let's try that get that force limit up that's going to save me money because it's costing me half a half a duck it a little more than half a duck in a month but I want those guys out there I didn't realize my naval force limit was so low but we'll see if we can fix that now when we go to war in this region these forts are definitely going to need to go up like these five right there and probably riga oh that's right that guy finished so let's set diplomacy covert actions fat nope covert actions fabricate claim marienberg all right good I didn't realize we were above our force limit tho and our army tradition is actually going up very slightly which I'm a big fan of it doesn't decay anymore which is great I mean it goes up very very slowly but it definitely it goes up doesn't go down anymore doesn't decay out and how we doing here oh we maxed out nice and ah looks like all the rebels have decayed away so we can send the missionaries back out yep please and thank you now these muscovites up our get a little pissy but that's we're going to finish with that before they rebel so that'll be fine I mean it goes plenty quickly right now and what are we waiting we're waiting on this lithuania Sweden you guys like me guys love me France your fan but we can still like you click on the wrong thing we have an alliance relations there we go and we have a royal marriage there too just want to make sure France stays on our side I like that I'm considered a great power that makes me happy paper and you probably have a pretty neutral feelings out pretty neutral feelings about me I can't believe Pomerania gotta slant God's land taken away and given to Prussia I mean I can't for because I'm a noble Republic I don't think I can form the what's it called anymore but still what is going on down here that's a coalition army looks like fighting that a holy roman empire army oh there's another war performs France flurried friesland brabant Nassau and lunenburg so it looks like France kind of jumped on them took an opportunity Jenna with the papal States officer at rear and leash yeah they took they took the opportunity and jumped on top of that and when do we finish of these buildings I'll be done in a little while when does the next election because I'm looking forward to that six September logo is always going to be some pepper Elevens and this one will be 16 16 that's five more years before we can get an upgraded powerpoints here you know one one one is better than 2000 shame do I have to have lived that long with such poor what's a call but in Al's a big deal no we can actually do too is I believe Estonian we can probably get rid of convert the culture here so um Corellian sleazy and I can leave latvia and i can leave with any attack and leave I don't think Estonian is ever going to be an accepted culture because it's only two three I will leave it alone for now for now for now we'll leave it alone glad we got our new cannons 5,000 there four thousand there nine thousand calorie 8000 cover okay that's the only difference in these armies we definitely need to roll a new leader whoo I'm happy with that my first to two-star general there's a 3323 32 yeah really good general for for what I get for working with right now I'm happy with that Prussia is going to get wiped off the map hopefully save up those admin power points as I'm going to need a ton of them I will definitely need a ton of them and we just finished construction of those buildings there we go as well say is that going to change and we're so we're at 19 of 19 okay that's good that's pretty good now does my naval tradition yeah that goes up to 1.99 why does that go up so much more from protecting trade okay so they're actively doing something that's increasing their naval tradition okay now as soon as this one finishes we're going to launch our war with with Prussia that's a big war there's some big Wars going on in Europe right now it looks like the Holy Roman Empire is on the losing end of it too it's a shame won't be able to get were mia but i should be able to get all of this alright we finished there so let's let's do this let's crank this up wait for our morale 22 to jack up let's go high to get up to a hundred percent and then we'll declare war on prussia and we'll try to get all this land back and then some again is a shame no personal union with lithuania anymore which means no Commonwealth oh really row privateer that sucks oh ok i got with these little icons me now i never know really notice time between privateering and protecting trade yeah let's recall that guy and we had a hundred percent just about let's get it going um diplomacy declare war take Danzig Lithuania will join us no one else will not going to consider any of them Cole belligerence look at all the fort's right down over here please Russian Navy there might be able to you know what lets some see if we can catch this army first that's what I would like to do fight a decisive battle against their army which I think we should be able to do and then what I'll probably do is go take Bohemia out knock them out of the war and then take out Prussia knock their allies out terrain what is it Woods that's why Wow their morale is a lot higher than mine at point six my disciplines higher that I just lose my I did I just lost my general there but we managed to just overwhelm them it's about 5,000 men but we did completely wreck their army so now let's go down here I forgot about the fort's is what I forgot about let's go down here and take out a Bohemia exceptional year tax amount of fire I lost oh their fleet attacked I forgot my fleets were out oh I should have sent them back alright well let's um how many ships I I've got four ships left and there were 12 so I think I lost eight ships no don't go back out right here you guys just sit right there emerged you guys together let's unmask ball you guys actually might have to use you and now they have Pretender rebels that's bad for them where's my army here it is actually we have to end this episode though cos were over 30 minutes in so if you've enjoyed this just drop me a like leave me those comments right down below and if you're interested in more Benjamin Magnus plays europa universalis 4 just subscribe to my channel and I will see you next time

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  1. in the holy league thing you have the ottomans, France, Great Briton and a whole lot of little nations in the same side as you, so you know what to do (kill austria with fire and lots of it)

  2. Okay! Now that I've watched the full episode! It's good that Prussia is Protestant so the land you take won't be much of a hindrance.

  3. Games can really be different. I'm couple of years ahead of you( 9 years) , but in my game Castile haven't colonised much in south america( actually nobody is  inland only coast),  Russia is created , and there arent other religious leagues(or how yu wanna call it :->), Austria is much smaller and France is busy colonising much of Africa, were portugal and castile are pretty much non existend. I like how different games can be :p

  4. If I am correct, it doesn't matter if you don't have a PU with Lithuania. I think you need only to be allies and you can still click the button. Check it out. Maybe you will manage to form Commonwealth. 🙂


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