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hello everybody and welcome back to Benjamin Magnus please your robo universalis for now we're just going to pick up right we were right where we left off if I could articulate myself correctly so op Howlett is actually doing much better now than we were um I'm gonna go ahead and say a week ago we were doing pretty poorly then and we're starting to gain a little power back now all we keep poking the Holy Roman Empire of the eyes though by doing things like this I managed to carve Bohemia straight in half and grab Prague which was a big boon to me now what do they have here I already have a barracks a temple a workshop in a marketplace okay all right Prague definitely good it's been a couple days since I've played so I'm just going to go through my tabs here and remind myself what's going on we have a little bit of room in terms of force limit if we want to bring anybody else in we grabbed all of our what's it called aspects we grabbed holy sacraments discipline we grabbed a yearly legitimacy and idea cost which is going to come in helpful for a long time down the road but we do have some overextension to work with and that's Breslow and one of the counties over here i just recently took i don't actually remember which one it was though and we are also working on what are we working on um Oh converting everybody oh and ton of discoveries just spread I wonder what it was let's take a check let's take a peek ah ok here it was they started exploring the coast of the new world Frances got colonies re occupied by Great Britain that's the wannop a tribe in the hot tub bowden what do we got over here England British West Indies probably Spain and Portugal yeah alright nice now what I was thinking about doing and what was mentioned in the comments is seeing if we can do something about pomerania through other channels if I lied with a magdeburg monster in Palin to me so if any of those guys are not no I don't think I'm gonna be able to work that if because I was thinking of maybe I could declare war on someone and see if I could drag Pam marini into it without bringing in the other powers but I don't think that's really gonna fly I really don't think that's gonna fly hmm well we can always take a look at it where's the Holy Roman Empire yeah oh those are all of those those places are part of it so I'm not going to I was hoping I'd be able to declare war on one of their allies and see if I could drag them into it but it doesn't look like that's going to fly shame and something else that was mentioned is it might be good to move my trade port to the Baltic Sea and then transfer trade power up to it and right now which is my best province in terms of trade power mammal trade power 28.6 if it's probably gonna be it I know won't maybe this one no no Riga Oh Riga oh my god I can't remember how it's pronounced right oh I'm gonna killed I don't think it's right guy think it's Riga I don't say Riga so I'm thinking maybe transferring my trade power up here might be the best thing we can do it right here named trading port and that would the value of the trade here is six the value down here is 3.6 and this so would be much better for me to transfer it up here and then yeah why don't we go ahead and do that right now so we do memo or Riga and i honestly think i'm going to do riga because they have they have an estuary we have an estuary danzig would be preferable but i don't own I don't know in Danzig so let's do this let's how much is it going to cost me two hundred diplo power yeah let's go ahead and do that all right no why would I do that okay okay okay now what we're going to want to do is transfer let's see where is he from Baltic Sea coordinate we want to collect that now okay this ghetto let's uh did you do to part of a petrol let's pause this because I'm dicking around with stuff I don't normally dick around with so recall merchant let's recall both these guys and what I'm going to want to do is push my trade power probably from novel garad and crack out into the Baltic Sea because it's automatically collected there and that should give me more money well hey banks thinks just do things just join me improvements in trade tech is that going to be dip 50 Diplo yeah take that so let's pause this while I'm doing this and we're going to wear my guys are free I thought you just clicked here can I is it here transfer trade power is it automatically I thought you clicked on where you wanted it to go transfer trade power I'm assuming he'll they'll they'll do it by themselves I thought I actually told them where to go it looks like they'll do it themselves so let's send this guy over here to transfer trade power as well and they should try yeah oh yeah look at that that jumped from six to nine point one good yeah yeah that works yeah that did the trick that's exactly what I wanted it to it looks like they they all I have to do is tell him to go to the node and then tell them to transfer and they'll automatically do the best thing I think yeah and then it's automatically collected here because this is my home node my home trade node and that's where I'm going to be getting my what's a called from now my ink trade income alright nice there's actually not too many provinces left to convert either one two three four five six seven eight that's not too bad considering the total size of my country here that's not bad at all all right we're doing good kind of turn things around it got really ugly there for a little bit what we definitely turned things around I am officially Western now correct duty to do let's look over here I believe I'm Western tech group western guess I did manage to do that good good good good good good and I'm right where I need to be for military and diplomatic cuz i was doing ideas I had some ideas going over there and I keep thinking keep flopping around trying to get myself powerful allies but it doesn't seem to be working what if we tried to get the Ottomans on our side we could change it to Spain Spain hates us if we yeah let's remove the Ottomans there and then let's improve relations and see if we can maybe get ourselves an ally I don't know if that's ever going to work rival different religion competing great power somebody needs someone on our side to help oh god damn it what is it with the negatives all the time is just all it seems to be always negatives as always kicking me in the teeth ever since common sense damn it a little annoyed at that I really wanted that and what am I doing here we're going to go to I have fifty percent overextension to worry about owns less than that now breslau for that good good good good yes we're going to accept that good it's another core we shouldn't have to worry about any sort of rebels Wow even check is accepted i think i only have three provinces check check the only two yeah that that is awesome i have two province i mean one of them is Prague which is pretty awesome I'm really thinking a will reduce the Imperial 30 and greatly upset the Emperor I mean I am powerful but I don't think I can fight them not without Lithuania Lithuania being a now what I think I was thinking I could do because I was worried about attrition what if I I split the one of these armies had a group of a stack of 30 and then attached a stack of 10 to their army and led them around with leash I can do the trick Army's Ottomans Austria's huge army cadet artillery then but then there's Lithuania and Poland right there I'll Portugal's got a good-sized one oh that's man i'm looking at manpower there right there i should be looking at total yeah here we go austria Ottoman Spain France Great Britain then Poland's wing what is it III don't want a Trisha knit looks like I'm just looking around oestrogen cleared where are the new enemy Lorraine France aggressive expansion hair tick religion oh okay what countries are accepting my religion that I could form well great britain same religion improve relations competing great power it's improve relations again see if we can get them on my side because if i could get great britain on my side that'd be that'd be something whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa we've been gained the restoration of union causes bow legged lithuania they broke off from our personal union oh this is interesting I've never seen this before that's interesting and who is this Wallachia oh okay so we have a new king who's just shithead 113 has died or personal union with Lithuania is dissolved stability drop and walk they want an alliance now past proper papa react by offering money to anyone willing to witness against a catholic priest or bishop mission and crew improved missionary strength yeah we're gonna take that goddamn at camp this is starting to piss me off ruler also rains in Lithuania and I mean they allied with Austria the personal union is over all this is awful I mean we can what do you think is better to take them by force oh no no personal that's some OC now I'm now I'm perplexed as i am not fully you know verse on how personal unions work i don't think i could get that back covert fabric aims support rebels dynastic claim throne we have to have more prestige i have the same ruling dynasty as them only clean throne if we have a real marriage so what some let's at least do this let's get the things back to it the way they were are you kidding me again god damn it that's like one in five rulers they've supported I've are okay in the last five minutes lost the stability lost the stability I went from three and if I choose this I'll go to zero I can't take it again and the legitimacy will creep back in god damn it that sucks I lost three legitimacy in five minutes damn it all right well let's let's take care of a couple things let's get rid of this I don't think I need I think I should move around my for chale ittle bit like I'd like that one let's at least get get some allies royal marriage let's do that royal marriage except personal union ended that sucks that means I won't be forming the polish-lithuanian Commonwealth right because let's look at this um form the Commonwealth ruler also rains in Lithuania and forming that personal union was a was it was one of these it was a national decision i'm pretty sure prostate convert converted monarch until the death machine restrain acknowledgement okay so i have a prostitute in charge now that's that's at least something hmm ruler also reigns in lithuania I don't know if I I don't know how or if I can get that back how do I get myself on the throne of Lutha lainnya as well I mean we're going to keep them as a powerful ally I can't not have them as a powerful ally so we have an alliance far too rich for wanting to be seated seriously no nothing in here improve relations always we have to have more procedure than do we do not have the same ruling dynasty as them so they're ruling dynasty you will seek out powerful friends and attempt to extend it okay let's see hmm Grand Duke casimir yet Roz the first sir come and right now I am rob de Lyon there anyway dead pick who's coming Poland Lithuania can I get like if the Lithuanian comes in charge comes into power or if i can get a Polish guy over there that would do the trick right huh right now their air hmm and I'm terrible at diplomacy terrible little couple things in this game I'm so bummed that like the the same keeps me over and over and over again like if I don't keep taking legitimacy know the legitimacy instability hits i'm going to go through the entire game without ever having a meal you know a powerful military which is a pain in my ass i was planning on going heavily militaristic its disputed so the following countries lack heirs with decent claim lithuania strong that may have their thrones claimed by a monarch with more prestige when I claim throw the country if you're in a real marriage with I'm a throne might lead to a personal union or wharf okay so I need to work on getting my prestige up so it's higher than lethwei Nia's is their way to see what louth away Nia's prestigious or do you just have to wing it because I've had a negative prestige for a good long while now now Great Britain is Protestant not going to accept this they're allied to Spain and I'm rivaled the English ins the Spanish are allied god damn it I can't find any allies on the continent here it's kind of a bummer because I just have to rely on what I can you know fashion in my own land here hmm having a madness this terrible prestige is starting to negatively affect me yes you're welcome to sit on my lap friend there you go buddy there you go huh well at least the scoring is almost done that's taken a while and it's taken a big chunk of admin points which I'm actually lacking right now ruction research come on Jesus Christ just constantly constantly getting these negative things really starting to annoy me it's there's there's like never any positive King power into a military coalition against us that's I'm not terribly worried about cuz I'm gonna try to I you pomerania you Paul marina you screwed my game ah what I do not approve of that ooh I don't approve of that at all so now Pomerania is allied with my my friends the Lithuanians here it depends for selicia right now Breslow well I mean they're pissed that I have them unlawfully could crank up the actually I maybe I should do some construction real quick oh you know also need to do and need to grab one of these guys military we have a couple ones in a couple too so land force limit modifier national manpower modifier morale of armies or discipline hmm which is you got 7.4 let's go for a one right now we're going to go for national manpower amount of fire cause i want that money right now buildings because I probably should do an 8th equipment manufactory weapons manufactory textile which one we love not that one tax production unrest trade power that's probably what I should be doing over here in the Baltic Sea area well let's take a look around it's already been built in a couple of these areas over here so let's look at the like that seems to be a decent size to increase right there 2.8 2806 that's good where else could I 3.23 point2 all right there's a 3.4 right there but we just spent all of our money so let's get that trade power up see if that will convert into some more money in the short term or an end in the long term I guess I'm a little bummed at how this is going because Palmer just pomerania has talked me this game losing that personal union it kind of sucks what I need to do is get that prestige up but I just keep getting hammered on the prestige thing like that 10 prestige I just lost that's two and a half years worth of built-up prestige so I would need to fight someone I need to fight someone to get more can I fight I need to know if there's a way to see another country's prestige to like Lithuania I like how there's one year old is a 634 that's amazing hmm I don't know I really don't know so looks like the Crimea is really taking out the Golden Horde here I guess keep fighting novel gerado is going to be my thing so let's covert action covert action fabricate claim in Corellia there we go Oh we'll keep fabricating claims against these guys and see what that'll bring us I'm not really worried about the rebels too much I think that will decay away quickly actually let's actually take a look at religion here we're it okay our religious unity is fine right now this all the people who could you know potentially fight me or fight with me against the Holy Roman Empire don't really like me that much or are not powerful not powerful enough like I'd love to get Britain on my side but then being allied with Spain doesn't work to my advantage here that's close I actually I'm more clothes than that well I only need seven more points to get a royal marriage with England so let's keep look no not influence relations let's improve the relations again get that up to 100 i think is what i can get it too let's do that see if we get a royal marriage with England Great Britain whatever you want to call it and then maybe maybe we can leverage that into something more not only twenty-nine percent of the total power here so not doing that great and what about down here forty-six percent at least most of its getting transferred the way I want it getting better with Trey slowly slowly I'm getting better with the whole trade thing it's taken me a while but I'm slowly getting better now I don't think I'm anywhere near having okay that's 100 now I'll 94 let's wait for him to get back and then we'll send them back over and see if we can get a royal marriage we might need to grease the wheels a little alright so we have free diplomat houma see relations dynastic it's close nomics send gift that would do the trick right hopefully hopefully that'll get it just high enough I don't know I don't know if those four opinion points are actually going to translate into you know four or five points here I guess we'll see soon enough doesn't look like it though it's so close we have four for four real marriages already I can't think of anything else that could do that would get them on my side who are their rivals France tunas Portugal no like Aaron is not let's just leave that diplomat over there for now keep it up as high as it'll go is there anything that's going to be decaying away aggressive expansion will decay away all right well yeah the aggressive expansion decaying way is going to be very good for me because that means the coalition is going to dissolve maintain him over there yes you can actually come back well we're in a strong alliance at least like an ostrich oh them absorbing hungry and getting in that you know personal union with them so early on the game boy did that ever me have any potential rebels no Ottomans this is defensive war we need to help our allies autumn is allied with Yemen Tunis Persia so they want us to help them fight off the Ottomans is that going to be a good idea it's not like I'd pull this way knee in it into it with me what am I looking at this right now because I'm not a cool belligerent and the Ottomans at nope sorry guys ottomans are going to take that chunk they're going to take willock Milwaukee that sucks that really does suck I need to increase the size of my military though that's what I need to be doing I need more horsemen and more artillery over here so we need let's add in three here and two artillery 25 over there and we'll do the same thing here oh I ran out of money didn't even realize that i had spent it all I just I'm a little frustrated just because like pomerania taking my toys and going home with them is his his kind of hamstrung me for a portion of this game here a covert fabricate claim yep so we're just gonna have to keep expand you know absorbing muscovy here to the best of our abilities and seeing what that will gain us I wish I could offer to buy that prop I mean I don't think they'd ever sell it but i probably wouldn't fly thinking of trying to buy danzig left a military coalition against us good i mean i'd beat the out of Pomerania which is good what if I let's let's try something who are they allied with astonishing performance um let's take that my loss more prestige come on keep losing prestige I take something like Lord my prestige I don't even remember um Milan with it that's them right there I have anything to go with it war with them against just trying to find out ways to fight these guys one at a time and I don't really see anything if it's a shame i guess for now we're just going to keep beating up muscovy and seeing what we can do about that trying to well I guess what we'll do is will encompass Lithuanian just try to keep taking off layers and layers of territory that's the only way I have to really expand at the moment to shame but we're gonna have to leave this episode here if you've enjoyed it just drop me a like leaving those comments right down below if you're interested in more Benjamin Magnus plays you're roping you're over Salas for just subscribe to my channel and I will see you next time

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  1. Not getting Danzig is crippling as Poland between the trade, westernization, and the PU dropping you are in a really tough position.

  2. Can't you just join the HRE and vassalize all the electors? It may not be the Commonwealth but you could rule the german empire.

  3. I recall asking you what you expected from a Prot Poland and Cath Lithuania..heh.

    Militarily, England won't be much use to you. Too far away, land power too small. So, I say again, Sweden! Same religion and they get stronger as time passes. Beyond that, one of their avenues of expansion is through the former Muscovite lands, so, tie them up in a alliance and keep them happy with bribes, if necessary. Take the mantle of Defender? Well, you can't avoid war, so, why not protect your fellow Protestants?

    Wow! You abandoned Wallachia and took another 25 point hit to prestige! You needed to get your prestige up so you could claim the Lith throne!

  4. Poor playing. I said nothing when you let Pomerania siege Danzig, I said nothing when you took Prague not connected to your land but now… Apparently you don't know that low prestige = breaking personal unions and vassalizations…

  5. You now have a Casus Belli against them correct?I believe if you win that war you can enforce the union again. Maybe i'm wrong but you should check into that.


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