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hello everybody and welcome back to Benjamin Magnus plays europa universalis for last episode we concluded our were at the tectonic order tectonic Teutonic order we grabbed these two provinces from them we did a little bit of construction a little bit of development a little bit of alliance mongering I'm trying to make myself an Eastern European power block over here and right now it's me Mizzou via Moldova Moldavia Lala Xie and Lithuania all are in this together we are are all allies here and right now my primary targets are Teutonic order Pomerania Bohemia and Hungary but right now what we're trying to do is consolidate our power in the region and recover from that war it cost us a ton of troops because I wasn't paying very careful attention to my what's it called attrition and that's the word I'm looking for i blanked on the word attrition now this looks like it's gonna hit very soon but it's a it's got a very low average in 3.6 years and this will be finished in a few months seven months or eight months or something like that this will be finished pretty soon so I'm not terribly worried about that I can't wait till about 1500 to roll around because I really start want to start working with the Protestantism because the last time I played in Eastern Europe I went full-on Catholic and drove the process out and this time I kind of want to go the other way bring the Protestants in and try to create a like a bulwark of Protestantism against the Catholic onslaught all right let's take a look at this 72 months we should probably get that going get it started know what oh I kind of don't want to do that I don't want to do that right now I want to I want to make this get this chord first and get these heretics out of the way look at all that would be terrible if that if they gained all that that would be awful come on just kind of waiting on this to finish right now no pomp Pomerania scares me because the last time I saw them do anything they they had France on their side moon Berg on Berg Pomerania novigrad Sweden Scotland move Sweden Sweden would be a tough nut what about these guys thinking I'm thinking allied with wuertenberg area Bohemia Cologne okay that's not too bad the chain could get out of control but it's not too bad I do wish and I don't think that I've ever implement it because I think it would make things a little bit too easy that you can that there was a display that showed you the web of alliances graphically displayed in front of you soon as it didn't have to go digging through it like I really wish you could see that but I figured it would you know it's it's all the information is already here it's just it's buried and you have to you know draw those lines by yourself doesn't really seem like it should be a big deal to do that improve relations with Moldavia very good prove relations with washi good all right we're doing good and this is gonna be hard for me to make that happen all right good now that should take care of this for the most part not completely not completely it knocked it down a bit but they're still pissy there aren't they autonomy is already high we've build anything here to help two forts have any effect on the surrounding area to be positive stability no no it doesn't there's heaven easy no it doesn't look like he has any effect on stability or unrest in me so what do you guys think hungry and risk a bigger war but weren't they allied lesser partner oh they're in a union now oh oh oh no no no no no okay that I'm glad I checked that out hungry is is the lesser partner in a personal union with Austria who was allied with France no no no no no not not not touching that bees nest all right see for defense or reinforced to be let's go for reinforce speed the this gem opposes of lotta slaw that's the foreigner who is in in life of the throne electoral support Falls for him so now his electoral support is at let's see mines at 10 and his is it 15 let's uh let's do this all right that's not a big deal I thought that would have do it again there we go now Stanislaw I don't know why I like that name Stanislaw actually I had a great uncle I want to say great uncle uncle Stan his name was uh Stanislaw it's a very very polish name very polish this is going up I honestly thought that that would take care of that four point one as much as I don't want to do it I mean they are tying down troops just sitting there on like separatists well we have separatists here that's pretty high I feel like we need to all right we'll take it that that took care of that separatist there these guys sixty nine point four years that's not gonna happen yeah that's way down here different religion root areas of different religion this onion is accepted it's accepted is accepted Oh interesting I did not think that resin was accepted I guess it is well that makes things easier for me hmm I'm wondering what I should do about this let them hit and fight them down I don't feel like that's the correct way of handling the situation I'm really interested in this though this first military tech I can get mainly for my morale we're out we're waiting on this as well forgot about that well let's why don't we start poking Bohemia because there is that thing that said I needed Prague so we have a we have a claim over there so let's bring these guys back or this guy Breslau we're gonna try to take that that strip of land right there that's what we're gonna do st. performs a miracle some people we're so devout in their religion that they had set out of the poor and healing the sick often called Saints and their acts are sometimes even believable for miracles we have truly been blessed gained a stability Catholicism gained reform desire or papal influence like let's take that stability that probably made it that probably helped out over here yes that helped out a lot helped out a very good deal actually now I feel like these forts can be very very important like I'm thinking you know I lost a line of forts against a longtime enemy could be a massive deterrent to them attacking you or if they do attack you a huge you know you know benefit for you to have that line of forts there say say I have this border with the Ottoman Empire down here line it with forts like every other province or so I'd be very difficult for them to attack I like that idea that's good this is definitely gonna take some getting used to tensions along the border Bohemia gains a claim on that one right there yeah me and Bohemia we're kind of glaring sideways at each other these days this will this one will decay to the point where it's not going to be a problem pretty soon at least it should or 0.5 as the separatism goes down which i think is what one won per year or something like that truce ended you know our truce I got three more years on my truce with these guys I think all right so that's as high as it's gonna go that's high it's very high what was my damn mission I forgot which one I had here objectives manpower level that reach 90% oh okay that's what that was I completely forgot about that already lose for stability I see that in there now the adopt plutocratic administration aristocratic administration trade income is at least 40% all this has completed aristocratic ideas and influence ideas type of government changes to Noble Republic morale of armies 10% tolerance of heretics one monthly autonomy changed down national focus cool down down loose for stability and plutocratic what will that give me merchants Republic interesting so if I wanted to I could change to a merchant or club or a public hmm disputed succession here well they're not gonna go for that I feel like a bigger military is would be important here but I don't know if that's going to be good for me well I definitely know that I'm gonna need this this tech before the war breaks out actually yeah definitely definitely gonna need that kind of in the waiting game right now so this game can be like that no sometimes it's do you know you know episode after episode after happens at hours and hours and hours of combat and war and you know really interesting stuff and then sometimes you're sitting around waiting unrest of 0 these guys are decaying away and but that is I do have friendly troops there 3.5 so without the without the troops there would be 3.5 but that'll that'll go down with time again where you kind of have to wait on this well you know what I should be doing there keep that going because before I know it this my truce with Teutonic order is gonna be over means I could continue my war with them which should be pretty easy I've got a fort here a fort here they got three more for Jesus Christ I had a lot of forts there I guess that does make sense though they were a monastic order and they basically war they're basically a military order you know completely built around fortresses P real authority of 50% papacy I can get forgive you Zuri interest per annum down probably save this up it's a pill I love that one stability a hundred papal influence 4:48 Duquette seems like up payments legitimacy I use this one and I use this stability one a lot but I don't really use any of the other ones those ones I feel like the most important defender the we can become the defenders of the faith this will cost five hundred gold after 24 months countries is more prestige and then her defender can claim the title you'll also lose the tighter if your ruler dies or if you declined okay said always like that was it always until your ruler dies huh I honestly don't know was that one right there send these guys down to help out a little bit unrest of zero very good now we can't change the culture here because of the separatism yes I'm almost positive nationalism has been replaced with separatism so now instead of like you know Polish nationalists you see Polish separatists and like I said I like that word I don't know why I just do and we're kind of waiting I'm playing the waiting game right now who is doing this occupied by burgundy burgundy really oh it's this one right here yeah let's grab that now we can grab our first idea group definitely your first idea group super important really really makes an effect on how the game's gonna run out yeah so let's take a look at this free slot now we're not going to be colonizing they're not gonna be going overseas really not yet at least so right now I'm looking I almost always go with an admin idea first core creation mercenary maintenance interest per annum available mercs possible advisors admin cost down and goods produced okay okay it's that innovative prestige decay merc cost tech cost possible Advisors reduce inflation monthly war exhaustion leaders without upkeep and advisor cost down it's actually grab this while we're here there we go military tactics and land morale if this next one is so important so important it gives you so much cool stuff now not going to do this one I can tell you that new humanist religious unity do to do years of separatism accepted culture threshold by relations over time tolerance idea cost down ooh I do like the idea of the idea cost down you can do humanist hmm or we could go straight on military I'm thinking I normally don't go straight on military I almost never do that I almost always go admin first and we actually have 10 yes we should probably go admin right now because of our rate of increase right now I'm gonna cost the spelling as neighboring heathens and heretics missionaries stability cost modifier missionary strength tolerance of the true faith yearly papal influence nearly prestige assure a strength versus heretics now I plan on going Protestant so yearly papal influence doesn't mean that much to me right now I'm thinking right now I'm leaning towards admitted admin I don't know why but admin I'm not feeling I'm not feeling or humanist I'm feeling innovative right now I'm feeling innovative we're gonna go with that that's the one I'm feeling right now that's the one I'm going with the tech cost thing could be a big big boon I'm a little bummed that I'm not gonna have the idea cost down but it's not a huge deal what's the idea cost yes four hundred what was it ten percent so each one would have saved you that much tech costs I took five percent test costs rather than 10 percent Wow why am i blinking on words idea idea group idea group cost how do you cost there we go that's the word I'm thinking up Jesus Christ garrison 1140 fence huh okay death of a merchant Oh um right now the money is okay so let's do this I feel like you get more money these days I definitely feel like that so I already built some of these guys and the ones with the highest the highest tax I knew that one there to trade power ports that's the only way temple local trade power local trade power 15 that's a lot right there let's do that all right so let's that's that's some construction I mean right now I haven't really done much with trade yet okay we have a casus belli well we got both Costas Bell eyes over there we want to sell right now we have one merchant transferring trade power from Kiev to crack out and one hmm well everything is flowing this way so we're going from we're transferring up here and then that way and it's being collected here that does seem like the best thing to poss I could possibly be doing right now I don't really see a better a better situation all right so Teutonic order our truce is about to expire with them yeah a truce is about to expire December of 1461 so I feel like waiting for the truce to expire and attacking them is going to be the best thing for me to do Orthodox ELLs anticipated that figured it was gonna happen yeah I definitely think that's that's what I should be doing as much as I want to attack Bohemia right now I don't feel like that's the best idea in the world for me it should take a quick look at the rest of the world right now not much as that honestly doesn't look like much has happened I don't see a ton of I don't really see anything crazy going on it looked like they granted free city state status to this area right here and then immediately declared war not immediately but quickly after that declared war and to go back super high autonomy here Wow be nice was la blah privileges all right what do we got here during 13 years war new concession is able to raise troops among them a lot of the mercenaries the King needed money effort to solve the monarchy's pressing problems I've been implying that their ability had the right to hold local convention yeah interesting okay except the conventions stability cost modifier down for the rest of the game but tech cost up refused to sign it and defy the magic the magnates 16 regiments rise up in a revolt what I feel like that would be that would be tech cost a 5% oath I don't like that I don't I don't like that at all but it would allow me to have more stability in the long run all right the the the the the EU for gamer in me wants to refuse it and defy the magnets right there 16 regiments would rise up though oh this is gonna be rough let's that tech cost I really don't want that tech cost I mean I honestly don't boost my stability that often hmm I owe this this cuz that this is to the end of the game alright let's do this let's do it we're gonna need to bring in my troops all right and hopefully I'm hoping some of my allies will come and help well I get we can hmm I always forget about this but you can go here whoa oh I forgot about that oh that's gonna take me a while to get used to that I thought that those go so quickly let's see four all subject aggressive will try to siege as much as possible not attack friendly and and not attach to from the armies I'm strategies supported if they will stick close to allies and avoid independent ok so let's see if that'll actually influence them to come over and help me no it will not it doesn't look like they're going to okay well let's let's pause this and think about this River Crossing is probably going to exist here where does it show me that now here river crossing from yep and from there on yep okay from literally everywhere there is one two three four five every single one as a river crossing penalty and he has well actually I have a better maneuver so I actually doesn't matter oh this is gonna be a rough battle this is gonna be ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly all right let's do it see what happens oh this is gonna be raw this is gonna be so ugly oh I don't want to oh I don't want to watch I don't want to watch let's watch oh he has higher morale oh my allies are coming to help I don't know if they're gonna get there in time kind of wish they would have come to help beforehand yeah his morale is higher but I have more troops but his morale is higher well they're gonna get there in time it looks like I'm getting bad rolls terrible leader that helped though you know what sucks about that too it's gonna be a while longer before I can get that manpower up won't have been so many losses if they had showed up sooner well that's that and the end of this year our truce our truce will expire oh well thank you guys take that big hopefully they'll win um yeah they did let's wipe this army out that one month thing that's rough that that that means that they can they can cause a lot of havoc really quickly supply limit supply limit 17 of them 15 12 23 okay you hang out here well yeah look I was it 16 17 thousand before damn that was my mission to get that up to I just didn't want to take that tech cost I just got something that little or did by 5% and then that would have raised it very back up really much much lower band power now that I wish I had had and that means what I'm going to do am I gonna wait to try to finish that mission which is gonna take years or declare war and I think declare war it'll it'll literally take years to like five years probably to get that up there maybe not that long maybe four years I don't want to waste four years and I believe their war yeah I have to wait let's make sure we got our let's see 159 75 169 okay these guys are not liking me too much wow they like me just not as much as everybody else all right let's make sure he's working I forgot that I had these guys sitting around doing nothing for a while same place before yeah well I knew that was there and these guys are from over here this will finish when January of 14 64 and these guys will revolt and 14 it okay that's not we're okay we're okay or okay yeah everything's fine yeah everything's good everything's cool all right all right good good I'm enjoying this this is working out well alright ok with that with the the upcoming war with the remainder of the Teutonic order creeping up on me just several months away I'm gonna end this episode right here so if you've enjoyed it just drop me a like leaving those comments right down below and if you are interested in more Ben drew Magnus plays europa universalis for just subscribe to my channel and I will see you next time

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  1. Cheaper mercs is a huge help to manpower and cheaper coring is almost nice. Just remember that you will get a huge prestige hit when you switch and if you have negative when your monarch dies you can use your union over Lithuania.

  2. I studied the activity of your channel and noticed there was no Bengal Empire vids for the last 3 days. I'm just curious to why there is no vids for that because i love the lets play.


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