Europa Universalis 4 | Common Sense | Protestant Poland | Part 2

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hello everybody and welcome back to Benjamin manga's plays your rope Universalis for now I just noticed something very interesting I told this guy to move to his Pacific province and I noticed that he's got this black arrow and it says he's locked your movement is now locked if you're partway through moving from one province to the next so if you know that's going to make combat movements super important now last episode we we started out we managed to get ourselves out of the interregnum that poland starts with formed our personal union with lithuania and declared war on the two top Teutonic order your god one of these days I'll pronounce that correctly the first time around just what the Ottoman ended a new big deal there now forts are confusing the bejesus out of me because that is something that is completely new to the game the way that sieges work now is you take you can take the province without ports really easily but eventually the fort's will take them back if they're in their sphere of influence and this is my fort you can see these adjacent provinces are my spheres of influence on those forts and you cannot move in two provinces that are blocked by the fort so now combat I mean you know comment moving on the screens are in several ways are far more important than they were before and attrition my god attrition huge compared to what it used to be I don't think I haven't really fought a I've lost thirty ten twelve thousand men without fighting a battle just just walking around trician is massive well let's see now I was thinking I want to go Protestant but does that mean I should keep a religious unity where's reform desire reform desire this is how much reformers is desired in the church if it goes too high you may see a large large-scale heresies forcing rest formations upon the church well it's common to the entire Catholic world – ok so I guess it would hmm I'm not sure is it gonna be more beneficial to let's just keep converting them like we've been doing oh you guys left Memel that sucks yeah no you had a siege going there you left Oh Mecklenburg got there first nobles demand recompensation let's take the money not the stability hit rebels so many people are at war right now with the Teutonic order and there's so many new aspects of the game that I'm confused as like all these armies moving all over the place multiple people holding different portions of territory I don't know what the is going on like France being over here I don't know what the hell's going on with that Pomerania them taking all this land means I'm going to need to declare war on them at least I have this siege going and I do have two of the three I have claims on under my control right now so this I believe is is basically the same as it was before you just wait and why did that go to Pomerania I wonder if France's in on it with prom Aranea yeah we just have to wait on rolls and do our best here that's what the fort's yeah this is much different the comment much much much different than it was kind of surprises me actually I didn't reading the patch notes I didn't really anticipate it being this much different as it was know if I wanted to take this yeah we're not gonna go for that demanding Gemma without occupying any forts in the region they're basically saying I have the high ground you know that we have the the forts in the region so it doesn't make any difference really seriously I haven't fought a battle yet and I started this with pretty much maximum manpower attrition these days whoa ruff and I'm anticipating this being problematic because I think I'm going to have to with Pomerania and now let's see diplomatically they are allied with air is an air gun allied with no Oldenburg and loon bird France is it war the Teutonic conquest of Greece wold so the Teutonic order declared war on somebody and dragged France into it it looks like in Frances kicking ass and taking names well let's let's take this fort and see what happens yeah everybody wait who's occupied occupied by Poland technically I guess the Lithuania properly did this you know I'm assuming that's what happened games running a little bit better now I did have some for some reason Google Chrome was taking up a huge parsha portion of CPU usage just to have my youtube channel up on you know a close you know a minimized window it wasn't actually playing anything it was just the you know my my main page there I'm a little surprised at that that alright fourteen percent negative fourteen percent we're doing better high roll seven percent alright we're getting there 27 percent units have suffered casualties I know alright so they want a piece let's see what are they willing to give up you're forced to live only an order that's these guys we'll all this is the livonian order up there yeah well 10% of income war of ours and it'll include 10 years annul all treaties will pay a flat fee of 45 ducats from no closet bill Akane's three prestige zero aggressive expansion actually that's fine with me that's perfectly fine with me actually as I didn't have to do anything and I got some stuff out of it food short was there food shortage the affected the siege said this affected the CHS by plus two interesting well let's take this last for it and see what happens yet Wars definitely definitely changed well isn't the phrase Ward ever change worse changed 14% lot I need a really high role to finish it off at this point a 14% chance of surrender come on high role high role just waiting on this war before we can continue on anything else although we almost have enough admin power for attack yep that was that what the why is Pomerania I got Oh they got there first I forgot Pomeranian got there first that's why yeah what is Pomerania trying to do in this war because everything's taken there's nothing left to do boy did everybody get involved in this oh I see how it works you do have you have a brief period of time to swap that out to you know change change the direction of your army but if you don't do it in before you you know you time out there then you're got yeah like that then it gets locked yeah we didn't I'm a little perplexed at what Pomerania is doing a little bump they got involved in this because it means I basically have nothing I don't have enough clout to end this oh there we go and pause now we have to redo this I think all right so take that and you take that one there we go now let's do this now let's do this right oh did you do no that's Brandenburg now or is that always bringing Burke no that was no that wasn't Brandt that that that was definitely Teutonic order before all right so okay there's that now let's go on to the next or can't go there and we can go here though so we need to take this fork well now it's just mean now it's just now we could just look each other in the eyes and it's just the two of us now basically they still got Mecklenburg God I'm almost out of men look at that oh that's bad I think the problem is everybody else getting involved in this and taking all of those sieges out from under me that was the problem that was definitely the problem I don't know I'm not saying that's properly that was definitely the problem I can't go there can't go there all right so we're just going to and you're doing this one let's actually I guess we just hang out here should we send these guys oh boo Tech definitely Tech now we can build temples temples was 50% increased in and what some are called I think I'll get the next idea group next time I think it was let's let's go buildings taxation local tax modifier so we could go and it's just it's just golden yeah let's just straight up gold let's build the the the three best ones there we go let's do that alright good now Lithuanian you stay there and Memel and take that damn fort because I can't land movement blocked by hostile for Atlanta moving blocked by hostile for it yeah alright so that's not gonna fly alright so we just gotta wait for this one now that's a shame we just said that we sat there waiting for that one now we're sitting here waiting for this one and we're almost out to a basically out of man oh that sucks yeah that a tree I wasn't really paying attention to it because it was never really that big of a problem for me before whoo that attrition was rough really rough so tech tech tech we are a little just a little ahead now what is this gonna give me land morale and military tactics this will give me trade range in marketplace happiness unhappiness among artisans oh me buckets I just spent all my money and now had OTO put me into the negative I just don't want to lose that stability point I really like that stability point come on well that was a high roll order this assault will cost lies cost five military power I had to take out a loan that sucks know what we should do is that then there we go wait I told you to detach just enough men and then they didn't give me enough it's unfortunate I guess we'll just leave them there although maybe we took two losses maybe seems a little peculiar wonder how much of the Teutonic order we'll actually be able to take now because well now that amorini has done this that makes them a target definitely makes them a target come on good roll auto-saving god damn it and that was a good roll actually very good roll all right fifty percent now we can move into the next province yeah excellent actually you can just move straight there and you can move on to the next one or not oh there we go all right good Oh moving it moving those guys out of there they okay let's split in half nope I was wrong button urge split in half and let's do this yeah this one went back to Teutonic order hands when I move my men out of it good – 3 % whoo 70% that's rough that's really low oh it's a higher level fort and I don't have a blockaded that's it higher level fort well I would really like to take the entire thing all of it alright well now they want a peace officer they will seed Tim Lo and that one that's the the two I had Wow oh that one fast that was because ya know uh no fork they're the two I want I can pull 10% of income this will last for ten years at the concrete it's a pretty crazy pulling one game thrown taken from the peace power projection lose power projection actually that's what I want right now so let's accept that very good that worked out well so you guys head on back into friendly territory do me a favor we're going to spend a while getting my man power back the Cline no conquer Western crusher were Mia where's war Mia I don't oh there it is right there that's going to be improve relations with Pomerania or oh wait that that woman we were to do because we needed to do that anyway that was the mission for us and let's actually split these guys up a little there is some unrest there so now we should need to what that wasn't already cord was it nope we need to core this stuff so cost 98 oh hi definitely hi a little surprised how high that was I meant we barely fought any battles but we took about twenty thousand losses in attrition alone that is ugly hungry you guys like me you guys could like anymore or you know what no who should i Pomerania now yeah let's uh let's get out let's get everybody on our side fully on our side yes definitely well that was a qualified success I mean they did get confusing and ugly for a bit there well why Lord heretics ruled England what are you doing yeah it did get a little bit ugly there but we took care of it Orthodox is elet's that's probably because we're converting this place right here we're actually sixty something on percent done with it not that bad I'm happy with that 67 percent oh it's right there Jesus Christ I knew it was somewhere and I was I was like I know it's on the map somewhere or otama it's in uh was what the hell is the name of this thing overview no that's not that I don't think that's the word I'm looking for outliner that's it right there there we go I was like I know there's a word for it and I know it's not overview outliner that's what we're thinking of so not peace with these guys is going to last until well of easier if I just go to me because I only have that truce they have a million truce and it means okay to to to to December of 1461 little ways off now hungry you are allied with several people Austra Aragon Genoa in Tuscany that those kind of frightened me because that could be problematic la Xie what about you guys principality I feel like I should do something with mulashi Oh yes perfect alright now let's yeah yeah yeah that's good kind of a power block we're forming there all right you guys are needed over here to put down that little insurgency we got going I'm not terribly worried about it if I can avoid it that would be preferable I said I'm not terribly worried but as long if I don't have to have it I'd rather not have it all right that knocked it down a bunch it's actually go take a direct look at how long 13.8 years and we'll be done in progress January of 1455 so about a little over a year you know I can handle that all right now this guy is better than my current air two two three this guy's at three to four so we're gonna leave him England is now the papal controller I believe these are all the same prices as they were before yeah so we're gonna swear to save up some papal influence base value from controlled current I don't have any Cardinals yet I'm not I don't really have enough clout for that ooh I just noticed this Crimean separatists it looks like they should be able to take care of that on their own though how many diplomatic I think we're good to do this national focus national focus our national focus is admin right now I didn't realize it was was it always at what has it been that way the whole time improving some production technology yes I always take that because I can almost always handle the inflation separate is gone maybe there were someone else's occupied by Koreans Crump Nick I said Korean Crimean Jesus Christ Oh Korean separatists in the Crimea good no I forgot about this one no I can do it from here right make core yep yeah I think we should do that well there's no reason not to I had a core that I don't want it I can't take that over extension right now all right that's gonna go down let's see mercenary oh that's the reasons they're announcement of true religious that okay I knew that 1712 independence with Teutonic order not gonna happen oh I forgot about that I was building those buildings before not realizing that now there's a basically a set amount of buildings you can put in a province I definitely did not think about that and it looks like these costs do these go up with time no inflation ah okay I see I see now I feel like we might be able you know what we should do we're not at war this is gonna take me a while to get used to mothball those forts for defense 12.7 although i guess is it the longer they're up the more powerful they become what if we left to the one in the capital up and interested the other one let the other one go down yeah let's leave let's leave the fort of the capital and I have to say I like this little check mark icon I think it's cute I know it's just it's just a watermark you know over the or the icon there but I still think it's cute I like it all right now we need to get our relations with Molossia up higher due to do relations improve relations send that off I want to make sure that if anything happens there on my side because between me masovia Moldavia Lithuania and Malaysia we have a substantial military as long as everybody comes in on it Austria coming into the war a war with hungry frightens me though and Pomerania they had France on their side before allied with novigrad oh and there are the heretics converted very good taxes very low down here everything's pretty low it is a railer undeveloped area after all all right what we got going here so the really low development so is it is it easier to convert highly developed areas hungry is no longer a valid rival really wonder why well we need a new rival now I got to put got a crank the speed down whoa a lot of stuffs coming up all right pay this back repay loan new tech they'll don't let that market place now we need a new rival and it's gonna be Muscovy hmm now I'm starting to think I don't like Bohemia anymore let's do that rebel uprising we shouldn't have to worry about that other one now 80% except heretics interesting hmm right let's let's take a look I don't like the idea I'll need a brownie – I need to do this a lot I'm not kind of okay with it right now and he's from where I'm halt or zon halt right there I'm like I'm kind of okay with that actually it's not a huge deal now if I wanted to Vasil eyes you um let's see their negatives polish a economic base compared to a la Chien Polish military power compared to wash in and not same religion okay right now it's because I'm not they don't they feel compared to their economy compared to my economy is they that I'm not strong enough or they're too powerful for me to be their overlord basically so we can try to change that we could contrive test out some development monthly tax income local spot I guess you know what would be best would be cuz I did kind of you know double down on what you've already done increase let's try that now is that immediate I'm assuming it's immediate I don't see a yeah it's gotta be immediate let's let's pump it up one more interesting I didn't see you change that time those heretics they're really close to hitting Oh putting those troops there seems to have helped and finishing this core construction should really help what is our on our stuff one yes is-is-is nationalism been replaced with separatism because frankly I like the word separatist better it has more connotations to it claim on a rabbit radabaugh Bohemian warrior right here ooh right there now Bohemia how do you guys feel about everybody else in the world allied with allies aren't too terribly strong why don't we need to wait on that I know I need to wait on that hmm thinking about the best thing to be do I really feel like that's a good province for me to have right now tax City temple core positive stability we have castle we have a temple built a marketplace local trade power and there's that there's that limited number of buildings now so I'm thinking my capital you know you want to want to make sure that your capital you focus on kind of thing I'm I'm having trouble articulating myself because I'm thinking I'm trying to think in my head and out loud at the same time on separate differ several different trains of thought and it's all getting jumbled together genoa the okay Genoa took the Crimean area except for Sevastopol hmm Sevastopol is the name of the the port city right there well our our income is decent I'm happy with that I want to check something no that didn't that didn't move at all real marriage threatened attitude towards Poland difference in government ranks polish diplomatic relations ooh we lost our adviser all right yearly prestige or inflation reduction we're gonna with inflation reduction yep there we go we're getting a little bit of inflation that will completely take care of that I'm happy with that but I think with that I'm gonna end this episode right here we made some good progress we finished our war with the Teutonic order and we've just about got that last province chord which will take care of these rebels we won't have to worry about them as soon as that finishes so everyone if you've enjoyed this episode just drop me a like leave me those comments right down below and if you're interested in more Benjamin Magnus plays your robot Universalis for just subscribe to my channel and I will see you guys next time

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  1. Your 1st problem was when you chased the Teutonic army, fruitlessly, and allowed Pomerania to take your objective province, Chelmno. That forced you to wait for the outcome of Pomerania's war to free up Chelmno again.

    I have not played EU4 yet but, gods, I put in many months on versions 1 through 3. Gonna be following this one, thanks! Btw, Poland is a bold choice. From my experience, they're always weaker than all their neighbors. Maybe this game will be different. GL!.

  2. Just started watching the channel, and I noticed the sub growth from yesterday morning; it's been like 45 new people in the last 36 hours. That's pretty damn good!


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