[ETSY] What are long tail keywords?

Posted By on May 16, 2019

what oh it's an welcome back to my channel today I would like to talk quickly about longtail keywords and what they mean in your SEO research so basically when you rank keywords when you is try to figure out if they're good keywords or not sorry I'm sure you will plot the number of clicks versus the number of searches okay and longtail keywords are keywords who are in the long tail of that curve I'll try to insert a little pic to explain what I mean so it means that they are not very frequently searched but when they are searched it's usually by people who are ready to buy because when people search for an item there are several stages and in that search the first stage is browsing just like window shopping okay and as they narrow down what they really want they start using using more complicated keywords or adding words to their keywords and that's how you reach longtail keywords and the words you want to rank for well are the words in that stage of the process okay so for example if someone is looking for blue beads okay they might just have blue beads which is fairly general in the Etsy search bar and then they realized that okay blue beads this is Sierra mix I don't want ceramic so let's say one glass bead so I will add class so that's blue beads class okay and then all these are nice oh but they're way too big for what I want so blue beads class small etc etc etc and this is what you have to figure out in your head when you're researching your keywords is how to capture this kind of thing okay in your SEO and of course if you want to be as accurate as possible and I don't mean accurate in the sense – but I I mean accurate in that you have the keywords which people are most likely to look for and this is why how sorry this is what tools like earring can marmalade can help you okay with because they will give you an idea of the number of monthly searches and but also of the engagement that these search is brain okay so I will in in the next video tell you a little bit more about that more in details don't forget to subscribe before you go so that you know when I post the next video and I'll see you later bye

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